How do I contact Gameloft?

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    Customer Care main page:
    Here you can chose the Gameloft game you want to get some information on or you want to complain about. You can also chose the language top right. Because the link is "lang=en" it's English if you follow it.

    Heroes of Order and Chaos - known issues and FAQ:
    Here you can read about issues known by Gameloft. You can add additional information via a support form by opening the issue and following "Get help!" or "I have this problem also". I think you won't receive any answers because it's only for making it easier for the dev team to figure out the causes of a known issue.
    The FAQ answers some random questions.
    To create a ticket scroll to the bottom of the site where a text field is asking you if these information were helpful. Tell it "no" and it'll let you chose to visit the official forums or the support form.

    The support form:
    Not much to explain. Just fill out the form to your best knowledge and explain your issue possibly easy and informative. Refrain from inappropriate language... the customer care people are not Gameloft's managers or gamedesigners and those are responsible for issues. Frankly if I was a customer care agent and had to read through 15 lines of insults for issues I'm not responsible for before the issue is even mentioned I wouldn't even read it until the end.
    You can also directly follow the link without going through the previous steps.
    If you "submit" the ticket you're redirected once more to a page with troubleshooting suggestions from the known issues and FAQ based on some key words in your description.
    Important: The ticket isn't created yet. First you have to scroll down and find the text field again. It asks you if the suggested topics were of any help. First if you touch the answer "no" a ticket will be created and you'll get an automated response including the ticket ID on the e-mail address you entered.

    The ticket ID is important to refer to that specific ticket. It should take ~3 days for the first response but sometimes it takes them longer (personal record: 1 month). If it's urgent and you feel like the customer care can't handle your issue or isn't fast enough you can create a thread on the official forums and ask kindly to speed things up a little.

    The official forums:
    Here you can get some information like changelogs, announcements, some rules etc.
    You can also ask stuff which only the devteam can answer. The (only) community manager "Andreea FromGameloft" sometimes picks up questions and gives out answers from the whole team of the game.

    HOC Community Manager Andreea FromGameloft FromGameloft
    Her signature currently reads: "I CURRENTLY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY PERSONAL MESSAGES -__- Should be back up in a couple of days." - else you can also contact her with a private message:
    She can also help with tickets but her main job is the communication between the devteam and the community.

    She's also active on the official Facebook page which often is faster with announcements and sometimes offers some contests where you can win stuff:

    Note: any of the links from gameloft can be broken and can redirect you to a non-functional mobile site. Ask your browser to load the "desktop version" to get redirected properly.

    Good luck!
    PS: Let me know if I missed something or got something wrong.
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    Bro I have a problem my account has been closed I don't know why a long time ago I go to support page a they don't answer what can I do to get back my account?? :(
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    Contact Andreea on these forums here or go to the official forums and ask an admin for help. It's all described above, can't offer more help...
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    Man i wish Chyox was IOS. He should be a Mod or something.
    (Watch out Mabarry =])

    Take into account when opening a ticket that gameloft have alot of other games and customers to take care of so it could take alot longer than you expect, especially if your issue is not a simple one.
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