Heroes of Order and Chaos: Vol. 3 Time to Play (Carlie Q.)

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    In the vast forests of Tear-Coast, a little child cries hysterically until the nearby village priest came to her aid.

    "What is wrong child?" Asked the priest.
    "I've lost my friend... he was murdered." Said the girl pointing to a dead corpse hidden behind a large tree.
    "Oh, poor child. Come with me, I'll help you find harmony and peace within your soul." Replied the priest.

    The priest escorted the girl through the town square, where the men talked and the women watched over their children. The square was also filled with merchants from overseas. Through the square, lies a church on top of a small hill. When the priest and the girl arrived, the monks all welcomed the priest and the girl, even to her disgust.

    The priest took the girl to a room with a fountain in the center of it, where he said: "Here, drink my child, let the waters of our holy lake cleans your soul."
    The girl drank the water, afterwards the priest took her to a room where a bed can be found.

    "Rest my dear, let the effects of the holy water take place." Said the priest. "Oh and if you require anything, anything at all, don't be afraid to ask."

    Closing the door, the girl was left with nothing but a bed, a window, and her yo-yo. An hour has passed and with nothing to do, she jumped out the window and headed for the town square.

    "Pff, is this place always so boring? Oh well, time to have a blast!" Said the girl.
    "Excuse me miss but did you notice that your bleeding?" Asked the girl to a woman.

    The woman looked down to see a bladed yo-yo impaled into her abdomen, she then looked up to see a childlike grin from the girl's face. The woman fell from where she stood with no one to see what had occurred but her three year old baby girl. The toddler looked puzzled and confused with no idea of what is happening.

    "You wanna play too?" Ask the Blood-stained girl. "Sure, of course you wanna play."

    In a flash of speed, Carlie threw her bladed yo-yo passed the toddler's head, where the string holding the yo-yo spiraled around the toddler's neck choking her to death. The string holding the yo-yo was razor sharp that when Carlie pulled her yo-yo from the toddle's neck that it decapitated her, head from body.

    "Eww..... my yo-yo is all sticky now." complained Carlie. "Oh well, where should I go next?"

    Carlie headed towards the merchant square where it was most busiest. Crowds were walking to and from every direction around her. Carlie walked into the center of it all, and spun her bladed yo-yo in a 360 degree spin, lacerating at least seven people's throats, killing them. The town guards were dispatched to the scene of the crime where Carlie stood and waited within the gasping crowds. Slowly she smiled with childlike glee when a monk who saw her before the crime went to confront her.

    "You're the girl that our priest brought in today, are you not?" Asked the monk.
    "Yes, why." Replied Carlie cheerfully.
    "Why are you out here? Our priest said you were..."

    The monk felt a sharp pain coming from his torso. He looked down to see blood rushing out from his wound and to see that the girl impaled him.

    "Demon." Said the monk passing out a second later, however Carlie was able to blend into the crowd and slip into the shadows.

    *YAWN* "I'm tired." Said Carlie heading for the entrance of the village.

    She picked up a lit torch that was hanging on the gates of the entrance and threw it at the nearest building causing a large fire. The guards noticed nothing due to the murder to had just occurred giving Carlie the time she needs to make her escape.
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    I like this spin to the original where the father lost his daughter and brought her back with dark magic.
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    This is brutal. I like it.
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    Yea... I know :)
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    I will try but school has started, but if I have free time I will try to make more

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