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    Debronee is a fighter, unlike most others, who relies on his second skill intensify to deal his main damage.
    "A wizard's magic is no match for my swift judgement."

    1. Judgment- Debronee casts judgment on a group of enemies in a target area.
    Effect: 30/40/50/60 Physical Damage and -15/20/25/30 MP every second for 6 seconds. If a target uses a skill, the debuff is removed from that target.

    Comment: Good skill for farming/jungling. Late game it's not that useful as many heroes have a skill they can activate disabling the effect, mainly used for finishing off an enemy who's running away.

    2.Intensify- Debronee descends upon his enemy and attacks 4 times in rapid succession. Each attack deals 50/70/90/110% of Normal Attack Damage. These 4 attacks can trigger Normal Attack effects.

    Comment: This is where Debronee's main damage comes from. Intensify deals tons of damage based on how much physical attack you have, if you're a few levels above your enemy or you have a lot of damage stacked, this will one-hit them. However don't use it straightaway on a enemies when you go into battle if you know it can't one-hit them, it has a 30 second cooldown. Side note, enemies can attack you while you're using the skill. Beware also of Hades Armor and Cyclops reflecting 40% of your damage back at you.

    3. Warpath-Passive: Every hero Debronee kills will reduce his normal skill Cooldown Time by 30/45/60/75%. Active: "Blink" 6 meters forward.

    Comment: The passive is great for multikills by assaisting the cooldown of intensify, right after killing someone by intensify use it again. Sadly, this does not affect your Ult. The blink can either help you escape or catch up with an escaping enemy.

    4. Fate Altered- Debronee leaps into the air and slices forward, damaging all in his path. Distance: 25 meters Damage: 200/270/340 Enemies' Movement Speed reduced by 20/30/40% for 6 seconds.

    Comment: Okay skill with medium damage, used mainly for last-hitting/catching up an enemy. This does have a long cooldown, so use it only when you know you can secure a kill.

    Strategy/ Playstyle

    Hit your enemies hard and fast. If you can get a few levels ahead, you just have to blink to them and use intensify, should insta-gib them. If your opponents are at the same or higher level, save your intensify for when they're below 50% health or starting to run away.

    Team Fights:

    Let your team hit the opposing team to about half health, then you jump in, and finish them off. If your team really need you as a carry, don't rush head into the fight, stay behind your tank and autoattack like a normal fighter, save intensify for when enemies have low health. Another aspect is that you should be the one who gets the kills, because you can kill again once you've killed. Again, if you're already a few levels ahead, just run ahead and intensify the entire team head on.

    What to be wary of:

    Stuns-waste your intensify
    Hades Armor- reflecting 40% of your massive damage back
    Cyclops- also reflecting damage back+stun
    Fish-Frozen Armor
    Kagax- with ult activated at the right time, can kill you before you finish intensify with low hp

    Skill Build:

    If you aren't going to be jungling for very long early game, you can put no points in judgment and instead upgrade intensify and warpath first. However, most times you will be jungling, and therefore putting a point in judgment first is usually the better choice.


    Because of his second skill, Debronee's build is different from other fighters. In order to make use of his second skill, you need to change some attack speed for damage instead. However, don't build 6 Claymores as your final build! With that build, if your intensify doesn't kill the enemy, you're a sitting duck because you will be autoattacking once every second.

    Start out with 2x Squires Patience, as usual. Grab a facebreaker, then another. Work on an Akhan Cutlass, then complete Jade Axe as your second item. Divinity or claymore would be next depending on the game.

    Optimal Build for Inquisitor(credit goes to LEVESQMI)


    (credit goes to LEVESQMI)
    Fighter = 22
    Sharp = 5 (5 attack)
    Sharpen = 5 (attack per lvl)
    Armor busting = 4 (pierce through phy def, can swap 1 point if required)
    Find Weakness = 3 (crit rate per lvl)
    Fatal Damage = 1 (crit dmg)
    Siphon = 3 (harvest, can swap 1 point if required)
    Biting = 1 (1% enemy hp dmg bonus)

    Support = 18
    Quickening = 5 (run speed)
    *Any other tier 1-2 talent = 3
    Greed = 3 (cash fo creep)
    Surprise = 3 (bonus HP/MP per lvl)
    Teamwork Pays = 1 (cash for heros)
    Attack Command = 3 (4.5dmg bonus aura)
    Any of the usual fighter tablets are good

    -Piercing(not so much)
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    Dont forget Helm of Divine. It makes the user invincible and wastes their intensify... I have seen many deb calling me noob for using it when they intensify.
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    See this image how to activate whispering tablet?
  4. Kiran

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    Sep 21, 2016
    Which inscription should I add?
  5. Average Player

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    Jun 3, 2016
    good thing deb has bad hp

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