[Molten Lord] A trouble tank for mid and late games.

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  1. mq003sonic

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    Sep 12, 2014
    Hello everyone, today I will present you a new buy for a nerf hero in this game: Mr.Lava. Although he is a mage, he doesn't have any CC skill and his skills don't relate to each other so he is a shjty hero. But in this thread, I will present you a new build of him to fight against team which is noober than yours. Have a trolling fight, dudes! :)

    This is my 2nd edit, and I'm verryhappy because when I google Molten Lord, this thread appear in the 2nd line.:)

    1. Molten Lord's Skill:
    You can check it here: http://heroes-of-order-and-chaos-original.wikia.com/wiki/Molten_Lord_(Guervus)
    Now, what you need for a tanky lava is SPIN! Yeah, spinning around the map, spamming damage and kill them. So you need to upgrade skill 2 to lv4 first, then skill 3, skill 1 just take one point at lv1 to last hit minion or spam HP at enemies. Ulti should be upgraded as soon as possible. Now, it's time for some Math, let's show me your hands and we will calculate together.

    Imaginate you are Molten Lord, you have 100 Magical Damage in your heart, and you are lv15, what happen if you:
    a/ Use skill 1: if you lucky, the target you want to die receive the damage three times, that's mean, you deal: 140 + 65= 205. x3, you have: 615 damage.
    b/ Use skill 2: deal damage to all enemies for 4 secs. Each sec you deal: 170+25= 195 damage. x4 you deal 760 damage. Combine with the cape, you deal more damage.

    So, if anyone say that skill 1 deal more damage than skill 2, calculate it by yourself. 1 think that's you guys not realize is that the damage skill 2 deal is x4, when skill 1 deal is x3.

    2. Build:
    Core items: Chain Boots, Cape, Helm of Divine Favor.

    Basic build:
    Chaint Boots, Hermatist's Cape (increase the spinning damage by 60), Stirring Soul of Dragon, Smoke Diadem (ignore cc while spinning around crayzyly), Helm of Divine Favor (broke the formation), Essence of Labaulan (give him a little CC).

    Real-tank build:
    Chain Boots, Cape, Helm of Divine Favor, Stirring Soul of Dragon, Hades Armor, Spider Queen's Embrace.

    Magical Tank:
    Chain Boots, Cape, Helm of Divine Favor, Staff of Rectitude, Searing Orb (I don't think this item is fit for him now since GL has removed the additional HP) or Arrogance Cloak, Purifying Pendance or Smoke Diadem.

    3. How to play:
    What you need to do is use your ulti to blink to the centre of the enemies heroes. Then they will all CC at you. Now, turn on the Helm fast to ignore ALL CC COME TO YOU then turn your skill 2 on. Woohoo, because all CC skills have been cast, you deal TONS OF DAMAGE TO ALL ENEMIES NEARBY. If somebody have any CC, just use the Pandant or Smoke Diadem. The use skill 1 or the Essence to finnish the tank. Thats all. Good luck

    I will spin on the battlefield - I spin, not see you because I'm crayzy :)
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  2. The Holy Lollipop

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    Feb 22, 2015
    Why do you like upgrading skill 2 first? His snake does tremendous amounts of damage, far more than his spin, especially if there are only 2 heroes and they're close by the snake will bouce back and forth.
  3. Swedishviking

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    May 13, 2014
    "he doesn't have any CC skill and his skills don't relate to each other so he is a shjtyhero."...
  4. Baconhero

    Baconhero Active Member

    Mar 17, 2015
    Wow this guide is strange af o_0
    Never heard anyone that actually uses his second skill as the main damage skill
    I thought Fighters Talents on Molty has already weird enough
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  5. mq003sonic

    mq003sonic Member

    Sep 12, 2014
    Yeah, thats weird, right? Don't ask me why because im never want to build hero as they always be. I always try something new ( like ad mystic, support evistix which heal more than 400hp at skill 3, ad vigelos, etc) and when I build this in a 5v5, ive been called hacker. Why? Because when i gank lonely equillia( in this case skill 1 is useless ). I blink, he cc, i use helm, and spin crayzyly dealing around 350 damage per sec, lol. Im tanky because of this build too so i diddnt die.

    I have told you before that you should use this build to fight against team noober than yours. Thats mean, this build will help you troll them, not killing them. But in this build guervus is powerful, not weak like everybody thought. And the reason why the last battle i use this build because the enemies are pro. They know they should make distance beetween hero so my first skill cant touch them.
  6. eeevlira

    eeevlira Active Member

    Nov 13, 2014
    The combo with Space Warp and Helm is very interesting along with Hermetist's+Lava Burst combo. I would try the ULT+Helm one (it would work great against physical attackers that cripple you with their skills such as Debronee, Draeznor, etc), the second combo would not work for me since it is very difficult (IMMO) to control Guervus while he is spinning.

    I would suggest the same that some other people suggested me when I created my "Weird Fighter Talent on Molty guide"*** : Change boots for Saithion Lollipop (at the 1st time I shown the guide, it had Chain Boots as main item).

    I also suggest you to remove Arrogance Cloak as an option since your main source of damage would be your Space Warp and Lava Burst (both of them are multiple target skills), they are not triggering the 100% effect on target (keep it if you cast Lava Snake 1st to start your combo).

    I also have to say that you lack magical defense, this is a really problem for any options of your build: Even if you are protected by Helm of Divine Favor from Magical CC (such as Equellias combo or Arcane's Bolts), they have very fast CDR so, once your Helm effect is over, they will attack you again with the same Magical CC and no matter how much HP you have, you will be dead with a single magical combo (or Magical Ult, for example, FOX's Ult hits hard on Guervus).

    Initially my guide had only Phy Def (Stirring, Hades, Horn, Watcher's, Orb, Saithion/ChainBoots), I created that way to increase Attack Speed + HP. In those times Arcane, fox and Equellia were the main enemies of my build because I had no any mag def, they could kill me in a blow with their skills; all changed with update 11: Dull Vine Shield was reworked and then it had only Mag Def, had also 40% of Attack Speed and 200 of HP. Then I modified the guide adding that item and noticed how useful it was, even that it has not an amazing mag def, it was enough to survive even more the magical attacks from those magical heroes (not to mention the healing effect at casting its Active Skill). After that, now, the only enemies of my build are Draeznor and Evistix (and Fox if its ULT is not in CD). So, another option you can add is to change Boots for a Mag Def item.

    ***Hope you at least tried it, Baconhero.
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  7. ssmilee

    ssmilee Active Member

    Oct 18, 2014
    "Imaginate you are Molten Lord,"

    Ok I'm imaginating...
  8. eeevlira

    eeevlira Active Member

    Nov 13, 2014
    With new update, this guide is nonsenses no more XD.

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