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    UPDATE LOG (in red):
    08 Oct 2014 – Updated tablets section

    17 Sep 2014 – Made significant changes to play style in: "Engagement Strategies & Combos"
    15 Sep 2014 – Added itemization visual aid

    Hello HoC Community,

    I thought I would be the first to write an extensive guide to one of the most desired heroes, who in my opinion benefited the most from update 1.7 – Kotun (OMG he didn’t say Elf?!).

    My background/Experience with Kotun: I received him on the very first day he was released, and have played him daily with great success; even prior to his buff I was finding ways to make him part of a team. Let’s get this out of the way because I know I am going to be asked “How many emblems/runes did you spend to get him?!” – Around 40k emblems with the silver spin option. I typically don’t have the greatest luck per say, but I felt extremely lucky when I got him. He has become my newest favorite hero and I’ve done extensive research on itemization and damage calculations for the best possible outcome and wish to share them with you today.

    "Who can offer me a real challenge?"

    Table of Contents
    • Profile Overview
    • Skill Descriptions
    • Skill Sequencing
    • Engagement Strategies & Combos
    • Itemization
    • Talents and Tablets Overview
    • Additional Resources


    Profile Overview
    Name: Patriarch of Primates (Kotun)
    Class: Guardian
    Damage Type: Physical
    Emblem Price: N/A (Lottery)
    Rune Price: N/A (Lottery)
    Hero Background: Kotun is a being devoted to travel. Never in one place for long, he constantly searches for new lands and new challenges, conquering all he comes across. His large frame and enormous strength make him a fearsome foe upon the battlefield. Able to snap trees with a single kick, Kotun's blows are enough to beat even the hardiest fighters into submission

    Skill Descriptions

    “Kotun smashes an enemy with his pillar, dealing damage to the target and pulling all enemy units within an area to the target.”

    Cost: 80 MP
    Cooldown: 9 seconds
    Range: 6 Meters
    Damage: 100/155/210/265 + [55% Physical Attack]

    Enchantment Effect (Ultimate): Increases the radius from which enemies will be pulled to the target to 9 Meters and reduces the movement speed of the affected units by 60% for 3.5 seconds.

    Comments: Kotun’s crush skill (un-enchanted) doesn’t gather enemies, only ‘enemy units’ – what this simply means - soldiers/creeps. However, it will gather an enemy hero if you use it on an enemy unit that’s within its 6m range. I’ve also notice that is will gather other heroes if being used one hero - this is likely a bug but it still works.

    Cloud Blitz
    “Kotun leaps onto his magic cloud and rushes to an area within a distance, dealing damage to all targets within 4 Meters of the target spot.”

    Cost: 90/110/130/150 MP
    Cooldown: 16 seconds
    Range 12 Meters (18 Meters if Enchanted)
    Damage: 70/120/170/220 + [50% Physical Attack] (100/150/200/250 damage + [50% Physical Attack] if Enchanted)

    Enchantment Effect (Ultimate): Increases travel distance to 18 Meters. Deals 30 + [50% Physical Attack] damage to all targets in Kotun's path. All victims suffer additional damage based on how far they were from Kotun's original position.

    Comments: Unlike Paladin Dash, this is not an instant cast spell. If using defensively, be sure to give yourself roughly 0.5-1 second to cast

    Cost: 120 MP
    Cooldown: 20 seconds

    Enchantment Effect (Ultimate): Upon receiving damage, Kotun will generate a shield to protect himself. The shield will absorb damage equal to 15/18/21/24% Kotun's Max HP. It takes 10 seconds to generate another shield when the former one breaks.

    Active: Removes all control effects from Kotun. If affected by an Enchantment Effect, it also deals 80/160/240/320 + [? Psychical Attack] damage to all to all enemies within 7 meters.

    Comments: Active: “Removes all control effects from Kotun” - from what I’ve seen, probably the most underutilized skill by other Kotuns. This skill blocks SO many things I can’t even list them all.

    Here are some good examples of control effects to remove:
    - Jombraa’s tag – Removing the tag-effect will effectively block his double stuns
    - Sia’s Slow – Removing this will block her ability to stun you with her trail
    - Harpy – Removes hold

    Things that it will not remove – this isn’t Paladin ultimate:
    - Cyclop’s Ultimate
    - Sia’s Ultimate
    - Balondis’ Silence
    The reason is doesn’t remove these effects because they’re essentially being constantly cast – expect for Sia’s Ult

    Battle Zen
    “Kotun enchants his mighty pillar, increasing attack by 20/40/60 and inflicting splash damage equals to 20/25/30% of his Normal Attack's damage on nearby targets for 12 seconds.”

    Cost: 80 MP
    Cooldown: 45/35/30 seconds
    Damage: Normal Attack damage + 20/40/60 damage + 20/25/30% of his Normal Attack damage.
    Duration: 12 Seconds

    Additional Effect: All skills used within 8 seconds will be Enchanted and cause an additional secondary effect.

    Comments: The AoE (Area of Effect) caused by this skill affects items that have debuffing/abilities. I haven’t tested them all, but some candidates would Jade Axe, Fernanes Blade, Divinity Sword.

    Skill Sequencing
    Because Kotun is lacking in CC (Crowd Control – i.e. stuns, slows, and silence) compared to other guardians in his class, in my opinion it’s more important to focus on damage output. You will be amazed at the burst damage output Kotun can unleash as soon as you reach level 6. With the above logic in mind, I did some calculations to maximize his damage.

    According to the above skills, Kotun has 2 damage spells prior to level 6, and 4 after. Because we desire early game damage abilities, we will not max out Indomitable first. Also, because this is a HP scaling skill, we should probably save it for mid-late game when we start to develop our item build. Lastly, according the numbers, this skill appears to be the skill that gives the most damage, but using in combination with your ultimate will leave you susceptible to controlling effects; the true winner of this skill.

    So now we’re choosing between Cloud Blitz and Crush. Cloud Blitz is an effective offensive and defensive spell, however this spell is also the only one that scales in mana cost as your level it. Leaving this skill at level 1 reduces overall damage, but its utility and only costing 90 mana at level 1, will ensure you can live following an engagement. So now this leaves us with Crush – a truly awesome skill. It’s an amazing farming skill if you need to clear a wave quick, and just awesome gather capability when combined with ultimate, oh yeah, its damage is pretty amazing as well!

    According to this logic and proven by math his best skill sequence is:


    Priority order: Crush>Indomitable>Battle Zen>Cloud Blitz

    Engagement Strategies & Combos
    Kotun is a huge threat and will be dealt with quickly as he has become the most popular hero and arguably the strongest. Just because you have a giant leap, doesn't mean you have to use it right away. Being the "nuke target" for the enemy team, you will need to hesitate before engaging. Once the enemy has used their CC, this would be the ideal time to combo in; but don't wait too long. Knowing him to join the fight and who to target is the most important thing when playing a carry role. It's easy to become over confident with him and how I suggest gearing him, he's a fighter-type build and won't survive long if you're going against an entire team.

    Combo sequence:
    Activate Battle Zen (Ultimate) – 15m Cloud Blitz - > Crush Team (gather) -> Auto-attack until control effect being used - > activate indomitable (can also be used early as a finisher). Opening with Cloud Blitz will also give you an element of surprise, but will also allow you to potentially use it during the last part of the engagement and can be used as a finisher or escape mechanism.

    Kotun has a super short ultimate CD so you will be able to easily combo when you need to. His mana consumption is low while farming so you if you’re not skilling the creeps too much, you should have at least the above combo ready.

    I will attempt at my best to explain itemization, but unfortunately, itemization is a skill on its own. When to go back to base and buy the correct item and the sequence you finish an item is a skill that can’t be taught. It’s learned from game experience.

    Remember how I discussed prioritization on damage output earlier in this guide? This is where his itemization will differ from traditional guardians. He most closely resembles a Paladin build if you are familiar with that. Although his skills are buffed by his physical attack, he can be a ridiculous threat with his auto-attack combined with Battle Zen (Ultimate). His attack speed isn’t the slowest in the game, but it’s down there. I haven’t checked the numbers compared to someone like Forge Master, but he’s slightly slower than Paladin. Therefore we will focus on attack speed initially. By the time he obtains epic items in-game, he will be facing strong enemies who rely on auto-attack for most of the follow-up damage.

    Based on further testing I've come up with this item order.


    The last two builds are to be used in gridlock games where team fights determine the outcome - boots won't make much of a difference in a fight to the death at a base. If you're primary carry, go with the double cutlass option. If you're secondary, add the divinity blade.

    Talents are going to be based on the Map/Role – so if anyone tells you “This is the BEST Kotun Talents” – they’re wrong. If I had more than 7 pages of unlocked talents, I would have 4 pages dedicated to Kotun alone. There would of course be slight variations but those variations would make the difference in how he is played and geared. Therefore I will generalize talents to the map that have worked for me and my play style.

    Typically a standard 23/17 build – 23 fighter / 17 tank is used. In 3v3 you really need the increase in healing done to you and last stand is pretty much a must.

    (will add screenshots at a later time)

    Typically a standard 23/17 build – 23 fighters / 17 support is used. I am a big fan of surprise. It has saved my life in team fights more than I can count. Being able to level 1-2 levels in a team fights is like a extra heal. Surprise also gives me battlefield presence. If you are being pressure a lot, you will have to skill to dodge your death. More time farming is more time winning! Fortitude in the support tree is hands down, the best tank talent in the game. 5/5 gives you 5% reduced damage when slowed or stunned, um hello, you’re slowed/stunned in all team fights. The scaling this base 5% has it applied to almost every situation, therefore it’s a win. ‘Teamwork Pays’ is also a nice talent to have when you’re not considered the primary carry (although I think Kotun is far superior in team fights over Paladin – here’s where the Paladin players rage at me) because you’re getting that much gold per kill, and honestly, the lower level talents in support kind of suck outside the run speed.

    (will add screenshots at a later time)

    Tablets Overview

    When I choose a tablet I choose it based of the effectiveness and the number of situations it will be applicable to. Here is a list of tablets I’ve found to work best with Kotun:


    Ascension Effect: Your hero's Physical and Magical Attack are increased by 3% for every hero (both ally and enemy) within 15 minutes.

    Comments: A very useful tablet in 5v5. Use if you’re the primary carry in combination with Desire for max damage output. I do not recommend this tablet for 3v3.


    Ascension Effect: Each time you slay an enemy by yourself, your Max HP will be permanently increased by 5 points, to a Max HP of 360.

    Comments: This is a great tablet no matter the map in my opinion. This is especially good when playing top farm or carry in 3v3 and when you’re primary or secondary carry in 5v5.


    Ascension Effect: Increases your your Physical and Magical Attack by 12.5% of the damage you receive. Can't be higher than 50. Lasts 5 seconds.

    Comments: In my opinion this is hands down the best tablet in game. I see this tablet being used in 90% of the roles and heroes no matter the map. Being a focus target no matter the circumstance, you will always get make value.


    Ascension Effect: Each time you slay an enemy, you regenrate 3% of your Max HP (reduced effect for AoE victims).

    Comments: This tablet is solely for carry in 3v3. The HP regen when you’re getting poked by the enemy carry will allow you to stay in the farm longer and keep the creep score up.


    Ascension Effect: Decrease the Cooldown Time of Teleport by 15%. The target you teleport to will receive a shield, absorbing damage equal to (100 + 10% target's Max HP) at most. The target will be healed according to the remaining HP of the shield when you successfully Teleport. This effect cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes or on buildings.

    Comments: If you’re using teleport as a skill, you’re using this tablet no matter what. The only time I do not use this tablet is if I am the primary carry. I didn’t like giving up the damage to save someone when I am usually the one being targeted and harassed.

    Here is a list of tablets I tried but didn’t like on Kotun as much as the others above:

    Protection – In theory, a shield on top of his passive shield sounded like a win, but I felt like I was giving up either an important offensive tablet or support tablet
    Courage – being the initiator, you’re going to find yourself controlled and this tablet looks good but I felt like I was dropping damage for very little survival when I am going to be focused anyways – the best defense is a good offense


    You really can’t go wrong with Physical Attack, Pierce Through Physical Defense, Critical Damage, Critical Damage Multiplier.

    Comments: Inscriptions is to always round to the nearest whole number so you can get max value out of your choices. For example, a 4.56 will be a 5 as far as the game is concerned. No need to add another inscription to make it a 5.33 (generic example). Try and squeeze those numbers out, and don’t forget to take into account your talents that scale in level.

    Additional references
    HoC Wiki – Great place for his base stats and other great HoC information:

    Thank for getting to the bottom of this guide. I will add to it as time goes onto it. This is my first attempt at a guide. Feel free to provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. This is still a fairly new hero and I probably haven’t scratched the surface. Has the rise of the Ape come? I think so.

    Lastly, if you would like updates to this guide, please subscribe at the bottom of the page and get updates as I make them available. Also, please rate my guide - Thanks!


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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    This is it. Simple but effective way to understand and play monkey.
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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    Exquisite...I don't think I need to add more. Respect
  4. jeremydreamer17

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    Jan 5, 2014
    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    This guide is wonderful and has the backing of Levesqmi! Great job OTC! Thanks for the guide! :)
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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    Great Guide :) Props to you man..
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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    It's so bad GOOD!

    Nice guide you got there!

    PS: Hope my joke was understandable...
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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    Thank you everyone for the positive feedback! I won't let this guide go out of date and if I find something that works better, I will be sure to update. I of course, left out some trade secrets, but if you follow my guide, you will be a menace on the battlefield!

    I thought it would be cool to get a guide out for a newer hero and im glad you enjoyed.
  8. IonWar

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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    I tend to believe that in theory its item build differs from the one used for paladin.
    You have to prefer items which balance ap with hp in my opinion and one cutlass.
    Stirring soul of dragons sinergizes perfectly with ulti for example.
    I also tend to believe that you are not supposed to be the one who engages first, kotun should jump out from the jungle unpredictably but 1/4 of enemy health (selected target) is already gone. Attack power is still better than speed, better to invest in a cheaper utility item before finishing the cutlass. I often buy the dirk that makes you 10% faster when hitting! yes because speed is everything with kotun! since you won't have atk speed until late game you have to be the fastest one so buy boots as soon as enemy does.
    But I could go on so I stop :)
  9. IonWar

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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    +1 btw :)
  10. Orderthechaos2

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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    I agree, it differs slightly from a ‘typical Paladin’ my ref to this build was a tank focused on dealing dmg, vice going for defense first. I would def never put a Stirring Rod on a Paladin, but compliments Kotun like we both mentioned. I played him as an initiator and let me caveat this – if no horse is present to counter the new Elf threat. I also play him like this because I am an extremely aggressive player, and when to engage is critical. If I have a Sia present, I will def let her initiate as well. Playing with like a Jom or Gambler, it’s me going in first – again, could be play style.

    I am actually a fan of Dirk and considered it in my lineup, that along with a Watchers – I felt like before the update, you needed to sustain damage on the target, but I don’t find it to be as much as a problem because I don’t have to make that on-the-spot choice in which skill to combine with my Ult. The HP buff is also a plus, but since I using Jade (debuff for my Pala or elf) and not using bow, I felt like a second cutless helped my Divinity more and the speed was needed to compensate for the 20% I was losing by not using bow. With that being said, I will still bow depending on my enemy. 2+ tanks I will bow, 2+ squishy, Jade it is.

    Thanks for the thoughtful discussion!
  11. IonWar

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    Mar 5, 2014
    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    Defo before the update speed edge and slow utilities were more useful, but still since I'm building atk speed late it gives me two main advantages:
    1) Easier to get a few pre-lvl 6 kills
    2) Mid-game (still no wings) it helps me to catch up people running from my combo
  12. Hawkyjoe

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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    Is the stirring rod supposed to be the Stirring soul of the Dragons? Also I just won KOTUN :D
    Nice guide!
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    RE: [Kotun] OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    Eheheheh yes that one :)

  14. Orderthechaos2

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    RE: [Kotun] (Updated) OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    I actually took out the item all together. I've added a visual aid for itemization. Hope you guys enjoy!


    I will be adding talents soon.
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    Jul 17, 2014
    RE: [Kotun] (Updated) OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    I'm not sure why I took the time to read that since I still don't have kotun... Meh good guide mate
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    RE: [Kotun] (Updated) OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    Very nice guide, it helps us who don't own him better understand him :D

    Can't wait for him to be available for runes...
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    RE: [Kotun] (Updated) OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    Oh man! I want Kotun so badly!!!
  18. jmcuyno

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    Jun 12, 2013
    RE: [Kotun] (Updated) OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    This is a ok guide...no really this guy is a beast with kotun thanks for sharing your build. When I finally get him I'll come back and read it again.
  19. icyblu88

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    Apr 14, 2013
    RE: [Kotun] (Updated) OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    A little out of topic, but what do you think about using kotun in an 1v1 game in 3v3 map? Will he do well?
  20. Orderthechaos2

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    RE: [Kotun] (Updated) OTC’s Guide to <Patriarch Of Primates>

    I don't have much exp in 1v1 but I don't see why he wouldn't. He's got all the traits you need in a laner - good farming, escape capability, tankiness, great damage. Probably work pretty well actually.

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