Heroes of Order and Chaos: Vol. 4 Healing Session (Lebmont and Ihaelryna, featuring King Reega)

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  1. Naitosutoka

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    Aug 8, 2016
    Author's Note: OH MY GAWD I SHIP THEM SO HARD ITS LIKE AHHHHHHHHHH!!! So… anyways… Sorry I wasn’t able to make more fanfics in the past week or year, but eh. So school has just started and I tend to find myself very busy but I will TRY to make more fanfics if I have the time so pls be patient and I hope you guys are expecting another Melina and Anioah fanfic soon… :)

    “So… Finally awake?” Asked a voice coming from behind Lebmont.

    Lebmont turned to see a brightly blue skinned Elf walking from the entrance of the cave.

    “Who are you?” Asked a wounded Lebmont.
    “I’m the one that dragged you out from your encounter with that undead demon you were fighting.” Replied the elf. “And the name is Ihaelryna.”
    “Why did you save me?” asked Lebmont.
    “Why wouldn’t I, did you wanted to die alone and afraid?” Replied Ihaelryna.
    “Afraid!?” Lashed out Lebmont. “Me, afraid?”
    “What? You had the eyes of a fearful rabbit last time I recalled.” Replied Ihaelryna snickering.

    Lebmont looked at Ihaelryna annoyingly asking himself: “How did it ever come to this?”

    “Anyways, you’re probably hungry right now so here.” Ihaelryna handed Lebmont a fresh fish on a stick to which he accepted cautiously.
    “These are safe to eat, right?” Asked Lebmont.
    “Well duh…” Replied Ihaelryna chewing on the flesh of the cooked fish.

    Lebmont stared at the fish cautiously examining the darkened skin and flesh. After about two minutes of thorough examination, Lebmont took a bite out of the fish.

    “Hmm the fish taste… kinda weird.” Said Lebmont in his mind. “What kind of fish is this?!” Asked Lebmont.
    “Oh it's grilled fishfolk hatchlings, you know… Like their king, King Reega except as uh… children, I think…” Replied Ihaelryna still eating her fish.

    Lebmont immediately spat out the flesh which he consumed, throwing his stick to the dirt.

    “Oh, I also made some fishfolk stew as well if you want some.” Said Ihaelryna holding a bowl of steaming stew.

    The look of the bubbling white liquid stew nearly made Lebmont wish he was killed during his encounter with Kagax.

    “Oh and I never did catch your name.” Asked Ihaelryna.
    “It's Lebmont and uh I don't know… THANKS FOR TRYING TO POISON ME!!!” Yelled Lebmont.
    “Whatever do you mean?” Asked Ihaelryna puzzled.

    In the distance, sounds of clashing steel echoed through the forest floor into the cave creating an ominous clash of metal.

    “Shhh… What was that?” Asked Lebmont quietly.
    “I think it was the fish people.” Replied Ihaelryna.
    “What are they doing here?” Questioned Lebmont confusingly.
    “Trying to kill us maybe?” Replied Ihaelryna.
    “Why?” Asked Lebmont.
    “Well, I did tell you we’re eating fishfolk children did I not?” Replied Ihaelryna.

    Slowly, the Fishmen made their way up to the cave, surrounding the only exit as well as Lebmont and Ihaelryna. As the Fishmen approached, Ihaelryna pushed Lebmont to the ground behind a rock. Laying right next to him, Ihaelryna said: “Don't make a sound.” In a low whisper.

    “I would be quiet if your breastplate aren't rubbing against my arms.” Replied Lebmont quietly.
    “Ugh, men…” Snarked Ihaelryna with a bit of red on her face.

    “We know you’re in there huntress!” Yelled a Fishmen spearman into the cave.
    “MOVE FOOLS!!!” Said a voice in the back of the crowd. “Tis I, King Reega and I demand you surrender immediately! That is unless you would rather prefer death.”

    King Reega slowly emerged from the crowd with bodyguards accompanying him in full suits of metal armor clashing their swords and spears to their shields. Lebmont and Ihaelryna was was starting to realize they were outnumbered and trapped. Slowly and silently Ihaelryna reached for her bow and multiple arrows and began to aim at the crowd of unsuspecting troops.

    To Be Continued…
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    Show some love to RTK and Kirasath story, pls
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    One of the people in these forums who actually have proper grammar and knows not to confuse the reader on who's speaking and whatnot. Finally.
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    Who me?
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    Yep :D Now I feel like reviving the fan-fiction section of the forums again...

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