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  1. Catsu208

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Pre-Topic P.S. Woo! Wall of text! Enjoy peeps! c:

    Greetings people of the forums! I am Catsu208 bringing you a guide on how to counter the my infamous evil second son, Kagax. This here is my first guide, by first, I mean the literally first guide I have made in my life. With that said, feel free to comment or suggest improvements or point out flaws.

    First of all, before we start going into how to counter him, we must look into the character. It's skills and why it is feared.

    Kagax - A risky fighter who has 3 active skills, and 1 passive skill, which may be the riskiest, yet strongest passive yet.

    Skills to be feared
    Blood Letting - Allows a mid-range slow shot that can mostly guarantee a victim's death if being chased.

    Pleasant Misery (Passive) - A passive skill that increases Kagax's attack speed AND movement speed by a certain percentage depending on how much hp he has left. This is why Kagax is feared the most. This makes Kagax unpredictable when it comes to battles. You may think you can kill him because his health is low. But with a Divinity Sword he can stun the heck out of you with his insane attack speed, and escape is nearly impossible at this point due to his speed.

    Fury (Ultimate) - His ultimate increases Kagax's survivability as he takes the risk to intentionally lose hp, as he can easily go invincible and absorb damage to heal himself.

    All in all, he is a feared hero because of his ability to move and hit quickly and his insane survivability rate when his ultimate is ready. Squishy to an extent, yes. But he wants to be squishy to let his passive go into play quicker.

    Now we know why he is feared, let us move on to the counters.

    Basically what you want to counter with him is his speed. That is his best asset. He can chase an enemy and catch up to it in a short amount of time since he is also the fastest hero, next to his speed you will want to counter his ultimate as he has a great survivability due to his ultimate. So, what is it you need most? Slow and silence. Use slowing and/or silence skills, attacks or items. Here are some examples of the following.


    In my opinion one of the best counters for Kagax as his skills provide a slow, and good damage towards Kagax, whilst being ranged leaving him far from harms way.

    Another quite amazing mage that can counter Kagax. With his simple offensive skill combo he can bring Kagax down exeptionally low. Not to mention being able to put up walls to block off Kagax, AND being ranged putting him away from harms way.

    Kagax's speed is no match for Anuir's ability to blink multiple times, and not to mention her ability to silence Kagax and kiss him to keep him in place rendering him unable to cast his ultimate.

    Khlint Giantslayer
    His slow traps can easily allow him to either secure Kagax's death, or to deny a kill from Kagax. Then you can just easily heal your teammate(s) after doing so, for the slow allows a pretty good breather time.

    Clip Dirtblade
    Before I start, may I ask, is Clip a him or a her?
    Anyways, basically the same as Khlint. Place an ant to slow down the Kagax to either deny his kill, or secure his death. With 3 of Clip's skills that gives slow, Clip may also be one of the Kagax counters.

    Pelia Longhorn
    He has a debuff aura that slows enemy which makes him useful for just being there.

    Sia Tidesinger
    One of the best counter hero against Kagax. She has the ability to do a long range slow, or use her 2nd skill with her Trail and stun Kagax, and her ultimate which is an AoE "Petrification" that keeps enemies in place, and right after gives them a slow.

    Balondis the hero with probably the best silence ever which lasts for 5 seconds. Pop this skill up when fighting Kagax and he won't be able to use his Ultimate, his skill that provides him that survivable chance. Along with his Cage, he can trap Kagax in a small area whilst ranged heroes can just easily hit him from outside.

    Watcher's Whisper
    A great item for a ranged fighter, and usually is an essential item to it's build. Just keep hitting a running Kagax and soon enough it will get slowed down, although quite risky as it depends on chance.

    Essence of Labulan(?)
    Has an active skill that sends out a poisonous nova that will deal DOT and slow down all those affected.

    Cloak of Choking Words
    A handy tool to give to your tank, as it is quite dangerous for you to use it yourself as Kagax is a melee hero and you would be in melee range. Have a tank taunt him or tank Kagax, pop the silence to prevent him from using his Ultimate then start hitting the f*** out of Kagax.

    Items and heroes are not the only things that can counter a Kagax. The blue buff can also allow a slow similar to a Watcher's Whisper. But be careful, because even if you have a slow, you are not yet safe from Kagax's melee attacks, so I suggest have a ranged carry or a tank get this.

    How to handle Kagax in-game
    Having items and the skills for countering Kagax is not enough to counter him well. You will need a strategy as how to handle him if he comes rushing up to you.

    Here is how:

    -Keep your distance. Kagax is a melee hero, so he will have to come closer to you.
    -Lure him into dangerous spots. If Kagax wants to kill you, he will have to come close. Use this to your advantage to lure him into traps/favorable environment.
    -Keep an ear out. Remember that Kagax's ultimate absorbs your attacks. Make sure before you do any damage to him whatsoever that his ultimate is inactive. If it is, run towards favorable locations.
    -Silence him whenever his hp is low. This is the time where he usually uses his ultimate. But situations may differ from time to time, so be aware of your situation.
    -Let the tank be the tank and take damage while the carry dish out the damage while being safe from the Kagax's attacks because of the tank.

    This new part of the guide is about how to tackle and somewhat counter Kagax as well.

    Burst skills are one of Kagax's friends, and ally as well. It all depends in the timing. Kagax relies on constant dps or DoT dealt to him. This allows him to use his Ult at the best moment possible. A smart person can calculate the enemy DPS and can find the perfect timing. But a single high-damage skill can render his previous calculations invalid.

    Instant Burst skills like Migrove's Tidal Wave, Goroshia's Hurricane, and Mystic's Phantom Chains are just few skills that deal instant damage. Intensify is a common skill, and doesn't actually deal the damage instantly. These skills are scary.

    The main purpose of having high burst instant skills is to waste Kagax's Ukt, or kill him. These skills can take down a high percentage of his health. From 10%, to over 80%.

    By using these skills after some Harass, Kagax will need to use his Ult prematurely. Best part is unlike Debronee's Intensify these skills have low cooldown, and/or have CC.

    If Kagax uses his Ult, he lives, but he has no survivability. It's like he's back at lvl5. If he chooses not to, he will die, or his health will be really low. Because these skills are spammable due to low CD, Kagax will have a hard time to fight them for fear of being bursted down without his ult.

    Remember, let Kagax use his ult on YOUR terms. Do this by letting him choose between bursted down to death, or survival. Do net let his Ult on his terms. i.e when his Health is low and fighting someone. Make him use it when his health is still high, to cancel out his passive.

    Never Hit & Retreat/Chase. We have heroes like Mystic, Migrove, and Goroshia who can deal damage while retreating. Unless you guys are confident you can kill him, don't use the Hit & Retreat/Chase Tactic. By doing this you are dealing more damage to him, letting his passive stack more and more. He can then easily outrun you and either escape, or catch up. You're simply adding wood to the fire by dishing out damage when running away from him.

    That is all I can contribute to this guide. Feel free to post in the comment section your ideas and I will add them into the topic after discussion (if needed).

    Note: Basically did this because I was inspired as I played as Migrove and ruined a Kagax's day with my slow. Also as an elf with Watcher's Whisper that kept slowing him down w/ blue buff.

    *Updated as of June 8 4:21pm GMT + 8:00
  2. Dumb9Dodo

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    Oct 31, 2013
    Much more, pretty much all those who can silence, eg. Harpie, balondis

    N the item which is cloak of the choking words? Forgot it's name but usually get that as a support/ tank when I'm against kagax.

    Small edit: it's Clip not Kilp
  3. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    Well you could have just said CC

    But thank you for the guide.

    I play kagax all the time and if I'm fed enough I buy the choking words cloacks to shut down mages. If you don't have the CC you will die
  4. Isendir1

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    Nov 19, 2013
    sia? sia? SIA??
  5. Trollmaster

    Trollmaster Member

    Jan 9, 2014
    Ant Guard is Anti-Kagax

    nuff said. B)
  6. Bloodexorcist

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    Feb 3, 2014
    Kagax isn't feared if anything he's underpowered all you need to do to is play competetive heroes and he won't make an impact.hes feared if people are too stupid to stun him when he's low
  7. Catsu208

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Crowd Control includes stun, and to be honest stun isn't as effective as the slow as stuns generally lasts for 1 or 2 secs and after the short stun Kagax is back up running, unlike slow it could last for 3 or 5 seconds.

    Yeah, forgot about the silence part. Slipped my mind. I'll be editing and adding some things into it.

    Sia... Yeah, common sense for everyone on how much she can counter Kagax (Ultimate, Virulient Trail w/ stun or the slow). Pronably was just too lazy to type that much xD But I did consider her. I'll be updating the guide.
  8. Valhallax

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    Mar 3, 2014
    Good job with the guide so farn and with being able to take the criticism and help as it comes.

    Yes, he could have just simply stated CC, but with this guide he is pointing out who is a counter and why. While he is also Giving item options with descriptions as well. There are people who don't understand each hero and item as we do and a guide like this can definitely turn the tides for them next match.

    I commend you Catsu for putting the time, effort and research into this. It still has a way to go until it is finished and perfected, but it has all the quintessential information. +1Rep
  9. C112t14nzx

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    Jan 31, 2014
    I use Kagax as my main hero and over all I would say this guide sums up what to do to counter what he does. I would add in though that if Kagax starts getting kills it is game over.

    He will out level you and totally destroy your team. Once he starts snow balling you can't stop him so you have to get him early game.

    Don't know why I'm telling you this but just a tip for you that are having trouble fighting him.
  10. Valhallax

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    Mar 3, 2014
    This is exactly what you need to do to shut a debronee down as well. Neither of these characters are OP, they just have an easy time snowballing if your team is dumb enough to give them kills.
  11. C112t14nzx

    C112t14nzx New Member

    Jan 31, 2014
    Definitely that's why they're used a lot. Kagax is more complicated than debronee though and this does effect which players focus on using more. I'm familiar with two kagax's on the China server. They're both ok kagax's but I do find lots of noobs getting along with debronee quite well.

    Also just for the connection here is a link to a debronee counter guide.

  12. djareme

    djareme Member

    Sep 11, 2013
    You forgot sand, they both got enormous aatck spd so sand can go toe to toe with kagax, and his ulti also silences
  13. FallenAngel

    FallenAngel Active Member

    Jan 29, 2014
  14. Bloodexorcist

    Bloodexorcist Active Member

    Feb 3, 2014
    Nearly every hero can counter kagax ...just stay with your tea and it's game over for kagax
  15. C112t14nzx

    C112t14nzx New Member

    Jan 31, 2014
    Nah Kagax isn't easily taken out. If the player is skilled that person will know to catch the weakest players of the enemy team off guard. By the time kagax has gotten a kill it's already game over.
  16. woodlord4707

    woodlord4707 Active Member

    Apr 13, 2014
    Ok. Now this will teach those who hate kagax :)
  17. Knightzomegaz

    Knightzomegaz New Member

    Apr 20, 2014
    Lol, the hold in place is already good enough, wait for his ultimate to pass then kill, if you can catch him though...

    Also, the Sneak skill, used this when I went 1v1 with a kagax (I was Debronee), wait for his ulti then sneak (having the tablet is really helpful) and don't use your 2nd before he use his ulti...
  18. Trepplex

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    Jan 18, 2014
    Another way to counter him is with the profile skill "Sneak". I can easily kill off a full Hp Kagax with the Malignity Tablet and the profile skill sneak using Debronee. Basically, I would build Debronee as a bruiser with tons of ATK power and Defense and auto attack him. When his HP drops, he'll use ult and that's when I'll use Sneak to waste his ult. If he's not smart enough to escape, when his ult ends, I'll Intensify him to death. Of course this way is still not 100% guarantee to be successful as Kagax can counter this also with Farseeing's Sight =.=
  19. Chrisp

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    Nov 28, 2013
    That's pretty much exactly what Knightzomegaz said a month ago in the post above yours, even the example is the same
  20. Trollmaster

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    Jan 9, 2014
    What if that kagax has farsee

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