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    Savage of the Deep – The Ultimate King Reega Guide

    by mrfishfish



    If you want to know King Reega's true potential, here is the right place.

    Hello guys, since I played King Reega for some days, I would like to share my experience on mastering this hero. Contrary to most inexperienced players who thought King Reega is weak and underpowered, Reega is in fact a balanced and strong late game hero. He has weak early game presence and lacks of crowd controls, but with strong ultimate and decent damage. He is in fact very unique and fun to play hero that able to 1v3 late game!

    This guide is not for newbies, it is written for players that have the basic knowledge of kiting, counter kiting, the sense of team work and some experience on playing guardians, but have no idea on maximizing King Reega's potential. If you're one of them, you're at the right place!

    The current game version is 1.9.0, and this guide was written in game version 1.7.0. So most of the items suggested are outdated atm but other stuff are still kinda useful. I only change a little bit for better reading, I will update my guide on the next game version it's coming out soon according to GL staffs.


    This guide is written in game version 1.7.0. If it's outdated, do NOT follow my item builds since they are mostly changed or outdated. Other stuffs are still kinda useful (I supposed) so they can still be read for reference.


    1. One of the strongest ultimate in HOC - Reflect all damage received as true damage within a relatively long duration
    2. Has a built in Magical Defense aura, great against mages AOE damage
    3. Damage dealt by Aquatic Orbs are decent and it has a short cooldown so you may continuously spamming


    1. No gap closers
    2. Mana hungry
    2. Slow farming speed, hard to grow
    3. Lack of crowd control and utilities

    Hero Stats

    Here are stats of King Reega without any talents, tablets or inscriptions.

    Hero Peak : Magical Defense and Movement Speed (Highest movement speed among all guardians)

    King Reega at Level 1

    HP : 568 (+94)
    MP : 360 (+40)
    Normal Attack : 51.0 (+2.8)
    Attack Speed : 0.71 (+0.1)
    Movement Speed : 4.3
    Phy Def : 23 (+2.9)
    Mag Def : 19 (+3.09)
    HP Reg : 1.19/s (+0.25)
    MP Reg : 1.10/s (+0.15)

    King Reega at Level 15

    HP : 1884
    MP : 920
    Normal Attack : 90.2
    Attack Speed : 0.85
    Movement Speed : 4.3
    Phy Def : 63.6
    Mag Def : 62.26 + 40
    HP Reg : 4.69/s
    MP Reg : 3.20/s


    The cooldown reduction is capped at 45%. To achieve optimal cooldown for Aquatic Orbs you need 33.4% CD Reduction or higher(6 > 4s).

    1. Water Shield [​IMG]

    Cooldown : 15/15/15/15s

    Optimal Cooldown : 9s

    Mana Cost : 80/100/120/140ma

    Range : 8m

    Absorb 85/155/225/295 + 45% MA (Magical Attack) damage for 10 seconds. It can be casted on allies but with a long delay on landing. Any enemies attacking the shielded target will be slowed down for 2 seconds.

    It's a single target supportive skill with long casting animation, not really helpful on supporting allies but great for self survival.

    Note : Frozen Armor doesn't reflect damage dealt on a shielded Reega until the shield is gone.

    2. Aquatic Orbs [​IMG]

    Cooldown : 12/10/8/6s

    Optimal Cooldown : 4s

    Mana Cost : 110/120/130/140ma

    Range : 10m

    Deals 80/140/200/260 + 43% MA damage to nearest 3 enemies, damage dealt would be 130% if only 1 enemy is hit.

    The major skill dealing decent damage on enemies. The cooldown will be reduced upon levelled and reached 6s at level 4, so you may continuously spamming it. By pairing it with Fernames Blade you may "Slow Lock" your enemies easily and they won't be able to escape unless their allies are helping. However, this skill is kinda mana consuming so do not spam it before having Fernames Blade.

    Note : This skill is counted as Multiple Single Target Spell, thus Arrogance Cloak would have full effect of Magical Defense reduction even if you hit multiple enemies.

    3. Raging Heart [​IMG]

    This is a passive skill, without active effects.

    Range : Approximately 8m

    10/20/30/40 Magical Defense aura to King Reega and allies around you.

    This passive is always being underestimated by players but in fact it's pretty good. The Magical Defense aura is a great counter to mages since they usually deal AOE damage especially in team fight. At level 4 it's like equipping a free Magical Defense Cloak for everybody in range. Never consider buying any kinds of Magical Defense items for Reega.

    4. Frozen Armor [​IMG]

    Cooldown : 90/80/70s

    Optimal Cooldown : 38s > 23s (Since it lasts for 15s)

    Mana Cost : 100/150/200ma

    Range : Approximately 5m

    Deals 30/40/50 + 20% MA damage per second to enemies around King Reega, lasts 15 seconds. Enemies attacking King Reega would suffer the same damage dealt on you.

    Frozen Armor reflects True Damage back to enemies and completely ignores enemy's defense. For example, Elf dealing 300 damage on you, then Elf takes 300 damage back whatever she has 30 Defense or 3000 Defense.

    Frozen Armor is the reason why King Reega is so strong, the timing of using it would change the entire result of team fight. This skill is the ultimate counter to almost every hero in game forcing them not to attack you, which is the reason why King Reega doesn't need too many defensive gears. The only exception is Paladin's Unwavering Faith, that able to immune all skill effects including the reflection.

    Note : The aura damage dealt is Magical Damage and will be leeched, the damage reflected is True Damage and won't be leeched. Therefore building heavy leech gears is not necessary.

    Skill Order

    Always max up Aquatic Orbs first for shorter CD and better damage. If the opponent's team has mages then you should always max up Raging Heart first. As explained above, 40 Magical Defense aura provides much better support than Water Shield. Unless there's no mage / noob mage on opponent's team, Raging Heart is always over Water Shield. Then you may level up Frozen Armor for higher aura damage, or Water Shield for better support. So here's the order:

    Level 1 : Aquatic Orbs
    Level 2 : Water Shield
    Level 3 : Aquatic Orbs
    Level 4 : Raging Heart
    Level 5 : Aquatic Orbs
    Level 6 : Frozen Armor
    Level 7 : Aquatic Orbs
    Level 8 : Raging Heart
    Level 9 : Raging Heart
    Level 10 : Raging Heart
    Level 11 : Frozen Armor
    Level 12 : Frozen Armor
    Level 13 : Water Shield
    Level 14 : Water Shield
    Level 15 : Water Shield



    To start before picking talents and gears, we need to define King Reega's role.

    Many newbies are mistaken that Guardians should always be played as tank. Unfortunately this theory doesn't applied to HOC, guardian is just a class that provides higher HP and Defense compared to other three. His role should be defined based on his skillset.

    1. Tank

    HP - MA - Def Ratio : 40% - 20% - 40%

    Effective Score : 2/10

    Although he is a Guardian, he lacks of crowd controls and supportive utilities. Therefore it's not encouraged to play King Reega as Tank. Building him tanky makes him lack damage, so skilled players will just totally ignore you and you did no contribution to your team.

    2. Magical Bruiser

    HP - MA - Def Ratio : 40% - 40% - 20%

    Effective Score : 10/10

    Due to his reflective ultimate that repel enemies and decent damage from Aquatic Orbs, King Reega is really good to be played as Magical Bruiser, ie. a Tanky Mage. Therefore, he is supposed to stack heavy amount of HP and Magical Attack related gears with usually one or two defense gear to maximize his potential. This is the most common role for King Reega and is always tough to be dealt with.

    3. Mage

    HP - MA - Def Ratio : 40% - 60% - 0%

    Effective Score : 8/10

    Building King Reega as pure mage is not recommended unless your team has terrible carries and you have to do so. Mostly happens on low to mid tier games. One thing has to be clear minded, King Reega's burst can never be compared with real mages since he can only spam continuous damage by Aquatic Orbs. The timing on popping your ultimate is a very important factor since you are very squishy, taking a one second stun and you will be destroyed by late game fighters immediately.

    Tablets Selection

    When we pick tablets, we should focus on optimizing his playing style - A Super Damage Reflective Bruiser. Here is my rules on picking tablets :

    1. The higher the HP the better : So you can reflect more damage and more durable.

    2. The higher the healing the better : Any healing to King Reega when his ultimate is activated would return as true damage back to enemies.

    3. The more damage he takes the better : So you reflect more damage to your enemies. Hence King Reega shouldn't pick damage reduction tablets.

    4. The more damage he deals the better : More damage to enemies.

    5. The more supportive the better : Since he lacks Crowd Controls.

    Note : Image resizing doesn't work on new version of HOC forum. Don't blame me for weird size image, blame NeoCHI.

    Recommended Tablets

    [​IMG] Rage

    Each time you slay an enemy, you regenerate 3% of your max HP. (Reduced effect for AOE victims)

    Rage tablet simply heals your HP according to every unit killed (Heroes, Soldiers, Neutrals) by 3% of your max HP, very good tablet since every healing to Reega when his ultimate activated would return as true damage back to enemies. Its healing effect can be increased by Fast Healer talent and Immortality tablet. It also helps a lot on laning durability.

    [​IMG] Desecration

    Each time you slay an enemy by yourself, your max HP will be permanently increased by 5 points, to a max HP of 360. (72 Creeps in total)

    HP is always the first consideration for Reega. Every soldiers, neutrals and heroes are counted as enemies, so 72 creeps doesn't take much time to achieve.

    [​IMG] Toxicity

    Deals (12x the caster's level) damage to attackers when they use skills that damage your hero. The effect can only be triggered once every 3 seconds.

    This tablet provides a very strong supportive ability to any heroes that purchased Fernames Blade and Arrogance Cloak early. The damage reflected from Toxicity is counted as a Skill, so it procs Fernames Blade and Arrogance Cloak's effect. ie. Every time enemies use a skill that damaged Reega when this tablet is active, they will be slowed and Magical Defense will be reduced.

    [​IMG] Frostbite

    "Frost Bolt" now causes a target to be immobilized for 2 seconds, when this effect ends, if the target's HP is below or at 50%, the target's Movement Speed and Attack speed will be reduced by 30% for 2 seconds.

    Very good for Reega since he lacks effective crowd controls, especially on Border Skirmish.

    [​IMG] Bloodlust

    Physical and Magical Attack are increased by 3% for every hero (both allies and enemies) within 15 meters.

    King Reega usually is the character rushing into enemies' team and destroy everything, therefore it's a great tablet and it provides a significant source of bonus Magical Attack up to 27%. If your playing style prefer less support but more damage you may exchange Toxicity with this.

    Great Alternatives

    [​IMG] Assistance

    Decrease the Cooldown Time of "Teleport" by 36s. The target you teleport to will receive a shield, absorbing damage equal to (100 + 10% of target's Max HP) at most. The target will be healed according to the remaining HP of the shield when you successfully teleported. This effect cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes or on buildings.

    Assistance is always a great tablet for games with cooperated team work, strongly recommended for FVF and GVG games (Though I doubt anyone use King Reega in GVG except me).

    [​IMG] Immortality

    Increases all healing effects on you by 40% if your HP is at or under 20%.

    The ultimate healing tablet that requires great timing on usage and its effect has no cooldown. One of the best tablets for Border Skirmish. Its healing effect stacks with every other healing talents and tablets like Rage tablet and Faster Healer talent.

    [​IMG] Whispering

    Each time you use a skill, your Magical Attack and Physical Attack will be increased by 3% and MP cost of skills will be reduced by 3%. Effect can stack up to 5 times. If another skill is used when it reached its maximum capacity, then the effect resets to 0.

    Useful for saving mana on early-mid game and increase Magical Attack on late game. Not a bad tablet but usually I pick either Whispering or Bloodlust to replace Toxicity but not both, since Rage and Desecration are core tablets in my opinion. If you are having problems on conserving mana you should try this, otherwise Bloodlust is a better choice.

    Tablets NOT Recommended

    [​IMG] Protective

    When receiving damage that causes your HP to drop below 20%, you'll be granted a shield that absorbs damage equal to (20 x Your lv + 5% of Max HP) lasts 7 seconds. This effect cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes.

    Protective has its effect every 3 minutes which is too long. The shielded HP doesn't counted as your HP and thus no damage is reflected from ultimate once shield is activated. (On rare cases you may "save" your enemies when the shield popped up)

    [​IMG] Purity

    Reduce all damage taken by 10% when your HP is below or at 50%.

    Purity reduces damage taken which doesn't suit King Reega's style. It's a tablet designed for tanks and tanky supports but not for the King of Reflection.

    [​IMG] Courage

    When being stunned or silenced, in the next 5 seconds, all direct damage you receive will be reduced by (15 + Your lv)%.

    Still a great tablet after update but it doesn't recover HP anymore. Damage reduction really isn't King Reega's stuff.

    [​IMG] Regeneration

    When you receive Critical Damage, you will recover HP equal to 15% of that damage per second, for 3 seconds.

    Firstly, this tablet is useless to mage, limited to counter physical heroes only. Secondly, early game physical carries don't have high critical rate and damage, late game they mostly have high attack speed and the healing effect is too low and slow. So this tablet is only useful for mid game. There are better substitutes so it's not suggested.

    [​IMG] Malignity

    Increase the duration of "Sneak" to 6 seconds. Plus, when you're out of an invisible state, all damage done to you will be decreased by 20%, lasts 5 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once per minute.

    I found many fishes use Sneak, however theoretically it's not necessary for Reega. He already has a repelling ultimate and Water Shield, so you shouldn't have any troubles on keeping Reega safe. Moreover its damage reduction effect doesn't fit his style as stated many times.

    Inscriptions Selection

    Order :

    [​IMG] 6 Gold HP

    13 x 6 = 78 HP

    HP is everything to Reega. Moreover, Physical or Magical Defense inscriptions are not encouraged to most heroes since they are only effective to just one kind of Damage, in comparison HP is universal. (12-B currently is the only exception)

    Chaos :

    [​IMG] 6 Gold Magical Pierce

    1.42 x 6 = 8.52 Magical Pierce


    [​IMG] 6 Gold Magical Attack

    1.38 x 6 = 8.28 Magical Attack

    Both of them are great Inscriptions for King Reega. Magical Pierce provides higher mid to late game damage while Magical Attack provides better early game performance.


    Talent Selection

    There are two kinds of talent sets designed. The first one focus on King Reega's damage and tankiness while the second one focus on durability on lane and tankiness. Both of them are great talents, choose depending on maps and your team combination.

    Damage + Tanky : Mage 24 - Guardian 16

    Recommended for Border and Train

    Mage Tree

    Skill Proficiency : 5 (+5 Magical Attack)
    Apprentice : 4 (+ 0.56% Cooldown Reduction per level)
    Mana-Adept : 1 (Reduce MP costs by 10%)
    Skill Penetration : 2 (+5 Magical Defense Reduction)
    Magic Feedback : 2 (+6% Leech)
    Knowledge : 3 (+0.9 Magical Attack per level)
    Strike Back : 2 (Increase Magical Attack by 10% when HP below 40%)
    Accident : 3 (10% chance to deal an extra 50% skill damage on soldiers and neutrals)
    Skill Outbreak : 1 (10% chance to deal an extra 50% skill damage on heroes)
    Death's Embrace : 1 (10% extra spell damage on slowed or stunned enemies)

    Mage talents focus on Magical Attack bonus and Skill Bursts.

    Skill Proficiency provides better last hitting soldiers and farm faster on early game, along with Knowledge Reega would have 5 + 0.9 x 15 = 18.5 Magical Attack at Level 15.

    Apprentice provides 8.4% CD Reduction at level 15, along with Fernames Blade and Boneflame Wand Reega would achieve 43.4% which is sufficient for his skills achieving minimum cooldown.

    Accident is important to unlock Skill Outbreak and increase farming speed, and Skill Outbreak provides 50% bonus skill damage which is a 10% fixed spell critical chance (Also works on Hermetist's Cape's aura damage, that's why sometimes you burn 70 x 1.5 = 105 damage to surrounded enemies).

    Death's Embrace increases all skill damage by 10% which is really nice, if you think it's useless without Fernames Blade you are totally wrong. Don't forget you have a team and they can stun and slow!

    Guardian Tree

    Strong : 5 (+40HP)
    Toughness : 3 (+0.7 Physical Defense per level)
    Defense : 2 (+0.5 Magical Defense per level)
    Fast Healer : 3 (Increase the amount you heal by 35%)
    Resilient : 3 (+9 HP per level)

    Tankiness talents focus on HP bonus and healing.

    Strong and Resilient give you 40 + 9 x 15 = 175 HP, Desecration gives you 360 HP and inscriptions gives you 78 HP.

    Total HP gained = 175 + 360 + 78 = 613 HP.

    Last Stand is damage reduction so it's not recommended.

    [IMG=300x250]http://i.imgur.com/kWzPqIol.png[/IMG] [IMG=300x250]http://i.imgur.com/X2LqgYzl.png[/IMG]

    Durability + Tanky : Mage 10 - Guardian 16 - Support 14

    Recommended for Rift and Train

    Mage Tree

    Skill Proficiency : 5 (+5 Magical Attack)
    Apprentice : 4 (+ 0.56% Cooldown Reduction per level)
    Mana-Adept : 1 (Reduce MP costs by 10%)

    Guardian Tree

    Strong : 5 (+40HP)
    Toughness : 3 (+0.7 Physical Defense per level)
    Defense : 2 (+0.5 Magical Defense per level)
    Fast Healer : 3 (Increase the amount you heal by 35%)
    Resilient : 3 (+9 HP per level)

    Support Tree

    Quickening : 5 (+4% Movement Speed)
    Nourishment : 2 (+0.04 MP Regen per level)
    Greed : 3 (Increase the gold received from killing soldiers by 3)
    Surprise : 3 (Recovers 20% more HP and MP when levelling up)
    Teamwork Pays : 1 (Get an additional 25 gold for killing heroes and assisting)

    This talent has lesser burst but better economy, higher movement speed and much better durability on lane.

    Surprise and Fast Healer stack. By calculation, you recover 62% more HP and 20% more MP upon leveled! (With Immortality you recover 126.8% more HP) Take a good timing beyond leveling and that makes a huge difference in team fight.

    Note : This talent set doesn't have leech, however it doesn't really matter since leech is not really useful. King Reega relies on Rage tablet to heal and leech doesn't work on ultimate reflections. If that really bothers you may exchange some Chaos inscriptions into Leech.

    [IMG=300x250]http://i.imgur.com/ewpEMPzl.png[/IMG] [IMG=300x250]http://i.imgur.com/QvvEbaAl.png[/IMG] [IMG=300x250]http://i.imgur.com/ryLtn71l.png[/IMG]

    Gears Selection

    This is my recommended gears selection at different phases.

    The stats of the below suggested gears are based on version 1.7.0. If it's outdated, the updated version can be found in this post : Click me

    Game Start

    There are basically two sets of game starting gears :

    [​IMG][​IMG] Squire's Wisdom x 2 (1000g)

    Decent early game stats. You farm faster and better last hitting in return for slower combination of Lost Hermetist's Cape. However they are not available to upgrade and eventually have to sell them on later stage.

    [​IMG][​IMG] Light Cavalry Hat (750g) + Chain Mail (250g)

    Light Cavalry Hat + Chain Mail are the elements for combining Lost Hermetist's Cape, so you can combine it faster, but in comparison you have 28 less Magical Attack so it's harder to take last hits on soldiers. Only recommended if you decided to jungle on early stage.

    Early Game

    [​IMG] Boot of Haste (300g)

    [​IMG] Helm of the Cloud Walkers (1600g)

    [IMG=54X54]http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/47/1384953346-image.jpg[/IMG] Black Alchemist Cape Suit (750g)

    You may either collect 750g for Light Cavalry Hat first or get a boot first. Then you may decide whether combining Light Cavalry Hat into Helm of Cloud Walkers for 850g or buy Black Alchemist Cape Suit for 750g. The former provides better mana pool and recovers bonus HP upon levelled, while the latter provides physical and magical defenses.

    Mid Game

    [IMG=54x54]https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/...sL_a1Hjt0FboTXmG5_oI-yr7zVqSZS1u-TbJ0wx[/IMG] Lost Hermetist's Cape (3000g)

    Quickly farm 650g to combine Helm of Cloud Walkers and Black Alchemist Cape Suit into Hermetist's Cape. Dealing great early-mid game aura damage as well as healing King Reega by Rage tablet's effect.

    Note : Unique means those passive doesn't stack, buying two same items doesn't double its effect.

    [​IMG] Fernames Blade (3300g)

    This item is mandatory as it provides everything King Reega needs : Crowd Control, Mana and Cooldown Reduction. Aquatic Orbs has full slowing effect since it's counted as Multiple Single Target Spell, and you may finally spam your balls to Slow Lock your enemies since you no longer need to worry about your mana. I can say fish is weaken by at least 50% without building Fernames Blade, so build it as early as possible!

    [IMG=54x54]http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/47/1384953342-image.jpg[/IMG] Arrogance Cloak (3100g)

    Arrogance Cloak provides decent Magical Attack, has full effect of Magical Defense reduction, relatively cheap cost and smooth to combine, so it's actually very good to build early. It reduces 50 Magical Defense on fully levelled enemies, and its defense reduction is much better than Searing Orbs in most cases (By calculation, your enemy hero needs 166.7 Magical Defense in order to reduce 50 Magical Defense by Searing Orb). It also gives a 15% attack speed bonus which helps a little.

    [​IMG] Chain Boots (1500g)

    Chain Boots provide HP bonus and reduce all snared effects by 30% (It means the effectiveness of being stunned, slowed, rooted and silenced would be reduced by 30%), go for it if there are lots of Crowd Controls on opponent's team.

    [​IMG] Boots of the Tempest (1500g)

    One of the core items for King Reega's agile build. King Reega has the highest movement speed among all Guardian heroes, by building him with Tempest, Lollipop and Fernames Blade no heroes can escape from King Reega's Slow Lock chasing till death.

    Note : Optimal King Reega's Movement Speed = 5.94 (Tempest Boots + Saithion Lollipop + Support Talent + Guild Skills).

    Late Game

    [​IMG] Searing Orb (4390g)

    Searing Orb has perfect stats that fulfill everything Reega needs, one of the core items but relatively expensive. Unlike Arrogance Cloak that only triggers its effect by casting skills, its penetration works on every damage you dealt including Normal Attack. However its passive is not effective on early-mid games so you should never build it early.

    [​IMG] Saithion Lollipop (3340g)

    Lollipop is best paired with the Tempest Boots for achieving optimal movement speed and nobody can escape from your chase. It also gives a nice bonus of Magical Attack and HP.

    [​IMG] Boneflame Wand (4500g)

    After the update, now CD Reduction can be stacked and therefore Boneflame Wand becomes one of the core items for Reega. It provides the highest Magical Attack (84 + around 40), decent mana and 20% CD Reduction.

    [​IMG] Hades Armor (4200g)

    The ultimate counter of every Physical Heroes. Its passive's effect stacks with King Reega's ultimate so when your ultimate popped they would suffer 140% of their damage dealt. Usually Hades should be the only Defensive Gear you have.

    Note : Paladin's ultimate immune to Hade's passive.

    [​IMG] Stirring Soul of the Dragons (4200g)

    If your opponent's team has terrible Physical Carries and you don't need to combine Dragon Cloak into Hades, then Stirring Soul of the Dragons is the best alternative. In late game your HP is around 3500 and this gear provides around 70 Magical Attack to Reega (More if you are playing train map).

    [​IMG] Dull Vine Shield (3650g)

    After the update it provides 15% of max HP (pre-update 300 HP) healing to Reega and allies within 8 meters every 90 seconds and it becomes a very good late game supportive item. Its healing effect can be buffed by talents and tablets, late game it can heal around 700 HP to Reega.

    [​IMG] Spider Queen's Embrace (4170g)

    This item is perfect for Magical Bruiser role, providing decent HP, Magical Attack and Physical Defense. The passive has no cooldown so it works on every assailants attacking you, great for countering fighters with heavy attack speed.

    Note : Paladin's ultimate immune to Spider Queen's passive.

    Screenshots of HP, Gears and other Stats

    These are stats for reference according to my talents (Damage + Tanky), tablets, inscriptions and gears. NO potions or titan potions were taken, NO buffs or debuffs. My movement speed would be slightly higher since I have all guild skills including the bonus 2% movement speed.








    Q and A Section

    If you have questions regarding fish feel free to discuss in my guide. Here are some common questions I would like to answer :

    Q1 : Is King Reega being countered by Paladin?

    A1: Yes, and no. King Reega would be countered by Paladin on 1 vs 1 situation, but not in team fight. Most of the cases a good Paladin would never target King Reega first during team fight since fish is guardian, especially after Paladin's ultimate being nerfed.

    Q2 : Why Squire's Wisdom x 2 are preferred instead of Light Cavalry Hat + Chain Mail at game start?

    A2 : Two reasons. The first would be the extra 28 Magical Attack, so you are easier to last hit creeps and farm faster, Light Cavalry Hat + Chain Mail have notable slower farming speed and worse harassing ability, take a note that fish is already very hard to grow. The second is they are very durable, you are not going to sell them until like level 12 or above for slots. Apparently they cost 1000g, but in fact only cost 500g for better performance from level 1 to level 12, absolutely worth the price.

    Q3 : Is Hermetist's Cape useless late game? Since the AOE damage dealt are not good anymore

    A3 : No, King Reega should always have Hermetist's Cape in one of his slots for two reasons. The first would be its perfect stats for Reega. The second would be the healing effect with the combination of Hermetist's Cape, Rage Tablet and Fast Healing talent. Late game Reega heals around 100 ~ 150 HP per kill (Soldiers, Neutral Creatures and Heroes), which makes him super durable. So early game the cape deals good damage, and late game it provides healing to King Reega. It's a must in every phase.

    Q4 : Should fish go for mostly Defensive items?

    A4 : No, at most of the cases it's not necessary. King Reega isn't supposed to go with many defensive gears since his ultimate deals damage equals to damage dealt on himself, always HP is preferred instead of Physical and Magical Defense. Building full tank Reega provides no contribution to your team, since your enemies will just ignore you. Furthermore, King Reega has built in Magical Defense which is enough for anti-mages. Hades should usually be the only Defensive gear because it reflects 40% of Physical Damage to assailants. If there are none good Physical Carries on opponent's team, you may combine Cloak of the Dragon's Blood into Stirring Soul of the Dragons for Magical Attack instead.

    Q5 : Why Staff of Rectitude is not mentioned in the recommended gears list?

    A5 : King Reega has low attack speed and his skill burst can hardly be compared with pure mages, he mainly relies on Aquatic Orbs dealing continuous damage every 4 ~ 6s and his super reflective ultimate Frozen Armor to kill enemies. Leech doesn't apply on ultimate reflections and it only works for Aquatic Orbs and normal attack, which is not a significant healing source. Rage tablet heals much more than leech so you don't really need it. Don't forget your gear slots are limited, its price can be compared with Searing Orb but obviously Searing Orb is a better choice.

    Q6 : For so many times I casted my ultimate just to repel my enemies away. When should I cast my ultimate?

    A6 : It's situational, but I can provide some of my favourite moments, 1) When you're in team fight, 2) There are more than one enemies chasing you and you need to fight or escape, 3) You need extra damage for guaranteed kills, 4) You need to repel your enemies away, destroying their team work. When you have your ultimate, you're a threat to your enemies, and nobody dares attacking you. So use it wisely! Always have your eyes on your experience bar, believe me that helps a lot! One of my favourite tactic is I will go half blood when I'm almost levelling up, since they have no idea when I'm gonna level! Time it right, then pop your ultimate and rush into enemies' team. Of course, better with backups behind!

    Q7 : Why do you like fish so damn much?

    A7 : Because its playing style is unique and funny! King Reega is the only hero able to reflect all damage back to enemies, in fact it's all about playing with his ultimate. The timing of popping your ultimate decides whether I DIE or YOU ALL DIE! :p


    Thanks for reading, I hope this guide change your mind on King Reega :D
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    Im was like holy shjt :) fish only heroes you play haha im surprise
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    Dumb9Dodo New Member

    Oct 31, 2013
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Lol I like the fact on how u only use 1 hero xD.
    Nice guide.. I was planning to do a reega guide too, but since Urs is here. Oh well. Finally, someone who uses fernames on reega, with reega free this week, it's kills me to see how plp don't use fernames on reega. Great item, especially on orbs, 5s cooldown.

    Another con IMO wld be that first skill when cast on teammates travels too slow
    N one of the most important con u forgot wld be ultimate easily avoidable as it is quite obvious when ur usin ulti
  4. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

    Nov 19, 2013
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Lvl 40 and only fish? Is that possible? Lol

    Why you dont pick immortality tablet over courage? Since in group fight, fish less likely will be stunned vs carry.
  5. mrfishfish

    mrfishfish Member

    Mar 20, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Theoretically you're right, but in reality according to my experience Courage is much better choice over Immortality. I've tried both and so many times Jombraa/ Gambler/ Elf/ Balondis stuns / silence me, comes to the final conclusion that Courage is better.

    And of course, in high comp games Courage is always changed to Assistance instead
  6. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

    Nov 19, 2013
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Ok, you make sense especially at 5v5 maps. I assume most enemy will like to stay away from glowing fish and to do that, they have to stun or slow.

    And thanks to fox, now fish is consider a counter to him. So that increases fish popularity too.

    How about points allocations for skills per level? Which skills you max first?
  7. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    Nov 29, 2012
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Nice guide, but just wondering why would you classify King Reega more of a Guardian than a Mage? Because logically speaking, King Reega doesn't 'tank' that well and doesn't provide much use to the team as a tank. Unlike other guardians who can lockdown enemies with their cc abilities, King Reega repels enemies away. Making your Carry die that much quicker.

    Shouldn't you prioritise stats this way, HP >>> MA>>> Def? With Higher MA, King Reega become a more effective bruiser than can knock away chunks of enemies' HP.

    When I play King Reega, this is my build.
    Boots of Tempest
    Saithion Lollipop
    Boneflame Wand
    Searing Orb
    Spider Queen's Embrace / (if your team has strong damagers, then go for-) Hades Armor
    Fername's Blade.


    21/19 Mage Guardian build

    Late game if fed (if I'm in train map), I will alternate between buying MA pots and HP pots.

    Interested to hear your opinion on this.
  8. mrfishfish

    mrfishfish Member

    Mar 20, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    To Victorious :

    You have a point, and I do agree that fish can be played as magical bruiser, fish is bad as tank early game since he has no CC. However once he has Fernames Blade he's amazing.

    Fernames Blade is usually my second core item after Hermetists Cape is completed, once I have it I don't feel any difficulty CCing my enemies with Aquatic Orbs. Fish is very gear dependent, if your opponent is too fed and you won't have late game, the same story for both HP and bruising fish. That's why it's always encouraged another CC partner with fish.

    I have to disagree on this. I rarely use fish's ultimate just to scare away enemies, since I feel like it's ALOT more useful than that. I am always be the one who initiate the team fight, chasing with good positioning and harassing with Aquatic Orbs. I'm not going to pop my ultimate until 1) Team Fight started, 2) I was being ambushed by 3 or more enemies and I need to escape or fight 3) I need extra DOT damage for guarantee kill. When you have your ultimate, it's a threat to enemies, and when it's used you are no longer a threat. Except Paladin, enemies are hard to pass through me during team fight since I will keep slowing them down with my Aquatic Orbs.

    And by looking at your build and tablets, I feel like your building in the order of :

    Magical Attack > HP > Mobility > Defense

    I can safely predict your fish has around 1000HP less than my build.

    Furthermore, I have to disagree a few things on your build as a magical bruiser :

    1. Arrogance Cloak is a must for Bruising Reega, if you have a look of Tidus69's Skill Scaling Guide you will find that Aquatic Orbs is determined as Multiple Single Target spell. You have full effects of Magical Defense reduction with Arrogance Cloak. To maximize the damage dealt it's a must, not to mention it also increases 15% Attack Speed too.

    2. I always disagree on Boots of Tempest + Lollipop combination, since the bonus movement speed is usually a waste. So my suggestion is, either you build fish with only Boot of the Tempest (So you can have an extra slot for more damage) or Chain Boots + Lollipop

    3. Some Attack Speed may be nice for Magical Bruiser, Watcher's Whisper can also be a nice item

    Arrogance Cloak
    Searing Orb
    Boneflame Wand
    Spider Queen's Embrace
    Fernames Blade
    Boots of the Tempest

    Oh and the last thing worth mentioning, I think fish cannot replace the position of pure tank entire game, he's still a hybrid mage/guardian. Therefore it's always suggested another CC tank like 12B / Jombraa in team:)
  9. mrfishfish

    mrfishfish Member

    Mar 20, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    To Isendir1 :

    Always Aquatic Orbs max up first, at level 7 Reega should be Level 4 for short CD and good damage dealt. If the opponent team has mage carries (Even just 1) I would always max up Raging Heart first. Unlike what other players think, 40 Magical Defense aura is very good since players usually don't buy Magical Defense gears. Unless there's no mage / noob mage on opponent's team, Raging Heart is always over Water Shield. So here's the order:

    Level 1 : Aquatic Orbs
    Level 2 : Water Shield
    Level 3 : Aquatic Orbs
    Level 4 : Raging Heart
    Level 5 : Aquatic Orbs
    Level 6 : Frozen Armor
    Level 7 : Aquatic Orbs
    Level 8 : Raging Heart
    Level 9 : Raging Heart
    Level 10 : Raging Heart
    Level 11 : Frozen Armor / Water Shield
    Level 12 : Frozen Armor / Water Shield
    Level 13 : Water Shield
    Level 14 : Water Shield
    Level 15 : Water Shield

    I will add this into my guide for reference.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2015
  10. Charlieisxool

    Charlieisxool New Member

    Feb 24, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Well this is my own opinion skill set because I play fish like Mage so the scale of water shield is 45% so I can get the shield up to 435 and I max water shield first.shield and slow people and mine orbs is 4 sec cd and my item build is bonefame searing orb, flameblade, lollipop and spiderqueen that my own style about fish because I buy fish and know fish when I lvl 1
  11. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

    Nov 19, 2013
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Thank You. Love you guide. :)

  12. Chrisp

    Chrisp Member

    Nov 28, 2013
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Wow, very nice. It's pretty weird that you only play fish with that account but damn, you know some stuff. Reega's one of those heroes I never play so I can't offer much but here's one thing. What about replacing Saithion Lollipop with Stirring Soul of the Dragons? I notice your build favors HP and now that the passive adds 2% of HP to physical and magical attack, it should be a decent substitute. That should put you close to 4000 HP which is enough for 80 magical attack. Since Reega practically has perma-slows, the extra ~0.4 movement speed isn't as necessary.
  13. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

    Nov 19, 2013
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    good idea, but i am not sure gameloft will fix stirring soul soon as it was originally increasing physical attack only. it may be a bug.
  14. mrfishfish

    mrfishfish Member

    Mar 20, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Yes it's also a great late game item for fish! I will update it in the late game section.
  15. mrfishfish

    mrfishfish Member

    Mar 20, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Yes it's a bug, Stirring Soul of the Dragons used to have different stats.
  16. kr4m123

    kr4m123 Wake me up inside

    Sep 28, 2013
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    I wouldn't say to not at all get staff of recitude. The leech effect procs with your ult so when enemies attack you, the damage dealt to them is also transferred as leech. At times, you can get enemies to heal you whilst they still get all their damage dealt to you dealt back.

    I'm amazed how you only have played fish on that account...how do you even do that? You start playing the game and are like 'Hmm. This fish. I'm gonna play him and noone else'

    Unless you have other accounts in which you started the game on...
  17. mrfishfish

    mrfishfish Member

    Mar 20, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    I'm not sure about this, since the damage reflected from ultimate appears to be "white color" but not "blue", so I don't think they are counted as Magical Damage and thus will not be leeched. I also tried buying harvesting HP gears and it doesn't work too. I think it's counted as True Damage and will not be harvested nor leeched. I will test it later anyway.

    And if tested and found leech doesn't work for ult, then Staff of Rectitude and leech are totally redundant for fish, since my build relies on Rage Tablet + Fast Healing + Hermetist's Cape to heal.

    And yes, I have other account, this is my alt account typically designed for playing fish, and thats why my IGN is Mr Fish Fish :D
  18. Valhallax

    Valhallax Active Member

    Mar 3, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    This question was asked in Nightshadexx's thread for asking HOC questions. The damage reflected will indeed be counted as magical damage, thus being able to be leeched.

    Cheers mate.
  19. mrfishfish

    mrfishfish Member

    Mar 20, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    Thanks for clarifying this! That's an interesting answer, and I will update my guide ASAP:D
  20. Valhallax

    Valhallax Active Member

    Mar 3, 2014
    RE: [King Reega] mrfishfish's Guide to Savage of the Deep – The King Reega

    You're welcome fish, keep up with the good guide.

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