Player Roles in HOC?

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    Hey, I found a great article explaining player roles in League of Legends, but I think it applies to HOC as well. Enjoy reading.

    It's really surprising how many people is not aware of their role as they play, you'll see supports kill stealing, and last hitting, tanks who forget to protect the carry and just charge and try to get kills, and more, in this entry I'll just name the most common roles in LoL and what they are expected to do.

    AP Carry
    Abiliy power carry, your role is to deal lots of burst (mostly) magic damage, then back, then burst again, you normally just sit behind your tanks so you can unload safely, sometimes you can initiate too, for example.
    Some good AP Carries: Harbinger of Doom, Doom Prophet, Phase Master, Elemental Lord, Demon Hunter, Inquisitor

    AD Carry
    Attack damage carry, normally this refers to ranged AD carries, your role is stay back and poke, deal damage constantly during the whole teamfight, normally bruisers will try to get you, but it's up to the tanks and supports to protect you, you can deal the most consistent damage if fed. It's important to not back too much, you need to do damage, many carries fail because they are too scared to go in, and their team end up getting killed.
    Some good AD Carries: Dark Elf Exile, Chameleon, Sand Walker

    Junglers are very important, they allow top lane to solo, while they clear the jungle and control buffs and dragon, jungling is a very deep matter itself, but for now I'll say the basics, junglers are supposed to gank each overextending lane, or help a teammate who is losing, you can gank for the kill, or for the summoner (most commonly flash), so you can gank again later, or any other gank, they should play safer when they burn they summoner, giving your partner an advantage.
    Junglers are normally bruisers or tanks, which once they finished jungling they should play their respective role.
    Some good Junglers: Paladin, Frostland Giant, Cyclops, Chameleon, Reborn Tyrant

    Laner is typically an AD Carry who needs money for items obtained by giving last hits to soldiers on the lane. If a laner exceedes the lane by going into enemy half of the map, it is very likely to get ganked. Being able to anticipate a gank and avoiding being killed after being ganked are few of the most important things a laner needs to know. Laners also usually coordinate ganks with Junglers, for example stun the opposing laner so he has a bigger chance of dying after being ganked.

    Support is a rather easy role, but surprisingly there's a lot of misunderstanding and fail on this role, support have to... support your carries, this is, heal them, CC if they try to gank them, die for them sometimes, help them last hit under the tower, CV everywhere on the map, find the enemy jungler, find the enemy team, etc.
    Supports normally just sit bottom lane with a ranged AD carry.
    Some good supports: Priestess of the Tides, Grey Witch, Demon Lord, Goblin Scout, Iron Guard, Gambler

    Tanks main role is to protect the carries, initiate and get focused. Some tanks go around in a teamfight trying to get kills, and completely forget about their carry, this is really bad, you want to protect them, and let them get the kills most of the time.
    Some good tanks: Frostland guardian, Paladin, Earth Colosus, Forgotten Warrior, Bone breaker, Cyclops, Battle Mage

    Bruisers, also known as tanky DPS, are mostly meelee champions with a lot of sustain and life, bruisers normally focus the enemy carry, and take them out of the fight, or kill them, fed bruisers can carry pretty hard.
    Some good bruisers: Paladin, Frostland guardian, Reborn Tyrant

    Assasins are champions with very good chasing skills, and a lot of burst, they can blow up the enemy carries, and normally can engage and disengage easily.
    Some good assasins: Savage princess, Nomad Assasin, Paladin, Inquisitor, Dark Elf Exile, Phase Master

    Additional info
    AP Carries need mostly levels, and AD Carries needs mostly items.

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    Dec 14, 2013
    Very good guide. Unfortunately, what I often see on PvP where I play the most is the support guys wanting to carry (12b, colossus, harpie), or the fighters who solo without tank/support. Perhaps a pre-requisite to all HOC players is a must-read of this guide so they fantasize about their all-going-out-in glory roles! LOL
  3. Sand

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    Sep 22, 2013
    Harpy really isn't a bad carry. Her burst is incredible and she can wipe out teams pretty effectively. A mage like Machry is more for supportive purposes since he doesn't have nearly has high damage potential.

    I totally agree about tanks trying to carry though, it really sucks :/
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    Apr 30, 2013
    Memory from old post about this topic ;)
    Great list, but it leaves off one of the most commonly adopted roles in HOC:

    Noob Feeder
    Your role is to die--die early, die often. A great way to start the game is to run right down the middle lane and without pausing making a solo attack on the tower just over the river. This will make a big impression on everyone. Pay no attention to the comments your brilliance will generate, or to any comments during the game--few people truly appreciate the nuances of great feeder play. At this point if you hurry you can get another move in before the real action starts. Once you successfully die at the tower again run to where one of your teammates will be jungling. Extra points if you can get the last hit in on the big blue guy. This will make your hero extra pretty. Now is the time to enter your glory. Go to the center of the map and attack. Be brave. Die. Die again. If there is a Kagax or Archer, extra points if you can die to them. Once you respawn run back to the same spot. They will be waiting for you.

    Some good noob feeders: Dark Elf Exile or Paladin. At the start some of your more experienced teammates may request that you let them use one of these. Ignore them, they are just jealous. Paladin, in particular, offers the potential for spectacular deaths, as you blindly charge solo into a crowd of opponents.
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    Apr 6, 2013
    Oooohhh myy godd I remember that, yesssss! Hahaa!
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    Dec 17, 2012
    Who originally posted that? It's still friggin hilarious reading it again.
  7. Jin5

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    Nov 1, 2013
    Gambler is an AP carry - support (as what's written above) .. Stun, deal damage and stand back. Also he has two burst with deadly damage, he can hit up to 1000 with his skills, he has damage potential. He has to always stand behind a tank though ..

    Harpie is more support early-mid game, she can start soloing mid-late game.
  8. Jin5

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    Nov 1, 2013
    Harpie is a support early-mid game .. the gradually changes to carry as the game progresses ..
  9. DragonFire92x

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    Dec 17, 2012
  10. MightWiz

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    Mar 30, 2014
    Well in my opinion that is most common role in random pvp (at least in my team) xD
  11. Serquet70

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    Feb 28, 2013
    Thread copied to the New Player's section.
  12. illusioh

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    Jun 19, 2015
    As a Wc3-Dota veteran, i have a question.

    For what are the Tank Class? At Team clashes, nobody will focus the Tank. To Hard to kill and to low Damage to make real trouble.
    Oke maybe against Bots they are good but other this Situation they are almost useless. Tanks are at best only very lategame Carrys.

    Oke maybe i talk to much bullshit, but than, where is the one that can explain why Tanks are good ?

    As i started with moba's it have only 4roles.
    Ganker - Herokiller, most time seen in the woods. Earn this Money & Exp by killing other players mainly
    Nuker - High Skill damage, for hold down the opposite Team early game. Strongest in early and becomes weak at lategame
    Carry - Weak at early Game but all matches need one, strongest at lategame. He is the one thats wins the lategame for your Team.
    Support - The most unique and at the same time, most boring class. Buff, Heal and Ward bitch + More, but thats depends in the spezific support Hero

    And Laner and Jungler are no roles... Its more of an playstyle than a real role for me.
  13. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    The roles mentioned in this thread is taken directly from League rather than DOTA. It is very understandable considering the fact that this game is just so damn similar to League in way many facets. Items, creeps, HUD...and many, many other things. Classifying the roles of this game based on League's terms and knowledge seems to be the right thing to be done. About Tanks, they are there to provide disables (CC) in this game. Many Tanks are also capable of dealing rather impressive damage, too. About the roles you mentioned, Ganker is kinda a Jungler's sub-role and Nuker is the same to APC. Carry and Support are well...Carry and Support. About the Laner and Jungler roles, it is also due to this game's League inspired game-play and DOTA's game-play. In DOTA, if you play Carry, after getting a BF or MOM or Helm, you will probably start to go safe-farming in the jungle for gold and EXP since enemies will probably try to come to the lane and murder the crap outta you since you are the goddamned Carry. In this game, it is not worth it. Jungle creeps provide little gold and EXP and leaving the lane just to get them for most of the times is a bad option.
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    Jul 16, 2015
    One time I was using 12-B, and I played him like a true tank. I bought purely defensive items early game and tanked for my team. The other team was raging because they didn't understand why my team was doing so good. BTW if your pretty tanky and the enemy is chasing your teammate, you can screw with them by running in front of them like some people do when blocking troops. It's very fun.

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