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    Let's be honest, there's no actually conceivable way to do art wrong however, Fan art is an easy thing to mess up. When art is a creative idea anything's good cause it's unique, when it's a creative representation you have to remember the viewers have something to compare it to.
    So not all of us can paint like the Gameloft art team can do, so we have to make our own thing, make it so that it's really hard to compare to the original thing, or anything else already made for that matter.

    General Rules

    NSFW tags
    Anything that pertains partial (or higher) nudity is deemed NSFW or Not Safe For Work. By placing this tag you let viewers know the potential content within your thread so as to not see anything they would rather not have viewed.
    With this not being a forum dedicated to art, using a hard reference is fair to use. But, assume anything you didn't have to think for or even pick up a drawing utensil for is plagiarism. At the least, if you're going to copy or straight up trace something, make sure it's not already in this Fan art section.
    This is the Fan art section
    Not the Ideas section, if your art doesn't look like a differently drawn medium of an existing character in HoC, it doesn't go here. So if it is a skin idea or a hero idea drawn/painted whatever, it should go in the Ideas section; You should assume anything that you may put "idea" in the title does not go here.



    You can resize images easily and for free using the site www.picresize.com
    Image dimensions
    The dimensions to use for a site like this to showcase your work is 1000 to 1500 px for the width and a proportional length. As the width is fixed on this site, anything bigger then 1500 px (ironically) may look smaller and more condensed on most devices.
    Ideally, the standard 1280x800 resolution is the best fit.
    Comic dimensions (Digital)
    Any image with 3 or more panels (even if it's not a comic) is best done with the length bigger than the width. A resolution such as 900x1425 would be fine. With a fixed width, shoving too many images side by side on one canvas will get too packed.
    Comic dimensions (traditional)
    When drawing multiple images on one paper, draw them one a top the other for the best fit. Ideally, put at least 3 panels on the paper and put a maximum of 4.


    Image Composition

    The best thing about Fan art is that fans are able to see their favorite character doing something they have never been seen doing or a different way to represent their lives. Or, most commonly, their lives of text represented in pictures. So, if you're gonna make Fan art, unless you really want to, DO NOT REDRAW THE SAME POSE IN THE EXACT SAME STYLE. That's boring, and remember what I said about having something to compare to? Nobody's gonna like a mediocre version of the official thing. So be creative, give it thought or give it craziness. Draw a character's lore, mess with their gender, give them a different personality, make them act like 'normal' people, put them in a different scenario, make them chibi, make them abstract, make them anime, draw them them in a different perspective (like my signature). Do anything that hasn't already been done. Make it incomparable.


    Special Info.

    Clickable thumbnail
    This would be useful to make a Fan art of someone else's character idea. That way you can make the image here and if anyone clicks on it, it brings them to the idea thread where the original character came from. I'm currently trying to find the right format for this, it works but it shows up weird. So wip.
    Signature dimensions
    If your signature consists of an image containing a picture or of words (or anything you can actually add a dimension to), the best dimensions to use are 500x200, centered in the middle. This allows someone browsing the forums to see your signature image clearly without obstruction such as a squished image or without the annoyance of a way too big signature image shoving the next comment down farther and leaving a massive image or white space in the area. Depending on the image type however, 500x200 won't work for everything. With respect for others, anything with a larger length than 750 px may be annoying. Width doesn't matter in the sense of annoying anyone.
    GIFs are a bit different however, you probably don't want to use a small dimension (in the GIF world) like 500x200. Something more around a square like 400x400 or a banner dimension such as 750x350 looks ok

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    Oct 7, 2014
    This is a WIP, btw, I'll finish it in a bit, there's some tacos I really want to eat right now.

    This would've been really useful 2 years ago but hey, can't get everything, right? I made it cause I was annoyed at the Fan-Fiction section having one, it ruined the relative symmetry that this section didn't have a guide. So hopefully this can be good enough to get stickied here.

    Any suggestions to put up/take down in the guide would be appreciated. I was a bit skeptical about putting a Rules part cause I'm not a mod, but there's nothing written about those things.

    I'll color coat and list things and add images later on through editing.
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    Rules are OK, being in line with the forum rules. Just the section part... I think it's okay to post a skin/idea also into fanarts, as long as you recognize what hero it is/to what game it belongs and you don't spam it everywhere.
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    Just asking, have you made any fan art yourself
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    Heyyy Mixar is back?!?
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    Does this mean I can post nsfw art to his site ? :/
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