[iOS] 1v1 Tournament. 1,800 Runes Prize. Smaller prizes for top 5

Discussion in 'General' started by Nightshadexx, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    Hey guys. I'm gonna start a big tournament :).

    PRIZE IS 1,800 Runes(Sponsored by me), AND a match with Warsong (Elite Guild- Not top 20, but leaderboard guild before gl accidentally deleted it.

    Unless I say things change, it starts March 7th. It could even carry on into April/May depending on how many apply but I will release the battles that should take place on the seventh.
    Listing rules, policy, and scoring below.

    - Upon applying below, you will be matched with an opponent
    - I will try and make him/her closest to your level/skil level but there are no promises
    - This is a 1v1 tournament. Not 2v2 or 3v16, 1v1. Only people allowed to watch are people that I list, and they literally cannot leave their base if watching. If they do, then it's started over with the extra person excluded.

    -Submit results to me by screenshot via PM, or WeChat, but do not put results in this thread! only applications and others forms of chatter
    -I do not want a video please.
    - If you have a particular problem with a member, then you PM before applying and let me know so I can rearrange your opponent.

    - Outside of that, do not cry about your opponent because it's random to add fun to it. You only have to wait until march 6th ^_^.

    - This is not a requirement. It is optional but also fun and this forum consists of experienced and inexperienced players. You might learn ALOT from playing someone here.


    - If you decide to change any of the rules marked with an "*" listed below, then you must communicate that by some form of chat, and you must show me a screenshot of the agreement between both players of the agreement. This is to prevent cheating and lying. (ONLY APPLICABLE FOR THE RULES LISTED WITH AN*.

    -No Backdooring*

    -All tablets allowed*(If you decide to change it's either all tabs or no tabs)*

    -All talents allowed*(Same thing. Either all or none)*

    -All profile skills allowed

    - Same hero 1v1(You guys agree on the hero. If you cannot seem to come to an agreement, PM me to figure it out, or remove yourself from this Torunament.

    - You are allowed one "disconnect"/ Or! A redo per match. (This is disconnecting out of rage or quitting). (Asking for a redo is usually more polite though.).

    -If you crash, and you get beaten and the enemy wins and sends that screenshot without acknowledging that you crashed, then I MIGHT be able to tell from the score or items. BUT it's a very subjective thing and I cannot guarantee every call will be made correct. Any proof of lying or cheating like that and I'll automatically disqualify you from this tournament.

    - Bosses allowed(Mogul or dragon)*

    - Revival Runes allowed*

    - Creep-Blocking* (standing in front of your creeps to block them to delay when they attack the tower)* (If you want to change you have the option of creep blocking only with body, or using skills also, whatever, just make sure you both agree.)

    -3v3 map ONLY.

    -If enough people apply, it will be a winner for each category with smaller prizes to be discussed later but the overall winner ultimately gets the 1,800 runes.

    - Winning = automatic moving up. This is achieved by destroying the enemies base.

    - When we get to the final player(s) OR you guys call it a draw, I will incorporate a scoring system. Which is kills MINUS deaths PLUS assists. (13 kills 5 deaths and 2 assists will = 10 points. These points will help you advance more quickly.) So get kills guys.

    EDIT 1v1s are one person only so it is literally impossible to get assists so it's
    (kills - deaths)

    - Matches lasting more than 45 min AND there is at least one tower left (excluding base) on ONE of the two sides, will be a draw and the person with the highest points is the winner.

    If other person does not acknowledge the 45 min. Leave the game with a screenshot for proof.


    ANY changes to rules marked with an "*" I suggest you take a screenshot of the agreement to change the desired rule between BOTH of you.
    If neither side can provide proof then I will asses the tournament as the default u
    Rules listed above



    Have fun.

    Cheating = disqualified.

    Have fun.
    Reply here if any mistakes or something you think should be added.

    Application Form

    Forum Name:
    In-Game name:
    Any additional info:
    Preferred Class(Helps with placing):


    IOS ONLY. (Sorry android players :()
    Creep score (Amount of enemy soldiers you get the last hit on) is now factored in to the original {Kill - Deaths} scoring system

    The new system is {Kills + [CS(Creep Score) / 10]— deaths)
    Update 3/11!

    Tournament brackets completely rearranged! But still close to your desired classes. Trying to get guildies away from each other in the beginning.

    If your name is not on the list wechat me before I start it on Friday

    NEW PRIZE is 1,800 runes!+ One week in Warsonf

    Top 5 I'll get more prizes but for now

    2nd place = 900 runes + 3 days with WS
    3rd place = 1 day with WS
    4= thinking
    5= thinking.

    If you are already in a guild we can discuss other prizes
  2. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

    Nov 19, 2013
    OP hero allowed? then i wanna apply. :)

    Forum Name:isendir1
    In-Game name:isendir1
    Any additional info:hate goldfur
    Preferred Class(Helps with placing):Support (Sia then)
  3. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    Choose one class
  4. Dumb9Dodo

    Dumb9Dodo New Member

    Oct 31, 2013
    iOS or android?

    Forum Name: Dumb9Dodo
    In game name: megusta43
    Level: 40
    Any additional info: nt much tho
    Preferred class: guardian?
  5. Mabarry3

    Mabarry3 Active Member

    Apr 6, 2013
    Forum Name: Mabarry3
    In-Game name: mabarry3
    Level: 40
    Any additional info: 4 things.

    1) Wanted to mention that in your scoring section you begin to mention something about games lasting >45 minutes with 1 or more non-base towers on one of the sides, but you didn't mention how that affects scoring or whether those matches are considered a draw, or what

    2) I prefer contact via wechat, my opponents can forum-PM me for my wechat information.

    3) I don't think you should allow 1 'redo' or 'disconnect' per match, or at least make it only a redo if the DC happens before the ~3 minute mark of the game, because then all I have to do before I lose is close my app a minute or two before the other person wins and then send you information that I 'crashed' or 'lost connection' or something (and make it so that you receive my information before theirs as 'proof' that I dc'd from the game) and go for a redo.

    4) Have you considered double-elimination for this? It helps a lot and especially helps those who are not as experienced and go up against a more experienced player to have another shot. So you have:

    Prize 1) Winner
    Prize 2) Winner of 'loser' category (which would mean they lost twice, but their second loss came from the final winner)
    Prize 3-5) At your discretion

    Preferred Class: I shouldn't really need to say this, you all probably know ;) but mage.
  6. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    Thank you.

    I might enter just to play mage vs you ^_^.

    I strongest mage in Warsong but you're GS so I have no chance
  7. Mitikmist

    Mitikmist New Member

    Dec 7, 2013
    Forum Name: mitikmist
    In-Game name: mitikmist (iOS only)
    Level: 40
    Any additional info: Just so i can play the Warsong match =p
    Preferred Class(Helps with placing): Fighter!!/Guardian
  8. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

    Nov 19, 2013

    oh btw.... IOS only
  9. Sand

    Sand New Member

    Sep 22, 2013
    Forum Name: Sand
    In-Game Name: ochwade
    Level: 40
    Preferred Class: Support

    Additionally, I imagine the participants would have to contact each other about time availability after the match-ups are made. What should we do if there are time conflicts?
  10. Zpie

    Zpie Active Member

    Dec 25, 2013
    Forum Name: Zpie
    In-Game Name: wolobiatch
    Level: 40
    Preferred Class: Mage

  11. geki35

    geki35 New Member

    Mar 3, 2014
    Forum name: geki35
    In-game name: gekikara35
    level: 40
    preferred class: any

    U can contact me on we chat : gekikara35
  12. Gurkenbande

    Gurkenbande Member

    Jan 25, 2014
    Application Form

    Forum Name:Gurkenbande
    In-Game name:Gurkenbande
    Any additional info:Hmm... Probably gonna lose against u pros :)
    but i will enjoy! AND playing on laggy iPod 4 :(
    Preferred Class: Guardians

    AND it would help me a Lot if some gaia pros Play
    against me, that they can Tell me how to Play her!
    And THANK YOU for the generous price! Its really Nice from
    you to give that Great present to any Player who wins!
  13. sjoerdilly

    sjoerdilly Member

    Jul 1, 2013
    Forum Name: sjoerdilly
    In-Game Name: sjoerdilly
    Level: 40
    Preferred Class: mage/support
  14. pawel04101997

    pawel04101997 New Member

    Feb 4, 2014
    Forum name: Pawel04101997
    prefered class: Fighters/Guards
  15. gian_francolf

    gian_francolf New Member

    Mar 3, 2014
    IGN: gian_francolf
    LVL: 40
    GUILD: Officer of LATINOS
    WECHAT: gian_francolf
    CLASS: Mages-Supports

    and i want to make sure u guys wont forget and will add me to the tournament cos i really wanna have some fun 1v1
  16. Makisu

    Makisu Active Member

    Jul 2, 2013
    Forum Name: maksimus247d
    In-Game name: maksimus247d
    Level: 40
    Any additional info: im on mumbke but i will download we chat if thats so
    Prefered class: fighter and secondry prefered mage
  17. Yungnick55

    Yungnick55 New Member

    Sep 16, 2013
    Forum name:yungnick55
    In-game name:d3adc3nter
    Lvl: 40
    Additional info:wechat is deadcenter
    Preferred class: fighter
  18. Boldon

    Boldon Member

    Mar 2, 2014
    Forum Name:Boldon
    In-Game name:Boldon
    Any additional info:not experienced in 1v1 at all
    Preferred Class(Helps with placing):Fighter
  19. Kostya123k

    Kostya123k Member

    Apr 30, 2013
    Forum Name: kostya123k
    In-Game name: kostya123k
    Level: 40
    Prefered class: fighter and secondry prefered tanks
    GMT - 10:00
  20. Mabarry3

    Mabarry3 Active Member

    Apr 6, 2013
    We can always 1v1 Mage any time, doesn't have to be in the tournament of course. If you want to, I'm on wechat yknow.
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