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    With the recent redesign to skale i fell in love with his new kit and buffs. Skale is currently debatable as a tank, mage, support, and mage bruiser. I will be going over the mage bruiser and mage carry builds specifically as i don't see skale as a great support or tank since they don't prioritize any damage core items.

    Base statistics level 1-15:

    Hitpoints: 587-1791
    Attack Damage: 51.00-101.40
    Physical Def: 20-59.20
    HP Regen: 1.30-5.08/s
    Attack Speed: 0.71-1.13
    Magical Def: 20-58.42
    Mana Points: 373-961
    Cooldown Reduction: 0.00%-0.00%
    Movement Spd: 4.29
    MP Regen: 1.24-5.02/s
    PTPD*: 0.00-0.00
    PTMD**: 0.00-0.00

    *PTPD = pierce through physical defense
    **PTMD = pierce through magic defense
    (Both PTMD/PTPD have percentage pierce increase only from talents talents and inscriptions)

    Statistics increase per level*:

    Hitpoints: 86
    Attack Damge: 3.6
    HP Regen: 0.27
    Attack Speed: 0.03
    Mana Points: 42
    Physical Def: 2.8
    MP Regen: 0.27
    Magical Def: 2.74

    *Skills that only increased per level were put into this list.


    Crippling Blast: Skale shoots a beam for 4 seconds that will deal 3 ticks of damage per second.

    Cost: 80/90/100/110 Mana Points

    Damage: 30/40/50/60 + [0.10 Magical Attack Ratio] per hit.

    Cooldown: 14/12/10/8 seconds

    Range: 12 meters

    Effect : 6% slow per hit of the beam that stacks per proc. of the beam. When the slow stacks up to 40 the target will be stunned for 2 seconds.

    Crippling Blast is Skale most well known move and has the most damage and potential out of all Skale's kit. This move will most be useful when trailing behind an enemy and trying to slow and stun the enemy. While this move has the most potential it is then given the title of most unreliable move in his kit. Any sort of knock-up, stun, silence can interupt the channeling of this skill. Howeever, this move does have interesting physics with it that valox, aria, chameleon, savaer, and red trophi. This move does have certain invicibility frames to knock-ups, stuns, and petrify during the beginning and ending animation of the channel.

    Flying Fury: skale flies towards a targeted position dealing damage and reducing all enemies movement speed within the area by 70% for 0.5 seconds

    Cost: 90/100/110/120

    Damage: 100/150/200/250+[0.40 Magical Attack Ratio].

    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9

    Range: 8 meters

    Additional Effect: Increase Skale's physical and magical defense by 5/10/15/20% for 4 seconds when acrtivated.

    Flying Fury will be Skale's new and much improved skill. It was given an animation boost like dailana's dash making it come out fast. This move deals great damage early in matches and can easily deal 300+ damage per useage at level 5 (when this skills has 3 points into it.) This move combos extremely well with his ultimate and stacks damage with his ultimate when manually hovered over eternal guardian building. This move is great for escaping and engaging within teamfights.

    Stone Soul: Skale puts a shield on himself/ally/turret and will heal the person with 50% remaining amount of hitpoints from the shield.(25% for buildings)

    Cost: 80/80/80/80

    Shield Health: 100/175/250/325 + [0.80 Magical Attack Ratio]

    Sheild Heal: 50/87/125/162 + [0.80 Magical Attack Ratio]

    Cooldown: 10/10/10/10

    Range: 6 meters

    Additional Effects: Skale HP & MP regen will increased by 2/2.5/3/3.5 per second. This buff is double when within 8 meters of a building and triple when within 8 meters of 2.

    Stone Soul is a pretty simple skill when broken down to its basics. It can shield you from damage and heal you for your missing hitpoints This move is probably best maxed first for supports as it is a great heal for yourself and your allies.When low on health you should back up to your turrets and let your passive heal you aswell since the passive will help regen your HP & MP.

    Eternal Guardian: Skale summons a building that absorbs damaged put onto all allied heroes within 12 meters.

    Cost: 120/150/180

    Expiration Explosion Damage: 50/100/150 + [0.50 Magical Attack Ratio]

    Flying Fury Explosion Damage: 150/200/250

    Flying Fury/Expiration Knock up Range: 7 meters

    Cooldown: 70/60/50

    Range: 12 meters

    Damage Absorbation: 15/20/25%

    Eternal Guardian is just icing on the cake for Skale's kit, it lets your absorb even more damage, knock-up, stun, and damage your enemies this move is best used for teamfights but can be helpful for earning early solo kills.

    Pro's and Con's of Skale:

    -Can soak large amounts of damage.
    -Multiple forms of hard crowd control.
    -Amazing damage early-late game.
    -One of the best teamfighters
    -Large heal for yourself and allies.

    -Low movement speed (slightly forgiven by his slows and flying fury)
    -Useless outside of his skills.
    -Very difficult to use if you don't level up your skills properly in every match-up.
    -damage starts to fall off late game as people build more tank stats.

    27 Mage Points
    13 Guardian Points

    Fast Casting: 5/5
    This will reduce your cooldowns by 5%, this is very important for most of my skale builds as having large amounts of cooldown reduction is important for constantly damaging your opponents.

    Apprentice: 5/5
    Same with Fast Casting except it will scale with your level so that you recieve 0.7% extra cooldown reduction per level.

    Mana-Adept: 1/1
    This is great for keeping skale away from that mana hungry hero that he would be without this talent.

    Knowledge: 3/3
    This will scale with your magical attack increasing it by 0.9 per level giving skale that extra boost needed to turn him into a mage carry.

    Skill Penetration: 2/5
    This skill is not as much required but is nice to have a few points into Ignoring 5 magical defense automatically which is great for that little extra that could be the difference between kills.

    Accident: 3/3
    This talents is not anything too special as it is more use to get the effect from the connected talent, skill outbreak. This talent can be nice for faster farm clearing to speed up the leveling process.

    Strike Back: 3/3
    Strike back increased your magical attack by 15% when your HP falls below 40%. This is works well with the talents provided below and it lets your go below 40% health and survive while being able to deal that additional damage.

    Magic Feedback: 3/3
    Give you 9% leech, this works well with flying fury as it can heal you for 100 hitpoints when you have 3 points into flying fury.

    Skill Outbreak: 1/1
    Gives a 10% chance for your skills to deal 150% of the damage to enemy heroes. This works very well with his flying fury and eternal guardian abilites. It can boost his damage to deal more that 600 damage when combined with those 2 abilities.

    Death's Embrace: 1/1
    Damage skills deal an extra 10% damage to stunned and slowed targets. since most of skales abilities stun, and slow the enemy this just works well for dealing more damage with skill outbreak.

    Quickening: 5/5
    Increases your movement speed by 4%. Every little amount of speed boost is great for the skale and at least him chase down enemies with ease.

    Nourishment: 2/5
    Just use these 2 skillpoints as a filler to get to the talent suprise, the 0.04 MP/s is not very significant but i find the best out of all the talents vaible left.

    Greed: 3/3
    Increases the amount of gold recieve by killing soldiers by 3. This is great when you know how to properly and efficiently last it soldiers.

    Surprise: 3/3
    Recover 20% more HP and MP when you level up. This is great for most mages as it lets you stay in lane longer and let you use spells constantly.


    While stunned, for the next seconds, direct damage will be reduced by (15+your level)%. This tablet is great for when you are taking damage during temfights and get stunned or silenced. This will give you that tank factor without having to build tank stats.

    Soul Eating:
    Whenever you last hit anything by yourself, the next 3 seconds will make all direct damage reduced by 30% and your movement speed is increased by 20% for 3 seconds. This combines well with quickening talent as it keeps boosting skale's movement speed to let him run down enemy heroes.

    With the new powerful tablet that makes all damage you recieve be reduced to 10% of the damage it would actually do when you fall below 10% of your maximum health. This meshes well with Strike Back as it lets you gain that 15% increase in magical attacka and survive the cosntant barrage of damage for 3 seconds.


    Chaos energy: Leech inscriptions is what I use on my inscriptions as helps give skale his own equivalent of Acridix's leap of fiflth by letting him heal more HP with the constant usge of flying fury.

    Order energy: Cooldown reduction inscriptions are what i reccomend for these tablets as it lets your have extra cooldown. Since most of my builds revolve around reaching 40%+ cooldown reduction all the time to use your skills very often.

    I would not reccomend defensive talents or inscriptions due to flying fury's side effect giving him a boost of 20% physical and magical defence for 4 seconds when used. This also applys for why i used these tablets as they let me stay tanky without building tanky.

    Skill Order:

    This will show the multiple skill orders i take during matches as the skill order is very reliant on the match-up.

    Crippling Blast = 1
    Flying Fury = 2
    Stone Soul = 3
    Eternal Guardian = 4

    Skill Order 1#:

    This skill order is my most commonly used and should be the standard order for skale. It gives you great poke with flying fury and lets you walk away by using crippling blast if they decide to chase you. Leveling up flying fury first will help you wave clear or jungle at level 1 which is what i will talk about later for early and laning phase. When you have three points into flying fury at level 6 and use it with your ultimate it can let you surprise enemies by basically 1 shotting then with this combo. Leveling up your beam next is where the skill orders change, You should level up your beam second if you are snowballing the game hard, giving you more power and helping the snowball into a win. Lastly the shield for the heal if you stay in the lanes for split-pushing.

    Skill Order 2#:

    This is the highest damaging skill order early on but I don't use it often. Since crippling beam can be interrupting in multiple ways it can lead to inconsistent damage and making it difficult to kill enemies early on. Giving you a weak teamfight until you catch up in gold or skill points into flying fury. If you do earn kill and land the crippling blast often it can lead to a faster and heavier snowball pre-level 6. Next you would max flying fury for the extra damage. Lastly the shield for the same reason as skill order 1.

    Skill Order 3#:

    Skill order 3 revolves around surviving and more teamfight potential. Leveling up the shield second will let you survive more damage and have to back less often. Leveling up crippling blast last can be great when it becomes late game in this case can deal 100 damage per proc. letting you deal 1200 damage with crippling blast.

    Skill Order 4#:

    Same early game will apply to this skill order as from skill order 2. The different is that you can shield yourself while channeling crippling blast lettting you kite and heal with fighting people. This can be great for disengaging or engaging teamfights.

    Item Building and Priority:

    Boots: Chain Boots
    decreases all snare effects by 30%

    These boots are greating for staying mobile and letting you kite people, keeping you out of danger.

    Arrogance Cloak:
    +60 Magical Attack
    +4HP Regen
    +4 MP Regen
    -skills cast will reduce target's magical defense by 20+(enemy's level x 2).

    This works well with his stone soul passive and should be the first magical attack item you complete on skale.

    Lost Hermetist's Cape:
    +15 Physical Defennse
    +15 Magical Defense
    -Causes 10 + (4 x your level) in magical damage per second to all enemies within 5 meters.

    This lets you deal extra damage to your enemies are you run them own with crippling blast and flying fury.

    Stirring Soul of the Dragons:
    -10% skill CD
    -Increases physical and magical attack by 2% of maximum HP.
    -Stirring Soul is a great item overall for msot heroes at the moment at skale is one of those heroes. The extra health adds up with hood of hermetists and his high base health letting him easily go over 3k HP wihile building mostly magical attack items.

    Searing Orb:
    +110 Magical Attack
    +450 MP
    -Burn through 30% of enemies Magical defense.

    This is a good mage item with the high magical attack and the extra MP to let skale spam his skills often with the high cooldown reduction. The 30% burn helps you burn through tanks later on and should be helpful with crippling blast.

    Staff of Rectitude:
    +210 MP
    +110 Magical Attack
    +10% Leech HP

    I would only reccomend this item if you want to keep snowballing the game further and further ahead for yourself.

    Fername's Blade:
    -15% skill CD
    -Skill's used will slow down the target's movement speed for 15% for 2 seconds.

    -You probably are asking me, why would i put this item on her when I already said he has amazing slows. This item is used for the cooldown reduction and the slow since it still stacks with the crippling blast. This item will let you reach the 45% cooldown cap and let you spam spells much fast with higher MP.

    Item Order:
    When starting off every skill order will be the same
    2 Squire's Wisdom
    Leviathan's cloak*

    After these two items the item builds change in which the order of the items you get them in.
    These item builds are seperated into 2 different builds with the item transformation.

    *Leviathan's Cloak builds into Arrogance cloak for anyone that doesn't know.

    Item Build 1#:
    Arrogance Cloak
    Chain Boots
    Lost Hermetist's Cape
    Searing Orb
    Stirring Soul of the Dragon
    Staff of Rectitude

    This Item build is the standard snowball your lead with Skale build, this build applies to skill order's 1 & 3.

    Item Build 2#:
    Lost Hermetist's Cape
    Chain Boots
    Fername's Blade
    Arrogance Cloak
    Stirring Soul of the Dragon
    Searing Orb

    This applies to skill order's 2 & 4 as they involve leveling up crippling blast first which lets you catch up to your enemies easily with the slow.


    Early Game Starts:
    i would reccomend either starting either side of the jungle and getting the full jungle to let you gain level 3 very fast. I mostly start spiders as people commonly run to bears and try to claim it first before anyone else.if you don't get either of those you can just go to lane and farm to level 3 like normal and skale should be fine regardless. Try to poke your enemy out of range of the soldiers so they get out-leveled, this is one of the many ways skale can get a early lead and snowball out of control. Once your hit level 6 you should be looking to kill people, your flying fury and eternal guardian are great for setting up kills for your crippling blast as they will be stunned for half a second letting you at least get 2-3 proc of the crippling blast without any retaliation.

    Mid Game:
    If you are ahead at this point you should at least start pressuring turrets and objectives like dragon and potentially boss. These can be easily obtained with a lead as it becomes very hard to kill skale as the game progresses. If you are just doing average and can't pressure any of these objectives then just keep farming up to your items. If you are behind and are having trouble with skale you should stay back a bit farther and wait for minion waves to come to you, most people don't freeze waves and just push them so you can just farm from that.

    Late game:
    By now you sohuld have at least 3/4 items, very late game will involve skale having max out his items. By now you will fall out slightly with your damage but that is where skales utility and stunns become better and better. Since your teammates can deal damage aswell those 2 seconds knock-up and stuns and waiver teamfights isntantly into your favor because they could not move and react. At this point you sghould be able to spam all of your abilities letting skale come to his full potential.

    Tips for teamfighting:
    Try to start out fight with your flying fury and ultimate combo for great engage, use your crippling blast to stunn enemies for your teamfights and use stone soul on the people that need it the most. If you need to disengage by the person to peel off for your team. Use your crippling blast and flting fury for your team to get away as they might be the other carry and are trying ot run for safety.

    Tips for Harassing in laning phase :
    Depending on which skill order you use you should use either your crippling blast or flying fury to poke out your enemies. Flying fury is the more reliable damage but crippling blast has the high damage potential. Freeze the wave with skale if you zone out your enemies and make sure to respect your opponents power, you never want to get caught off guard by their strength and give up any lead.

    Thank You, you have made it to the end of my first guide i've made. I'll read and appreciate all feedback on how i did and what else you think i might have missed and should talk about in my next guide.
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    I would suggest ice ring instead of fernames but over all its a good guide.
  3. rivercrow19

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    Nov 17, 2014
    what would u need fernames or ice ring for i never run out of mana with skale before and aftrr buff
  4. amoxicilIin

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    Sep 22, 2014
    said in guide to stack with the slow, since the crippling blast slow ends when you stun them at 40%
  5. rivercrow19

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    Nov 17, 2014
    the extra slow isnt worth it sincecits nerf if i build skale mage i just use a normal mage build
  6. Saint7502

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    Feb 23, 2015
    Well I run out of mana so I use it and it still has damage and CDR
  7. Akise

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    Jun 16, 2013
    Where's a skill order where you max his third skill first? It provides good sustain, shield and it doesn't increase cost when you level it up.

    Hmm overall it's a good guide. :)
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    For order inscrips I would much prefer +hp but mehhh
  9. amoxicilIin

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    I don't ever max shield, its great for support and tank to max it but for a mage carry trying to snowball flying fury and crippling blast are much better options.
  10. Saint7502

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    I use to always max shield first before the buff.
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    Good Guide!! But didn't get if is mage/guardian or Mage/support since you wrote first 13 guardian points and then support skills :)
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    He meant to say 13 support points. Not 13 guardian points
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    Skale can go through walls with his recent buff, plus is there another tablet I could use other then bloodfreeze since it got recently nerfed?
  14. amoxicilIin

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    Sep 22, 2014
    You could probably replace it with protective, assistance, or immortal tablets.
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    I t
    hink it is healpoint :) not hitpoint lol
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    i cannot believe you made a guide haha
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    also im pretty sure you missed out that it reduces attack speed
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    forget it just realised how old this topic is omg this forum is so inactive
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    I chose not to make anymore guides due to people eventually picking up the heroes i play and what i do with them. Anytime i find a unorthodox build but effective people eventually catch on.
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