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  1. ii_ali3n_ii

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    Sep 18, 2015
    So I had some time today, and I finally decided to create a spreadsheet with all of the final items in game.

    The spreadsheet allows for you to copy any of the items names into the final item build table at the bottom and the totals table will fill in with all of the stats. All totals are given (cost, hp, mp, atk, def, regen, cd, crit, speed, etc), along with passives and actives for each item.

    **I only included final items and not the items that build into them.

    I hope this helps all of you in your future HOC play, and enjoy messing around with different builds.

    The link is to a dropbox file, and I think you either need a google account or a dropbox account to open it, but once you do get it open, just click the three dots icon in the top right hand corner and then click download, and its all yours.

    Here is the link: Master Item List.xlsx?dl=0

    Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any suggestions.
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  2. crash_lord

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    Jun 17, 2015
    Hm... Good. I can see all the item stat after dlc without to go in the game

    But honestly, I thought at first. this is like item cost efficiency analysis or somethin
  3. ii_ali3n_ii

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    Sep 18, 2015
    It's whatever you want it to be
  4. _mukoro_

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    Dec 21, 2015
  5. meteorologist

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    May 14, 2013
    What is the formula for dps again?

    I know for armor it was %damage received = 100/(100+armor) ?

    I've been wanting a spreadsheet for a while, so much gratitude is owed
  6. Entropy

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    Jun 1, 2015
    For fighter: ([PhyAttack]+[BaseAttack]) * [BaseAttackSpeed] * (1+[%AttackSpeed add by item]) * (1+[CriticalRate]*(1-[CriticalMultipier])) * 100/(100+[EnemyPhyDef]*(1-[%PhyDefReduction])-[PhyDefPierce])

    For mage: (0.5*[MagAttack]+[BaseAttack]) * [BaseAttackSpeed] * (1+[%AttackSpeed add by item]) * (1+[CriticalRate]*(1-[CriticalMultipier])) * 100/(100+[EnemyMagDef]*(1-[%MagDefReduction])-[MagDefPierce])

    If enemy actual def go negative after pierce [EnemyActualDef]=[EnemyDef]*(1-[%DefReduction])-[DefPierce]<0 the defend multipier will change to:
    Means when enemy def go negative, you normal attack will be boost by the negative def up to maximum two times.
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