Goddesses Knight

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    Goddesses Knight
    A divine Knight sent by the gods to return balance to Haradon. Upon entering the world of mortals, Alia has lost her immortality and God like status. Shortly afterwards Alia met the gentle Lut' Hiran where she immediately became impressed by his skill in battle and heart felt personality. Because of this she fell in love with the human and decided to abandon her place with the gods. Extremely skillful on the battlefield, Alia should never be taken lightly.
    Role: Guardian
    Sex: Female

    1st skill
    Sword Dance
    MP: 50/70/80/100
    CD: 8 seconds for all levels
    Range: 4m
    Alia instantly strikes her foe with a 5 hit combo, each strike dealing 30/45/60/75 + 0.10 Ad and ignoring all physical defense.
    Distracting them with her unique swordstyle, Alia's target cannot attack allied heroes for 3 seconds.
    Note: This is not a taunt

    2nd skill
    Relentless charge
    Mp: 100 for all levels
    CD: 20/18/16/14
    Range: 12m
    Alia will rush to a target location and deal 100/150/200/250 + 0.30 Ad aoe dmg to all enemies within 6 meters and will gain 10 physical and magical defense for every hero she damages for 5 seconds.
    Additional effect: Enemies will suffer movement reduction of 40% for 3 seconds

    3rd skill
    Goddess Armor
    Alia will gain 4/5/6/7 physical and magical defense for every hero (ally and enemy) within 15 meters.

    4th skill
    Goddesses Light
    Mp: 150/180/210
    CD: 100/90/80
    Alia taps in to her divine power and unleashes a light shockwave, shooting it towards her Enemies dealing 200/275/350 + 0.20 Ad physical damage to everything in its path.
    Additional effect: For every hero that it hits, Alia will gain and heal 100 HP for 6/8/10 seconds
    Range: 17 meters
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    Feb 10, 2015
    You sure guardian? Ratios too high and skill damage too high for a tank. More like a fighter
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    Jun 24, 2016
    Hmmmm, I changed the dmg coe and base dmg just now. Is that better?
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    Jun 3, 2016
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    Nov 19, 2016
    I think its time for a monster...not a demon or human :p
    like a dragon should get added in the list.
    in a guardian role. ✌
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