How to not suck as a NOOB in HOC 5 VS 5!

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    So hello guys, after losing 11 random PVP games, I decided to make a guide named “How to not suck in HOC”. Basically, I got inspiration from Purge’s guide “Welcome to DOTA 2, You suck”.
    Thank for information of kr4m123, Spacial, Mabarry3, Tidus69, Chyox and dudee46.
    I MOBAs:
    Oh, I remember the old day, when Icefrog made the legendary DOTA. It is the first MOBA on the world. Now, there are Riot DOTA, Valve DOTA… But one day, they realize that people need a MOBA for mobile device. Thus, Gameloft won the cake and created HOC.
    That all for the history, now to the points OK. Thus, what you do in MOBAs? Killing creeps and heroes, buying items,… Not only those. You need MASSIVE teamwork and a very thick skin to play MOBA. You also have to learn items, skill builds and team combos to play. Today I will teach you some of those thing.
    II How to learn as a Noob and then survive PVP well:
    When you first start, play with Bots. Play CO-OP with Noobs like you or SOLO with Bots and Bots. Why? Because those 2 are the most educational things in HOC. Bots won’t flame you, they let you destroy them and nobody knows anything. That will help you learn for a while.
    Then if you start PVP, thicken your skin now. Why? Because people think about Noobs like this: Feeders, game ruiners, GG. And you will usually get flame by some players. Thus, what to do? Ignore them and enjoy the rest of the game quietly.
    III Picking:
    Heroes are the characters you play as, so HOW TO PICK A HERO?
    -First, play CO-OP and SOLO to test heroes you want to use.
    -Secondly, read skills’ descriptions, that will help you learn about skills.
    -Finally, ask people. The forum got the “Ask HOC questions” and I guess our friend will be glad to help if you ask.

    But remember, there are heroes you SHOULD NOT do from the beginnings. They are not bad heroes, they are just super hard to master and use:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And pick these guys if you are new:


    IV Very Basic breakdown:

    To win you must destroy the enemies’castle. The castle is very deep inside the base, you must go a long way from your base through creeps, towers, heroes and bam,GG.

    So, this is what you need to know:

    -Creeps: These little guys spawn every 30 seconds, then a Siege Creep will spawn periodically. In a wave, there will be 3 melee creeps and 1 ranged creeps. Kill them will give you gold, what you need for items and EXP. The killing-creep action is called farming.
    -Towers: These things block your way to the base. There are 3 tower in each lanes. Destroy the tower give you gold (300)
    -How to get gold towers and creeps: First, with creeps, you kill them. The easiest way to get gold in games is killing creeps, with few exceptions. And the easiest way to kill them is last-hitting: Wait for creeps to fight each other, then when you see a creep is at low health, come and hit it with Normal Attacks. This will save your time. Also, you can use “Wave-cleaning” skills (Tidal Wave, Hurricane,…) to clean a whole wave. Second, with towers. You will need your creeps to come with you. Why? The towers always target creeps first. Let them go with you and they will block bullets from towers, which will hurt you really bad in Early. Then while creeps get shot, you attack the tower. If you creeps wave about to die completely, back and wait for another wave. And bam, it goes down.
    Jungle Creeps: These guys only stay in the jungle. Killing them won't give you as much Gold as normal Creeps but they will give you a well enough boost on EXP.
    -Leveling: The max level is 15. Each time level up, you will get a skill point to use for learning or upgrading a skill.
    For example

    Migrove conjures a swarm of invisible jellyfish, which rush to nearby enemies, latching on and stinging without mercy.
    Range: 8 meters
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Movement Speed Reduction: 30% for 5 seconds.
    Level 1
    Cost: 80 MP
    Number of Jellyfish: 3 Jellyfish, surviving for up to 120 seconds.
    Damage: 120 + [46% of Magical Attack]
    Level 2
    Cost: 100 MP
    Number of Jellyfish: 4 Jellyfish, surviving for up to 120 seconds.
    Damage: 160 + [46% of Magical Attack]
    Level 3
    Cost: 120 MP
    Number of Jellyfish: 5 Jellyfish, surviving for up to 120 seconds.
    Damage: 200 + [46% of Magical Attack]
    Level 4
    Cost: 140 MP
    Number of Jellyfish: 6 Jellyfish, surviving for up to 120 seconds.
    Damage: 240 + [46% of Magical Attack]

    All heroes got 3 basic skills and an Ultimate unlocked at level 6.

    V Phases:

    The purpose of laning is getting gold from killing Creeps. With Gold and EXP, you will level up more and get better items. But you won’t lane alone. There will be enemies’heroes in the lane cause they here for Gold and they don’t want you to get Free Gold. The best way to stop them is killing them. Killed enemies have to wait to respond. That means you have time to kill more Creeps and less time for enemies to do so. Killing them also gain you very well amount of gold and EXP.
    -Ganking (Gang killing):
    The purpose of ganking is when you want to group up and gang bang some one. Ganking is pretty confusing, so to reduce confusion, do this: “Ping” the location on the mini map and send team message like “xxx(Dark Elf Exile): Gank Anioah, I will stun.”
    Then you and your friends got the kill happily. Even if you killed the target, your friends who help you will receive some gold of the assistance. Remember, Slow, Stun, Disable, Nukes is especially helpful and handy.
    And hey, if you gank, aware of wards [​IMG]/[​IMG], those eyes will bust you very easily.


    The purpose of pushing/defending is to destroy/protect towers. It is usually very hard to organize team to push or defend so try your best. When you push, you should spread out and push all three lanes at the same time, this will keep the pressure on them very well.
    Or if you defend and the enemies spread out to push like that, spread out and defend. Also with the “5 men” tactic, to counter that, use 5 men to push or defend.

    VI Damage types:
    In HOC, heroes deal magical damage (skills) and physical damage (Auto Attacks). Always keep your team damage types balance, not to have too much Magical or Physical.
    Almost forgot, there IS SKILL SCALING.
    Most heroes skills have an additional damage/heal/absorption bonus added to the initial damage/heal/absorption the skill does, for example: Power Strike does 70 initial damage + 18 additional damage bonus based on a percentage of Savaer's physical attack.
    The percentage of Physical Attack that calculates the 18 additional damage is a hidden value, and varies with every skills and heroes.
    In the above example, the additional 18 damage is 40% of Savaer's Physical Attack.
    If I had for example 200 Physical Attack, my additional damage bonus added to the initial 70 would be 40% of 200, which is 80 additional damage bonus.
    A red number in the description of the skill means damage/heal/absorption increased by Physical Attack, a blue number in the description of the skill means damage/heal/absorption increased by Magical Attack.
    The Physical Attack is equal, on physical heroes, to 100% of the additional physical normal attack damage, that can be increased by talents, inscriptions, items and buffs (skills etc).
    The Magical Attack is equal, on magical heroes, to 166.666...% of the additional magical normal attack damage, that can be increased by talents, inscriptions, items and buffs (skills etc). In other words magical attack from equipment convert 60% into normal attack for Mages.
    Note : magical heroes have a naturally higher magical attack scaling (2/3 higher) than physical heroes do for physical attack.

    Some pictures for you:


    VII Basic Roles:
    Gameloft classified heroes and put them into 4 classes:
    -[​IMG]Fighters: Deal physical damage powerfully and constantly. Very SQUISHY. Usually are ADCs, Laners and Assassins.
    -[​IMG]Mages: Deal magical damage, most of mages focuse on Crowd Controlling, AOE and burst. Usually are APCs and Laners.
    -[​IMG]Supports: Play very protective and supportive (LOL) roles. Buff team and remove debuff from team.
    -[​IMG]Guardians: Capable of taking a lot of punishment, bulky and unkillable. They usually are Bruisers and Tanks
    A good team will be like:


    Here are the roles
    You are the one who deal the most damage. There are 2 kinds of Carriers: AP Carrier and AD Carrier. You will usually burst and back then burst and back again as the AP; you will do constantly powerful damage as the AD. AP needs level while AD needs items.
    You will need Supports and Tanks to protect you.
    Refer to a AD Carrier who need to stay in lanes and farm creeps for Gold and EXP.You stay in the lanes and last-hit creeps, take all the gold you need. Beware of being ganked when crossed half of the map into the enemies area. To slow down the opposing Laners from getting Gold and EXP to grow, initiate with Junglers in ganks to kill them.


    In the first pictures, 2 X are locations of Dragon and Gjuja.
    In the second on, Xs are locations of jungle creeps camp.

    Like your name, you stay in the jungle. So that mean everything you do when jungling is just staying in the jungle all day and be a creeper. No. You must clean the camps in jungle, secure buffs and then go help teammates who losing or ganking Laners who crossing the line. If one of your teammates who Solo-Lane recall, get to that lane and protect it, and when you teammates back with a “Thank You, Jungler.”, get back to the jungle like Batman vents into the darkness. Also, try to tell your teammates that they should allow you to Solo-Top at the same time. That will be good.

    Small yellow points are Warding Locations, thanks for dudee

    As the support, you need no glory, no LVL, no Gold. All you know to do is help the team generally and the Carrier mainly. You heal the team, buff them, clean debuffs from the team, control crowd, deal damage to enemies and even die for the team. You must always let the Carrier farm for Gold and EXP but you will be able to farm when the Carrier leaves lane a bit. Never Kill-Steal your Carrier (Last-hit a hero) or Last-hit Creeps, only Kill-Secure (Finish a hero who is low but out of Carrier’s reach). Also learn how to ward (PUTTING [​IMG]/[​IMG] down for detection) as a Support, you should ward at: Bushes, Enemies Jungle, Gjuja and Dragon’s location.
    You are the protector of the whole team. You must dig into Defense and HP more than anything else. You initiate with team in teamfights by let enemies focus at you or jump into enemies team. However, your main missions are covering Carrier and help him take the kill.
    Known as Tanky DPSs, Bruisers have high HP and sustain. They have no target but enemy Carrier. Fed Bruisers can carry very well.
    They got good chasing skills and tons of damage burst. Assassins like Bruisers, only take the Carrier. They can get in easily and get out easily, too.

    VII Items:

    -Meet Nick (the dude with the red circle on his head)
    Say hi to this buddy, he sells items you need for combats. Items will increased your stats, give you unique Passive/Active.
    For example, a Jade Axe
    [​IMG]Jade Axe
    Gold: 3,500
    +64 Physical Attack
    Passive(Unique): Reduces Physical Defense of enemy by 10 + (Target Level X 2) for 3 seconds when hit.

    So about stats, what are they?
    Here are the basic stats:
    HP: How much health you got.
    MP: How much energy you got for skill using.
    Auto Attacks Damage: How much damage you deal with an auto attack.(No armor mentioned)
    Auto Attacks Speed: How much time you need for an auto attack.
    Movement Speed: How fast you Move.
    HP Regen: How much time you need to regenerate 1 HP.
    MP Regen: How much time you need to regenerate 1 Mana.

    -What Nick sells?
    He sells:
    1) Consumables: Things you “consume” to regain HP/MP or empower yourself for a time.
    For example:
    [​IMG]Health Potion
    Gold : 100
    Active (Unique): Regenerate 400 HP in 10 seconds. Regeneration stops when attacked.
    2) Physical Items: Things you use to boost physical power. Consist of Leech, Attack Speed, Damage,…
    For example:
    [​IMG]Lucky Ogre's Foot
    Gold: 2,800
    +30 Physical Attack
    +20% Attack Speed
    +8% Critical Rate
    Active (Unique): Your next normal attack, within the following 6 seconds, becomes a critical hit.
    Cooldown Time: 60 seconds
    3) Magical Items: Things you need to boost Magical Power, consist of Max MP, Damage,…
    For example:
    [​IMG]Oversoul Staff
    Gold: 1,120
    +24 Magical Attack
    +15% Attack Speed
    4) Defense: Things you need to make you tougher, consist of Max HP, Phy Defense, Mag Defense.
    For example:
    [​IMG]Chain Mail
    Gold: 250
    +10 Physical Defense
    5) Boots: Increase movement speed, most of them give additional effect'
    For example:
    [​IMG]Savage Boots
    Gold: 1,500
    Increase hero's move speed(does not stack with other boots).
    +12% Attack Speed
    +8% Harvest HP

    -Items combinations:
    Buy materials and then with some money you got the big items
    For example:
    So you spent 1100x2 on 2 Face Breakers then 1300 for Jade Axe’s recipe. Totally 3500.
    So next time want to buy something, buy cheap materials first to save money, then expensive materials.If there are small combination items, combine them. Finally, the money for the big combination. Never save for the whole item.
    For example:
    Want this [​IMG]
    Step 1: Buy [​IMG]
    Step 2: Buy [​IMG]
    Step 3: Buy [​IMG]
    Step 4: Combine [​IMG] and [​IMG] into [​IMG]
    Step 5: Combine [​IMG] and [​IMG] into [​IMG]

    [​IMG]+[​IMG]+[​IMG]= [​IMG]+[​IMG]=[​IMG]

    -Biggest mistakes Noobs make with Items:

    1)Stacking Claymores:
    [​IMG]Iron Claymore
    Gold: 2,300
    +80 Physical Attack
    Anybody, please tell me why, this is good. With 2 or 3 Claymore, you only got damage but nothing, that mean you are still vulnerable to damage and can be easily taken out by Bruisers or Assassins because of your low stats in HP and Defense. Indeed, go with [​IMG] for long time piercing effect if you play Physical.
    2)Rushing Watcher first:
    [​IMG]Watcher's Whisper
    Gold: 3,600
    +20 Physical Attack
    +60% Attack Speed
    Passive (Unique): 40% (25% for ranged) chance to reduce enemy's movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds upon attacking.
    Watcher only give you the Attack speed Boost and the passive to Slow people. Building it as your first item is a great mistake. It won’t help you hit and damage well. The damage it gives only help you hit like a mosquito. So NEVER RUSH IT FIRST….

    Well, enough information, now with the knowledge you got, GET OUT THERE AND KICK SOME A$$ES FOR ME!
  2. magehung

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    Mar 13, 2013
    You forgot the middle lane shop in bush in 5v5. That balloon shop fly around near 2 side bush in mid lane
  3. djareme

    djareme Member

    Sep 11, 2013
    Why is lebmont hard to use? Btw Svaer also has a high difficulty:)
  4. yololtroll

    yololtroll Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Well, Lebont skills depend on positioning a lot.
    Sadly, Noobs don't know how to do that.
    I saw tons of Noobs use him and just freaking spam Skill 1 then died.
    And btw, Savear is kinda OK for Noobs to me, since he could jump to everywhere to escape like freaking Rengar.
  5. yololtroll

    yololtroll Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Well, it is just basic guide so I guess it not necessary to mention the side-lane shop. BTW, it is not only in bushes. It flying around near mid lane.
  6. C112t14nzx

    C112t14nzx New Member

    Jan 31, 2014
    Add valox and helm to the list of hard heroes. Also I would agree that lebmont is really easy to play. I would take him off the list. I understand he has some positioning involved but his skills nuke and noobs can play him no prob compared to jombraa. My point is his skills are very simple and that is what determines how hard or easy a character is to use.
  7. yololtroll

    yololtroll Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Well, I guess I was wrong.
    Guide update time.
  8. Dumb9Dodo

    Dumb9Dodo New Member

    Oct 31, 2013
    Reega is nvr a easy hero...

    gives an impression to almost everyone that u can #YOLO n carge in, thinkin ur ulti can help u net some kills.

    Really like this tho, i really envy the time u hve to makin stuff like this :3

    keep up the gd work.
  9. yololtroll

    yololtroll Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    YES SIR!
  10. Simon95

    Simon95 Member

    May 9, 2013
    I've been playing for more than a year now and still suck hardcore with reega. I'm really not sure whether he's a hero for newbies. But on the other hand, i wouldn't consider debronee as hard to play.
    Just my opinion
  11. yololtroll

    yololtroll Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Actually, I guess you right about Reega and Debbie. I will fix the list.
  12. UnFaZed

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    Mar 27, 2014
    Reega is best against noob players cause if u know his ult he isnt hard.
  13. yololtroll

    yololtroll Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Seriously, I know Reega is Noob Killer. But he was never a easy hero. I and a lot of players played the game for a long time and we still suck at Fish.
  14. Dumb9Dodo

    Dumb9Dodo New Member

    Oct 31, 2013
    I play reega well ^^

    It's jus ur items that u must buy. Either u stack mag.attack or defense or hp, it's a tough choice n umust adapt to the situation. But fernames is a must, n u will see wonders
  15. yololtroll

    yololtroll Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2014

    Yeah, slow biches and kill them with Ultimate.
  16. kr4m123

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    Sep 28, 2013
    Ha, I didn't realise this guide was on the unofficial forums too ^^

    Thanks for crediting me :)
  17. O 3o

    O 3o Member

    Mar 17, 2013
    Pro tip* don't be a kr4m123!

    I jk love you too :eek:

    Just felt like saying that xD
  18. kr4m123

    kr4m123 Wake me up inside

    Sep 28, 2013
    Pro tip by kr4m123: If you lose games, you bad.

    Pro tip: Don't die.

    Pro tip: Buy a longbow with arrows when you already have guns, gives you two weapons (ONLY ON HUNTER)
  19. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    This is great! Especially as a rift player, I love to see such a great guides.

    Barely any mistakes, but there are a few little ones and this is the biggest one so far

    Incorrect. You need to explain creep/hero Aggro

    Which is this concept:
    If you are within enemy tower range, and you have creeps with you, and you hit an enemy hero, regardless if you have creeps or not, the tower will automatically target you.

    Likewise, if you are tower diving with another teammate or more, the tower will attack whoever does the most damage to the lowest health character, regardless of your creeps.


    Furthermore, same things go for creep waves.

    If you are with your creeps with another set of creeps, and you hit the enemy, the creeps will automatically target you.
    You can however, use this as a strategy to get the enemy creeps to you faster
  20. IonWar

    IonWar New Member

    Mar 5, 2014

    thanks nightshade, this is something was still unclear for me :D

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