Heroes of Order and Chaos: Vol. 2 Duel of Apprentices (Melina vs Anioah)

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    "Its been over a year since master Airurath's disappearance, and I feel like I haven't advanced enough to be a fullfledged sorceress! UGH!!! Why can't I beat Anioah in anything!? Why can't she just help me!?" Yelled Melina complaining to her book and hat.

    "Melina, it looks like you're having trouble with this assignment, do you need help?" Asked Anioah.
    "No thanks, I think its better if I work alone." Replied Melina.
    "Are you certain you're..."
    "Yep." Said Melina interrupting Anioah mid-sentence.
    *End of Flashback*

    "Right..." Said Melina. "Oh well, tomorrow's a new day so... zzz" *SNORING*

    *YAWN* "Hmm what time is it? Asked Melina stretching her arms.
    "Its almost noon." Replied Mr. Smiley. (Melina's hat)
    "What!? Its almost NOON!? I'm going to be late!" Yell Melina.

    Melina swiftly uses her powers to prepare herself for the day, afterwards she rushes out of her quarters into the main hall where she ran into Anioah.

    "Melina... Uh don't mind me saying this but you look awful, did something happen to you?" Asked Anioah.
    "Pff, ME, awful? No, never?" Replied Melina.
    "Are you certain? Mr. Smiley (hat) and Mr. Grin (book) both look different than usual." Asked Anioah.
    "Please kill us..." Said Mr. Smiley and Mr. Grin in unison.
    "You know what I really hate Anioah?..." Asked Melina.
    "What?" Replied Anioah.
    "What I really hate is the fact that you always look down on me you sword-wielding-small-breasted-bloodsucking-demonic-succubus-blondie!" Lashed Melina with steam coming from her ears.

    All the other students turned their heads to see where the commotion was coming from with confused and puzzled looks.

    "Im pretty sure you just crossed the line, Melina." Said Anioah.
    "Oh please, save me the lectures. I, Melina Spellmann, challenge you, Anioah, to a magic duel!!!"

    *One hour later*

    After class, Melina and Anioah both headed to the acadamy's dueling ring where students can duel each other to gain favour and prestige.

    "Think you can best me!?" Yelled Melina.
    "I know I can." Replied Anioah.

    Anioah summoned her blessed armor and signature sword, afterwards she prepared herself for the battle ahead.
    Melina stood on the other side of the court, spellbook in hand and with a temper to match she was ready for anything.

    The dueling platform slowly rises off the floor and switches from a bare and empty stone floor to a random environment which is decided at random with the use of mana to which has switched into the setting of an empty field.

    *Duel Begins*
    Anioah charges at Melina to which Melina counters by dashing backwards firing orbs of arcane magic at her. Anioah conjures her mana shield to absorb the damage and continues her charge towards Melina. Melina was expecting this thus she blinks behind Anioah freezing the ground beneath her to her feet. Unable to move, Anioah summons her inner powers and smites the ground sending a shockwave blowing Melina back and breaking the ice. Melina counters by firing orbs of arcane magic and fire towards Anioah's position while kiting away from her to which Anioah drains Melina's mana stores and teleport behind her using her cleansing spell. Melina felt overpowered and summoned large shards of ice to create a barrier stopping Anioah from chasing her. Anioah slashes the floor in front of her breaking through the wall of ice, to her expectancy, Melina was not there.

    "I yield!" Yelled Anioah dropping her sword.

    Melina approached Anioah from behind saying: "This better not be a trick."
    "Its not a trick, I yield." Replied Anioah.
    "So... I win then?" Asked Melina.
    "Yes, you won." Replied Anioah.
    "It felt too easy though, or are you not as strong as they say?" Asked Melina with suspicious eyes.
    "No, you won." Replied Anioah.

    Later that night, Melina celebrated her victory with the other students at the academy. At the celebration she found Anioah who was alone gazing at the stars.

    "So you lost, Anioah, how does it feel?" Asked Melina with her sly eyes.
    "It feels Marvelous." Replied Anioah.
    "Really?" Asked Melina puzzled.
    "Why indeed, it feels absolutely wonderful to know that at least I'm not the most gullible mage around here." Replied Anioah.
    "What do you mean?" Melina Questioned.
    "Oh its nothing, nothing indeed." Replied Anioah with a cheerful smile.
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    It's great! :D Maybe you should add more characters? Keep up the good work. :)
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    Ty I plan to do just do just pairs unless I feel like doing 4 characters in free for all or 2v2
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    Yay, another writer! I really like it! I will definitely keep on reading :D

    Ps: I like your writing style ;)
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    Ty, I plan on doing more when I have time to spare, thx for liking it
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    can i please ship it..

    ...i ship it like hoyl shiqtwhptieworqw
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    The slippage is REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ikr, me too
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    Anioah spellman

    Gay ships FTW!
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    i love you guys
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