In The Dark - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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  1. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    In The Dark - Part 1

    1 - Before
    2 - Fear
    3 - Darkness
    4 - Change
    5 - After

    Before Haradon was found, before there was Order, there was Chaos. Monsters roamed the earth, animals hid, humans died. There was nothing but fear and darkness, no one dared to fight the monsters. It was only one day when a comet hit the earth, killing all the monsters and anything living. The earth stayed empty like that for millions of years, until one day, the gods decided to created the humans and animals again to fill the emptiness of the earth. That was when there was Order, but Chaos had other plans too, things that the gods didn't know, until today...

    "Melina!! Come back! Night is coming!" Grandmaster Airurasth yelled.
    "Coming! Just a few more moments!" Melinda yelled back.
    "Melina, you know it's dangerous at night, do you?!" Airurasth yelled louder.
    Melina picked up her books and ran back to Airurasth's cottage. She had lived there for years, and she knew Airurasth didn't want to be kept waiting. He was impatient and wanted Melina to learn things fast, he saw potential.
    "Dinner is served." Airurasth said, walking over to Melina.
    Airurasth flicked his hand in the air and a second later, there was soup on the table.
    "Same as always." Melina groaned.
    Airurasth looked over to Melina, and sighed. He drank the soup in one go and grabbed a book from the shelf behind him.
    "Complete this within the next 1 week." Airurasth said.
    "1 week? I already have 2 other books!" Melina whined.
    "If you work harder, you'll complete all 3, now start working." Airurasth ordered.
    Melina screamed and stomped back to her room. When will he disappear? I already have so much to do! Melina thought. I just wished he disappeared somehow. Melina shut her eyes and tried to sleep. I'll be more powerful than him one day, and I'll take over! Melina smiled with satisfaction and went to sleep.

    "When are we going to strike?" XXX asked
    "Not just yet, but when we do, nothing can stop us!" XXX said back.
    "It's gonna be fun!" XXX said excitedly, clasping X's claws together.
    "The night calls to us, we must take out Airurasth first, he's no match for our claws!" XXX screamed.
    XXX smiled, they know that once they killed the mayor of the town, nothing will be in balance. That's when they can go on a killing spree. They just had to take out Airurasth first.
    "First thing tomorrow night!" XXX declared.

    Melina woke up with a pain on her back, she sat on her bed and looked around. Something's wrong, Melina thought. Airurasth had always woke her up in the morning for her early lessons, but he was nowhere to be found. Melina slowly walked out the door and went into the hallways,
    Airurasth was no where to be seen. She looked everywhere in the house before deciding to give up. What am I gonna do without him? Melina panicked, but then went back to her room before panicking again. Melina was nothing without Airurasth, and if he was gone, there would be no one to protect Melina. Melina played back that scene inside her head, where she stomped into her room and thought of Airurasth disappearing. She couldn't get that out of her head, and she was feeling really guilty already. Melina went into Airurasth's room, and opened up a chest. There she found was spell books and scrolls. She grabbed the book named Tracking and Teleportation Spells. Melina opened it to a random page and begin turning the pages until she found what she liked. After a few minutes, Melina finally found what she wanted, only to find that a paper fell out of it. It read,
    Dear Melina,
    If I disappear this morning, know that there was something at our house last night. I only had time to write this last night, because I cast a spell where it writes anything off my mind. The creature had claws and vicious eyes, it was wearing some sort of cape. The creature kept on saying, "Hail Mo----a."--- -- - - -- -- - --

    That was all there was left to that note, there was not a clue that there were a creature inside the house. It all seemed so, organized... and Airurasth's room was never like that. Nice creature, bad creature, Melina thought. Melina looked around the room, then thought about Airurasth again, that's when she broke down in tears.

    Melina finally stood up, eyes red and legs wobbly. She couldn't believe Airurasth was killed, and his last moments were so terrible. Melina walked around the room only to find that she was crying again. I wish you back! Please come back to me! Melina thought, regretting her wish yesterday. Melina was now the strongest person in town, but without Airurasth's guidance, she could end up turning evil. Melina opened up the spell book again, and read the part she found.
    Spells, Tracking Lost Items of People
    It may seem easy, but is extremely hard. This spell requires thought and peace to perform it. You must be in an area where it is quiet, and you must be extremely still. Wait a little until you feel a stronger breeze, then say, Ictla musa! Bujeda! This will cast a spell that will allow you to find an item of your choice, it cannot find items that are not in this world, or realm. You can only cast this once before waiting a century to cast it again.

    Melina closed the book and got dressed. She went outside and into the forest and sat down. She waited, but not a breeze flowed across her face. She was getting impatient when that breeze happened. Melina had been waiting for this so long!
    "Ictla musa! Bujeda!" Melina shouted loudly.
    The winds grew stronger, and Melina thought about Airurasth's most prized possession. Then suddenly, a trail of dust appeared infront of her. Melina smiled a half smile, then walked towards the dust.

    Airurasth looked to his left and right, there were 2 creatures he described carrying him towards a cave. It was morning, but the forest covered it so he could only see some sunlight piercing through. He looked to his back and found some other people getting carried to the cave. He tried moving his legs and hands, but the grip on the creatures were too strong. He closed his eyes as he entered the cave, waiting for his death to happen. He knew there was nothing that could save him now, so what was the point of hoping? The creatures finally came to a stop and let him go, then ran out the cave as if they were scared of something. Airurasth knew this was his time, he didn't open his eyes at all.
    "Hello Airurasssthhhh, remember me?" A sort of snakelike voice said.
    "Hello Sia, I do remember you." Airurasth said quietly, without opening his eyes.
    "Come on! Look at me! I look pretty!! Jusssssttt open your eyessssss!!" The voice purred.
    Airurasth knew who this was, it was Sia Tidesinger. One of the most deadly things in this world, one look at her and anyone or anything would turn to stone. Airurasth was still resisting though.
    "Oh look! Your friendsssss are here! The Mayor, the mother with 3 children, the coward and a shepherd! How delightful!" The voice said.
    "Please don't hurt me! I'll do what you want!" The mayor cried.
    Sia looked at the Mayor and he instantly turned to stone, the others screamed and cried.
    "Who'sssss next??" Sia hissed, looking around.
    Airurasth was completely calm, and sat still on the ground.
    "When I die, I'll come back for you, and kill you in the most torturous way." Airurasth said in a menacing tone.
    "We'll ssseeee about that!" Sia laughed, slithering away...

    Melina had went so far into the woods, she didn't know where was her house anymore, but all she cared about was finding Airurasth. She would occasionally fall down and scratch herself (Which was solved with a healing spell) but she kept on going. Melina had never walked so far in her entire life without resting and she had gotten really tired. Melina tried to lay down, but her mind refused to until she had found Airurasth. Melina did stop once in a while, but only for a few minutes before she began her walk again. The spell was still there, the dust was leading her way, but Melina wasn't sure if the spell worked correctly. She finally came to a stop, but nothing of Airurasth was no where to be found. Melina sighed, and kicked a rock away, and cast some spells that blew leaves away. But something caught her eye after she blew the leaves away, there in the air was a ring, Airurasth's ring! Melina ran after it, but her spell kept on blowing it away, she decided to cast a spell that stopped the wind, but it drained her for a cost. Melina fell down, but couldn't heal herself this time. She crawled over to the ring, picked it up, and put it on her finger. At that moment, a gust of wind blew through her, but it seemed to be coming from all directions. It lifted her up in the air and the wind now blew in front of her. Her witch cap flew off and her hair blew back. The wind was too strong, but it came to a stop all the sudden, and in front of her was something she couldn't believe her eyes. It was the last thing she saw before she got knocked out...

    Melina found herself tied to a rock, and was wondering what had happened. She was in the mountains, and could see the clouds so near her.
    "Who are you?" A voice questioned, so quickly that Melina couldn't understand.
    Melina blinked her eyes a few times, her vision was still blurry. When she finally got her vision back, the voice was there again.
    "Who are you?" It said louder, but still as quicker
    "I'm Melina? Who are you and why am I up in the mountains?"
    "That is not to be revealed yet, what is important is what are you doing with the ring?"
    "I found it!" Melina shouted.
    "Liar, no ring like that can be found, like a thief like you. I know a sacred ring when I see one and I intend to keep my oath."
    "Who's oath is it?"
    "That will not be told, for that I shall break it."
    "If you want to protect or do whatever stuff you want with that ring, why don't you just take it off me?"
    "The ring binds to it's owner, and only the most powerful and evil people can break it, people like you."
    "I'm not an evil person!"
    "Then explain the ring, I can keep you here as long as I want, and you'll starve."
    "It was Airurasth! He disappeared! So I cast this spell that will let me find his most prized possession!"
    "Hphhh, liar! Airurasth is the most powerful sorcerer in the land, only someone as evil as you can make it go off. I can sense such power from you before you wore that ring."
    Melina growled, and mumbled a few words. But before she could finish it, the ropes were suddenly untied and she was dropping down the air, towards her death...

    The people around Airurasth was being turned to stone one by one, it was the temptation that led them to their death. Sia's voice somehow changed whenever she killed a person, whether it was a man or a woman, she was sure good at impersonating it. One voice was a child, which Airurasth assumed was the mother's child. But the thing was, somehow, he couldn't hear whatever she was saying when she impersonated the voices. But he used a quick spell to hear, but was suddenly deaf again. When each person was killed, everyone could hear again, and was usually screams that came into their minds first. Airurasth was down to the last one, and he knew it was gonna be his death.
    "Help Master Airurasth!" A voice cried out.
    Airurasth kept on shaking his head, he knew it was Sia. He knew those were the fake cries of Melina.
    "Please! I'm dying, please help me!"
    Airurasth had resisted this, but this wasn't the end of it, suddenly, he opened his eyes. And he could see Melina, and Sia holding her, with a knife in her hand.
    "Please Airurasth! She's gonna kill me! All you have to do is open your eyes!"
    "No!!" Airurasth shouted, both Sia and Melina blew away as darkness begin to settle in his eyes. Another voice popped in, but this time it was his wife. His Allie.
    "Albert!" She cried. "Please! I'm gonna die! Open your eyes, she's not here!
    Airurasth couldn't take it anymore, his dead wife mustn't be reminded! Sis wasn't the best at smarts, she knew that she was taking his dead wife as her last resort.
    "You can't trick me, and I know your curse..." Airurasth finally said, but very softly.
    "Hahahahaha, then I shall keep you here until you ssssstarve!" She laughed.
    "I don't starve, in fact, I haven't eaten the day since Allie died. Nothing pleases me except the moment when you beg me on the ground for mercy." Airurasth said darkly.
    "Then I'll force it out of you!" Sia hissed.
    "You're gonna die before this happens."
    "Oh yes, and Melina is gonna come for me, I know it..."

    Sorry guys, I feel like this isn't right, sorry if you liked the story

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
  2. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

    Aug 5, 2016
  3. Someone Out There

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    Aug 5, 2016
  4. Jacke0

    Jacke0 I love Akise

    May 16, 2014
  5. rajinikanth

    rajinikanth THE DARK PALADIN

    Nov 13, 2014
    That's kind of Different, accordingly Haradon is a different planet and earth is a different planet.
    Anyways seemed interesting
  6. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    Well, I imagine Haradon is Earth, with magic.
  7. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    Thank you all, for the nice feedback! Sorry, I didn't have much time, but now that I have more time, I'm gonna spend it with you guys, writing!
  8. Evanescent

    Evanescent Forum PsychoLogist

    Aug 4, 2013
    There's someone out there in the dark.

    Sorry came just for that lol
  9. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    Well, did you like the story anyways?
  10. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

    Aug 5, 2016
    Sorry guys again, for being out, I'm really busy nowadays and I'm trying as hard as I can to find time to write fan fic. I'll try really hard to write more, see you guys later!

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