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Oct 3, 2015
Apr 13, 2014
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Jul 19, 2000 (Age: 21)
Planet Earth

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Active Member, Male, 21, from Planet Earth

My story return may be delayed but I will update my new series soon. Aug 16, 2015

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Oct 3, 2015
    1. bornto_sizle
      plz help me,am unable to play hoc for the last 2 months,i tired everything............i play in windows platform,in both in my pc where i installed from windows 8.1 store,and lumia ph it says connection timed out
    2. woodlord4707
      My story return may be delayed but I will update my new series soon.
    3. woodlord4707
      Having wonderful ideas again despite the bad day. :)
    4. woodlord4707
      Tomorrow's the day! :D
      1. razerx100
        You will propose someone?
        Jul 18, 2015
    5. woodlord4707
      2 days to go before my birthday! :D
    6. woodlord4707
      I'm back from my absence. :)
      1. Haharanger
        On first sight I thought you said "abstinence". XD
        Jun 14, 2015
      2. DragonFire92x
        Omg you supposed to be dead. I killed you!
        Jun 14, 2015
    7. woodlord4707
      The Holder of Time released on April 30. Read it and I hope you enjoy. :)
    8. woodlord4707
      Paradox is coming either this week or next week. :D
    9. woodlord4707
      Greenmont Elite Forces vs. Levan Grand Army is now open in the FanFic Section, Screw Attack.
    10. woodlord4707
      Trying to rest from story making and watch Dr. Who first...
    11. woodlord4707
      Chapter 7 of Offspring of Hope is out!
    12. woodlord4707
      I'm in the mood to finish chapters but also in the mood to take a rest. What should I do? :-/
      1. Haharanger
        Take a rest AND finish your chapters lol.
        Mar 28, 2015
    13. woodlord4707
      On a rush on the chapter.
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    Jul 19, 2000 (Age: 21)
    Planet Earth
    Reading my Bio

    This method of you is strange
    The whole process disarranged
    I happen to open my account, and see you,
    stalking me from head to toe
    Why would you look at my lifestyle?
    Step to me, delete your H.O.C. file
    I hope you aren't a serial killer
    cuz, if you are
    I'll crush that cereal, killer.
    You know what the world between you and me is whack.
    I never felt that you were that sad.
    The way you see me through like You. Want. To. Hack.
    Scanning my bio,
    pretty smart of you if you want to see me
    through Google
    You seem to want to pillage me
    after viewing my history.
    Pretty des-pe-rate
    the feeling of being my friend is fake
    Slippery and deceiving more than a snake.
    I'm not through with you
    The man wanting to touch me through the computer screen
    like he's a total maniac
    I'm sure. That equals heart attack.
    I'm not certain though if it's a fact.
    If you wanna face me with a face like that.
    I wonder why I even bother you
    Eventhough you already stalked all my info
    Then you're logging off to stop me
    Well, I'm out... like ready, set, go.

    Now you there, viewers of the one viewing the screen
    thus becoming viewers
    You try to stalk under the shadow
    It's dark at night
    Waiting in the dark to greet fake morrow
    You think you can fool me with your hidden agenda
    But actually you are just a shadow right next to your boss.
    Cunning as you may and innocent as you look
    You couldn't match that Captain Hook.
    Hunting down the seven seas
    like your situation in the Doctor Who movie.
    What a sneaky little lie
    Now look right straight into my eye,
    You are a desperate dyslexic man who needs better management and has to get a social life before you suffer under the street begging to the crocodiles for some ideas to escape but they won't give you any cuz they know you have stalked their life.