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    Welcome to my Lu Yunfei guide! This is my first guide so make sure to show some love and hit that like button and share it. Any feed back is appreciated. Now let's jump right in!

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    I. Intro
    II. Skills
    1. Lightning Laceration (Passive)
    2. Lightning Burst
    3. Lord of Lightning
    4. Lightning Laceration (Active)
    5. Lightning Kick
    III. Skill Build
    IV. Talents
    1. Fighter/Guardian
    2. Fighter/Support
    V. Tablets
    1. Offensive Tablets
    2. Defensive Tablets
    VI. Inscriptions
    VII. Items
    1. Boots
    2. Offensive Items
    3. Defensive Items
    VIII. Advanced Tactics
    IX. Acknowledgements

    Lu Yunfei is an early game assassin and late game fighter who can fill a number roles in a game. He can lane, jungle, roam and gank. He is a scary person to go against, and has the potential to carry a team and alter a game in his favor. He can play either primary or secondary carry. Let's look at his skills:

    I'd like to start with the passive on his 3rd skill, as it will help to understand the additional affects of other skills.

    Lightening Laceration:


    PASSIVE: "Lu Yunfei's Normal Attack on a target with a Lightning Mark does 3/5/7/9% of their current hp as bonus Physical Damage."
    Comments: This passive is what allows him to stay in the game into late game, as people buy items to get themselves tankier, his auto attack will deal more damage. This passive seems to be op, however it does 3/5/7/9% of the CURRENT hp, not max hp. This means he will be doing progressively less damage to a target as they get lower.

    Lightening Burst:


    "Lu Yunfei throws his weapon at a position, creating an area filled with lightning that deals 25/35/45/55+0.30 Physical Damage per second. This 'lightning area' will last for 4 seconds. This skill will add a lightening mark on the affected hero that lasts for 3 seconds.
    Range: 12m
    Mana cost: 100/110/120/130 mp
    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9s
    Comments: This is Lu's best harassing skill. He can use it in lane to damage the enemy hero from a distance as well as to damage creeps. It allows him to also clear jungle camps more quickly, and is part of his gap closing combo.

    Lord of Lightning:


    "If there is a lightning area active, Lu Yunfei will teleport to the area and deal 90/150/210/270+0.70 Physical Damage to any enemies around him. If there is no lightning area active, Lu Yunfei will deal 90/150/210/270+0.70 Physical Damage to any enemies directly around him. This skill will add a Lightning Mark to affected Heroes for 3 seconds and reduce their Movement speed by 20% for 1 seconds."
    Range: 30m
    Mana Cost: 50/60/70/80 mp
    Cooldown: 9/8/7/6s
    Comments: This is a devastating skill in damage. It deals high instant damage in an aoe, and is the second part of his combo gap closer. Drop his Lightening burst anywhere you want to teleport to within range, be it over a wall or directly in the middle of the enemy team, and then teleport into it and deal this instant damage and give the slow. This is Lu's only real cc, so it is very important.

    Lightning Laceration:


    ACTIVE:"If there is a target with a Lightning Mark within 8 meters, Lu Yunfei will move to behind the target, and deal 80/140/200/260+0.50 Physical Damage to them, and the Cooldown Time of this skill will be reduced to 0.5 seconds. If not, Lu Yunfei will add a Lightning Mark on all enemy heroes that lasts 3 seconds."
    Range: 8m
    Mana Cost: 50 mp
    Cooldown: 20s
    Comments: This is Lu's bread and butter. It allows him to keep on a target once he has used his combo and they are running away. However, it is impossible to use this skill to get behind a target twice in quick succession, as it consumes the mark. The global mark is not a very good feature, as it only lasts 3 seconds and puts the skill on cooldown. It is good if you are in a 1v1 and don't have enough mana for any of his other skills and need that extra boost to your auto attack to finish the opponent off however, as you can use the mark to make auto attacks deal 3% of the target's max hp for 3 seconds because of Lu's passive. The best way to use this skill usually, though is to combo, auto attack, Lightning Laceration, rinse and repeat.

    Lightning Kick:


    "Lu Yunfei unleashes a powerful kick that launches an enemy 15m in the opposite direction and deals 100/150/200+0.70 Physical Damage. If the skill is used again within 3 seconds, Lu Yunfei will rush to the target and deal an additional 300/400/500+0.70 Physical Damage."
    Range: 4m
    Mana Cost: 150 mp
    Cooldown: 80/70/60s
    Comments: This is Lu's ultimate ability and signature skill. It is a devastating kick that has the potential to either isolate a target, send them into an are where they will die, finish off a target, or remove a target from a team fight. It looks quite op on paper, but it is actually quite difficult to get a good one off. As it can not send a target through a wall, more often than not it will send a target into a wall a few feet away, or it will send them back into the safety of their tower or their team. Usage of this skill is one of the things that separates an average Lu from a skilled one. It combo's with Lightning Laceration, as it allows you to get behind a target before kicking them hopefully into a direction preferable to where they were headed. A neat combo that not many lu's know about is that you can toss your Lightening Burst into a fight, kick a target away, charge and finish them off before using Lord of Lightning to instantly return to the fight and deal aoe damage. The kill has to happen quickly however, as the Lightning Burst only lasts for 4 seconds!

    Skill Build:
    1. Lightning Burst
    2. Lord of Lightning
    3. Lightning Laceration
    4. Lord of Lightning
    5. Lord of Lightning
    6. Lightning Kick
    7. Lord of Lightning
    8. Lightning Burst
    9. Lightning Kick
    10. Lightning Burst
    11. Lightning Burst
    12. Lightning Kick
    13. Lightning Laceration
    14. Lightning Laceration
    15. Lightning Laceration

    Talents: Lu, like most fighters can be run with either fighter/guardian or fighter/support

    23 Fighter/17 Guardian


    23 Fighter/17 Support


    Tablets: Here are some tablets that I recommend if you want to get the most out of Lu Yunfei.


    Desire. Great offensive tablet, allows you to take damage and get benefit from it, and deal more damage in the long run.


    Desecration. Allows you to get tankier as you farm, will add to your success 100%. Great defensive tablet.


    Rage. Allows for great sustain in lane, grants the ability to not have to go back to base at low health, as you can just kill stuff to get your health back!


    Malignity. Though I am not one, I wanted to include this for all you sneak users out there. If you are a sneak user, be sure to include this tablet in your mix.


    Bloodfreeze. This is the new tablet, infamous for being extremely op. I will remove this from the list once it gets nerfed/removed, but for now it is a must have.


    Courage. This tablet is a great option for defensive tablets, allowing cc to not have quite the same affect it has on other people.


    Protective. Always a good option, it belongs on this list as it is sort of the old reliable of Haradon. You can't go wrong with a shield at low health!


    Assistance. Ideal for an organized team, assistance is about the most selfless tablet you can get in this game. It is very beneficial and always highly recommended.


    Soul Eating. Great tablet for laning, makes harass from your enemy less affective, and also allows you to get tankier when you get a kill in a team fight for a short period of time.










    Items to consider on Lu:

    Many people built tanky Lu. This is not the best choice. Building a lu like dialiana is not how you want to do it, as he gets no skill benefit from that. Building him as a high damage fighter with a lot of health is the way to go, or a squishy fighter if you are feeling confident.


    +12 Physical Attack
    +100 hp

    Squires Patience. Buy one of these at the start along with a Great Bear’s Claw (+14 Physical Attack). Sell squire later for bigger, better items.



    Increases Movement Speed (cannot be stacked with other boots)
    +20% Attack Speed
    +8% Harvest HP

    Savage boots. These boots are often the best boots for a fighter.


    Increases hero's Movement Speed (cannot be stacked with other boots)
    +200 hp
    Passive (unique): Decrease all snare effects by 30%

    Get these boots if you are facing a team with a ton of cc, as this will reduce the affects of cc drastically.

    Offensive Items:


    +30 Physical Attack
    Passive (Unique): Your normal attack will make an enemy bleed, dealing Level x 3 Physical Damage per second for 5 seconds.

    The Ripper. This is an optional early game item. Get it as soon as you can after squires if you are going to get it, and build it into Reaper’s Glove (+75 Physical Attack, passive: 20 + (Level x 3) Physical Damage for 5 seconds. Note that this build is not always meta, but it is included in this guide for the chance that it ever is.


    +80 Physical Attack
    Passive (Unique): Pierces 30% of target's Physical Defense.

    Longbow of Shadows. One of the best carry items in the game. Should be your second big purchase, after Jade Axe.


    +100 Physical Attack
    +15% Crit Rate
    Passive (Unique): Increases your critical damage by 25% (from 150% to 175% if there are no other modifiers from talents, tablets or inscriptions present).

    King Killer. Great physical item that offers huge critical rate. I recommend getting the iron claymore early then later turning it into the King Killer as crit on Lu is not as important early because his skills offer his damage. Later, his auto attack turns far more important as his skill damage is not as impactful.


    +80% Attack Speed
    Passive (Unique): 40% (25% for ranged) chance to reduce enemy's Movement Speed by 40% for 2 seconds upon attacking.

    Watcher's Whisper. Great item for attack speed and also cc. I recommend buying this later (if at all) on Lu as there is not much cause for the attack until later in the game.


    +50 Physical Attack
    +20% Attack Speed
    +15% Harvest hp
    Passive (Unique): 15% (10% for ranged) chance to stun enemy for 1 second when attacking.

    Divinity Sword. Always a good fighter item. There is good harvest as well as a little attack speed and some damage. And we can't forget the great chance for a stun proc.


    +75 Physical Attack
    Passive (Unique): Reduces enemy's Physical Defense by 10 + (Target Level x 2) for 3 seconds when hit.

    Jade Axe. One of the core items for any physical carry right now, it should be your first major purchase every game.


    +35 Physical Attack
    +500 hp
    -15% skill CD
    Passive (Unique): Skill hit will reduce healing effects by 50% for 6 seconds if the target's HP is lower than 40%.

    Essence Stealer. Great item for all around stats. Has a good balance of hp, attack damage, and that great skill CD time. It is a great buy against teams with a lot's of heals, as its passive reduces healing effects.

    Defensive Items:


    +500 hp
    +70 Physical Defense
    Passive (Unique): Reflect 25% of all Physical Damage back to you assailants.

    Hades Armor. Best Physical armor in the game, as it has the great stats on top of that amazing reflect. Get this if the main threat is physical.


    +800 hp
    +6 hp Regeneration
    -10% skill CD
    Passive (Unique): Increases Physical Attack and Magical Attack by 1% of Maximum hp.

    Stirring Soul of the Dragons. Amazing item that gives great stats. Not only does it offer tons of hp, but it gives skill cooldown and hp regen. Lets not forget its passive that also gives more attack based off of max hp. It is pretty indispensable.


    +40% Attack Speed
    +60 Magical Defense
    Passive (Unique): Burns (20 + enemy’s Level x 2) of enemy’s MP upon attacking while simultaneously inflicting the same amount of Magical Damage. This passive effect applies to on-hit effects.

    Dull Vine Shield. Great item for the magical defense as well as the attack speed. Buy if the main threat is magical.

    Advanced Tactics:

    Here are some tips and tricks that the average Lu player might look over, as well as some strategies to use in lane or in jungle. Some of the tricks may have been stated earlier in the guide.

    Under Realm Ruins:

    Start by going to kill the train, and unless there is another primary carry, last hit the train. Complete the basic start by killing spiders and one or two waves of creeps after. Then either continue farming or join your team.

    In a team fight, skirt on the edge until there is a clear shot at the enemy carry. Quickly use your combo to put yourself on top of the carry, then try to align yourself to kick them far away (just not towards the enemy tower!) kick them, rush to the kick and kill them. Then rejoin your team and finish the fight.

    Rift at Sinskaald:

    Start either mid or in the blue jungle. Lu can do any lane, but I have found most success in these two positions.

    Use Lightning Burst to quickly clear jungle camps at level one, and add Lord of Lightning to that at level two.

    Use Lightning Burst to harass you lana opponent.

    In the jungle, use your combo to go over walls and into the next creep camp to save time.

    Lu should gank mid first right after clearing the entire blue jungle and reaching level 3. The goal should be to either knock the enemy out of lane or to actually kill them. Sit in the side bush until they are close enough to your side of the river, then use your combo to be right on top of them. If that gets them low, using Lightning Laceration to catch up to them should either make them use their blink or sneak or secure the kill.

    After your gank mid, invade the enemy's red jungle and steal their spiders and goblins, then use Lightning Burst over the wall to their red buff to check if there is someone taking it or if it is still there. Use Lord of Lightning to go over the wall at take whatever is there if either of these things is the case.

    If you are mid Lu, focus on last hitting and harassing your lane opponent with Lightning Burst. Periodically go into the jungle if you have pushed the creeps to under their tower, and don't be afraid to clear entire creep waves with your combo if you are going to go back to base promptly.

    In a team fight, use the same assassination and kick tactic as in Under Realms. This tactic will hopefully ensure that they blow all their cc on other targets and not you so that you can get in and deal massive damage.

    Border Skirmish:

    Start Lu in the lane. Lu can make a decent top jungler too, but lane Lu here is best as you are a carry. focus on last hitting and harassing the enemy laner with Lightning Burst. Be careful not to over extend or you could get ganked! Only get the very last hits.

    Using top Lu, you route at the top should be check the bush next to mogul until about 10-15 seconds in, then go spiders and combo over the wall to bears. Teleport home and then go to the goblins in bottom if your bottom jungler is not taking those. Your first gank should be at level 3.

    In a team fight, use the same tactic as in the other two maps so as to avoid the cc.

    10k lvl 15:

    Start with some defensive and offensive items. I recommend a full longbow as well as an iron claymore, some attack speed, boots, and some defense.

    Lu should be more offensive in team fights in this mode, as he is already fed and can take more of a beating. Get in there and deal as much damage as you can as quickly as you can, but don't forget to focus the enemy's carries!

    Fun mode:

    Grab a point in each skill initially and harass often with Lightning Burst until your team is ready to engage, combo and get as much damage on them as quickly as possible with your low cooldowns. Once you get fed, you can start simply going in on them yourself as you should have some tanky items to balance out your damage and you shouldn't have to worry about dying.

    Tips and Tricks:

    In a team fight, align yourself to kick the enemy carry, kick them, put down Lightning burst on the fight, reactivate your ultimate to go to the carry, kill them, and utilize the range on your Lightening Burst/Lord of Lightning combo to instantly travel back into the fight!

    Use your combo to quickly travel the map and go over walls!

    Mid to late game, one combo can usually take out an entire creep wave. Use it often when pushing to make it go faster.

    Lightning Burst offers vision! Use it to check bushes or over walls before entering them or comboing over them. This will allow you to be far safer and you won't die as much.

    You can use your kick to kick enemies into your life well if you aim well enough! Use this if you are losing and the enemy is in your base.


    I'd like to thank:

    @Akise otherwise known as Josh/Joshu/Imagoplaynova/Regrettingdays/Gaddington/Joshumz for asking me to help him out with Lu, and thus inspiring me to make this guide.

    @Nightshadexx for teaching me so much about this game when I was still not a great player.

    The guys at VGHQ and especially @Redmanc for teaching me even more and becoming the best friends I could ask for in this game, even though the guild is no longer what it was.

    Ariana Grande for being bae.

    @mindantony for being a good listener and student.

    @Chrisp for his amazing Jombraa guide that inspired many like myself with the great formatting.

    @Levesqmi for his amazing website that everyone who loves this game should visit.

    @kr4m123 for his great wiki that I and many others who have made guides here have used for info and for pictures.

    @Sophie FromGameloft for being an amazing member of our community and listening to us when we asked. I'm so sorry to hear that you are leaving.

    And finally Gameloft for creating the game that we all love.

    Hope you enjoyed my guide! Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Wow. Wonderful guide. I totally agree with the skill-order even if many Lu-Players level up the 3rd skill first. I think thats wrong, I prefer it like you did. Well, to the items for him, I personally go for the new item (forgot the english name, sry) which gives you 30 phys. dmg plus 550 hp plus 15 % CD reduction after I have build Longbow and Claymore because I think he is very skill based so nothing could be better than a shorter cooldown for him. Plus the 550 HP are very nice and dont forget the passive which decreases enemies heal if they have less than 40% HP. Useful if you play for example vs a Slagfist since the update. But thats just my way of playing him :) Well, all together you have made a very nice guide, you should keep on doing more for other heroes too.
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    Are you talking about essence stealer? It is indeed a good item. I think I'll add it to the list. It is a good suggestion. I don't use it personally, however. Remember, you get cooldown reduction from stirring soul as well! But essence stealer is quite a good item when you are facing a team with good heals, to decrease healing effects. You are right. Lu is extremely skill based, less so into the late game though.
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    Edited the items section to say something that many people do that is wrong.

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