Hater's Curse

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    Hater’s Curse

    An annoying buzzing goes off disturbing your wonderful sleep. You toss around in your bed, reaching for your phone/tablet to stop the buzzing of that alarm you set for weekday mornings. Being your usual morning self, you remain in your bed to check some things on your phone/tablet before getting up. You turn it on and see that there is an update for HOC, which you immediately choose to start downloading. You get ready to go to school but before leaving, you see that the update was successfully installed so you decide to check on what things Gameloft has changed or added to the game. But as you predicted, the server is down for maintenance just like what happens with every update. So you go to school like usual.

    After a long day, you excitedly come home to try out the updated HOC. You are quickly disappointed with the game as you experience new bugs and the game crashes more often than before. You decide to visit this forum to post your frustrations at the game, and more importantly, Gameloft. However, you find many new threads of complaints and threats to Gameloft and their incompetence. You were not surprised though, as this happens with every new update. Frankly, you were used to it by now.

    You see the frequent forumers posting their anger who were just sick of Gameloft, at this point, by posting hateful comments about Gameloft not listening to the community, trashing the developers for their bug-ridden programming, or completely quitting the game. To your surprise, one of the posts was made by a well-known and popular streamer of the community who has decided to quit the game and will be streaming on Twitch for the last time that evening. Since you had watched and enjoyed their streams before and even learned a few things from them, you decided to watch the stream later that evening.

    You load up twitch, just in time as the streamer was just loading up HOC. You find many viewers, more than you have ever seen in a long time, for a HOC streaming channel. It was night time for the streamer’s time zone so the room was quite dark. With the light of the streamer’s tablet, you were able to see the streamer sitting on a computer chair and shadows of the objects in the background of the room. You could hear in the background that it was storming outside.

    After restarting a few times and getting past the irritating ads of the game, the streamer manages to set up a custom game for viewers to join in. It didn’t take long for the room to be filled so the game began soon. Shortly after starting the match, the game crashes. To make matters worse, the streamer was unable to reconnect to the game so they decide to set up a new game. Again, it crashes. At this point, the streamer was extremely frustrated and decides to vent his anger. The streamer begins to swear and curse Gameloft and their greedy ways of doing business. You become more attentive as all the things they were saying were what you were feeling about the game too. Even the viewers were showing their support in the chat. The streamer then begins to tell the viewers that they should quit this game as it has no future but suddenly gets interrupted.

    You watch as the streamer has his eyes focused on his computer screen reading something. The streamer chuckles as they mention “how silly”. You begin to notice the chat becoming extremely active. You read a few messages scrolling by “What’s that?” “The shadow?” You look back at the stream and observe a faint shadow in the background moving. You immediately join in on the chat, writing the message “look behind you”. The streamer mumbles something about haters but you can’t quite catch it as they begin to laugh. The streamer finally begins to read the messages in the chat. The streamer immediately turns their head around to look behind them. At that moment, you are able to catch a glimpse of the shadow rushing forward to the streamer as they yell before the stream cuts off.

    The chat box was still active with many viewers asking “What was that?” “What happened?” “Lost power from the storm?” After a few seconds, the stream comes back on. The chat lights up with messages of “WTF!” You look at the stream and all you see is the streamer sitting back on their chair with their head decapitated. In front of them was a piece of paper. You assume the red writing was blood with the words “HATERS WILL DIE!”

    Nothing could be heard from the stream other than the falling rain hitting the window in the background. After a minute, the stream shuts off. You continue to sit there looking at your computer screen, unable to interpret what just happened. The chat was still blazing, but you eventually decide to call it a night and go to sleep.

    You wake up to the sound of your alarm the next morning. You decide to check the forum before getting ready for school/work. As you expected, the hot topic of the forum was the stream last night. Some posts were questioning what happened. Some were post about being creeped out by it. Others were speculating it as a prank. You begin to smile and think to yourself, “what a great joke”. You head on out to school/work.

    You had a great day at school/work. Time felt like it flew right by. You return home, ready to enjoy a few hours of HOC. You boot up the game, close the annoying ad and start a ranked match. Shortly after starting the match, you crash. You quickly restart the game but unable to reconnect. You then find out that you lost ranked points.

    At that moment, you were fed up with the game and decide to spend your spare time to post on this forum. You start a new thread targeting the community manager and post a ten paragraph essay about how useless Gameloft is and how you were threatening to switch to Vainglory. It wasn’t long before the notifications at the top right of the forum started increasing from the replies and the likes that your fellow forumers have given for your post. A few minutes later, you receive a private message notification.

    Seeing that the message came from yesterday’s streamer, you laughed to yourself thinking that this was to make you believe a ghost sent it to you. The message contained the following link so you click it: For you

    You read through the story, chuckling here and there for the awful attempt to prank you. You then read the final words of the story...“Haters will die!”

    Right away, you recall the streamer mumbling something like that.

    You quickly turn your head to look behind you...
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    TBH what could the HOC devs be possibly doing thats taking so much time and is more important than the problems in HOC
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    Clever story! I like how ominous it sounds *_*
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    Hm... How many time I got called. Crash crash crash

    Oh well. The dev is still on vacation. I hope they got cursed bcuz not fixing fuckin bug immidiately
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    their main game designer left hoc. i know that from dany (hoc round table member) and it looks like true
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    *slow clap
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    Huge screen with xxx movie behind me :D
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