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    So like helmm I saw no ant or anyother lower costing support(or it is still just me).many people go for direct combat (more and more heroes with no difficulty).so hope this guide can help with new ant users.

    Clip dirtblade is one the supports that uses the most of the Mages talent very effectively.A person with fast hands can be a very good ant guard.

    Ant Guard (Clip Dirtblade)


    Clip tosses his trident, damaging and crippling his enemy.

    Cost: 45/55/65/75 MP

    Range: 10 meters

    Damage: 55/85/115/145 + [60% Magical Attack]

    Cooldown: 6 seconds

    Movement Speed reduction: 30% for 2.5 seconds

    [​IMG]Ant Sentry

    Clip summons an invisible sentry. He can summon up to 2/4/6/8 sentries at once.

    Cost: 25/50/75/100 MP

    Range: 12 meters

    Cooldown: 14 seconds

    Qualities: The ant has 150 HP and immunity to skills. It provides 10 meters of vision and can see invisible enemies. It can't move and/or attack. If Clip detonates the sentry with Venom Fork, it deals 40/70/100/130 + [90% of Magical Attack] Magical Damage and reduces the Movement Speed of all enemies within 5 meters by 60% for 2 seconds

    [​IMG]Venom Fork

    Passive: Normal Attacks and Hamstrung reduce the target's Magical Defense by 10/15/20/25% for 3 seconds. The effect does not stack but is renewed with every consecutive attack.

    Active: Detonates all ant sentries.

    [​IMG]Ant Territory

    Clip summons a horde of ants to swarm an area of the battlefield

    Cost: 150/170/190 MP

    Range: 8 meters

    Damage: 100/200/300 + [31% Magical Attack]

    Cooldown: 70/60/50 seconds

    Additional Effects: Summons 4 ant sentries to the target area. Enemies are stunned for 1 second.

    Radius: 5 meters

    Pros :
    A good aoe slow and stun
    Great amount of magical pierce
    A great warder
    Counter against all invisible heroes
    Can detonate ants whenever needed and from any distance

    Cons :
    Weak start game
    Hard to activate passive if not fast enough to spam skills

    Talent points :
    Mage 24
    Skill proficiency-5(extra mage damage)
    Fast casting-5(lower cooldown)
    Apprentice-4(lower cooldown)
    Knowledge-3(extra mage damage)
    Mana-adept-1(lower mana consumption)
    Skill penetartion-5(additional skill penetration)
    Deaths embrace-1(a good must have talent for ant as slowing and stun is his speciality)

    Support 16
    Quikening-5(extra speed you can harrass and move around)
    Spirit-3(start game mp problems half solved)
    Greed-3(extra gold for assist)
    Teamwork pays-1(extra gold)
    Suprise-3(more hp and mana each time you lv up)
    Fast learner-1(a fats way to lv up)
    Tablets :
    Whispering Tablet
    A good scaling late game and helps maintain mana cost

    Elemental Tablet
    (No picture...)

    A good ant always keeps hp above 90% so
    a cooldown reduction can help you create
    a ant bomb really fast.

    Courage Tablet
    Silence is a great enemy for ant this tab useful for resisting damage when stunned, slowed or silence.

    Strategist's Tablet(optional tablet)

    This tablet help ant stay in longer though the talents help regeneration this tablet could bruised for extra regeneration but becomes less useful late game and is not as much as useful as the other tabs.

    Inscriptions :
    Hp and magical pierce are good inscriptions

    In game build statergy :
    Ant relies on sentry for damage and you can dish out high damage by building pure damage from the latest update ant can cause even more damage.

    Boots of the Firewalker
    For increased movement speed and to maintain high mage damage this boots are good.

    Saithion Lollipop
    Ant can keep greater mobility and help out teammates a lot and still can cause decent damage with this item.

    Boneflame Wand
    A high damage dealing item with a good passive with mana from other items.

    Searing Orb
    A high damage item with good amount of pierce passive stacked with inscriptions and his own passive enemy armour is almost useless.

    Essence of Labaulan
    A good amount of mage damage and mage defence and also a extra slow with its active and can be used as soon as activating ulti.

    Spider Queen's Embrace
    A good armour with decent damage and armour and a passive to protect against adc who rely on atttack speed.

    As you can see all these items dish out real heavy amount of mage damage and keep up with the other stats it a good build for any mage who rely on pure damage (like arcane).

    Skill level :
    Usually it depends on the team and what role in lving up you play(like top bot mid)
    I pick hamstrung to last hit if I'm in mid to get gold fast it's a good skill to keep safe from enemy in the mid.
    If bot or top lane pick sentry to ward first you can keep your carry safe in the start time.
    Whichever thing you decide to do always lv up sentry first to max then his passive and hamstrung at last.

    Team fight statergy :
    As a ant u should build your skill of judgement (knowing what the enemy would do and what they would go after.if you can judge were they would come start creating a ant bomb.when the enemies come near the ant bomb you must act fast enough.the best way and this could mean you can kill them all in one go!.
    As soon as they enter the ant bomb area use your ulti use hamstrung on the enemy team tank(passive pierce on tank makes it easier to kill tanky ones then blast all the ants and if your lucky all ofem are gone.this takes extreme timing and skill to do this.if your ally hero is being chased use hamstrung and detonate a ant and 90% decrease movement speed almost a immobalise its not nessasary for you to create a ant bomb to support your teammates but it's a very effective method.

    How to make use of skills more effectively?
    Always remember to drag the skill not single target(that is the reason I said a person with fast hands can dominate with ant-which I don't really have)so that you can stun many targets and slow down at right time.When placing ant bomb don't exactly place them on top of each other give a little space between them but they must not be too far let's say a ant just next a whole group of ant sentry should be within a circle radius 1-2m(remeber that ant bomb blast radius is 6m so never place ant sentry's more than 3m far away from each other).

    When your defending from attacks be in trap mode (that is to make ant bombs and offensively use your skills when on the move and you are pushing and on a move constantly switch to ward mode(that is to keep warding to avoid Ganks and to detect invisible enemies) and when your attacking you enemies base area you must know when to gank and when to create ant bomb. If you do it right your team will have less casualties.

    A very big Weakness ant must look out for
    Khlint : his traps and heal aoe can detect your sentries and can potentially destroy your ant bombs everytime.
    Countering khlint : you have to concentrate on warding rather than bombs you have to become ulti reliant and detonate sentry as soon as you spawn them.(but try to use hamstrung on target first to pierce you can't aoe kill all but still can be a Single target mage).
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    Mar 8, 2015
    Nice guide again man
  3. daathu

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    Apr 11, 2015
    Finished the guide fully hope it's helpful
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    Mar 17, 2013
    I typically dont build that much damage on my ant and opt for tankiness and utitility. If you buy a fernames blade, it stacks the slow percentage even more and reduces cooldown to make hamstrung/sentry more spammible.

    Here's a very old video when an old rival guild claimed I maphacked xD aka: we used to be ranked #1 Guild until it got disbanded for iOS and best ward placements in Realm.

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    Feb 13, 2014
    lmfao very nice and impressive, im assuming you never detonate ants sentry, you were only using hamstrung and ult to support?
  6. O 3o

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    Mar 17, 2013
    I only resort to exploding sentries when its my last resort to assist the team for a kill, or last resort to escape or help ally escape.

    Not only do I use sentries... But wards as well.

    If you spam wards on an enemy tower, it takes 2 shots to take down 1 ward..

    Makes tower dive safer and can clean up team under enemy tower. XD
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    Feb 13, 2014
    excellent, thanks!
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    Jun 24, 2015
    Love this hero.hate being called a nub :)
  9. ForestNight

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    Jun 24, 2015
    dude everytime someone appeared on the map..whole team swarmed to go kill him or her lol
  10. O 3o

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    Mar 17, 2013
    That's the advantage of full map vision... Jungle is such an unsafe place for the enemy because we know where they are and sweep up easiest of kills.
  11. ForestNight

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    Jun 24, 2015
    haha true..they say alone trying to get one more farm nom nom our team eats him up

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