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  1. Levesqmi

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    Mar 13, 2013
    Hey everyone.

    EDIT: please note that some of the content below has been edited with the latest feedback from Sophie. It will be marked in blue.

    EDIT June 9th: Please note that the release date has slightly been pushed 2 weeks in order to fit in a very valued feature. Release is scheduled in about 2 weeks from now, and may vary depending of the Apple/Google app approval.

    Here are the most recent news from Gameloft. Sophie gave me permission to share what she told me because we are at a point we "need" to know (thank you Sophie). Tonight, I should have more details on what they have worked on last week. In the mean time, enjoy these insider news!

    Next Update - Early June:

    Next update is scheduled for early June 2015 (3-4 weeks from now). They understand the seriousness of the problems and decided to jump directly to the full game update early, skipping the DLC. (1 month only after previous update). As usual, delays for the Apple/Google store release can make this deadline vary couple days.

    Next Update Major Bug Fixes:
    1. Duplicate names when making/joining a game lobby - part of the problem has been fixed on the server
    2. Ghost game/desynch - part of the problem has been fixed on the server last weekend.
    3. Some other stability issues that makes the game crashes
    4. Login bug on Android (should be fixed already as it is a server hotfix)
    5. They upgraded and spread their servers on more machines, which should improve the lag
    6. Add a warning/accept popup when quitting a lobby (top right x button)
    7. Revival Runes will be on a fixed timer : The timer will work like now (CD = current time) but with a maximum of 5 minutes.
    8. Some general/hero balancing (Aria/Acridix nerf, etc).

    About Donovac crash on Android
    The problem cannot be reproduced anymore by the dev. it should be fixed in the UPD13. If you still crashes directly related to donovac, let us know.

    About Ranking Exploit

    Gameloft know who is and who isn't hacking. They are monitoring the leaderboard and systematically ban and remove rank point to every hackers, both on iOS and Android. This process should be completed within the next 1-2 weeks. If you still see hackers or rank exploiters, use the in-game report function to mark them so they they get monitored more closely.

    About Speed Buff:

    The speed buff will be changed from "... until there is an enemy within 30m" to ".. until there is an enemy IN VISION within 30m". So, you can still ambush players early game without having the speed buff acting like a free ward. Once you see them (out of the bush, high/low ground, etc), your buff will disappear.

    About Pick&Bans:

    The number of pick and bans will be back to 4.

    About Spectator Mode:

    I made it clear that rather than adding new content/features, this update MUST be about solving the stability of the game. Though, I have only one feature I would really like to see on this update: Spectator mode. I'll try to get the development roadmap to see when this feature is going to be launched. Stay tuned. This feature will be in UPD13 or UPD14 depending of the development progress.


    As a side note, I am pushing a lot to have this proposal implemented for normal PVP/FVF/GVG. Yes, I updated the OP to add a solution on GvG. They can still queue against pvp/fvf teams, but at least, they are going to get "similar" skilled players. This will improve greatly the queuing.
    This feature will require a lot of time to implement. Will be added in the future roadmap (UPD15+)

    And I already sent them 3 months ago a big changelog idea for balancing the game/items that I would hope to see some ideas implemented. Most of what I proposed are simply number changes, so it should be simple to do.

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  2. Marcosegs

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    Nov 13, 2013
    This is what I wanted to see
  3. tonkata999

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    Feb 21, 2015
    I`m satisfied with this new update
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  4. Swedishviking

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    May 13, 2014
  5. Muthafarrrrrrrar

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    Jun 16, 2014
    Finally, thank you levesqmi !!!
  6. whysooserious

    whysooserious New Member

    Jul 17, 2013
    Basically Gameloft is spending their time on fixing bugs that make every single update. Update is all about fixing bugs or reworking poor heroes that were made ..(No new contents at all) Suprisingly, they are doing very good job on making new skins and raising their prices. Anyways lets get to the point.. I like the idea of fixing bugs and punishing bug users in the game; however, it isnt update, its a small maintenance. All HOC players are waiting for a good update with new contents ( adding items/ new map/ new mode/ adding new heroes/ gvg rank ect.) But.. all I can see is balancing heroes/ fixing bugs ,which is not consider as an UPDATE. Gameloft should go back to basics when they use to give players a good update every month. I love the game but I dont see any improvements as a player's perspective.
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  7. mmg556

    mmg556 Lena Oxton

    Mar 31, 2015
    Really glad to see this, seems like Gameloft is beginning to learn and listen to the community after all :)

    Thank you leve for contacting them and letting our thoughts be known, as well as for giving us information. Everything you have done for us and this game is amazing, so I would just like to say thanks.

    Also a bit off topic, whenever I am learning to use a new hero that I don't know very well the first thing I do is look to your guides on hoc masters.. So a question, (and I am not at all trying to rush or pressure you I am just asking) do you know if you will be adding any more hero guides anytime soon? I know you are probably very busy as it is communicating with Sophie and Gameloft and trying to get this information for us, but I am just curious when I can expect to see a few more guides :)

    Thanks again ~ Mmg556
  8. rockz3r

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    Jul 1, 2014
    Finally. Fixes..
  9. miaows

    miaows Active Member

    Mar 28, 2015
    Spectator mode? You mean like... Twitch?

    Don't waste their time with suggestions that we never asked for.
  10. Ragnarocka

    Ragnarocka Member

    Jul 1, 2014
    Thank god you are part of this community leve.
    Most players lack the commitment, not to mention the intellectual (mathematical) knowledge to improve this game in such ways.

    If I were gameloft, I'd hire you in a heartbeat.
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  11. Marcosegs

    Marcosegs Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2013
    LOL no, also, when you say "we" you mean all of us? because I would really like to see this done, today If you want to record or stream a tournament it has to be 2v2 or 4v4.
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  12. miaows

    miaows Active Member

    Mar 28, 2015
    I seen everyone asking for bug fixes, it's hardly important.

    What's the point exactly, maybe I'm missing it?
  13. Redmanc

    Redmanc DUX

    Nov 8, 2013
    Me too
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  14. Mastermanuel15

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    Apr 2, 2015
    All of us wait a lot of time to see this :cat:
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  15. miaows

    miaows Active Member

    Mar 28, 2015
    So place a feature maybe only 20 people care about in the same importance as the bug fixes? Good job, can we choose someone else to speak to gameloft or is it a dictatorship?

    No one answered before, how is it different than twitch? What is the benefit?
  16. terrorgr

    terrorgr Active Member

    Dec 9, 2012
    I think there is no better person than lev to talk to gl and sophie..i have no patience with them and knowing how ignorant they are pisses my off.and i dont mean sophie she does her job but all the others developers-testers-antihack team are trash..even if they fix all bugs new bugs will emerge cause no one of them actually plays the dammm game..so to have hopes from next update i wanna play in a random game with aguy named [gm]whatever.anyway changes look good on papers and wb to hell levesqmi :D
  17. Levesqmi

    Levesqmi Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2013
    This is out of topic, so I won't go too far in details. But here is the quick reason why.

    In term of new features, there is nothing really this game debatably requires. It has enough heroes, enough maps (even too many for the player base), enough times, enough customization thru tablets, talent and such, enough diversity, etc.

    Through, HOC is not perfect. This game needs 3 things imho : improved hero/gameplay balancing (work in process), a much better tutorial so newcomers can learn the game well, and improve competition between top players/guilds. Looking at all MOBAs in this world, it is the competitive aspects of the game that drives new players to join and learn. When you have tournament with big prize pool, that is attraction. Last DOTA2 International championship has 11M$ US in price, 5M$ for the winning team! That is insane!

    And to generate fully the attraction of tournament and make advertising with them, you NEED to be able to twitch cast them. And for that, you need a Spectator mode. This is where this game is at now. Competitor games already have that feature on. HOC is trailing on that aspect.

    I see that you are a newcomers to this forum, and welcome. This is not a dictatorship as nobody here has any control on what GL will do on each update. I am a simple player like you expressing my most thoughtful ideas, that proved to be on point every time in the past. If you think you have better understanding of the game or better ideas, you are welcome to express them.
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  18. ShadowCat

    ShadowCat Active Member

    Aug 1, 2014
    Don't be such an ignorant pie hole.
    This game would be utter horse poo if it weren't for levesqmi.
    The answer was already provided. Reading comprehension goes a long way... But I'll clear it up for you:
    Have you ever watched a league of Legends tournament? That's spectator mode. It's completely different from watching someone play league of Legends on Twitch.
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  19. ShadowCat

    ShadowCat Active Member

    Aug 1, 2014
    Even if it were a small fraction of that prize money, it would draw a ton of players.

    I'm curious how they can fund these tournaments. It can't be solely from the sale of the game, including in-app purchases.

    There must be some partnership deals with advertisers (like twitch) and maybe product providers (like hardware providers for gaming products?).

    In which case, gameloft would have to partner with companies that provide mobile gaming products. And I don't see a lot of margin for those. Maybe Samsung, Google (android), or (doubtful) apple.

    With personal computers games like Dota and LoL there are always people looking for upgrades and stuff to their systems, so marketing is a lot more effective.

    But who knows. The first step is to draw a large crowd of players, then let the marketers figure out how to monetize it ;)
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  20. erfan

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Will redtrophi and kotun available with emblem??
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