Dark Love

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    The following fanfic contains coarse language, sexuality, and mature content that are not suitable for some audiences. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

    Chapter 1 - Hunting Prey

    You have been warned mothaf****!
    It was a dark night with a crescent moon shining in the sky. The shadow of a being slowly flew up into the sky. The moonlight illuminated the being to reveal a demon with dark wings and dressed in a highly revealing armor.

    “Mmmm” she said as she licked her upper lip slowly with her tongue before swallowing the last drop of her victim. “Oh my, that was delicious but I’m still hungry. It’s unfortunate that he died shortly after, just like every man.” She begins to descend down towards a nearby town in search for her next victim.

    Her wings slowly flap as she flies through the town while maintaining her altitude. She looks through the dark alleyways but not a soul could be found. “Did I already kill every man in this village?” she said to herself as she flies above the center courtyard.

    From somewhere nearby, someone shouts out “I finally found you damn succubus!” The winged demon looks around and spots a man who emerges from one of the alleyways. Although the man was hooded, the moonlight shined upon him revealing his face to the succubus.

    “Ooooooo, dark chocolate! My favourite!” said the succubus excitedly.

    The man walked slowly towards the succubus wielding a pistol in his right hand. He raises his right arm and points the gun toward the demon. “Eat a 9mm mothaf****!” he shouts out as he fires a bullet towards the demon’s head.

    The succubus tilts her head to the side dodging the bullet. However, she seemed to be unfocused with a dazed facial expression and one of her hands holding the back of her neck. The man continues to fire bullets from his gun but the succubus was high enough in the sky that the man ended up missing his shots as she whispered to herself repeatedly “9mm, 9mm, 9mm”.

    The demon hunter pauses to reload his weapon when the succubus yells out “Hey!” The demon hunter jumps back, anticipating that the succubus would attack him but she remained in the sky. She continued “9mm is so puny; it’s not even half an inch! You’re a disgrace for a man!”

    The demon hunter was confused “The f*** you talking about?! It doesn’t matter, I’m here to kill you!

    “Huhuhu” she laughed. Another man trying to play hero for all the people I sucked to death. Well I hope that little thing of yours will be able to satisfy my cravings.” She prepares herself to swoop down at the man when he suddenly interrupts her.

    “Wait hold on!” The man said as he was beginning to understand what the demon was talking about. The succubus stops her attack, “You’re telling me that you swallow it?” he asked in surprise.

    “Of course, how can I resist the taste?” she responded.

    Upon hearing that, the man grabs his crotch with his right hand and lets out a pleasured “Oh my god”.

    The demon notices the look of pleasure on the man’s face and seductively tells him “How about I show you what I can do?”

    The demon hunter responds in a loud tone “Hell no! I’m here for the bounty on your head and can’t afford to contract your STDs. That’s right; you think all those men died because of your demonic powers? No, it’s because you’re a f****** whore!”

    The succubus was extremely annoyed by those words and swoops down at the hunter. The hunter immediately retaliates by pointed his reloaded weapon and firing at the demon. She dodges to the left away from the trajectory of the bullets at an extreme speed. However, the hunter pulls out another pistol with his left hand and fires a shot.

    Unable to anticipate such a trick, she fails to dodge allowing the bullet to pierce directly through her skull. The demon crashes to the ground. The man slowly walks over to the succubus’ body with black blood flowing around her. He tells her “You thought I was terrible at aiming earlier but that was all part of my plan for the right opportunity for the kill.”

    The hand of the demon twitched indicating she was still alive but on the verge of dying. “The man notices this and smirks. “Good, you’re still alive. I was hoping to unload one more shot” he says as he unzips his pants. “Looks like today will be a happy ending! Hahaha!” he laughs.

    As he says that, the demon’s body disintegrates into thin air. The irritated demon hunter yells “F***!”

    The Next Day

    A short little grotesque goblin was sitting on his stool leaning back towards the counter of his deserted tavern. His right arm was shaking intensely as he looks up at the screen of his small television set watching an alluring movie. “Oh... aw...ugh...” he moaned as he was reaching his peak when suddenly the door to the tavern swings open ferociously, hitting the wall. The sound startles the goblin causing him to fall from his stool.

    In walks the hooded man as he shouts out “Yo Machry! I killed that sl** of a succubus. It’s time to pay up!”

    Machry gets back up immediately and shouts back “Dammit Lebmont! I was just about to...”

    Lebmont interrupts him and demands “My money!”

    Machry tilts his head to the side to check behind Lebmont. “So where’s the body? You know I can’t pay you unless you prove it to me that you killed her”

    Lebmont responds “It disintegrated when I shot her. Just trust me; she’s dead”.

    Machry sighs “I know you have a reputation for being a great demon hunter but nig**, I need to have the body for research purposes. No body, no money!”

    The hunter was getting angry now “Listen here you little s***, do you know how much running and shooting I did last night? If you are not gonna pay, then I hope you know I will be doing the other thing my kind do best, and that’s stealing. So if you value your life, you better give me the dough.”

    Machry knew he would not be able to protect his riches and himself from the likes of Lebmont so he tries to negotiate. Alright, alright, I’ll tell you what. How about you kill this other demon and I will pay a premium on her bounty?

    “The fact that you are willing to pay a premium has me wondering what kind of demon you want me up against?” said the hunter with a look of curiosity.

    Machry goes on to explain the tale “Her name is Lingyue Meng. Legends say for thousands of years, she seduces men into loving her...”

    Lebmont comments “Thousands of years? Damn she must be a good looking milf!”

    Machry just nods his head in disappointment “As I was saying, it’s unclear if she has some ability to ensure that the men fall in love with her but one thing is certain, on the night of a full moon, she reveals her true form; a demonic fox with sixty-nine tails that devours the livers of all men who become infatuated with...” Machry looks towards Lebmont who seemed to be daydreaming. “Hey! Are you even listening?”

    Lebmont comes back to reality “Sorry man, I was just thinking how amazing this milf must look like.”

    “Sigh...” says Machry as he pulls out a poster and places it on the counter. “This is the most recent picture of Lingyue.”

    Lebmont glances at the poster. To his surprise, it was a picture of a beautiful young woman with blue hair and blue eyes.”Oooo she’s kinda cute.”

    Machry slams his hand on the poster “Lebmont! You may be a great hunter but even you can fall into her trap.”

    “Don’t worry. As long as there’s a bounty involved, you can count on me to f*** up that demon!” says Lebmont as he walks confidently out of the tavern.

    Machry smiles upon hearing those words. “Alright back to what I was doing.” He turns around but was disappointed to see that the movie had ended. “Son of a b****!”
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    Chapter 2 – Golden Opportunity
    Lebmont let out an “Ahhhhhhhhh!” as his eyes began to roll back. “I’ve been waiting so long to release this.” Lebmont was standing in front of a urinal in a public washroom taking a huge piss that he had been holding in all morning.

    He hears the door to the washroom creaks open. Unfortunately, Lebmont had no idea who entered as the washroom was designed such that upon entering were a bunch of sinks then a wall before the area with the stalls.

    Aside from the sounds of his twinkling piss, he continues to listen to the footsteps of the person who entered. They were rather light footsteps that slowly came closer and closer until... the faucet of one of the sinks was turned on. Lebmont lets out a sigh of relief as he takes a step back to avoid his piss splashing back at him as the flow began to rush out at a faster rate. With such a big sch****, he had no trouble aiming at the urinal. He bends back to check on the guy washing his hands. When suddenly a weapon with blades around it comes swinging at his head.

    Lebmont immediately falls back, dodging the blade. As he falls, he twists his body to see the attacker. It was a crazy looking blonde girl dressed in some peasant wear with a string attached to her fingers allowing her to control her weapon. Without realizing, his d*** was pointed at the girl still shooting out a steady flow of piss. The golden flow of glistening piss sprays at her.

    She screams, “Da f*** man!”

    Lebmont was just getting back up on his feet with his bladder finally relieved. “Hey, you’re the b**** attacking a man while he’s using the urinal!”

    She pulls on her string attached to her weapon. Lebmont ducks, avoiding the blades once again. “Holy f***, can you at least let me do my fly up?” Lebmont then notices the weapon the girl is using is a yoyo armed with deadly blades.

    Before Lebmont can even get his d*** back in his pants and retaliate, the girl responds “Hell no! I won’t forgive you for getting my older sister pregnant and abandoning her.” She does a yoyo trick, throwing the yoyo forward towards Lebmont. Lebmont turns to his side to dodge the yoyo. He looks downward as the yoyo flies by, just barely missing the tip of his erect p****.

    “Damn, you crazy b****, I’ve already been circumcised. He swiftly pulls out his pistols and fires a bullet from each at the girl. She quickly hides behind the wall between the urinals and sinks to avoid any harm. The girl once again pulls on her yoyo for it to return to her. Lebmont manages to avoid it this time without the close call for his jewels, and then manages to fire a shot directly at the yoyo. The bullet hits the yoyo throwing it off its course.

    Lebmont then hears the sound of the yoyo stabbing the girl. He walks over to the area with the sinks and takes a look. The blades of the yoyo had stabbed right through the girl’s stomach and into the wall. The girl was still alive but breathing heavily as blood poured out from her mouth.

    “So umm... I’ve f***** a lot of girls in my life. What’s the name of your sister so I can kill the baby cause I ain’t paying no child support” said Lebmont.

    With a deep breath, the girl lets out a “F*** you!”

    Lebmont grins “Good, I was thinking the same thing. I mean my d*** is still out and I don’t have to worry about getting you pregnant since that stomach of yours won’t be holding a baby no more. It’s a great opportunity” He slowly approaches the girl with a sinister look on his face when suddenly he says “Wait, how old are you?”

    The girl responds “I’m 14...”

    Lebmont “Aww f***! I ain’t no pedo.” He points his pistol and fires a bullet straight into her skull before walking out of the washroom without washing his hands.

    Back outside, Lebmont was at a park in a flourishing town. “Alright back to business. From the information Machry gave me, that demon enjoys going out on walks.” To his surprise, the a woman with the exact same coloured hair and figure was walking right in front of him. He immediately runs to the grass on the side of the path behind a tree. “It takes a peek and confirms it to be Lingyue. Holy s***. I never expected to find her so quick” he said. He looks around and notices many of the townsfolk around. “Ugh... there’s too many people around as witnesses. I’ll just have to wait for the perfect opportunity.”

    He takes a peek to see the woman was eating a hot dog as she walks down. Once she was far enough, Lebmont moved on to the next tree to hide behind. He watched her closely as she ate the hot dog. Halfway through the hot dog, she decides to throw away the bun and put the rest of the hot dog in her mouth before swallowing it. Lebmont was getting turned on by the sight.

    Lingyue then pulls out a banana from her little bag and begins eating it. She would take nice big chunks of it in her mouth. “Oh damn, this girl can really deepthroat” said Lebmont as he continues to spy on her.

    Shortly after finishing, the woman purchases a popsicle from an ice cream truck parked on the road in front of the park gate. Lebmont continues to watch in hiding as she sucks on the popsicle. In and out of her mouth the popsicle went. Lebmont looks down and realizes that his d*** was getting really hard from watching.

    Before he knew it, Lingyue had already made her way down the street and turns into an alleyway. Lebmont runs to catch up to her while thinking. “Perfect! I will take care of her in that alley.” Before turning the corner, he carefully puts his back to the wall and slowly peeks with caution.

    “A dead end!?” The girl was nowhere in sight. Lebmont was scratching his head all confused.

    A sound of a bell resonates from behind him. Lebmont turns around to find out it was the pretty demon fox woman. The woman says “It seems you have been stalking me the past hour. By chance, do you have a crush on me?” she says fluttering her eyes and blushing.

    Lebmont was in awe at the site of the beautiful girl standing in front of her. He froze at that moment, unable to move his hands towards his pistols. “Uh..uhh...” he stuttered.

    The girl asks “What’s wrong, aren’t you going to ask me out?”

    Unable to do anything else, he turns around and run down the street away from the girl faster than Usain Bolt has ever ran. The girl was shocked “What? I’ve never had someone run away from me before...” She began to have a tightening feeling around her chest and her heartbeat was increasing. She places her hand over her heart and says “What is the feeling?” She looks down the road wondering, who was that man.

    Lebmont had run so far that he finds himself on a farm outside of town. He was panting, trying to catch his breath. “I... I can’t... believe it... How... is a demon capable... of causing me to react like that? He looks down to see his pants wet around the crotch area. He says “I f****** came!”
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    Chapter 3 – Plain Disgusting

    Lebmont sighs “I need to get cleaned up.” Lebmont looks around and notices a barn in the distance. “Hopefully the owner will let me wash up at their place.” He grabs his pistol in hand. “Well, I can always make them let me do what I want. It’d be pretty awesome if it’s a farmer chick. Hehe...” he chuckles.

    As he approaches the barn, he hears sounds “Uhhhh... yes...oh my god...” Lebmont mouths “Holy s***”. He begins to have thoughts of a farmer chick playing with a d****. He sneaks closer to where the moans are coming from. He has his back to the wall just before the doorway trying to get a peek. Despite c****** earlier, his d*** was aroused by the lovely sounds of the woman masturbating.

    Without any hesitation he walks in on the woman and boldly says “How about a real d*** to get you off?” At that moment, the woman c***. Out squirts purple fluids from her lower body. Lebmont is quickly disgusted by the colour of the woman’s c** “Oh s***!”

    The woman hears Lebmont this time and immediately gets up and turns around to face him saying “What the f*** are you doing here!?” The woman turns out to be a snake-like lady with rough skin and a hideous face.

    Lebmont shouts out, “Damn girl, you ugly! Even a paper bag would not be enough to cover up your ugliness.”

    The snake woman was furious “How dare you interrupt my session and then you insult me!?" She then notices the big bulge in Lebmont’s pants. “Oh my, it’s bigger than any of my d*****. How about I pretend to not have heard that rude comment of yours and you finish what I started.” Her snake like body begins to wriggle towards Lebmont.

    Lebmont starts to walk backwards with his hands out as if he is trying to say stop to the woman. “Whoa, back up b****! I don’t f*** no demon snakes.”

    “This demon snake is Sia to you! And don’t be shy honey, I’m already wet for you.” As she squirms towards Lebmont, a trail of purple ooze flows from her p****.

    “You’re telling me that, that...” He points at the purple liquid. “...is you being turned on? That’s filthy; it looks like you are on your demon period.” Lebmont pulls out of his pistols in his right hand and aims it at Sia.

    Before Lebmont is able to shoot a bullet, Sia says “Oh no you don’t” as she unleashes a strange force. Lebmont suddenly finds the front part of his pistol turned to stone.

    “What the f***...” he says in surprise as he looks at his pistol. Sia begins squirming closer to Lebmont. Lebmont begins to panic and throws his useless pistol at Sia’s face and makes a run for it through the crop field. He pulls out his other pistol and begins firing at the snake. He manages to keep his distance after managing to figure out the range of the strange ability that Sia used earlier.

    The bullets manage to hit her but she remains unfazed. Lebmont realizes that her tough skin is preventing him from doing any damage to her. He stops firing at her and focuses on running. He eventually makes it into a field of sunflowers allowing him to hide from Sia.

    Lebmont was panting as he hid in the patch of sunflowers, trying to catch his breath. He hears Sia squirming a few metres away as she calls out “As much as I enjoy hide and seek, I would prefer that we play a game involving you inside of me!” Lebmont hears Sia getting closer and closer.

    Finally catching his breath, Lebmont runs out of the sunflowers and back into the open field. He runs for a bit and then turns around. He says “I have had it with this mothaf****** snake on these mothaf****** plains” as he points his pistol at Sia who emerges from the sunflower field.

    Sia sees the pistol aimed at her and comments “You should know by now that puny weapon of your can’t get through my skin.”

    Lebmont sighs “You’re right, we’ll play that other game you mentioned, but can your body handle this!” He lowers his gun and with his other hand he unzips his pants, unleashing the python from within. He starts to walk towards Sia with his erect d*** pointed at her.

    Sia mouth just dropped at the sight of Lebmont’s huge d***. “Oh my god!” she says as she sits back. With her fingers, she spreads open her p**** and says “Put it inside!”

    Lebmont responds “As you wish!” He swiftly brings his gun back up and shouts “Penetrating shot!” as he fires his gun. The bullet flies straight into her p**** and piercing out her rear end.

    She screams in pain before letting out “You f*****!” But Lebmont didn’t care since he continued to sprint away.

    Lebmont eventually returns to the town that evening. He was disappointed that he was so aroused by the moaning of that snake but unable to unload earlier. “F*** man, I need to find myself a ho” he said to himself. Lucky for him, there was one dressed in a lovely dress standing at the corner of the street.

    Lebmont walks over to her “Hey baby! How much for a night?”

    The woman turns around with a strange look on her Asian face. “What the f*** are you talking about?”

    Lebmont grabs his d*** with one hand and asks again “How much do I need to pay to deliver this satisfying package to you?”

    The Asian lady responds “I’m not a h*****, you disgusting a******. I’m just waiting for my boyfriend!” She looks at his package and begins to laugh. “Even if I was a h******, that little thing won’t satisfy me”

    Lebmont smirks “You clearly never heard the saying, once you go n*****, you won’t find any bigger. The lady laughs even more at the comment. Lebmont was brimming with confidence as he continues to try and seduce her.

    Suddenly, Lebmont hears “Hey buddy! What do you think you are doing with my girlfriend?” Lebmont turns around and sees a huge centaur standing in front of him. He turns back at the woman and asks “You’re boyfriend is a horse? The woman nods.

    The centaur asks his girlfriend “Is this guy bothering you?”

    The woman responds “He was calling me a h*****!”

    Lebmont looks at her and remarks “Well you must be if you are dating a horse.” He turns back around to intimidate the horse. However, the horse had his front legs up ready to kick Lebmont. Lebmont quickly pulls outs his gun but then gets distracted by something underneath the horse. With wide eyes, he begins to realize as he blurts out “That’s an enormous di...” Before he can finish his sentence, the centaur kicks Lebmont that it sends him flying across the street. Lebmont notices the two walking away before his vision begins to fade and go unconscious.

    Lebmont hears a voice “Hey, are you alright?” He slowly opened his eyes to see two beautiful blue eyes staring at him. He rubs his eyes as he gets back up on his feet. Now with a clear field of vision, he sees Lingyue standing in front of him.

    She says “I’m so glad I found you! She smiles and grabs his hand. “We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight!” She drags Lebmont by the hand as she runs down the sidewalk.
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    Chapter 4 – Oh Na Na What’s Your Name

    Lingyue continues to drag Lebmont who was trying to avoid having his legs trip up on him as he manages to keep up with Lingyue’s pace. He speaks “Hey wait a second! Where are we going?”

    Lingyue responds “You’ll see in just a minute.” The two of them stop in front of a building. Lebmont begins to hear the bass blaring from inside. Lingyue excitedly says “we’re gonna go clubbing!” After the bouncer checks their IDs, they proceed to go in.

    Without any hesitation, Lingyue drags Lebmont to the dance floor. She turns her back towards Lebmont and begins dancing with her butt rubbing against Lebmont. Lebmont was in awe that he was grinding up against a hot girl without saying a word.

    The music was blasting. It didn’t take long for Lebmont to get hard and then he realized, he was gonna c** again. He desperately backs away from Lingyue’s butt. Lingyue turns around wondering why he was keeping his distance. The look of confusion on Lingyue’s face causes Lebmont to stutter as he says “I... I.. got to... use the washroom.” He immediately walks towards the hallway where the washrooms were.

    On his way to the washroom, he passes by some VIP rooms. Despite the loud music coming from the dancefloor, he could hear some moaning behind the VIP rooms. He was getting so turned on, which was perfect since he wanted to unload himself to avoid embarrassing himself in front of Lingyue. As he passes one of the VIP rooms, the door opens. Lebmont was suddenly dragged into the room and pushed onto the couch in the room.

    Lebmont looks at the person who pulled him in and shockingly says “Anioah!”The woman, dressed in a corset with fishnet stockings attached to garters, and knee-high boots shuts the door behind her.

    “Hello Mr. Black! We meet again!” she says.

    “What are you doing here?” Lebmont asks.

    She responds, “I quit from the See You and Tea club since all the guys who frequent there were a bunch of pu****** and could not satisfy me like you could Mr. Black.”

    Lebmont comments “Well yeah... I don’t know what you were expecting to get from working at a café. A nightclub suits you better.”

    Anioah smiles “You know what would suit you better? Your actual name. I’m tired of calling you Mr. Black.”

    Lebmont sighs “Call me Mr. Brown for today then. Anyways I don’t have time for this. I need to go.”

    She was beginning to get irritated. “Fine then since you want to be called by some fake name, call me Li then.”

    Lebmont bursts into laughter “Li!? What kind of a name is Li: you’re not even Asian. Besides, I already know your name.”

    She counters in frustration “You’re not even brown! And fine, just call me Anna for short.”

    Lebmont begins to step towards the door. “Enough of this nonsense. I’m leaving.” He looks towards the exit.

    Anioah smirks as she locks the door with a key. “You’re not going anywhere.” She sticks her hand down her panty and shoves the key down there. “If you want to leave, you’re gonna have to take it from me” she says as she pats her p****.

    Lebmont says “I didn’t want to do this but you leave me no choice.” He reaches for his remaining pistol with his hand but is unable to feel it. He looks down and realizes it is not there. He then recalls “F***! It must have fallen when that damn horse kicked me.”

    Suddenly he feels a whip smack him on the chest. He yells out in pain “Motha******”! Anioah continues whip Lebmont. He was getting angry now. He clenches his fists as he says “Looks like I need to resort to using these”. He charges towards Anioah.

    Anioah does not falter and unleashes her whip. This time it strikes Lebmont in the crotch. He quickly falls to his knees, grabbing his balls with both hands in pain. “You f****** bi***!” he yelled.

    Anioah giggles “That’s more like it; seeing you on your knees for your master.” She proceeds to whip him even more. Lebmont endures the ferocious beating until Lebmont manages to grab a hold of the whip with his bare hand.

    With all his might, he pulls the whip causing Anioah to lose grip of it. “It’s my turn now, b****!” says Lebmont as he cracks the whip while still holding his balls in pain with his other hand. He snaps the whip at Anioah with it hitting her right tit. She lets out an orgasmic cry. She grabs her tit with her hand and turns around to protect her chest.

    Lebmont takes the opportunity to whip her a**. Anioah lets out a loud moan with each whip and screams “Oh yes! I love it! Keep going Mr. Brown!” She was getting really horny from all the whipping. Before she knew it, Lebmont was right behind her.

    He whispers into her ear, “Turn around for me you s***.”Anioah slowly turns around in excitement as she felt that Lebmont was turned on. As soon as she turns around, Lebmont takes a mighty swing, punching her in the side of her jaw. “You didn’t see that coming now did you Li... Anna?”

    Anioah drops to the ground, knocked out cold. Lebmont puts his hand down her panty. He sticks a finger in her pu***, digging for the key. “Where the f*** is it?” he said. He sticks another finger in but was still unable to find it. Lebmont was getting frustrated now and sticks his whole hand inside until he finally manages to find the key. He takes out his fist, drenched in her p**** juice. He say to himself “F****** wh*** shoved it so damn deep.”

    After managing to get the key back, he unlocks the door and heads for the washroom to wash his hands. Before returning to Lingyue, he grabs a bottle of alcohol and a couple shot glasses from the VIP room.

    He heads back to the dance area where Lingyue was waiting for him on the side. “Hey! What took you so long?” she asks.

    Lebmont holds up the bottle and responds “I was getting us some drinks.” They relocate to a table. Lebmont pours the alcohol into the glasses.

    Lingyue comments “I’m not much of a drinker.”

    Lebmont chuckles “Oh come on! How about we take turns; I’ll go first.” He quickly engulfs the shot. “Now it’s your turn.” Lingyue slowly grabs her shot glass. All of a sudden Lebmont’s vision begins to blur. Before Lingyue is able to take the shot, Lebmont collapses.

    Lebmont opens his eyes and sees Lingyue’s pretty face. She says “Are you okay?”

    Suprised, Lebmont instantaneously gets up and realizes he was lying on Lingyue’s lap. He looks around at the room they were in and asks “What happened? Where are we?”

    She responds, “You collapsed. We’re at the Ho-Tel right next to the club.” Lebmont was relieved that he did not have his liver devoured while he was unconscious. He tries to understand what had happened. He thinks “That b****, Anioah, probably put something in that drink to torture her customers.” Lebmont was so deep in thought that he doesn’t realize that Lingyue was standing right in front of him.

    Without a word, she goes in for a kiss. She locks her lips with Lebmont’s and begins to use her tongue. Her luscious lips and her tongue wrapping around his was a sensational feeling for Lebmont that he was unable to think at all.

    A moment later, Lingyue steps back, unlocking her lips with Lebmont. She now had a timid posture with one of hands on over heart feeling the rapid beating of it. She embarrassingly says “I’m sorry...” in a shy voice.

    Lebmont was overwhelmed by her cuteness. He takes a step forward toward her and goes in to continue kissing. It was a passionate kissing session that did not seem to end. Before they knew it, they were on the bed. Lebmont carries on kissing Lingyue. With his hand, he slowly reaches down her body. Before he is able to put his hand down her pants, she grabs his hand and stops him.

    They stop kissing. She says to Lebmont “I’m sorry...” with a very embarrassed expression on her face.

    Lebmont was really getting in the mood so he blurts out “What’s wrong, let’s do it! He begins to think to himself “With all the guys she has been with over the years, her p***** must be loose as hell. Then again, there aren’t much nig**** in Haradon so after the first few inches, it will be good as new, hehe.”

    His thought process was then interrupted when Lingyue mentions “I’m sorry, I’ve never done it before.”

    Lebmont was in shock “Wait what?”

    She clarifies “I’m a virgin.” Lebmont’s mind exploded with “Oh my god! Her p**** has never been penetrated before!”

    She then mentions “Besides, I should really get ready to go to work.”

    Lebmont did not realize but it was morning already as he looks out the window to see the sun just rising in the horizon. “You’re right I should get going.”

    Lingyue says to Lebmont “Hey, if you are not busy, stop by my work.” She writes on some sticky note pad sitting on the side table. She rips off the sticky note and hands it to Lebmont “Here’s the address.”

    Lebmont tells her “Sure, I just need to run a few errands first then I’ll come by.” He walks over to the door and just as he was about to leave, Lingyue says “Hey! My name is Lingyue. But you can call me Meng. What’s your name?”

    Lebmont hesitates, “You can call me Mr...” He sees the cute expression on her face of her interest in him. He smiles and says “My name is Lebmont” before walking away.

    Meng has the most joyful feeling in her body as she says “Lebmont...”
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    Chapter 5 What a Badass

    Lebmont was walking around town thinking of Meng’s virgin p****. He shakes his head trying to focus on what he was doing. “I better get me some new pistols in case another crazy b**** appears. He eventually goes through a dark alleyway and enters a doorway

    He slowly walks down a hall towards a lit room. Inside was a fox-like man sitting behind a counter, strumming a guitar. He was singing:

    I’ve been horny all night
    I’ve been horny all day
    And boy, got me f***in’ your back-side

    He notices Lebmont walking towards so he stops and places the guitar down. “Well if it isn’t the famous demon hunter! What can I do for you?”

    Lebmont greets him “Goldfur, how’s it going fa****? I’m here for some guns.”

    Goldfur responds “But you already got some sexy guns.” He excitedly says “Those biceps of yours, oooooo.”

    Lebmont slams his fist on the table. “Enough with the gay s*** and sell me some pistols!”

    Goldfur does a hand motion like he is trying to cool himself off. “Is it getting hot in here or is it just you? That fierceness, it’s got me really hard right now.”

    Lebmont shouts “Hurry the f*** up! I have a meeting with someone later today.

    The fox was looking through his wares for pistols. “Oh, I heard that Machry has offered a bounty on that demon girl in this town.

    The demon hunter responds “Yeah I’m working on it.”

    Goldfur advises “Well you better get on it. If I was a bounty hunter, I would certainly want her head. Anyways, here are your guns.” He places two pistols on the counter. Lebmont places one hand on the weapons as he reaches into his other pocket for the money. Goldfur takes the opportunity to feel Lebmont’s hand “Oh yessss”.

    “What the f***!” yells Lebmont as he swats Goldfur’s hand away. “Stay away from me you gay f***” He throws the money at him and walks away with the weapons.

    Goldfur comments “Come again because I sure will” as he checks out Lebmont’s ass. He looks down at his guitar covered in his own c**. He picks it up and begins signing again:

    Been tryna hide it
    Baby, what’s it gonna hurt f***** by c*** yo
    F****** ni*** dudes better than solo
    Just a long one you know it’s gotta be...

    It was late afternoon when Lebmont began walking towards the address on the sticky note. He started thinking of Meng’s body and was getting hard just from the thought of all the things he would love to do to it. Suddenly those thoughts are interrupted by recalling Machry’s warning of her.

    He begins arguing with himself, “F***, what’s wrong with me? She’s a demon... but a really sexy demon who has never been penetrated before.... but the bounty...”

    Lebmont takes a deep breath and grips his pistols. “I’m going to end it right now!” he says as he arrives to his destination. He looks up at the sign of the place that Meng works at and his jaw drops. “Happy Endings Massage Parlour...”

    Lebmont begins to think “Oh my god, did she want to give me a happy ending? F***, I can’t kill her yet”. Lebmont walks in to the salon as a customer. He asks the busty redhead receptionist for Meng who then proceeds to guide him into a private room. She points to the massage table and instructs Lebmont “You can lie down there and Meng will be right with you.”

    Lebmont smirked and took off his clothes, wrapped a towel around the private areas of his body and lay on his stomach on the table. He tried to relax but became really excited from the sudden footsteps he heard coming towards the room. In walks someone who says “Are you ready for your massage?” she asked.

    Judging from the voice it was not Meng so Lebmont says “Actually I’m here for Meng.”

    The woman responds “Ah you mean Lingyue? She’s a little busy at the moment but I can start on your massage and then she can finish you off if you would like.”

    Without a second thought, Lebmont says “Sure that sounds good!” He begins to relax as the lady rubs his back. She says “Ooo, you’re quite tense.”

    Lebmont responds “Yeah, the past couple days have been quite stressful.” The woman continues massaging him. After several minutes, Lebmont was so relaxed that he was about to fall asleep when suddenly the woman says “Let’s finish you off now”.

    He immediately rolls off the table and is about to complain, “Wait you said that Meng...” but is interrupted by a sword being driven down into the table.

    The Asian woman wielding the sword said “F***, I was so close.”

    Lebmont recognizes the woman in the Chinese red dress. “Qiu!”

    She yells back, “That’s right you f****** cheat!” as she pulls out the sword from the table and rushes toward him trying to slash at him.

    Lebmont ducks and dodges. He tries to explain “Hey babe, I’m not sure why you are angry at me? You seemed to have enjoyed riding my big d*** inside your tight p**** that night. You were screaming 'Godzilla!'”

    Qiu continues her assault on Lebmont as she says “F*** you, you bastard! You only wanted to get me exhausted so you can kill the succubus and claim the bounty for yourself.”

    Lebmont continues to swiftly dodge her attacks and tries to weasel out an explanation, “Whoa such accusations. In my defense, you wanted to do all the work because you didn’t want me to f*** you in the a**. And besides, I wasn’t able to claim any bounty on the succubus because her body disappeared.”

    Qiu attacks, this time cutting the towel wrapped around Lebmont. It falls down revealing Lebmont’s d***. He yells at her “F***, where do you think you are hacking at?”

    The courtesan replies “I’m gonna cut off those balls of yours so you will never be able to enjoy sex ever again!” She swings her sword at Lebmont horizontally but Lebmont manages to backflip over it, landing right beside his clothes and guns. He immediately grabs his pistols and fires a bullet from each at Qiu. Qiu tries to turn around and deflect the bullets with her sword but was too late. The bullets fly directly towards her tits, piercing her nipples.

    Qiu disappears, which Lebmont instantly understands that it was a clone. He thinks “That was too easy” and suddenly realizes that she was after Meng! Without even thinking, he barges out of the room and runs down the hall searching each room for Meng until he finally finds her.

    Meng was dressed in a pretty kimono on the ground. Qiu was standing right in front of her about to stab her with her sword. Without a second to spare, Lebmont rapidly fires his guns at Qiu. She reacts by using her sword to deflect the first few bullets but is forced to back away from Meng to avoid the following ones.

    Lebmont runs over and stands to Meng’s side to protect her. He asks her “Are you alright, Meng?”

    Meng was unable to respond as her eyes were wide open focused on Lebmont’s bare erect d*** right in front of her face. Qiu summons a clone who quickly rushes at Lebmont. He retaliates by firing at the clone but it suddenly disappears and reappears behind him and Meng. Lebmont spins around, slapping Meng in the face with his d*** in the process, and fires a bullet at the clone causing it to disappear.

    Meng was no longer conscious of anything that was going on at this point after taking a big one to the face. “Hahaha!” Qiu laughed. “You can’t be serious, Lebmont? Is the famous demon hunter actually saving a demon? Don’t tell me you’ve actually fallen for her?”

    “F*** you!” says Lebmont as he fires a quick shot at Qiu who deflects the bullet with her sword. She jumps back behind the massage table in the room to create some distance between them.

    “Let’s see how you handle a threesome” says Qiu as she creates three clones of herself. They begin charging at Lebmont. Lebmont sprints forward towards the real one standing behind the table. Within a second, with great precision, he fires one bullet at each of the clones, one at a time, as they attempt to strike at him. Each bullet went straight into the foreheads of each clone causing them to disappear before they can finish their attack.

    Lebmont fires one more towards the real Qiu’s forehead but with the distance between them, she easily manages to use her sword to deflect it. However, by using her sword to block the bullet in front of her face, she ends up blocking her vision giving Lebmont enough time to slide under the table and behind Qiu.

    Qiu tries to turn around to defend herself but is stopped by Lebmont who grabs her by the neck. He slams her head onto the table, causing her to bend over. She screams “You f****** ni****!”

    Lebmont laughs “Looks like this time you will be taking in the a**!” With his other hand, he shoves the pistol towards her a******and pulls on the trigger firing a shot at point blank range. Qiu lets out a moan before she slumps down onto the massage table.

    With Qiu finally defeated, Lebmont walks over to Meng who was still delirious. “Hey Meng, are you alright?”

    Meng who was now coming to, shaking her head “Lebmont... can you walk me home?”

    Lebmont realizing that this was a traumatizing experience agrees “Yeah, let’s go.”

    Meng blushes “Umm, could you put some clothes on first.”

    Lebmont begins to feel embarrassed, only now realizing that he has been naked this whole time he was fighting Qiu.

    It was the evening by the time the two of them left the massage parlour. They begin walking through the park, the same one when Lebmont saw Meng for the first time. Meng was walking closely to Lebmont. Before he knew it, her hand touched his hand. He looks over to Meng who looks back at him with beautiful eyes. He smiles at her as he grabs her hand. Meng smiles back and they continue walking through the park holding hands. Lebmont looks up to see a magnificent full moon shining in the night sky.
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    Chapter 6 – The Final Shot

    Lebmont and Meng were walking through the part when Meng spots an ice cream truck. “Let’s get some ice cream!” she says excitedly as she lets go of Lebmont’s hand and run ahead. Lebmont was quick to think that she was trying to forget what happened earlier as soon as possible so he nods his head in agreement.

    The two of them each purchase an ice cream cone and continue their peaceful walk through their park. Lebmont glances over at Meng as she licks her ice cream. His focus was on her tongue as she swirled it around the ice cream with each lick. He suddenly had the biggest bo*** that you can easily see a bulge in his pants.

    Meng catches him staring at her and asks “What’s wrong?”

    Lebmont embarrassingly blushes and looks away. “Nothing” he says.

    Meng knew what was up and teases him, “Aww, you’re so cute when you’re turned on.”

    Lebmont’s face goes red and yells back “I didn’t do anything, I just uhh... noticed you really enjoy eating ice cream!”

    Meng’s stares at Lebmont face and points at it. “You got a little ice cream above your lip.”

    He uses his tongue to lick where he thinks the ice cream was and asks Meng “Did I get it?”

    Before he realized, Meng was right in front of him. She says, “No, let me get it for you.” She leans in with one leg lifted from the ground behind her and kisses Lebmont. It was a rather quick kiss compared to the last time they kissed.

    Meng immediately runs a few metres away embarrassed. Lebmont understood that she was just playing him. He goes to run after her when he notices that Meng drops her ice cream on the ground. He stops and says “Meng?”

    Meng was facing away from Lebmont, looking up towards the sky. “It’s too bad that this wonderful moment we share here has to come to an end.” She turns around with pitch black eyes and begins to transform. Her teeth begin to grow fangs as her body expands. She falls on to all fours while numerous tails grow out from behind her.

    Lebmont swiftly throws away his ice cream and pulls out both pistols, pointing it towards the sixty-nine tailed fox. “F***, I was hoping it didn’t have to come to this.”

    The demon fox snarls at Lebmont before charging at him. Lebmont retaliates by firing shots at the fox. However, the fox disappears, dodging the bullets and reappears a few metres to the right, continuing the rush towards Lebmont. “S***, she’s fast.” He continues firing a barrage of bullets while jumping back to maintain some distance but Meng dodges everything with ease.

    Within range the fox uses her tails to strike Lebmont. Lebmont weaves through the tails, doing a few flips in between to dodge them. Unfortunately, one manages to strike is right arm causing him to let go of his pistol. With his attention focused on the pain in his arm, he fails to notice Meng had rushed up right in front of him.

    Meng jumps forward with both of her front claws out forward. Lebmont falls to the ground on his back from the weight of the demon fox, loosing grip of his remaining gun. Meng’s claws dig into the ground around Lebmont’s forearms.

    Unable to move his arms, Lebmont had accepted his defeat. “I didn’t think I would be finished so fast...”The demon was growling while above Lebmont. Lebmont was breathing heavily “Meng, You f***ing demon! If you were planning to kill me today, why couldn’t you at least let me take your virginity? Do you have any idea how amazing it would have been for your first f*** to be with my d***!?” He says as his massive d*** rubs against the demon. He lets out one last breath of relief before closing his eyes to the demon with its mouth open, ready to devour Lebmont.

    Lebmont feels a familiar feeling on his lips. He opens his eyes to see Meng, who was back to herself, kissing him. She brings her head beside Lebmont’s and whispers into his ear “Take my virginity” before getting up onto her feet.

    Lebmont gets up and is grabbed Meng by the hand. She drags him just like the time they went to the club. Lebmont was unsure what was going on with Meng all of a sudden but was damn excited to be able to f*** her.

    Meng drags Lebmont through the town until they end up back at the ho-tel. At the lobby, they get a room. Lebmont was getting so excited that she grabs Lebmont and carries her up to the room as if they just got married. They get to the room and Lebmont throws her onto the bed. “I’ll be back” he says. He goes into the washroom. Thinking it would be sexier this way, he undresses while in the washroom so that when he comes out, Meng will be in awe when he presents his big black c***.

    Lebmont comes out of the washroom, flaunting his massive sch****. He sees Meng’s clothes were on the floor and she was under the bed sheets. She was looking at him, biting her lip in a seductive way. Lebmont notices some movement from under the sheets concluding that Meng was getting her p**** wet for him. “Are you ready Meng for the night of your life?” asks Lebmont.

    She moans out “I am, Lebmont, are you?”

    Lebmont confidently says “Hell f****** yeah!” as he lifts off the sheets. At that moment, Meng squirts right into Lebmont’s face, blinding him. “Oh my god, Meng!” He wipes his face with his hands. “Ugh it’s so sticky.” He looks at his hands and sees white stuff. “What the f***...?”

    He looks at Meng and yells “WHAT THE F***!?” Meng’s legs were spread open. In between her legs was a gargantuan stiff p****.

    Meng apologizes “Sorry Lebmont, I got a little too excited.”

    Lebmont was shivering in terror. “You... you... have a d***... and it’s bigger than mine...”

    Meng asks “So do you want to take it in the a** first or shall I?”

    Lebmont was speechless in fear. Without his pistols in reach he makes a run for the door. Meng leaps from out of the bed, sprouting out her sixty-nine tails. Her tails lunge forward grabbing Lebmont by the arms and throwing him away from the door.

    Lebmont tries to get up, using the table that was next to him. Meng’s tails wrap around Lebmont’ s limbs restricting his movement. Meng bends Lebmont over the table and says “I guess you want to take it in the a** first?”

    Lebmont was shaking as he hears Meng walking up behind him. The tip of Meng’s p**** penetrates deep into his a****** forcing Lebmont to yell in pain, F***!!!

    And that is the story of how the demon fox, Meng, lost her virginity and the great demon hunter, Lebmont, was unable to walk again. Every time you see Lingyue Meng in game or on Gameloft advertisements looking all cute, you will remember this story and shiver in horror.
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