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Aug 26, 2015
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Love the new design. Mar 11, 2015

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Aug 26, 2015
    1. ____hell
      i also suggest BALANCING the sales. for example, ppl who put in more money gets less sales, this is not fair for us who put in huge amt of money
      and lastly, the lottery
      im srry, but it's proven that ppl who dont top-up their runes has higher % of getting good skins
      all im getting right now are those crap stuff i arleady have
      im sorry but id believe gameloft is on a right track now, esp the unfairness for paid players
      1. Jacke0
        Sophie quit.... Go for ludovic....
        Oct 31, 2015
    2. ____hell
      sophie, is it possible for you to release grey witch's 4th skin for buying directly
      it's crazy to spend 9000 runes yet still not being able to get it
      gameloft is srsly over their heads with this one

      and the sales...
      it's important for gameloft to have sales for runes... u cant just abandon the players just because a huge company is investing in gameloft.. it isn't fair for us
      1. mindantony
        Sophie isnt community manager, she cant help u
        Oct 31, 2015
    3. Oscar layton
      Oscar layton
      Hi Sophie, im from Colombia.
      Im an graphic designer and system engineer ,i have a proyect that will like you, as u know this forum is just for people who speak or understand english, i have a proyect like hocmasters but in latino america and other places where speak spanish, i play on Android and on IOS i have a guild â—†TEMPLARIOSâ—†(Android), with more than 50 gamers with experience.
    4. Designer007
      Good Afternoon, My name is Leo and play on Android more than two years ago, I have a problem when I do events and do not get runes prize that goes by me long ago, I only get runes the first 2 events and otherwise nothing.
      Prior to the events with my clan every week and had to give me 200 runes prize but never gave me. And send reports to Gameloft ago, but never answer that I can do?
      Mi Id is Designer007
      1. bobby mcjackson
        bobby mcjackson
        bro don't put this out twice
        Aug 5, 2015
    5. asmodexia
    6. takemedown101
    7. Mr 48hr
      Mr 48hr
      I can't seem to be able to log in with my account anymore. When it logs me in for about 1-2 sec it then kicks me from in game menu saying cannot connect to server which is annoying not being able to play. This is a recent problem that started out yesterday, I never had any issues with hoc up until now. Another fact is when I log in as guests it actually connects to server no problem at all I could even play matches.
      1. Jefrey bogacia
        Jefrey bogacia
        I'm having the same problem as well :(
        May 6, 2015
    8. Jefrey bogacia
      Jefrey bogacia
      Nawhh.. Im an IOS user..
    9. Jefrey bogacia
      Jefrey bogacia
      Hi sophie! Can u help me out with my account pls?! I've been playing HOC ever since its first release and been a frequent buyer of runes. I have a problem with my account whenever i logged in, it automatically disconnects me. It never happened before. Just started today.. I never give my password to Anyone. I just want to play HoC. Pls help me out :( thanks in advance'!
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      2. Jefrey bogacia
        Jefrey bogacia
        I tried it out,, its the same thing..
        May 7, 2015
      3. chooszychic
        Same problem here. . Started playing Gameloft's OaC since its first release. . Until they released Hoc. . Been playing this game since then. . I guess old players are being kicked out of the game. ( LOL! Just kidding.) Please, help us out with this Sophie. .
        May 12, 2015
      4. Jefrey bogacia
        Jefrey bogacia
        After the recent maintenance, mines been resolved. Yours should be ok by now as well. :)
        May 15, 2015
    10. Stelistu1986
      Can you help me,please?I want to buy runes with a paysafe code,but i dont know if this works,i not have a credit/bank card or something like this..
    11. xrayzex
    12. Sophie FromGameloft
      Sophie FromGameloft
      Love the new design.
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