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    May 16, 2014
    Note: this guide will not be edited until Carlie gets a bug fix.
    As for now, she is causing crashes to many players.

    Hey guys
    Welcome to my second hero guide
    I will be talking about Carlie Q
    The deadly dolly !
    Any & all feedbacks r appreciated.
    Make sure to press that like button if u like it :)

    I will be starting with
    III-Skills build.
    A- Pure support.
    B- mage bruiser support.

    IV-Items build.
    A- Hated by all !
    B- Pretty tanky girl !

    V- Tablets & Inscriptions.
    VI- Talents.
    VII- Tactics & Gameplay.
    IX- Heroes that are combined well with Carlie Q.
    X- Carlie's weakness.


    Carlie Q is awesome support !
    A real support ! She doesn't have high damage ! She can't duel , she can't carry , she can only be a support ( & half tank as well ;) ).
    She is ranged but she doesn't have the range to be called a ranged support, kinda.
    Her range is 4 meters , thats lower than dreaznor's range by 1 meter. You can call her half melee support.
    She provides her teammates a crazy amount of CC. Indeed she provides all kinds of CC ( except silence ).
    Rooting , stuns , slows & pulls !
    As well she can reduce her enemy defense & she can sheild her allies too !
    Trading all of that by low damage & a bit of mana issues.
    Most of all she requires prediction skills by the player him/her-self!
    If u wanna play her well u gotta predict ur enemy movements a lot !

    -Carlie Q's stats !

    Lvl 1 - lvl 15
    Hp 530 - 1720 , 85 hp per level.
    Mana 400 - 1044 , 46 per level.
    Attack 54 - 107.20 , 3.80 per level.
    Attack speed 0.69 - 0.83 , 0.01 per level.
    Movement speed 4.20
    Critcal damage multiplayer 1.50
    Physical defense 18 - 60 , 3 per level.
    Magical defense 16 - 55.20 , 2.80 per level.
    Hp regen 1.00/ sec - 3.10/sec , 0.15/ sec per level.
    Mana regen 1.30/sec - 3.82/sec , 0.18/sec per level .

    1-Time out:

    Carlie Q spins her yoyo, creating a magical area that reduces enemies' Movement Speed by 10% and Physical and Magical Defense by 5/7/9/11% per second. This area lasts for 5 seconds. If an enemy stays in this area for 3 seconds, theywill be immobilized for 2 seconds and receive 80/120/160/200 Damage.
    CD: 15-14-13-12
    This skill is not good on its own
    Low damage & easy to escape from , only useful when combined with second skill , those 2 skills are not so useful one by one but they can be troublesome together!
    Something useful about it alone , it can check bushes & reduce enemy def up to 55% ! THATS ALOT.
    2-Come out to play
    Carlie Q does a yoyo trick, which after 1 second pulls all enemies within 5 meters toward it and deals 50/75/100/125 to 100/150/200/250 damage. The enemies closest to the yoyo suffer the least damage.

    Cd: 12/11/10/9.
    As I said , not useful on its own as well but its hit & damaging chance is far greater than "time out" , with better damage.
    I recommend maxing this first
    First & second skill deals decent damage tog with scaling that is total of 60%
    3-Yoyo field:
    Carlie Q swings her yoyo, creating a shield around any ally near her. The shield absorbs 90/130/170/210 Damage and lasts 2 seconds. Each Hero affected by this skill will give Carlie Q one stack of charge which will enhance her next Normal Attack.
    CHARGE EFFECT: Each stack of charge will make Carlie Q's next Normal Attack deal 1/1.5/2/2.5% of a target's Max HP as bonus Magical Damage, as well as reducing the Cooldown time of this skill by 1 second and restoring 30 MP.

    Mana: 50 mp
    Radius: 8 meters
    CD: 8 seconds
    Note: the skill is bugged , the damage is based on you target current hp not maximum !
    Comment: This skill might be confusing to read.
    Let me make it clear
    The charge stacks r all consumed in the first normal hit & not followed one by another
    So if u shielded all of ur teammates u will gain 5 stacks , they r not consumed in 5 attacks , indeed they r all consumed in the firs hit , allowing for higher burst ( 12.5 current hp with 1 hit late game , say bye tanks )
    Be sure to use it on high hp heroes allowing for more burst if needed
    It can be spammable too , cd is 8 seconds , when the 5 hits r consumed , they will be 3 seconds. ( too spammable in teamfight with alot of damage )
    5 stacks gets back 150 mana as well ! Thats alot as well but ur team wont be always with u.
    This is Carlie Q's main damaging skill late game !
    Additional note:
    The damage on the enhanced auto attacks doesn't only scale with enemy max hp buy it scales with 0.50 of Carlie Q's magical attack ( sams as the shield scaling )
    This allow carlie Q to have an enhaced auto attack scales as 1.00 of her magical attack ( same as fighters ) in addition to the max hp scaling allowing for better out put damage.
    4-Terrible toy:
    Carlie Q summons a huge yoyo which rolls forward and deals 50/75/100 Damage to any enemy it hits and then stuns them for 1 second. If this skill is used again or the huge yoyo reaches the end of its rope, it will stay at its current position for 2 seconds, deal 50/75/100 Damage every 0.5 seconds, then roll back towards Carlie Q and deal 50/75/100 Damage to every enemy it hits.
    Mana: 150/200/250.
    Range: 100 meters.
    CD: 80/75/70

    Comment: u might say 100 range is alot for sniping running enemies , let me tell u that u that this skill travels at low movement speed ( 10 meters per second , heroes maximum speed is 8 meters ) , it takes 10 seconds to travel the maximum range as well the hit box isn't so big.
    There is an advanced tactic below on how to use this long distance very well
    Other wise use it in the teamfight as normal ulti to land 2 stuns & a bit of damage
    Scaling is too low ( 0.10)
    There is 6 hits with this ulti , going , getting back & 4 hits with in 2 seconds
    Thats a total of 60% scaling ! Pretty decent but u gotta predict & move urself very well so u can land the 2 stuns because the yoyo will gets back to u , so if u moved, the coming back way wont be the same.
    III-Skills build
    A-Pure support

    Pure support skill builld is supposed to give ur teammates an advantage mid-game by reducing enemy armor up to 55%.
    B- Mage bruiser support.
    Mage bruiser support skill build is more focus on dishing out bursts damage on single enemy mid-late game through third skill , if u shielded all of ur allies ur next normal attack will take 12.5% of ur target current hp , 100% scaling of ur magical attack as well restoring 150 mana & reducing the cd of this skill by 5 seconds allowing it to be extremly spammable in the teamfight while dishing out unbelievable damage with each enhanced normal attack , beside that shielding ur teammates!

    IV- Items build
    A- Hated by all.

    •Very Fast movement speed.
    •Decent-high magical attack.
    •High CD reduction.
    •Unlimited mana.
    •Beside that a free spot to build whatever u want depending on the match.
    I would recommend
    A-Searing orb: looking higher damage that goes through enemies defense? Here is this item.
    B- Spider queen armor:
    Works pretty well providing both physical defense & magical attack with decent passive vs high attack speed heroes.
    C- Hades armor:
    The best armor vs phyiscal high damaging heroes
    If u having problems with thier physical carry , get this item.
    D- Dull vine shield
    Magical carries problems ?
    The item provides magical def , aoe healing active & attack speed allowing u to dish out more damage using 3rd skill.
    Pvp items building.
    Start with 2 squires of wisdom
    Boots of haste
    Get acolyte staff
    Staff of vigorr
    Another ayolyte staff
    Leviathans cloak
    Sapphire amulet
    Sell one of the squires , enchanter ring
    Sell the other squire , get dragon blood cloak ( 400 hp , 1100 gold)
    saithion lolipop
    Chain boots
    Dragon soul
    Boneflame , ice diamond ,one of the recommend items above & finally ice diamond for frost ring.
    B- Pretty tanky girl
    U might ask why fermans in this build , main reason is mana , secondly the slows coming from it applies to the enhanced auto attack.
    This build allows u to be a tank so u can making sure u will chase someone forever draining their hp with ur enhanced auto attack providing the same amount of cd redcution , mobility but providing less damage due to the tanky build.
    - PVP
    2 squires wisdom
    Boots of haste
    Staff of vigor , leviathans cloak.
    Dragon blood cloak ( 400 hp , 1100 gold )
    Get one of the armors ( hades or dull vine )
    String soul of dragons
    Saithon lolipop
    Chain boots
    Get the other shield.

    V-Tablets & Inscriptions.
    A- Tablets
    1-Soul eating tablet.

    Since ur auto attacks r extremely close ranged , u gonna need it for laning !
    2-Whispering tablet.
    Less mana issues , more damage.
    Pretty good & decent tablet because ur skills r going to be too spammable with the builds up.
    3- Desecration tablet.
    Every hero needs this tablet for higher hp !
    4-Assistance tablet.
    Its gonna lead u to the victory through helping ur teammates , teamwork is the key !
    5-Protective tablet.
    Always good tablet !
    No more comments about it.
    6- Serenity tablet
    Mana issues ?
    Problem solved !
    B- Inscriptions
    [​IMG] HP.
    [​IMG] CD.
    [​IMG] Pierce thro magic def.
    VI- Talents
    Carlie can fit very well in both
    Mage/guardian & Mage/sup
    -Mage / support

    -Mage / guardian

    VII- Tactics & Gameplay

    U can go all
    Top, lane or bot although lane & top r weak-ish
    Tier B mid
    Tier B top
    Tier A ~ A+ bot
    Best spot: Bot.
    Ur 1st & 2nd combo on creeps deals decent damage allowing u to farm at fast-pretty good speed as well u have the ability to lock down enemy mid if u predicted his movements , with the help of ur mid adc carry , u r probably gonna secure the kill if he didn't blink or someone tele to him.
    Mid: weak-ish cause' she cant deal high burst of damage & all of her skills r 8 meters ranged , but she can farm well through her skills , u might not be able to auto attack alot tho due to ur short range.
    Top: farms at decent speed but u r sacrificing ur bot spot & she doesn't have a huge power spike like all tanks/bruisers that farms top
    (Valox , kotun , horse , lu , etc )
    Carlie does have early game mana issues so I would recommend u to go red lane , get red buff , farm safely & only gank when there is someone with u because u can't do much on ur own.
    Enemy with channeling skills ? Use ur pull.
    Use ur sheild when u r aware that u r gonna get a burst damage ( arrow furry ( elf ) , wind kitting , storm 2nd skill & such skills.
    I do prefer to use surprise talent because carlie doesn't have any way to get her hp back in laning & incase red buff got stolen as well.
    Check bushes through first & second skill
    Anyway Just farm safely because without items u r a scrub.
    Mid-game: CC enemies as much as u can allowing ur carry & secondary carry to get their kills safely , dont forget to sheild them.
    Late game: just CC enemies & do some enhanced auto attacks , let ur carry be the main damaging but dont forget to sheild him while u CC & auto attack.
    Protecting ur self & ur teammates ( mainly carry ) is ur main & only thing to do.
    Train: all about teamwork , follow the steps in rift & border
    Addtional note: use ur pull beside the train by 3-4 meters , u will pull it & u wil stop it from moving for about 1.5 seconds delay.
    Start with ur first , wait a bit , use ur 2nd , pull them to the center again , they r immobilized now , use ur ulti land the first stun , stop it behind them & it shall return back to where u r so position ur self along the way to be able to land the second stun.
    ••Stunning 2 persons that r more than 100 meters away from each other! (Advanced tactic):
    Ulti takes about 10 seconds to travel its maximum range , speed of it is 10 meters per second. When it turns back it travels with 20.0 meters speed which is half the time (5 seconds)
    10 seconds r more than enough to tele for someone
    So here is a strange Ultra u might use rarely.
    U see ahead of u a teamfight while theres is someone that is split pushing far away being ganked by someone
    Use ur ulti on the teamfight , stun some of them , while ur yoyo is traveling to the teamfight , use ur tele on the someone who is spilt pushing being ganked , the yoyo will return to u there , stunning the one that is ganking and u assisted in the team-fight as well !
    Too rare to use but I used it today & I was like O.O AWESOME.
    Damage output: ur first , second & ur ulti r able to deal 120% damage of ur magical damage if u landed all the hits beside that , the enhanced auto attack allows carlie to have 50% additional scaling , thats decent damage beside the current hp enhanced attacks !
    XI- Heroes that are combined well with Carlie Q.
    Pulls , grouping enemies together & immobilizing on slowed target through Carlie Q's time out. (Some stuns as well)
    This hero can work very well with Carlie Q because she only needs her enemies to be grouped together so she can lock them with her heavy CC.
    2- Kotun
    Kotun ulti On , dash , pull enemies.
    Behind him there is a slow yoyo coming stunning most of the enemies !
    Carlie Time out + come out to play combo while they are still slowed = total lock.
    Enjoy watching you carry having fun chasing them !
    3- Jombraa
    Jombra running to the teamfight , tagging most of the enemy team , stunning them then he activate Ulti giving Carlie Q the advantage to do her combo locking down most of enemy team.
    Watch your carry chasing them one by one. Again !
    4- Total team combos
    Kotun , Guervus , Balondis , Carlie Q & Aria eagleheart.
    Kotun initiates the team-fights
    Followed by Carlie Q's ulti yoyo & Balondis cage & lock down.
    Aria ulti & lock down the Adc from outside the cage.
    Molten's lava sneak + ulti.
    Bam! enemy team just got wiped.
    Now go for the victory !
    There are alot more heroes that can perform very well with Carlie !
    Those are just the most popular !

    X- Carlie Q's weakness
    1- Squishy.
    2- Low damage output.
    3-Not so useful without a good team.
    4-Some mana issues early game.

    As usual I will be updating this guide according to what carlie Q gets from buffs/nerfs
    Hope u enjoyed it & learned some useful tips & got great builds !
    My guides r usually early released if I got the hero in lottery by any chance ^^
    Sorry for the grammar mistakes though.
    Any feedbacks , comments & questions r appreciated. :) :p
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    Aug 10, 2014
    Great guide but I would replace the u's and r's
  3. Setting_Suns

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    May 3, 2015
    That was fast. Almost too fast.
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  4. Jacke0

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    May 16, 2014
    For someone who watched carlie always in co-op & know her skills already , just needed the scaling & base damage. it is not really :p
    Beside that I have been working on the guide since 12Pm , its now 10Pm :3
    I was trying my best not to write them , seems I missed alot. My bad lol
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  5. Setting_Suns

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    May 3, 2015
    Looks clean and very well organized. I can't comment on how effective it is though as I don't have enough experience with her yet :p
  6. Akise

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    Jun 16, 2013
    Got her with using all my essence and a lucky 'no leave games 50 times' ticket :p

    Time to start using your build and strategy !
  7. Hector

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    Apr 19, 2015
    Thanks for your guide.

    Sadly she cant replace any meta heroe actually. The slots still are complete!
  8. mmg556

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    Mar 31, 2015
  9. Jacke0

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    R u trying to frustrate me ? :rage::rage:
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    Again with the r and u
  11. mmg556

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    (I'm mad that everyone's getting her in like five spins and then there's me who spins almost twenty times and still doesn't have her. Ffs)
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    stop that , both of you -.-
    Mmg you shall die.
    Kolo , Im working on that.
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    Mar 31, 2015
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    Good work on the speed, you always seem to be the first one to make a guide. Descriptive, organised, and might have even been useful to me if I had managed to get her with my 10x spin...
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    Dec 21, 2014
    Good guide but the picture says it all
  16. Jacke0

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    May 16, 2014
    I played more than 25 matches today & tried various builds.
    Pic means nothing for me.
    Good day.
    My guides r early release , thats supposed to be great not bad.
    I felt offended by "junk" , its like u referring to this guide.
    If u do , then make a better guide in the first day of a hero release
    Like this one I made & tryptic one.
    If u don't mean , then my bad.
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    Aug 2, 2015
    Good guide but, I'll max out 3 first because the shield and the bonus max hp dmg is too good. Also, frostbolt combos with her skills amazingly. A 4 second root is amazing. Also, this make tryptic more viable
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  18. Jacke0

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    May 16, 2014
    Upgrading 3rd first can be the most damaging but this way u r sacrificing ur farming speed & harrasing damage , getting into melee range to land a basic attack early game when all is low hp isn't so helpful although yes , its the most damaging as u said but its not the most effective ( imo )
    Frostbolt tablet?
    Sure thing its gonna work!
    But very high CD ^^
    CD of profile skills is the main reason I dont put the recommended tablets of them in my list aside from assistance tablet.
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    Aug 2, 2015
    You're correct bro it also depends on you're team as well. Now you're gonna see the full potential of tryptic because of charlie. These two heroes are too good with each other.
  20. NguyenHuuBrian

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    Nov 14, 2014
    10/10 Rating + Like

    PROS -
    -I Like The Picture Added(Currently On IPhone With Outdated Hoc So Can't See Her).
    -I Like The Organization (Roman Numerals,& Letters). Makes The Guide Easy To Locate Topics
    -Liked A Lot The Tactics & Gameplay Section Because It Featured Info How To Use Carlie At Her Best For Each Map With Helpful Advice.

    I'm Planning To Buy Her In The Future Since I Need More Magic Heroes.

    CONS -
    -Need Caps At Start Of Words I'm Addicted To Them :3

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