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    UPDATED: 2015, November 13: Hello guys, I did this tutorial some time ago, I pointed Miranda Lathier to a bruiser set. This last month she became my main for about 14 hours per day everyday (I got fired at September from my dream job as Gameloft tester, so I had a lot of time to play HOC) and noticed that my tanky build was not as effective as playing her as a pure mage carry: Desecration tablet was hard to use since the only AoE she has is her ULT so it is hard to easily clean tons on creeps/soldiers, she had problems leveling up non-custom matches because she lacks power early game and the latest nerf of Stirring Soul of the Dragons, made my previous "tanky build" be not effective.

    Well, I decided to rework almost everything in the tutorial pointing this build for a Mage-Carry because the more Magical Attack she has, the more HP heal and more power on her skills, so I hope you guys enjoy and/or give suggestions to let me improve this guide.

    -Very durable with his new buff on Arcane Boost (60 mag/phy defenses) and healing effects on her.
    -Very fast CD on her Erosion skill. Perfect to chase enemies.
    -Good CC in Erosion and Killing Field.
    -She can heal teammates and buff their defenses with Arcane Boost each 5 seconds or less.
    -Amazing passive for her and her teammates near her in Arcane Boost: 12% Movement speed at lvl4.
    -She is the only hero who owns MP support with her Vile Whisper skill.
    -She can make a member not to go back to Base to heal since her massive healing effect on Arcane Boost+Vile Whisper works similar to the healing effect on base.
    -She is not dependent of her team to kill enemies, even if she is a Support Class hero, she can fight a couple of heroes by her own and she can win the battle against both of them because of her stun, healing effect, defense buff and slow downs.
    -None of her skills are wasted, all of them are very, very, very useful.

    -She is very dependent on her skills, so she is scared of stuns and silents.
    -She can only heal 1 teammate at the time (Goblin, Fox and Forge Master can heal all teammates with 1 skill). This makes some of your partners get mad at you because they just died because your Arcane Boost skill is in CD.
    -It is very hard during a team fight to cast healing skill on a single teammate (at lest, it is hard for me to tap on an ally who is moving or tap his face at the Hero List displayed at left side of screen when there is a lot of action on field).
    -Since she has CC skills and one Healing Skill, during team fights sometimes you have to choice between healing allies and stunning/slowing down enemies; even if all the enemies on the team fight are feint, if at least one of your allies died, they will be mad at you asking "Noob witch. Why you didn't heal me?".

    NOTE: If you are using an iOS device, the Skills Icons will be not visible.


    Erosion: The Grey Witch lobs a bottle of erosive toxin which explodes on impact, damaging all nearby.

    DAMAGE: 40/70/100/130+%Miranda'sMagicalAttack

    EFFECT: Movement Speed Reduction by 20% for 5 seconds

    Comment: Good Skill´s effect, once you get the right CD items, this skill CD is reduced to less than 2 seconds, so it is very useful to chase enemies or slow down them if they are chasing you. In LVL1 matches, use this skill 1st. But this must be maxed last because the Slow Down effect and Slowed Time is the same in all the levels, besides the rest of Witch skills get more powerful every level.

    The damage dealt is increased as long as Magical Attack is added to Miranda.

    Vile Whisper:
    EFFECT ON ALLY: Restores 65/105/145/185 MP. If the ally is affected by Arcane Boost, 100 HP will be restored to them immediately.

    EFFECT ON ENEMY: Deals 80/120/160/200+%Miranda'sMagicalAttack Magical Damage. If the enemy is killed by this skill, the Grey Witch will retain the MP spent to use it, if enemy is affected by Erosion or Killing Field, they will be stunned for 0.5/0.75/1/1.25 seconds.

    Comment: This skill before update 11 was so useless, but now it is amazing, adding a healing buff on allies and a stun on enemies. Woowoowowowowow. This skill makes Miranda more annoying than it was before. Remember: The healing buff on allies applies only if a teammate is under the effect of Arcane Boost (Arcane Boost effect lasts 6 seconds on allies or Witch) and the stun applies on enemies only if it is under Erosion (Erosion effect lasts 5 seconds) or if an enemy is inside Killing Field.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If one enemy got inside the Killing Field (Witch´s Ult), but before it ends, this enemy manage to get out the Killing Field and Vile Whisper is used, the enemy will not be stunned because hero is now OUT of the field. To make the enemy be stunned you must use Vile Whisper on an enemy which is currently INSIDE the Killing Field.

    In lvl1 matches, level this skill along with Arcane Boost, both skills are the most important on Witch, level up Arcane Boost, then in next level level up Vile Whisper and so on (except for levels 1, 6, 9 and 12).

    The damage dealt is increased as long as Magical Attack is added to Miranda.

    Arcane Boost:

    PASSIVE: Increase Movement Speed of nearby allies by 5%/8%/10%/12%.

    ACIVE: Restores Grey Witch or her allies HP at a rate of 10/20/30/40+%Miranda'sMagicalAttack HP per second for 6 seconds. During this tie, the target´s Physical Defense and Magical Defense are increased by 30/40/50/60.

    Comment: This skill is very useful, it has a passive and an active effect, Its passive affects near allies, but it also affects Miranda (in HOC, anytime an item or skills says "Affects Allies", the same effect is triggered in your hero too), it gives you and nearly allies 12% of movement speed, with that buff you can drop Boots to buy a more powerful item.

    Its active effect is very powerful, if a couple of enemies is coming to you, you ran away and ALWAYS you can use this skill, you will be healed and more important, you get 60 MAG/PHY defense each time you cast it. Use this skill on you as many times as possible if you are alone and an enemy reaches to you, the best part of this active effect is that it lasts 6 seconds, once you got the right CD items, this skill´s CD gets 6 or less seconds, so you can get the healing and defenses buff forever (as long as you don´t get stunned or silenced).

    This skills makes Miranda a Bruiser, letting finish off enemies on 1v1 battles. Even 2v1 (two enemies against Miranda) ones.

    The HP healing effect per second is increased as long as Magical Attack is added to Miranda.

    Killing Field: The Grey Witch haxes an area on the battlefield, wounding and crippling those caught within.

    DAMAGE: 45/65/85+%Miranda'sMagicalAttack per seconds for 5 seconds.

    EFFECT: Speed reduction by 50%.

    Comment: A great CC skill, the only problem is that enemies can avoid it so easily, just using Blink Skill. Also heroes with Gap Closer skills can easily get out the field, such as Paladin, Bringer of Salvation, Lizard, Guervus, Akartu, Debronee, etc. Remember: If you want to stun enemies with Vile Whisper, ensure you cast it on an enemy who is inside Killing Field.

    Killing Field is very useful when you are running away from a gank, just tap and hold the ULT button and drag finger a behind you (your chasers will get in the field and get slown down, you now get better chances to live).

    Level this skill whenever possible (on lvls 6/9/12).

    The damage dealt is increased as long as Magical Attack is added to Miranda.


    LVL1 (If you prefer to support teammates with healing effects and with its passive speed buff, go to Arcane Boost at lvl1):

    [​IMG]Arcane Boost

    [​IMG]Vile Whisper

    [​IMG]Arcane Boost

    [​IMG]Vile Whisper

    [​IMG]Killing Field

    [​IMG]Arcane Boost

    [​IMG]Vile Whisper

    [​IMG]Killing Field

    [​IMG]Arcane Boost

    LVL 11:
    [​IMG]Vile Whisper

    LVL 12:
    [​IMG]Killing Field

    LVL 13, LVL 14, LVL 15:


    -[​IMG]Boneflame Wand
    -[​IMG]Searing Orb
    -[​IMG]Nymph's Relic
    -[​IMG]Frost Ring
    -[​IMG]Boots of Tempest
    -[​IMG]Saithion Lollipop/[​IMG]Arrogance Cloak/[​IMG]Storm Cloak/[​IMG]Staff of Rectitude/[​IMG]Spider Queen's Embrace

    Why these items?:

    -Boneflame Wand: This is the most powerful item along with Searing Orb, since this adds most of Witch needs: MP. Its passive is amazing, adding 400 extra MP plus a Magical Attack Buff of 3% of her Max MP.

    -Searing Orb: This is obvious for any magic attacker, 30% burn on enemies´ defense is great. Also adds a very good amount of MP, which is needed on Witch as we saw in Boneflame Wand description.

    -Nymph's Relic: This item is a must on healing based heroes such as The Grey Witch. Besides it adds 400 HP and 400 MP, that´s nice because this item helps on the buffs of Boneflame. This item also buffs healing effects on your allies and you. And it also gives 5% on Movement Speed which stacks with Arcane Boost, Saithion Lollipop and Boots.

    -Frost Ring: This item gives a very good advantage for Miranda, adds a good amount of MP, its passive is great, helping on the MP regeneration side and its 15% CDR is veru helpful because combined with the 15% or mage talents and 20% of Nymph's Relic, completes the 45% max CDR.

    -Boots of Tempest: This item is very useful because Miranda needs to keep moving around to kill and avoid being killed. No Evixtix, Draeznor, Elf, Jombraa, Peila, Lebmont, etc can win against Miranda's speed that combines Nymph's Relic, Arcane Buff passive and Booots of Tempest (the speed can include also more 10% with Saithion Lollipop).

    I get a lot of fun when playing against melee heroes whose try to catch me, but while they try, I slow and stun them, having a great chance of killing any melee hero 1v1 scenario. They start chasing you, then they finish being the prey (you chase them).

    Also remember that boots help you clearing visibility on a bush/fog, before you put yourself inside a bush/fog, drag and place the boots skill to place a wand.

    -Last Item: The choice depends on the match's scenario:

    *Build Spider Queen's Embrace to have a chance of surviving Draeznor's stun-lock.

    *Build Saithion Lollipop for fun: Build it if you know that none of the enemies is a threat for you and you want to troll them because of your amazing movement speed (chase them, let them chase you without success, etc).

    *Buid Arrogance Cloak if the enemies you want to kill have build magical defense,

    *Build Storm Cloak against bulky teams. The active skill of this item is amazing, the damage it deals increase the most HP the enemy has, so if the opposite team has mostly tanks and bruiser, this item is a good choice.

    *Build Staff of Rectitude when you know the match is yours (same as Saithion Lollipop scenario). If the enemies are not threating you and you are able to kill them easy, set this item so your damage increases


    For LVL1/1K matches:

    -[​IMG][​IMG](1000 gold)
    -[​IMG](1700 gold)
    -[​IMG] (300 gold)
    -[​IMG] (1000 gold)
    -[​IMG] (1100 gold)
    -[​IMG](1700 gold)
    -[​IMG](900 gold)
    -[​IMG] (1300 gold)
    -[​IMG] (1200 gold)
    -[​IMG] (750 gold)
    -Sell [​IMG]
    -[​IMG] (675 gold)
    -[​IMG](925 gold)
    -[​IMG] (350 gold)
    -Sell remaining [​IMG] ad build the last item according to match scenario.

    For LVL15/10K matches:

    -[​IMG]+[​IMG]+[​IMG]+[​IMG] (50 gold will remain after the 1st shopping)
    -[​IMG] (1600 gold)
    -[​IMG] (1350 gold)
    -[​IMG] (1700 gold)
    -[​IMG] (1640 gold)
    -[​IMG] (260 gold)
    -Build last item according to the match's scenario.


    Support (5):

    [​IMG]Quickening: 5 (5% more movement speed)

    Mage (35):

    [​IMG]Fast Casting: 5 (Reduce Cooldown Time by 5%)

    [​IMG]Energy: 5 (7.5 MP per lvl)

    [​IMG]Apprentice: 5 (Reduce Cooldown Time by 0.7% per lvl)

    [​IMG]Mana Adept: 1 (Reduce MP cost by 10%)

    [​IMG]Spell Penetration: 5 (Ignore 11 of the target's Mag Def)

    [​IMG]Magic Feedback: 3 (Increase Leech HP by 3%)

    [​IMG]Knowledge: 3 (0.9 Magical Attack per lvl)

    [​IMG]Strike Back: 3 (Increase Magical Attack by 15% when HP is below 40%)

    [​IMG]Accident: 3 (Useless, just filled to unlock Spell Outbreak)

    [​IMG]Spell Outbreak: 1 (Spells cast on a hero have a 10% chance to deal an additional 150% damage)

    [​IMG]Death's Embrace: 1 (Damage spells deal an additional 10% of damage to stunned or slowed targets)


    Bloodfreeze Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 5 Order, 11 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: When a hero's HP is below 10%, they will only receive 10% damage for 2 seconds. This effect will only be triggered once every five minutes..

    Whispering Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Each time you se a skill, your magical attack will be increased by 3% and the MP cost of skills will be reduced by 3%. Effects can be stacked 5 times, they will be removed when using a skill again.

    Elder Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 12 Order, 4 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increases your Physical Defense by 12% of Magical Attack.

    Why these tablets?

    -Bloodfreeze: This tablet saves you lots of times allowing you to heal yourself with Arcane Boost active skill.

    -Whispering: Miranda's skills get powerful the more Magical Attack increases. The same occurs with its healing skill, the healing effect is more effective when her magical attack increases, so, this tablet helps you deal tons of damage and healing lots of HP because each time you cast a skill, magical attack is buffed. Please notice that MP cost falls down dramatically with this tablet, a feature loved by Miranda.

    -Elder: As you can see, this build focuses on Miranda's magical attack so you want to increase her power at any cost, this makes worth the use of this tablet since your Physical Defense increases as long as you max your Magical Attack..


    Spellbreaking Inscription
    Increases Pierce through Magical Defense by (B) 0.71 / (S) 1.06 / (G) 1.42

    *These Inscriptions are a must on every mage based hero,

    Generally, mage based heroes go for CDR inscriptions, but since Nymph's Relic, talents and Frost Ring give you above 50% CDR (Max CDR is 45%), you can try putting any other inscription on the order side you consider important for you such as HP, HPR or Defenses.


    A) Take off your mind that you are a pure support hero, you are tank, carry and support at the same time with this build. So if one of your partners is about to die and you know he is noob and a d*ck, focus on you. Other support heroes such as Goblin are ONLY support, his work is always to heal teammates and slowing down enemies, he never must to try to kill a single hero by his self, that is not applicable on Miranda, YOU CAN kill enemies also, so if a teammate gets mad to you because you didn't heal him because you CONSIDERED it was more important to stun the enemy and finish him off, ignore him, at the end you will have better stats than him. Whit this Im not telling you that you will only focus on you, of course you must also support your team, but help the ones who really are pro or are doing well in the match.

    B) Try to get out the attack sight of melee attackers, if for example a Pala gets close to you with his charge, target him and use Erosion, then stun him with Vile Whisper, the stun time gives you time to move a bit away so you can attack him with normal attacks (he cannot attack you since he needs to be close to you) and your now fully recovered Erosion and Vile Whisper (remember, Erosion has small CD), he will not have any chance as long as you take a distance to allow you attack them but they can't attack you.

    C) Always be aware of your MP, in a Team Fight if you see than you have only 1 skill cast because of low MP, you must to get back to heal because you are useless without Mana.

    D) Remember always to activate Arcane Boost to buff yourself as long as you are being targeted by enemies. Also, if you see a carry who has a gap closer and you predict he will gap closer to you, quickly activate Arcane Boost. Also, each time you get close a bush or fog, activate Arcane Boost, so you can survive an attack of an enemy who is hidden in that bush/fog.

    E) If used Erosion on an nearly enemy, quickly cast Vile Whisper. Sometimes the enemies are aware that a stun is coming and when they receive Erosion's damage, they simply "blink" away, so try to tap Erosion's Skill button, then as fast as you can tap Vile's Whisper's. This is very effective because before the Erosion bottle falls over the enemies you already cast Vile Whisper, so, no matters if the enemy blinks, he will be stunned anyways and that gives you time to chase him even if he is a bit far from you.

    F) If you and your team get close a tower to take it down and enemy heroes are under tower's protection, if you are sure that your team's goal is to take the tower down, use your drag you Killing Field near the tower to scare the opponent team, this may be a kind of protection to your team. Its a message: "If you get close you will be stunned and finished off by my team XD".

    G) Stay away from enemies with multiple stuns such as Draeznor or Evistix (with Divinity equipped), always have a teammate with you to fight them.

    H) Don't be a noob by stunning the opposite team's tank during a team fight (at least not if the tank is not Jombraa, if this Monkey has stunned your team with its ULT, stun that son of a .... XD); always stun the carriers whose kill your carries in a blow.

    I) Boot Wand, your friendly neighbor. It is very hard for Miranda to target an enemy who enters, goes out and reenters a bush/fog, so when you are chasing an enemy and he is about to hide in a bush, hold and drag your boot skill and put the wand on the bush/fog so you don't miss your target.

    J) In Unreal Ruins (Train Map), increase Magical Attack with the 3000 potions, that's the most important and anything Miranda needs. You can also add HP potions of 3000 gold, but make sure you buy Magical Attack ones the most.


    Once you are fully equipped, you can add consumables to buff you even more.

    *Consumables for all maps

    [​IMG] For more HP (Effect: 4 Minutes, Price: 350)

    [​IMG] For more Mag Att (Effect: 4 Minutes, Price: 350)

    [​IMG] For more MP (Effect: 4 Minutes, Price 350)

    *Consumable for Train Map

    [​IMG] Adds permanently 42 Magical Attack; Price: 3000

    That's it. Hope this guide help you to annoy the hell : )
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    Nov 13, 2014
    Hello guys.

    Sorry: My guide is not completed yet, Im just doing some advance. Im currently at work. I will finish this guide in a few hours (once I get home).

    Thanks for understanding.
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    Oct 30, 2014
    Ty for creating this guide cuz i suck with witch, like
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  4. eeevlira

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    Nov 13, 2014
    You will not from today... XD (I hope, lol).
    Thanks for commenting.
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    Mar 8, 2015
    I played her yesterday and 1v1 with Lv9 Aria and killed her. :p Looking forward to full completed guide :)
  6. eeevlira

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    Nov 13, 2014
    Hahaha, yeah, in fact, any fighter can be defeated by Lathier 1v1, except for Evistix and Draeznor, whose stuns her several times in a row, which is a surely death.

    Well, the most important things were added, hope they are useful for you. I will continue updating the guide for minor suff and info I could miss.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Nov 13, 2014
    Hi guys.

    The guide is now finished. If you have suggestions, they are welcome. Please tell me if there is something I missed.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Jan 17, 2015
    The Maximum CD reduction is 45% :)

    Maybe consider to put the first Point on Level 1 in Arcane Boost. The damage of Erosion is not that great and Arcane Boost helps your whole Team with runspeed when u try to gank before minions spawn.

    Maybe couragetablet when there are silence / stun "heroes" on other side.

    With your itembuild maybe u pick tablet of merciful words (hands?) instead of desire, to increase Gold / xp / hp gain when killing / assisting a hero?
  9. eeevlira

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    Nov 13, 2014
    Hahaha, it's nice to know that the limit of CDR is 45%, now I know that with my build I don't waste space by putting CDR inscriptions on my tablets.

    About the Arcane Boost at lvl1, I had that in mind before finishing the guide, but Im really lazy with changing Skill Images, hahaha. I Will place a comment about it.

    I know there are many options in the tablet side, there are very good ones like the merciful words one, but most of them require a specific situation while Desire effect is always triggered since you are always targeted, but the one I will consider the most and I will place on the guide is Courage, this is very effective since Witch is aimed with Silent/Stun skills.

    Thanks for commenting : )
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    Mar 8, 2015
    Wow. You have added much more stuffs. Good job
  11. eeevlira

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    Nov 13, 2014
    Thanks ; )
  12. eeevlira

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    NOTE: The images for some items and skills are not visible if you check the page in an iOS device. I don't know if the same happens on Android or Windows Mobile. They are correctly displayed in Windows Computers.
  13. Akise

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    Jun 16, 2013
    With my iPad, I can't see the icons where the skill build is, can you please put the names underneath so it'll be easier for people who have the problem like me.
  14. eeevlira

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    Nov 13, 2014
    I also noticed this issue in my iPad, that's why I put a comment before yours, but now I've added the name of the skill on Skill Building and also added the note about this issue (which happens in iOS devices, in my computer Windows 8, they are displayed correctly) on the guide.

    Thanks for commenting.
  15. Dariusz

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    Jan 17, 2015
    I used your itembuild in the last games when i played her.
    It works good. Nice guide.

    Thank you
  16. eeevlira

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    Nov 13, 2014
    Thanks ; )
  17. Nexus

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    Nov 17, 2014
    What an inspiring guide!!! I started using witch thanks to you. :)
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    Jan 7, 2015
    This is an awesome guide. I just bought witch and have played her 5 times now using this guide and so far I'm 4-1 with her. Very good hero.
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    Jan 17, 2015
    To push this thread and this really nice guide a little bit ;) ...

    I want to show how witch is often played on border pvp.
    Talents are usually Mage / Guardian, i would recomment Frostbolt 2 with tablet and Heal 2 ... or blink.

    Start with the 2 staffs recommended in this guide but then buy standard boots for 300 Gold. After that wait until u have 1700 Gold for enchanters ring, usually u have the gold when u hit Level 6 or maybe 7. When u got 1 or 2 assists or kills sometimes on Level 5. Why should u wait so long?
    Think about other items u can get for that gold and about the role u play as bottom laner. U can buy a Leviathans cloak for 1300 Gold for more spell damage and slightly higher heals or 2 ruby ring for nice spell damage but what u do later with them? U could use one ring for frost ring but i want to show how most witches in higher silver and Gold are playing.
    So first item is enchanters ring and then u go directly for boneflame ... with this items u have superior heals, nice damage and enough mana for every teamfight on border. Then u could go for a Leviathans to add some Magic pierce.
    After that everything is situational but think about purifying pendant, lollypop, hades, frostring etc

    To compensate the lack of spell damage until u have the enchanters i would recommend:
    1. Arcane boost
    2. Erosion
    3. Vile whisper
    4. Arcane
    5. Arcane
    6. Killing field
    7. Arcane

    then max vile and at last Erosion.

    Even with low spell damage u have good heals and u can slow / stun fleeing enemys .... use frostbolt 2 only to secure a gank or when u must run for your life ... but with Standard boots and 2 or 3 skillpoints in arcane boost u are usually faster than any other hero.
    This way u play witch mainly as pure support for your carry until u have boneflame.

    Port back to your base constantly cause u will throw out your mana easy to kill your camp, try a gank and maybe give your carry 1 or 2 heals until u have the enchanters ring.
    When u have the ring and your team died not more than 1 or 2 times u can play very aggressive together with your carry because u heal crazy amounts at this Point, even some tower diving is possible.
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    Feb 10, 2015
    Witch had gotten to be a very interesting " support ". I've been playing witch before she got a buff . My old build used to be Hades, Lolipop, Mage boots , Bloodmask, searing orb , and boneflame, now that she can heal much more I've good for a different spec . I really enjoyed reading your guide but do take note that your build changes depending on your team / enemy team . When I play witch my build heavily depends on who I'm playing against . But good work on this guide really enjoyed it ^-^ . Hope to see you in game of your on IOS . :D
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