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  1. MonsterXela

    MonsterXela Member

    May 4, 2013
    None of my advice will be based on:
    -Item selection
    -Hero tips
    -Talent builds

    This is why.
    No matter how perfect your choices are of the above 3 things, those alone will never make you a good player.

    So how do we define a good player? We evaluate how well or poorly a person performs in the following categories
    -ability to make fast decisions (fight, wait, or flee. When and why)
    -ability to adjust item selection based on matches needs
    -map awareness
    -ability to maneuver the field to appropriately support/flank/or two lane push with your team (timing is everything)
    -ability to last hit creeps and knowing when to pick up farms
    -ability to survive when the enemy "should have" been able to kill you
    -ability to target the appropriate enemy to tip the fight in your favour
    -ability to learn from and correct your mistakes. (Humility, accountability)

    So look at that list and evaluate yourself. What do you struggle with? Write it out, Try putting a 1-10 number on it.

    Now that you know roughly where you are at, make it your goal to become a few notches better. How?

    This here is my advice, establish these rules for yourself. And no matter how much you dislike even one of them. STICK TO THEM. The goal is to change the way you think so you become an aware and purposeful player.


    1. NEVER QUIT.
    No matter how badly you got beat in the early game, stand strong. Dig in and learn how to get experience and gold in a disadvantaged scenario. Find ways to chip away at your stronger enemy without over engaging and wait for them to make an error, such as wandering off alone, or taking a few too many tower hits. You can turn a game wipe, into a 30 minute intense fight for your life. These pressure scenarios teach you to respond quicker, think faster, and become more aware of when your enemy is weak. In game loss is nothing, personal gaming experience gained is priceless.

    2- NEVER MAKE AN EXCUSE (lag, my teammates suck, they had more teammates ect.)
    Every decision you make in game leads you to your success or failure. The manner in which you play one match will never work in the next one. Yes I get it, in a lot of games if you played the way you just did you shoulda won. Not your fault this time. I call BS. For every death there was something you could have or should have done differently that could have lead to your survival. You must accept that it is your fault and learn how to better think on your feet. The same applies to getting out-leveled. If you are 3 lvls below an opponent or teammate, figure out why. Dedicate yourself to learning from your mistakes, not making excuses for them.

    Actually sit down for 20 mins and go through footage of a team or guild that just slaughtered you. Look at all the roles, skill timing, maneuvering, and decisions that were made. Treat this like GOLD. This is one of the best ways to learn good strategy.

    4- ONLY USE 2-4 HEROES
    Purpose? Hero mastery. I suggest picking 2 fighters or mages (depending on preference) and 2 support/guardians (so you can actually play what your team needs. We all know 4 fighters and a mage is a foolish team, stop adding to the insanity) Get familiar. Familiarity will give you better reaction time, and better awareness. You will be able to refine your talent page and item builds over time. If you have no best hero then you are a fool who plays anything at a whim and will not be able to grow. (Or you are Jackxpn and actually best with all, lol) Hero Mastery is key. Develop your in game strategy with a chosen hero over time. And watch replays of people that can dominate with that hero. You will learn.

    This is all I want to share for today. I expect more from the people that are into a game to the point of finding and investing time into its forums. I actually want to see people 2 months from now able to be real competition. Guilds are fading in and out and personally I'm tired of 9 minute games. So this is my challenge to you. If you see me in game. Be better than you are now. And please kick my ass ;)

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  2. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    You deserve an award for number 2

    To people who make excuses:

    I honestly don't care why you died, I just know that you died and you made our fight harder just by doing that.
    Whether you're lagging or trolling I don't really care, because guess what? You still died and we still don't get an advantage and they enemy gets gold anyway. No magical crap tht say "oh he lagged so we won't make the penalty for death so severe" no. If you died for trolling too bad. If you died because of lag too bad.

    The point many don't understand is that it's not why you die, it's the fact that you died.

    Excuses won't resurrect you or fix the problem.

    The 3 seconds you waste to type an excuses could be used the getting to lane earlier or looking at items
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  3. Jedi

    Jedi Active Member

    Dec 5, 2013
    Lolz this is awesome. Lots of good points (fast decisions and maneuvering the field..omg couldn't have said it better), and the last paragraph hits home for me. It seems I mostly have "9 minute games" these days.
  4. vahnzizka

    vahnzizka Active Member

    Mar 9, 2014
    I would add ability to learn from mistakes/improve as one even if it a little obvious, I can spend all day looking over my replays and point out every mistake but if I don't remember to fix em it's just even more of a waste of time. Friendly food for thought :)
  5. Jedi

    Jedi Active Member

    Dec 5, 2013
    That's another thing. Never saved a replay for tape study, other than my own play. Looking over skilled opponents' footage, like a pro athletic coach, is an excellent idea. And of course, actively trying to implement improvements is key.
  6. MonsterXela

    MonsterXela Member

    May 4, 2013
    Agreed. Was having trouble remembering everything.
  7. supersimon68

    supersimon68 Member

    Oct 16, 2013
    Always ward, especially in bushes and invisible spots
    You can buy wards in the potions section, in the shop
  8. MonsterXela

    MonsterXela Member

    May 4, 2013
    I think warding fits more into team strategy and knowing which items to purchase based on the matches needs. There are plenty of games where I don't have any reason to ward. Also old 5's is almost too big of a map for wards because you should be navigating more of it, not staying in one spot.

    I'm not knocking it's value. I'm saying they are situational and fit into your item selection
  9. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    Well I really like this.

    Excuses don't fix anything.

    When someone in my guild makes a mistake or doesn't do something the best, and they make an excuse or apologize, my EXACT words are
    "Don't Tell me why you failed, just do better next time."

    Thank You Monster.
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  10. Romakarol

    Romakarol New Member

    Jul 9, 2013
    I like to say lag when I am lagging as a warning not to depend on me.
    If I die because of lag I like to say so too, if only to save some face.
  11. Dumb9Dodo

    Dumb9Dodo New Member

    Oct 31, 2013
    I remember when I was so noobish around lvl 15, I started my first few pvps but nvr quit, especially even If I was feedin badly like 2-6 wif molten lord wif teammates swearing at me lol :) cause I find it really Retarted, especially if ur losing and u quit. I mean like, seriously.... If I'm back at a noob stage, I mainly focus on emblems ,and not rank points, so why the hell wld I quit when the game ends in like 5 mins when we r losing when I could stay for a few more mins n get emblems? I wouldn't like to know that I hve sat in front of a tablet playin for 20+ mins yet I don't earn anything.
  12. Sand

    Sand New Member

    Sep 22, 2013
    Usually, I don't make excuses at all. If someone gets mad at me I just pass it off and tell them to maintain their own score before they can criticize others (so basically unless you have an amazing KDR, you're being a hypocrite). Being angry or embarassed is just distracting though I do agree that If perchance I am lagging, I will tell them in the beginning of the match and warn everyone to play a bit more carefully. :3
  13. MonsterXela

    MonsterXela Member

    May 4, 2013
    I will occasionally do the warning about my lag. But only if I have red ping. If it's the slight yellow one I just suck it up and compensate with my play style.

    If you have lag more than 2/10 games, reduce your game settings, get better internet, or upgrade your device. If you can't/won't do any of these, than keep your mouth shut because you are causing your own lag.
  14. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

    Nov 19, 2013
    Besides Player Skills, HOC is about numbers too, the following will give advantages to PLAYER who want to improve by researching the Replay of a lost match.

    eg. fighter:
    Compare these numbers: Yourself vs Player (who beat you 1v1)

    atk spd
    Phy attk
    pierce phy
    move speed


    Same hero: as long as your numbers is HIGHER than his numbers in the category and you are using the same talent and tablets with your opponent, you will always win if engage in a duel.

    phy def pierce
    crirate multiplier
    >you need to do a simple reverse calculation, take note their normal attack damage on yourself, the critical damage and their status screen damage numbers then do a reverse calculation.

    for talents or tablets, you can see hint like, when he is lvl 1 and when he hit a creep, he heal a little, means majorly he is having a fighter talent, then when he lvl up does he heal alot?

    as tablets, you can sometimes spot desire, whispering, protective, immortality effects or from status.
  15. MonsterXela

    MonsterXela Member

    May 4, 2013
    Not true. I will frequently win a fight with half health and being underleveled (opponent will have almost all "numbers" higher at this point) if I play correctly and use terrain and skill timing to my advantage.

    This thread I am NOT referring to builds as stated in the OP. I am not referring to the technical. I am referring to teaching people how to improve player skill.

    The only merit I will give to your post is that when reviewing games you should watch for the players item selection along with playstyle.

    The reason? I beat people all the time that have "bought the right items"
  16. Lu4ca2

    Lu4ca2 Member

    Feb 24, 2014
    With proper timing yes. Good thing people rarley buy wards I get kills just by poking and going to the out of vision so they can't poke back. Then kill them when they are low.
  17. MonsterXela

    MonsterXela Member

    May 4, 2013
    Exactly, this is one example, there are many things you can do besides have the right item or have the right numbers that can ensure you inflict more damage and hits that the other person
  18. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

    Nov 19, 2013
    I did not discount the players skills, that is a major winning factor and that cannot be measured, only can be improved from experience and trainings.

    Looking at match replay, i think reviewing and perfecting the hero stat is as important as picking some maneuver, timing skills and map knowledge.

    Lets say, you are fighting another monsterxela clone player with same skill at lvl 1, the factor that will determine you win or not is measurable by the stat of hero. More hp? More attkdmg... Etc (early game stat advantages).

    Edit: i just saw your op saying you do not advise on talents and items. Srry i get it.
  19. MonsterXela

    MonsterXela Member

    May 4, 2013
    You're missing the point
  20. Jackxpn

    Jackxpn Member

    Apr 23, 2013
    -Work on Talent trees
    -Work on Tablets
    -Work on Inscriptions
    -Work on Map Awareness (Did you ever notice there a minimap that shows where everyone is?)
    -Work on Hero skill combinations
    -Work on knowing what ALL hero can do, and be able to avoid/Counter
    -Work on Getting Creep/Jungle
    -Work on Target Priorities (Kill the FUQING FOX FIRST...)
    -Work on Guessing. (Look at Minimap, and keep track on enemies. 99% of the times, u can guess where theyre going, camp.)
    -Work on Item rotation, everyone tends to buy certain items in certain orders, but learn to improvise with the situation and the gold you are given
    -Work on Controls, Dpad, Tap to move, or a combination
    -Work on keeping track of timer
    -Work on who you're up against and who's with you
    -Work on checking EVERYONEs items, enemies and your team mates included, to determine who to be with; reliable and who to be careful of
    -Work on Survivability
    -Work on Don't let yourself get too tense when battle are heated, CALM DOWN
    -Work on Clearing your mind, and make the best decision
    -Work on Defending first before Attacking
    -Work on Using the Icons to choose target
    -Work on Using Target rotation as target
    -Work on Your Reflexes....
    -Work on getting Farseeing, and potions
    -Work on Knowing that Kills does NOT win games
    -Work on Knowing when to play Defensively, Passive Aggressive, Aggressive, and go with the flow
    -Work on Knowing Greediness gets people killed, so, DON'T DO IT!!
    -Work on Knowing that u don't need 5 people to defend a tower with only 2 attackers, leave that to the supports/ranged. Go yourself or tell your Fighters to go push/clear lanes.
    -Work on Knowing Armors don't keep you alive, it only delay the inevitable. Maneuverability, and experience keeps people alive
    -Work on Making other players style into your own
    Hmm, what am i missing...

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