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    Apr 11, 2015
    Forge master is one of the most best tany support hero but hard to see many(or it could be just me) so I decided to make a guide on him about the stuff I know about him and learnt.im not a pro with him but here's what I know.

    Forge Master (Helmm Slagfist)

    [​IMG]Shatter Strike
    Helmm hurls his hammer at the targeted location, stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds. After 4 seconds, the hammer explodes.

    Cost: 90/100/110/120 MP

    Range: 9 meters

    Damage: 40/80/120/160 + [50% Physical Attack] on Initial Impact and 80/130/180/230 + [50% Physical Attack] on Explosion

    Cooldown: 16/15/14/13 seconds

    Effect: Stuns enemies for 0.5 seconds on impact and explodes 4 seconds later, dealing additional to all enemies within the blast radius.


    Helmm shapes and releases the fiery energy within his forge, shielding all allies and buildings within 7 meters. Cauterize also heals allied heroes within 7 meters.

    Cost: 70/90/110/130MP

    Cooldown: 19/17/15/13 seconds

    Effect: Cauterize Sheild will absorbs damage equal to 70/110/150/190 + [25% Physical Attack] and heals allied heroes for 24/32/40/48 + [25% Physical Attack] health per second for 5 seconds or until cancelled.

    Note: If Molten transmutation is active, Cauterize will shield allied minions, structures, and heroes for 105/165/225/285 + [25% Physical Attack] instead.

    [​IMG]Crashing Steel

    Cost: 150 MP

    Range: 6 meters

    Damage: 70/120/170/220+ [20% Physical Attack]

    Cooldown: 15 seconds

    Passive: Increases Physical and Magical Defense by 4/8/12/16%.

    Active: Charges to a position within 6 meters, dealing damage and stunning for 0.5 seconds all enemies along the path.

    [​IMG]Molten Transmutation

    Helmm unleashes the full power of his forge, causing a torrent of energy and transmuting his body, boosting his strength.

    Cost: 80/100/120 MP

    Range: Affects enemies within 6 meters

    Damage: 2/3/4% of Enemies Max HP per second as Magical Damage for 15 seconds.

    Cooldown: 65/55/45 seconds

    Effect: Increases Max HP by 100/200/300 + [50% Physical Attack] and reduces damage received by 20% for 15 seconds.

    Pros :
    Hard to kill tank when we'll built.
    Skills scale with physical attack so makes a excellent brusier.(this also can be a disadvantage as you can't build pure tank)

    Cons :
    Low movement speed.
    Mana hungry.
    A little Ulti reliant.

    Talent points :
    Sharp-5points(scaling for skills)
    Flurry-5points(could use some attack speed for last hit creeps if carry couldn't)
    Sharpen-5points(scalling for skills)
    Armour busting-5points(a little pierce for extra damage)
    Biting-1point(a decent damage so that he can win a 1vs1)


    Strong-5points(extra hp)
    Defence-2points(extra mage def)
    Toughness-3points(extra phy def)
    Resilient-3points(extra hp)
    Fast healer-3points(more healing on yourself)
    Last stand-1point(Making it tough to kill him)

    Quikening-2points(to chase after)

    Tablets :

    Whispering Tablet
    Helmm is a mana hungry hero and he could use the scalling late game.

    Purity Tablet. Courage tablet
    These two tablets have good damage reduction and can help Helmm stay even more sturdy if somehow helmm drop hp to 30% and has a control effect on him(which occurs most of the time) with his ulti on he can cancel out 55-70% damage(depends on lv 1-15).And his defence will reduce the other percent of damage recieved.

    Inscriptions :
    So helmm is basically a brusier the best inscriptions can be +hp and pierce through physical defence.

    In game item build statergy :
    Diffrent people have diffrent styles of building heroes but this is the item build that has always worked out for me with helmm.

    Always start of with a squires patience,a bolstering ring and a regeneration crystal(the same thing as the old guides on helmm suggests but it still works very well and you can stay in lane for a very long time)

    Boots of the tempest
    (Dint get picture)

    A very useful item to chase and escape as helmm has very low movement speed I buy it over chain boots because the extra speed is needed to chase down fast enemies and he has very low range so he need to reach enemy like a meele skill user without a gap closer.

    Arkhan cutlass
    This item I would recommend not just for its stats but also its passive.Its a item that compliments the tank talent last stand not many people use this for tanks but for helmm its a perfect thing.

    Hades Armor
    A good armour against physical carries and with the passive its defence is boosted even more.

    Dull Vine Shield
    A armour with good magical defence and also is boosted by his passive.The active heal skill can be useful in case helmm was interupted while casting his heal skill.

    Stirring Soul of the Dragons

    A good item for massive hp and its passive gives a good amount of physical attack needed for the scaling and excellent cd reduction for casting the stun combo.

    King killer

    A perfect item for scaling helmm's skill even higher and it makes up for the critical damage boost not added from any talent or tablet.

    Reason for not building hermit armour?
    Hermit armour is one of the must have item for almost all tanks due to its excellent dot damage.but this build is for making helmm a good semi carry with stats equal to a pure tank and to support your team.Doing all three at the time is almost impossible so the sacrifice for the hermit dot damage is nessasary.

    Skill levelling :
    Pick skill 1 first as it is a good harrasing skill as well as a fast farming skill
    Pick skill 3 to finsih your stun combo
    Pick skill 2 to help out your allies if even in need
    Max skill 2 or 3 and add a level to your ulti whenever possible

    Laning statergy(especially for rift 5vs5)
    Helmm first skill is a very good harass and with mp regeneration helmm won't have to worry about using his skills very safely.Always throw up he hammer at the Soldgers and the enemy carry who is farming.most of the time the enemy carry tries to last hit rather than move far away as they would loose gold and exp so they'll have a hard time farming gold and will drop hp as soon as the enemy drop hp below about 40% or less throw the hammer use skill 3 to keep him stunned and your carry will start hitting and you get a assist(don't kill steal you still need to let the carry feed focus on getting many assists and sometimes your hammer may get soldgers if your carry did not hit).also if your teamates hp drops keep using your heal don't wait the time when the enemy attacks.

    Team fight statergy
    In a team fight always initiate with using skill 1 and then uses skill 2 to keep them stunned(always remeber to drag your skills not target a single enemy by dragging the skills you can hit multiple targets).then activate ulti.
    After activating ulti two things might happen either the enemy starts running or they fight back.so when the enemy starts running chase them and use your stuns whenever possible and keep close range with enemies and you ulti will cause the damage.if the enemy team starts fighting back and you have good carries around use your skill2 and start fasting heal(the heal is boosted with your ulti)it doesn't matter if your hitting your enemy or not they will still be affected by ulti damage.But if you get interupted while casting your heal start hitting your targets and use dull vine sheild active when ally hp drops.with biting and ulti damage you can cause 5% hp as damage to a single target and 4% damage to all enemies around you + your carry items damage.

    Well I hope this guide is helpful
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    Mar 8, 2015
  3. daathu

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    Apr 11, 2015
    Thx (my first one dint know if I prepared it like other guides)
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  4. Jackxpn

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    Apr 23, 2013
    3 end-game Items that will make Helmm solid.

    Stirring Soul, Essence Stealer and Nymphs Relic. With a combined CD of 45%, and comes with Heal distrupt, and Heal boost, making him an all round tank.
  5. Loecypher

    Loecypher New Member

    May 31, 2014
    Lol you got that from me when we played together you had molten lord, but yeah those are my core items for helm. They help for his support role and makes him extra tanky. 8 sec heal cooldown means you have 3 secs to use it again if you don't get interrupted.
  6. Jackxpn

    Jackxpn Member

    Apr 23, 2013
    Got that from u...?
    Whos to say u didnt get it from someone else that got it off me? I was the first to have used the setup, at least I havent see anyone else using that after I had. And now its more and more common to see ppl running these 3. Oh, btw, I started Molten Lord after I got tired of Helmm, cos he was too strong, to the point it felt like Melina Prenerf.
    Anyways its a debate that wont have a definite answer. But one things for sure, My account was crated long before urs. :cool:
  7. Loecypher

    Loecypher New Member

    May 31, 2014
    I've been playing this game just as long as you. I've been playing helm since his release. I've been building nymphs relic on him since its release. The only thing I've added new was essence stealer when they added the cooldown reduction. Before that it was fernames. The few times I played against you and you had helm maybe twice you didn't build none of that. I understand you've been on this forum longer than me but don't make it seem like you've been building him that way. You haven't. And you can search any where on this forum those 3 items in conjunction with helm has never been mention. Until you played with me on the train map. Even now when you play pvp/gvg/custom they don't build those 3 items on him. Smh.....
  8. Jackxpn

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    Apr 23, 2013
    No disrespect but i have no recollection of who u r... Let alone copying ur built.
    And like I said, its meaningless to continue this dispute on who did what first. I wont be surprised if another person jumps in saying they did it first. I mean seriously, anyone can take 1 min to,look through he items and realize there are only that many with cd.
    And im not doubting ur claims, u r entitled to that as i am mine.

    Btw, u dont necessarily have to have Essence Stealer, Pendant would be a good choice too depending on what team ur facing, it has its merits.
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  9. anhht1005

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    Jun 25, 2015
    Howabout talent and tablet. I am using bloodbreeze, desire, bloodlust.
  10. eeevlira

    eeevlira Active Member

    Nov 13, 2014
    Bloodlust is useless on him, he already deals tons of damage without any attack buff item, talet, etc. I use Bloodbreeze, Merciful Hands (more money, HP/MP regeneration after an assist) and Desecration (a must IMMO for any tank based hero such as Helmm, also more important since his heal skill and Ult are based now on his max hp).

    About talents, you can build him as tank (19 talents [MAX HP, Phy Def per lvl, Mag Def per lvl, HP per lvl, Fast Healer, Last Stand, Tower Dmg Reduction]). Also add MP talents on mage side to unlock the talent that reduces MP cost 10% (11 or 6 talents [10 talents on MP buffers]). The rest of talents can go anything you want.

    Inscriptions: MP Regeneration (Chaos) and HP (Order).

    Items: Chain Boots, Stirring Soul, Essence Stealer, Nymph's, Hermetists, Hades/Robes.

    Tip: DON'T POP ULT if your HP is 100%. Pop it when it is half or lower to trick the enemies: they will attack you as long as they see your HP bar be dropped (the carries specially), you take that opportunity and once you get attacked (Intensify's Debronee, etc), pop ult, Double stun, you survive, they die.
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  11. eeevlira

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    Nov 13, 2014
    Typical...."you copy my items". It is true that HOC community has tons of noobs, but also tons of pro whose know how to build a hero rightly. Once I saw the modifications on Essence Stealer (even before testing UPDATE 13), I though that Stirring+Nymph+Essence would make any hero reach the 45% CDR. I didn't copy it from anyone, but even that, there is people in game telling me that I copy their items.
  12. eeevlira

    eeevlira Active Member

    Nov 13, 2014
    IMMO, pendant is worthless since most of the people is getting Helmm (the opposite team will regenerate a lot too), so Essence Stealer's passive can help you to finish off low HP heroes whose are being healed. So if you want the best combination of items for CDR are those ones you said previously (Stirring+Essence+Nymph).
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  13. Jackxpn

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    Apr 23, 2013
    Theres a reason why i said "depending on what team ur facing."
    Teams are changing, so you shouldnt built ur hero the same way every time. U wouldnt need Essence Stealer when there arent any healers around, do u? Since the Stirring and Nymph are agreed to be a stable, plus Essence/Hades, theres are always 2 slots for more def/hp/atk, and as mentioned depending on what teams and the flow of the game, u never always get hp/def u can get Atk/spd if things are looking well for u.
    Hence Pendants not useless, its situational.
  14. eeevlira

    eeevlira Active Member

    Nov 13, 2014
    Well, i never change essence since it gives the most important thing on helmm: Hp. The second thing most important: Cdr; even if there is no healer around. Why? Because helmms healing effects and hp increasing via ult depend (as i mentioned above) on his max hp. So you are dealing the most dmg, healing the most as long as you keep a lot of hp on him. If you use pendant if there is no healer around, it is ok, it is your build. Immo, essence is better. Those 3cdr-hp items are the holy trinity for me on helm, i only change the boots for V. robes when mages and fighters are powerful as the same way (i equip hades always too). If i know i caan deal with fighters, keep boots dismiss hads and buy robes. But, thats how i play so i said IMMO.

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