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    Dec 4, 2015
    Well tanking isnt really hard aslong as you know what your doing no matter what the cercumstances you can even survive under tower for 15-30 second while killing the enemy and the tower it isnt much of a big deal once you learn it.
    Ive accomplish a all tank team 5v5 gues what it only took 3 mins and 30 second won the match i even earn the achievement kill tower before even starts lol

    So yeah it doesnt mstter which tanj you pick aslong as it can handle all the hits most of you guys would always think maxing your hp yeah right? But in cases like this it is scary but once everyone is lv15 ingame your hp will be worth nothing since everyone else hits like a nuke lol

    So when its near end game you more likely to notice that even if you have 6k or more hp but if you cant minimize the damage they do it will all led to defeat

    So as i was saying it isnt too bad to start and max hp but if you are opin end game the best choice is to have the highest physic and magic defense as possible ingame the highest i can get for defensive is physic and magic goes up to 350 and 3.5 hp its nearly impossible to kill me i had 5 people followed me to base lmao still survive lool and team back up destroyed them because they wasted ultis on me xD

    So when tanking even if its early game or end game you always want to be infront of your team mates regardless of the situation i had many issues like the fighter runs because his low hp i stayed behind but got away :) with blink or sneak lol that was saves your team mates and your self so yeah tanking is all about defending your team mates and helping them to get the killing blow my highest assist in game was over 45 and zero kills lol

    I recomend having 1 hades and the rest are physic and magic defense no boots im not sure which item gives you the 50-50 physic magic defense

    But there was one item they removed it i think it was so op lol especially when using 12-b max hp without hp items lol just pure physical and magical defense it was my fav tank

    This works best on under realm since you can kill creeps and lane at the same time fast and easy.

    So yeah tanking is all about defending the team, ive seen other tanks using attack item i dont get it tho then they get them selfs killed because end game it wasnt worth it lol

    So tell me if this all make sense and it might give you a better way of tanking

    You might have issues against powerful fighters what to do... ive had thought of like im not good enough,
    Then i swap my item to super silince it was piece of cake lol

    There is an item that silinces enemy and the stun item lol my bad i dont plan on remembing the items all i look at is item i move fast because i dont like staying on base too long since im a tank i have a duty to carry xD the team lol

    So also when tanking if your current item dont work swap them every time use all that gold to swap it around and experiment lol xD.

    Also picking tanks like
    Helm- a bit difficult to manuvere this guy lol
    Im not sure about the other tanks because i always beat tanks without cc xD so i never pick tanks without cc

    These 3 are exeptional on cc and chasing and runninf away so goddam boss xD lol
    These tanks are very good at c combo
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    Sep 22, 2014
    There is currently much better heroes for tanking and healing damage with slight crowd control. 12-B is a balanced hero but is not optimal when you want a strong tank. Heroes like RTQ, Valox, Sia, Horse and much more common due to their value with ganking, damage dealing, and crowd control. The meta does not revolve around 5 man tank teams, its more around 1 bruiser, 1 mage carry, 1 physical carry, 1 tank, 1 support. Sometimes you can replace the tank with another support depending on team compositions. The meta just doesn't work around having massive defence anymore, defence is still extremely important regardless, but with how smooth build paths are for the physical and magical carries are they just dominate the meta at the moment.
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  3. Freshdesu/android

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    Dec 4, 2015
    Yes your right this update wasnt a balance the defenses are broken thats why when i tank it felt weird like there was no deference on having these much defenses and having more hp was the go

    But im telling the truth here a 5 man tank can accomplish a 3 mins match its even faster with the revival tablet and tp tower

    When trying to win a match under the 3 mins what to do
    At the start get the items and rush in mid tower and kill just the tower without hitting any enemies even if they try to only aim at tower no matter what or if even fall just comeback and hit tower again and then at the second tower kill the opponents


    Have 3 tank kill tower and have 2 kill the opponents

    The goal was finish the game before the opponents get their hands on any item that makes them powerful aslong as team knows how things goes

    Not sure if i mention this
    When tanking always aim for their strongiest fighter and make em lose track of what his doing and distract em as much as possible while fiending the other normal and always cycle your stun spells like if you played all heroes you should know by then when is the right time to use the spells you got xD but if you havent tested all heroes best way (read all their spells and stuns that way iyou know what will hit you)

    Also when theres an annoying horse tell your team to buy diadalim smoke or so its call
    Its a resist any first spell that hits you that way no one snipes your fighters in the back its risky when team gets disorientated they start to run away and leave you in the front if they dont listen just play it safe and always go near your strongiest fighter that way you can save em as much as possible

    It might look hard to find the strongiest fighter they have but always check their items and see whos got the better build and tank em as much as possible that way he backs away and get killed ive seen it happens many times it still brings me the joy of doing it ive seen them stop on mid fight because they are totally piss lol
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    Sep 22, 2014
    This might viable only, for co-op, normals pvp, and custom games. People are too smart in ranked (besides bronze players) and gvgs.
  5. realturkey

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    Apr 20, 2015
    This meta is more of a Mage friendly Fighter shit meta imo.
  6. Mutedfaith

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    Apr 23, 2015
    Great tank guide buy tons of defense and hp, who would have thought?
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    Oct 30, 2015
    If only you could un-read something...
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