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    This is my first post, its not a guide as much as it is a tip for a build in the new updates. Im not gonna make it long, short, simple, to the point.
    A little about me, im nexhan on android server, I own every char, every elite skin, and have too many tab builds to remember howm many, ive been playing a few years now.
    Me and some of my guildies were playing around with new tablets, found a new play style for certain chars. Will easily make you a god in pvp games. Im honestly not sure why im saying anything and not keeping it for myself. Note that this does require expertise gamer skills as it provides limitless grinding potential (you will need to kill nuetrals, useless build without them) while simoultaneously providing unsurpassed end game potential. You can fight next to there base as long as you need to; literally.

    Desecration tablet (5 hp added perm. per solo kill_ max 360) (the 5 is added with hp included; hp gains in early game assist getting strong)
    2 mag att 2 cd reduction

    Merciful words tablet (nice assist gold although youll get the kill with the talents I propose, and 8 % mp + hp regen for every hero killed)
    2 mag att 1 leech 1 cd reduction

    Rage tablet (3% hp regained per unitl killed) heroes now worth 11% hp regain and soldier kills will keep you maintained when fighting a team by yourself
    2 mag att 1 leech 1 cd reduction

    Talents need to be full mage damage few support, you want him to hit hard as possible, and get as much leech as possible.jst keep that in mind.
    Now at first your going to be weak as im sure youll notice, why I said its good for pro players, other players choose tabs that make them strong early, but your advantage to this tablet is thT soldiers become health packs, you run out take damage on heroes run back kill bears, get more hp come back fight again at full hp, while other heroes arent and have to constantly go back to base or get killed by you.
    It wont be long highest level is 6 ... youll notice huge gains at around lvl 4, it sounds easy but those first lvls are hard. Once you reach these levels its important to get hermitites first gearing your first 750 on the cap that givs hp. The aoe from hermitites mixed with your spell aoe mows through soldiers, activating the rage tablet, Build it from there, also get vital tonic, the higher your hp in this build the higher your health gains from tablets..after you have hermitites complete; the game is over and youve won, I assure you, next get leech items 1990, from here you can freeball it, but end game you want another completed leech making two, a searing orb, a hades, and a stirring soul. I dont get boneflame or any mana regens, its uneccessary, your play style is now an ultimate hard hitting with earth collosus like gains brute. Youll mow through any earth easily cuz he has no damage. people seem to laugh at this build but I assure you it works so eliquently. Itll be about lvl 11 when you can wipe out the entire opposing team by yourself, again always attack with lots of enemies soldiers in the mix as they are essentially a healthpack, when attacking all heroes by yourself, start with the weakest and work your way up, killing one hero off along with soldiers your hp is going up while your aoe is lowering everybody and also providing leech, youll notice its easy to maintain, your leech combined with aoe spell and hermitites is constant hp, added on top of your tablet gains your hp is constantly fluctuating down and back up, you will not die, as long as there are enough enemies around.
    We were playing this style yesterday, didnt lose a single game, our guild got cocky and let three people sit out while me and one other player with the equivalent fighter( phys att) build took out another team of 40.s by ourself. We both ended with 30+ kills, not to say it was easy but it was very doable.

    For gNking heroes, you want to rush them preferably by themselves around alot of there soldiers, enemy heroes will think they have the advantage until your health starts popping up, you could charge in at half health and leave with full health.

    I thought this was interesting, so I tried a fighter version of this build, I found it works well with any char with a good aOe, like earthly remains (his is similar to horse) or 12b, same play style
    Des tab has 2 phys att 2 harvest
    Merciful words has 1 phys att 3 harvest
    Rage has 1 phys att 3 harvest

    Gear hermitites, 1400 harvest from divinity sword, get a longbow if you think you can next, if games still tough a hades will make you invincible even to towers, and were talking at like lvl 8_9 ish, then gear for reapers and stirring soul to finish.
    Same strategy attack in big groups, i found it was easier to maintain with this fighter build end game but not as easy as horse to get the strength required. Your a walking tank and the opposing team will not be able to stop you.
    Its because fighters are stronger than mages in default damage, mages attack items give like a 60% to your normal attack so horse has cds to hit hard where as earthly remains hits fine by default with no spells.

    End game I can hang around your base fighting anyone who tries to get out forever, I honestly wont need mana pSt lvl 12. I will get through and keep getting more hp until I finish off your base solo... my guildies now love me for coming up with this.
    The play style takes some mastering, but the only char youll ever struggle with is plagued fang, only if he gets strong, id advise to you if your playing against him, you have to be the one that keeps him down, so you solo whatever lne hes on. Your new play style completely deprives entire lanes of chars from grinding, while your simoultaneously grinding endlessly. Youll be god every game. And no need to mention, if your horse and fighting another horse, youll always win, you dont even have to worry about it.40vs 40
    If your not excited about this, you should be. Its gold.
    Welcome to being a pro hard hitting tank, it was kinda lonely over here by myself.
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    10 month necro:penguin:
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    Sorry i would like to tell,normal guide not god tiers one.
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    Sry but, this is, by far, one of the most annoying threads I've seen.
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    Usefull [ ]
    Not usefull [X]
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    Have any of you even tried it?
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    I'll try it >:3
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    You do realize this guide is from over a year ago when fast healer/leech wasn't nerfed?
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    No I didn't realize ;P
    Maybe I will do it for lolz tho

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