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    The Forum Hunger Games:
    --- When DragonFire is picked as a tribute for the Hunger Games, Katniss decides to volunteer. The boy tribute was suppose to be someone out there in the crowd, but then DragonFire decided to volunteer for no reason at all. Discover blood, more blood, and the unkempt Katniss Neverclean fight her way to the top, then fall down to the bottom ---

    -The Owl Exterminators-​
    Katniss had a perfect peaceful day at her small little house in the desert when suddenly, three men dressed in black burst into the door of her house.
    "We're owl exterminators." One of the men said.
    "Shut up, this is an important mission!" The man to his right whispered loudly.
    "Anyways, we heard that your house has been attacked by owls? So now, if you just---"
    "I don't think there are any owls in my house." Interrupted Katniss.
    "Just get in the car, will you?" The guy to the right of the right guy sighed.
    Katniss rolled her eyes and began walking out of her house and into the car.
    The car looked extremely luxurious, so much more than her house, which was only a door standing in the middle of nowhere.
    "Where are we going?" Katniss asked.
    "We're owl exterminators." The man said.
    Katniss rolled her eyes again as they drove into the empty desert...
    When Katniss got out of the car, she looked around her. Everything was swirly and all sorts of colors. She had been high the whole time, and Jack couldn't even climb her.
    Anyways, the place around Katniss right now was a theater. There were chairs everywhere, and people were passing around popcorn and all sorts of food, including the Chipotle that still carried E.Coli or whatever.
    "Here, come sit down and watch the show." A boy dressed as a cat said, patting on the seat next to him.
    Katniss looked totally confused, but gave a nod as she sat down.
    "Where am I?" Katniss asked, sounding excited for no reason, probably form being high.
    "The Hunger Games theater." The boy replied. "Oh by the way, my name's DragonFire. What's yours?"
    "I'm high." Katniss said.
    "Okay. So high, where do you live? Do you go to Highschool? Do you normally go on the Highway? I heard Walter likes being there." DragonFire asked.
    Katniss wrinkled her nose, and finally said. "I prefer living on none of those, because I'm pretty sure they don't let people live on the highway. And I don't think that people bring drugs to school."
    "Oh, well anyways, this is the reaping. This is where you get picked so that everyone can watch you die." Dragonfire explained. "Come on! Watch, they're about to pick!"
    Katniss faced the stage, and saw that a woman wearing armor was standing there, waiting to get full attention. Once she did, she began speaking.
    "If not all of you know yet, this is the Hunger Games! Okay, anyways, I want to watch people die so let's get to it." The woman walked over to two bowls, and reached inside the one closest to her.
    She unwrapped the small paper and opened it. "Katniss Neverclean! Oh wait, wrong one. Here it is, DragonFire 92x!"
    -Double Volunteer-​
    DragonFire gasped. He looked at the stage, then to Katniss, then back to the stage.
    "Do I hear a DragonFire 92x?" The woman called out.
    DragonFire gulped. Everyone faced him as they shook their head in solemn. DragonFire was about to make his way to the stage when a voice shouted. "I volunteer!"
    Everyone instantly turned their heads to Katniss. She or he or whatever was standing up. Everyone shook their head in solemn again as they watched Katniss make her way down the stage. DragonFire looked like he was going to cry, but he continued watching as Katniss made her way down the steps.
    "A volunteer! How excellent!" The woman said in delight, clapping her hands. "So, what is your name?"
    "Katniss Neverclean." Said Katniss, stepping onto the stage.
    "Can I have an applause for Ms. Neverclean?" The woman asked the audience.
    They did not clap or cheer though, but they touched their lips with their 2 fingers and raised it up in the air.
    "Oh, how barbaric this behavior is! I will not tolerate any sort of this!" The woman shouted. "Well anyways, let's move on."
    The woman moved over to the next bowl and picked a letter from the top. She unfolded and shouted. "Someone Out There!"
    Everyone looked confused, because they were all Someone Out There. DragonFire, decided to volunteer for Someone Out There, she didn't even know who he or she was!
    "I volunteer as tribute!" DragonFire shouted to the audience, and to the woman.
    Everyone slapped their forehead as they grumbled and the show moved on.
    "Now go into these rooms. This is where you'll see your family one last time!" The woman said.
    "We don't have any families." Katniss said.
    "Whatever. Well, my name is Sadowmancer. I will be your Hunger Game's escort!" She said, joyfully.
    "Okay, if you say so then." DragonFire said.
    They walked into a room, and in that room were 2 tubes.
    "Where are we going?" DragonFire asked.
    "To start the games of course, we can't just keep the audience waiting, can we?"
    -60 Seconds-​
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    Chipotle...E Coli? Sounds about right
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    Lol, I'm gonna change stuff
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    Chipotle is a restaurant where you can get amazing burritos. They are like 6 pounds and as big as your forearm and packed with goodies. Well, obviously not ONLY burritos, but you get the point
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    Yeah, and there was E.coli once. It was in Washington D.c and people kept on having explosive diarrhea and vomit.
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    Chipotle is literally fucking gross. Like I like burritos but just seeing them that big grosses me out. I'd rather eat tacos than a 6 pound diarrhea in plastic wrap
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    Lol I thought it was these kind of people who sells tea in India.
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    Sup, I heard my country

    (Though I did get ill from the catered food on my fkin birthday'
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