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    First of all, some general things: This is a guide which is especially created for 3vs3 border map. I personally dont play much 5vs5, I mostly play 3vs3. However, this guide might also work on 5vs5 maps but it doesnt have to. Next thing is, this is my first guide, I hope I will do it right and please write in comments if you have some tips to improve :). Excuse my english, I am no native speaker but I try my best. I decided to write a guide for headless horror because I am very successful with him and many players told me that they have him too but don't know how to play him. With this guide, I want to show you my way of playing him, of course there are also other ways to play him successfully. Enough said, lets start:

    "An heir to one of the more prominent families in Haradon, T'saad D'velay was given his own distict to rule at the age of 17. Always a spoiled child, the power of ruling quickly went to T'saads head and he proved to be a vile and cruel leader. Eventually, his people rose up and executed him by beheading. However, the dark gods were entertained by his evil, so they gathered his essence and resurrected him within a fearsome suit of armor. Though he may no longer have a physical head, he certainly has a head for warfare! "

    "I don't fear death, IT fears ME!"

    Gameloft classified T'saad as a guardian, but I think he is more a fighter than a tank. But, first of all, lets start with his skills:


    1) Combustion Strike:
    T'saad boosts his next normal attack to deal an additional 50/70/90/110 + x% bonus damage. The combustion strike will also ignite the target, dealing physical damage equal to 4% of Max HP per second for 4 seconds. Normal attacks will refresh the duration of ignited effect.
    Mana cost: 40 MP
    Cooldown: 8/7/6/5 seconds
    Comment: His bread and butter skill. This is the skill which allows you to solo dragon and mogul at early levels and to do insane damage to other heroes. It is like horse's 3rd skill or Acridix' 1st skill but even better. Keep in mind, that attacking an ignited target will reset the 4 seconds timer of the ignition and as long as you auto-attack him, the target wont get % dmg of the effect. But it gets the damage between the attacks.

    2) Head Rush
    Passive: Headless Horror's movement speed will be increased by 5/10/15/20% if there are no enemies within 20 meters of him.
    Active: Headless Horror briefly gains immunity to Movement Speed Reduction effects and his Movement Speed is increased by 35/40/45/50% for 3 seconds.
    Comment: Well, that passive is ok, it makes him a fast jungler and allows him to get back to lane or into battles very fast, for example if he was at base. Its active part is even better: that active allows u either to get close to an enemy, this is really important because his skill have a short range of 4 meters and he is a melee, furthermore he has no gap closer except this skill.You can also use this skill to escape from a battle if you get in trouble. However, it's a very useful skill.

    3) Mind's eye:
    Headless Horror knocks the target back, dealing 100/140/180/220 + x% Physical Damage and slowing Movement Speed of the target by 40% for 1 second. This attack also causes an explosion that stuns all other enemies in a 60-degree conical area and deals the same damage to them as to the main target.
    Mana Cost: 120/140/160/180 MP
    Range: 4 meters
    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9 seconds
    Comment: compared to his other skills, this skill isn't that neccessary and useful, especially because it does not stun the aimed target, it stuns those behind it. You can use it in jungle to hit many creeps or in lane to hit many soldiers, as it is his only aoe skill. You can use it also to push an enemy into your tower or to push an enemy back to escape if you get in trouble. Or you can use it to finish an enemy.

    4) Soul eater:
    T'saad eats part of his enemy's soul, dealing 150-300/300-600/600-900 physical damage, based on their missing HP (the more HP missing, the more damage it will deal). If the target is a soldier or a neutral creature, the cooldown is reduced by 75%.
    If the enemy dies, T'saad gains a Brutal soul that gives an extra 6/8/10 physical attack and 3% movement speed. If they live, T'saad gains a Benevolent soul that gives an extra 6/8/10 physical and magical defense. The two souls can stack up to six times but will replace each other. Get 3 stacks for each soul when learning the skill.
    Mana Cost: 100/120/140 MP
    Range: 4 meters
    Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds.
    Comment: This skill is what makes him unique and is so special on him. The funny thing on it is, that, depending on how many souls you have, the hero size of T'saad changes. The more Brutal souls he has, the bigger he gets (to a maximum of 6 souls) and the more benevolent souls he has, the more tiny he gets. If he has a maximum of 6 brutal souls, he is even bigger then helmm :D
    Depending on your game-style and how game develops, you can change the Ratio of the souls, if you want to be more tanky, use it on a strong enemy or on dragon or mogul to get more defense. By the way, if this skill has reached level 3 and you got 6 stacks of benevolent souls, you get +60 magical and +60 physical defense. That's like a free Aurora's Cuirras! However, for my build, it is recommended that you have 6 stacks of Brutal Souls.
    I dont use this skill often against enemy heroes because of the fact that you wil loose one soul if u dont kill him with that skill and it has higher cooldown then. But of course you can use it to deal a large amount of damage to a single target.

    Level 1: Minds eye I (good to jungle or to farm gold in lane)
    Level 2: Combustion strike I ( big damage and can be used to gank )
    Level 3: Head Rush I ( to complete skillset and to be faster )
    Level 4: Combustion strike II ( to reduce cooldown )
    Level 5: Combustion strike III ( you can solo dragon easily now )
    Level 6: Soul eater I ( It is your ult and you need it to get power boost )
    Level 7: Combustion strike MAX ( again lower cooldown )
    ---from here it depends on your item build on which level you can solo mogul, it is possible with level 7 if you have enough gold ( look at item build Section )---
    Level 8: Head Rush II ( to get faster and because it is more useful than 3rd skill )
    Level 9: Soul Eater II ( more damage through ult and lower cooldown )
    Level 10: Headrush III ( same as at level 8 )
    Level 11: Headrush MAX ( same as at level 8 and 10 )
    Level 12: Soul Eater MAX (same as at level 9 )
    Level 13: Mind's eye II ( What is left )
    Level 14: Mind's eye III ( What is left )
    Level 15: Mind's eye MAX ( What is left )

    As I said at the beginning, I think T'saad is more a fighter than a tank, I build him as fighter. I also tried tanky build but it is less effective than fighter build. So here we go:

    -Build 2× squires patience. I think I don't need to say why, it is mostly the recommended starting build.
    -Build Facebreaker. If you are level 5, you can solo dragon now.
    -Build Facebeaker into Longbow of the shadows
    -Build Fury Blade. If your first skill is level 4 ( you should have it at level 7 ) you are able to solo mogul now.
    -Build boots of haste
    -Build fury blade into Watchers Whisperer. U need it because you have only one slow which isn't that useful, and also to get attack speed for doing damage faster.
    After building these items, it depends on the situation how you should go on. Possible items are:
    -Divinity sword ( good leech and very useful to stun enemies because you need them to stay next to you as long as possible.
    -Savage Boots or Chain boots ( if there is a stunner in enemy team, especially range carrys (for example melina) buy chain boots, with your second skill you can avoid slows but no stuns! You are very weak if getting stunned so chain boots are needed to decrease the stun duration. If stuns are no problem for you, you can go for Savage Boots for more leech and attack speed)
    -Essence stealer ( Very good item for T'saad as it gives you a bit of damage and 550 HP and an awesome 15% CD Reduction. If there is a healer in enemy team, build it right after Watchers Whisperer to take profit of its passive to reduce enemies heal)
    -Hades Armor ( If enemies main carry is a physical one, build it, if not, go for magical defense )
    -Stirring souls of the dragons ( Large amount of extra HP and combined with essence stealer and/ or Hades and/ or Chain boots you also get a large amount of extra phys. Dmg through its passive)

    For tablets I recommend to use
    -Bloodfreeze ( I know its broken but if you dont have it you will loose against players with it )
    -Whispering tablet ( It is always a good choise for dmg-making heroes )
    Last one is optional. I usually go for desecration tablet because of the HP increase. But you can use various tablets, for example you can combine frostbite tablet with frostbolt to have a kind of stun.


    -To solo dragon at level 5, you just need to spam 1st skill on him. That takes a few seconds and he is done.
    -To solo mogul, hit him with 1st skill, walk a bit to the side to avoid his first hit and then spam 1st skill until he is dead.
    -If you need to escape out of a battle, use our 3rd skill on your enemy to push him back, quickly followed by your 2nd skill running away to get back safe. Or use it on a soldier if an enemy hero is behind it to stun him.

    -After last update, people said, noone could 1vs1 helmm. T'saad can! If he pops his ult next to you, push him away with 3rd skill and get away until ult is over, use 1st skill on him and auto attac and see how he suffers :D
    -In team battles, you can use your third skill to push away melee fighters so your teammates can kill other enemies fast.
    -Never go without blink! You have no gap closer, except your blink, so, use it to catch enemies.
    If you think you are too squishy or if you have enough physical damage through items, don't be afraid to switch your souls through attacking dragon or mogul, to get full phys/magical def.
    -If you use your ult against enemies, always keep in mind that your soul Ratio could change, so you could get less damage or less defense.
    -Use your 3rd skill on the first of the soldiers if they stand in a row to hit them all.

    If you build 2× squires patience and a bear claw and buy 2 healing potions for 50 gold each you can easily do dragon at level 3 or even level 2. Just set 2 points in 1st skill and one in 3rd and he is easy

    Troll tactic: In 3v3, use a team of T'saad, Horse and Erefern, to go for mogul at level 5. Let erefern attack first, he has to avoid the first attack of mogul, and always put woodspirits on himself, you as tsaad start attacking with 1st skill and horse just stands around, having 3rd skill. Mogul is down in a few seconds. After that, go for solo dragon and enjoy your level 5 =p

    Finally, that was my little guide, thanks for reading and I hope I could help you a bit with it :)
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  3. Akuma2310

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  4. Azenhof

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    Oct 5, 2013
    He doesn't say "I don't feel death, it feels me," he says "I don't FEAR death, it FEARS me" =p
  5. Lodin

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    Jul 23, 2015
    Ya that's what I thought as well
  6. kawaii0230

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    May 21, 2015
    This guy is broken who needs guides. Jk
  7. Akuma2310

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    Thanks, I edited :)
    Seems like I heard "feels", maybe because english isn't my native language :D
  8. Akuma2310

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    I dont hink he is broken and I think most people would agree that he is very balanced... As I said he has no gap closer so its hard for him to come closer to an enemy and if people know about his damage people shouldn't let him come closer... and you just need a hades to counter him, as he gets high damage through the reflect.
  9. Noir

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    Apr 25, 2015
    His second skill, bar stuns from enemies, is essentially his gap closer. Being immune to slows and increasing movement speed as high as an Elf's ultimate is huge.

    While I'm not saying he's overpowered, I personally think no one has really gotten to his main potential yet. That and being able to take down threats and sustain 4% max HP damage with basic attacks alone is kinda silly, giving him massive advantages on the Skirmish and Rift maps. I'm surprised Gameloft has started to be conscious of their jungle, if they did think about this.
  10. Akuma2310

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    Jul 19, 2015
    Added some information how to do mogul at level 1 in a team
  11. Akuma2310

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    Jul 19, 2015
    I think that Gameloft should change Mogul and Dragon. The fact that T'saad can easily kill them is the only thing what makes him a bit op because it gives him a big advantage, maybe Gameloft should change Mogul and Dragon that they aren't affected of % effects, that would also stop that horse tactic.
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    Thanks for your guide Akuma ;)
  13. bobby mcjackson

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  14. Azenhof

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    Oct 5, 2013
    Or just drastically buff their hp and attack damage and maybe add a damage reduction or some shit
  15. Akuma2310

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    Jul 19, 2015
    Or give him an effect which is like " Mogul doesn't receive any damage dealt by units under level 6"... sth like that...
    I am always so annoyed when ppl escape from me, (especially on 3vs3 map) walking to mogul, attack him so I get the damage. That is just such an annoying tactic...
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    I personaly dont like him, cuz he is so easily countered, u can escape him easily and just kite him, if u go 1v1 ull be death thats for sure.
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    Lol it is a crucial part of the game bro. Good tactic to use.
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    And there is also a good enough chance that mogul goes for the person that attacks it first after the initial slam
  19. k12evin19

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    Jul 9, 2015
    Got to make sure you will be further away from MOG than opponent(s)
  20. LordSuteo

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    Aug 3, 2015
    Hey, did you know that tsaad can solo mogul and tribal at lvl1? You can find a video on youtube.

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