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  1. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    Hello! We are Warsong!

    I am recruiting exceptional players as I'm reviving a very old guild that was considered as one of the best, in HoC's early days.

    We consist solely of elite players.
    If you think you have what it takes to fight alongside some of the best players in this game, apply here!

    A bit about me:

    I've been playing since 2012, and have seen all the phases and meta changes that HoC has been through.
    Many people in the HoC Community have been good friends with me over the past 3 years, and I am well known for various things, suchl as starting the quite popular password for the 1997 Inhouse rooms. :) I am a very supportive person, both in life, and in game, and I look forward to the wide array of talent that I will see when playing with more of you! :)

    About the Guild:

    -Our standards are very high, and we all support each other.
    -Everybody makes mistakes, but we do not chastise members for small errors.
    -The surrender button does not exist for us, we fight until the very end.
    -We like to stay small, do not be discourages if you do not pass tryouts.
    -WeChat is our main communication base, you cannot be in the guild if you do not have it.
    -For in-game communication we are still deciding what the official app will be(get mumble for now)

    Warsong is IOS only!!!

    Please fill out this application and contact me on WeChat for a tryout:

    In-Game Name:
    Wechat ID:
    Level: 40 required!
    Your most common Role(s):
    Best hero(es):
    Weakest class:
    Previous MOBA experience:
    All ascended tablets:
    Additional Information as to why we should choose you:
    Previous Guilds:

    By applying you are entitled to a tryout by one of our guild officials:

    About the tryout:

    Don't be nervous, just play as if you were playing a regular game. We will watch you and note all the little things that you do that can potentially benefit us in GvG.
    Mainly, we look for map awareness.
    This is a opportunity to show us your talent. We love players who can bring something unique to the guild.
    If you are trying out to be a laner, we might ask you to play a quick 1v1

    We understand that you will not have perfect sync with us, since this is probably your first time playing with us. In this case, we will look for basic teamfighting skills.

    For example: Focusing carry, waiting until the stun/slow time of a teammates skill is over before applying your own to maximize stun time.

    Other Rules/Requirements:

    -You must be active in WeChat
    -30 days inactivity in WeChat = Kicked from guild(if you are leaving for a personal reason then notify us beforehand
    -You must play games with us often
    -Level 40
    -Passed your tryout
    -Be respectful and kind to guildies.

    -We have fun in Chat, but we ask you not to trash talk/troll/feed purposely in-game as it can ruin our reputation.
    - Guild Chat is a CHAT room and will be treated as such. Talk about anything you wish as we have seperate chat rooms for discussing map strategies and gameplay advice.
    - You need to train with us in our daily guild in house matches. not JUST GvG matches.

    -Have Fun

    Guild In-House Matches

    Well, Its A match consisting of players from our own guild. Our guildes play against other guildies and this helps us greatly.

    This is my favorite and in my opinion most helpful, because it trains everything.

    1. You are playing against members of your own guild, so you will want to look good in front of them

    2. This trains teamplay and map awareness also

    3. We train intense teamplay and we aren't under the pressure of losing rank points

    4. Most importantly you can see how your guild mates play! And this can be at an advantage in-game.

    I look forward to seeing you guys play!

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  2. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    We strive to stay small and strong! We are only taking two more members^
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  3. Evanescent

    Evanescent Forum PsychoLogist

    Aug 4, 2013
    This brings back memories.
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  4. Teddiursa

    Teddiursa New Member

    Feb 10, 2016
    Could I possibly apply?
  5. Roluck

    Roluck Active Member

    Feb 6, 2014
    @Nightshadexx lend me an account and im in for good old times. Cant leave current guild P.v.P cuz im the leader.
  6. Tuff808gong

    Tuff808gong New Member

    Feb 18, 2016
  7. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    Yes, to apply please fill out the application
  8. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

    Oct 24, 2013
    Yes you may!
    Fill out the application and add me on wechat!
  9. Marcolinomania

    Marcolinomania Member

    Aug 26, 2014
    In-Game Name: marcolinomania
    Wechat ID: marcolinomania
    Level: 40
    Your most common Role(s): Fighter, Mage
    Best hero(es): Frostzel for sure, I have won so many times with him
    Weakest class: Guardian
    Previous MOBA experience: League of Legends
    All ascended tablets: Tablet of Phase Disruption, Tablet of Blessed Resurrection, Tablet of Surrenity (not ascended atm), Tablet of Desire. Protective Tablet (not ascended atm)
    Additional Information as to why we should choose you: I love playing HOC and making new friends, I am also very friendly, have experience since 2013, and would love to join guild.
    Previous Guilds: KillnKill
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  10. Marcolinomania

    Marcolinomania Member

    Aug 26, 2014
    Can you give me your wechat?
  11. slayerofsoulsxd

    slayerofsoulsxd Member

    Jun 30, 2015
    In-Game Name: slayerofsoulsxd
    Wechat ID: slayerofsoulsxd
    Level: 40 required!
    Your most common Role(s): Fighter, Tank, Mage
    Best hero(es): Aria, Frostzel(main), Kotun, Hunter, Donovac, 12-B, Kagax, Lu Yunfei, Draeznor, Skale
    Weakest class: Support
    Previous MOBA experience:
    All ascended tablets: soul eating desecration Desire courage toxicity (i have more but don't know them of by heart)
    Additional Information as to why we should choose you:i'm a border map fanatic and have very good knowledge on mid lane
    Previous Guilds: TOP! G.O.D SwizZz Rose Blanc LyonGaming
  12. Leldorian

    Leldorian ___Aussie Ninja___

    Jul 27, 2016
    In-Game Name: leldorian
    Wechat ID:Leldorian
    Level: 40 required!
    Your most common Role(s): what ever i need to be
    Best hero(es): pretty much all of them but my best is khlint he was my first...but i like tanks the best
    Weakest class: Support except khlint;)
    Previous MOBA experience: Warcraft "DOTA"....LOL
    All ascended tablets:im maxed out and always selling or making new ones....i get bored;)
    Additional Information as to why we should choose you: Entirely up to u lol i hate selling myself.......i have been playing since cat was a new hero "ageeeees ago lol" i play every day when ever i possibly can, the only reason i have an ipad is cause of this game not a fan of apple. I have all heroes and pretty much all skins i have a lot of elite and quite a few seasonal and denovacs epic skin also.....i just want activity as i have been in an unactive guild for way to long and find it boring playing against people who severly lack common sence and dont look at friggen map so frustrating....
    Previous Guilds: Legion-years ago....JLX2....Shadow atm thay have been inactive for over 4 months if not longer.....i just wanna playbwith peeps that love this game the way i do..
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  13. Unstopple234

    Unstopple234 New Member

    Mar 9, 2015
    Boi if you don't let me join....
  14. Richie Berlin

    Richie Berlin New Member

    Aug 13, 2016
    Hey! I want to join a guild! Have mine own but ppl tend to be so much inactive thats why planning to join someone else's, maily I need for gvg, ranked and chat with guild members!

    Im playing since 2013 jan, have 62/63 toons, almost all tablets!

    My favourite class is tank, hero is Helm, vigelos and play almost all toons.

    Less played toon would be cyclops, rockfist(after the ulti nerf) and ant.

    Server: World
    Platform: IOS

    g1ad1ator is my ign!!! *******

    Kik username


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  15. ziesh

    ziesh New Member

    Nov 9, 2016
    In-Game Name: ziesh
    Wechat ID:zieshh
    Level: 40 required! Got it.
    Your most common Role(s):Mage, Mage/support, Tank, fighter. (Top to bottom)
    Best hero(es):Melina, Goblin scout, B12, Kirasath, debronee, lu yunfie, etc.
    Weakest class: not particularly, but you can consider tank.
    Previous MOBA experience: DOTAAAA :D, HOC android ^^.
    All ascended tablets: Whispering, Protective, Toxicity.
    Additional Information as to why we should choose you: I have been playing HOC since last 4 years in android, After shifting to IOS its just wow. Its the game i enjoy irrespective of the result.
    I have played many heroes back then, but this being new account m restricted to free heroes ;P
    Previous Guilds: InvokerHash (Android)

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