HoC Celebrity Battle

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  1. KatnissNeverclean

    KatnissNeverclean 3-1-17

    Mar 5, 2016
    This is a teaser. Rate my fanfic If you want me continue this garbage.


    Artists vs Artists

    Border Map

    Order: "Vocal Beasts"
    Sia as :clip:
    Adele as :aria:
    Lady Gaga as :red:

    Chaos: "Scream Queens"

    Mariah Carey as:mel:
    Cyndi Lauper as :helmm:
    Ariana Grande as :akart:

    Waiting for other players...

    The match has begun and everyone started to buy their items.

    Adele [YELL]: Glhf!
    Mariah [YELL]: Glhf too! Have you seen my carpool karaoke?
    Lady Gaga [TEAM]: I did. Those silicon boobs though. Bang.
    Cyndi Lauper [YELL]: You don't have to advertise that, Mariah.

    Lady Gaga started to crawl her way to the top jungle. While Sia stands in the corner, afk.

    Adele: Wtf Gaga? You're supposed to walk. Where's Sia?

    Lady Gaga continues to crawl and reached the top jungle.

    Adele : Why am I being paired up with these weirdos? *wind sfx* I feel the wind's presence... Take me with you!
    The Wind: You're too heavy.

    Sia has reconnected.

    Sia: Sorry guys. Maddie was jumping all over my room and accidentally disconnected the router.

    The jungle creeps has spawned, Lady Gaga and Cyndi started to eliminate the bears while Adele and Mariah was busy farming mid lane.

    Sia: Maddie I summon you. Maddie I summon you. Maddie I summon you. Maddie I summon you.

    *splat* *first blood* Sia killed Ariana Grande!

    Mariah Carey [TEAM]: *screaming* wtf happened back there?
    Ariana Grande [TEAM]: *screaming too* I mistakenly pulled myself to Sia instead of pulling her to me ;-; Now I'm full of emotions! *screams*

    Cyndi hides herself in the fog and stalks Lady Gaga. With a mighty swing, Cyndi throws her hammer but Lady Gaga was able to avoid it. Lady Gaga switches stances and started to squat, revealing her genitals. White ooze started to fire from her mighty vajayjay. Although Cyndi managed to avoid some of it, she was still hit by some of Lady Gaga's semen she used for the Born This Way music video.

    Cyndi lays on the ground unconcious while Gaga prepares to change stances when she heard someone singing.

    Mariah Carey [YELL]: All I want for christmas... Is you getting #&@$!&% frozen!
    Adele [YELL]: Not today milf! I'll set fire to the ice!

    To be continued...
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  2. zupernuz

    zupernuz KING OF B S

    Dec 2, 2013
    @#%$&€÷% @:#*@;£€÷,- €#;# #&#,#€¥×,'£
  3. Sadowmancer

    Sadowmancer Controller of Misery

    Feb 10, 2015
  4. rivercrow19

    rivercrow19 Anti-mod

    Nov 17, 2014
    why isnt sia playing sia wasted oportunity
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  5. Evanescent

    Evanescent Forum PsychoLogist

    Aug 4, 2013
    I wonder how such an obvious thing can slip one's mind lol
  6. KatnissNeverclean

    KatnissNeverclean 3-1-17

    Mar 5, 2016
  7. Average Player

    Average Player Da Sassy Owls

    Jun 3, 2016
    Spare me the cancer I have better things to do.
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