[3v3]Rubber bands, angles, and instinctive play.[by skios]

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    Decided to copy and paste this document from quip cause why not
    Here's a pretty good old guide on border skirmish by skios. All credit goes towards skios.

    Listen boy, I often see people here talking about what they did right/wrong, and often find myself thinking - damn you guys must have a million tactix running through your head at any given time.
    After playing the game for so long, when I hear about nigs talk about pushing lane or ganking it brings back fond nostalgia. Those are things that, towards the end of my last hoc stint, just weren't so black and white in my mind while playing. After playing with you guys a bit again I found it hard to articulate why some things felt off, but now I think I can shed some light on this.

    tl:dr - shit is being overthought, things need to be instinctive.

    This doc is about the beautiful relationship between mid, and bot (which is one role, done by two players).

    Low = low danger
    High = high danger

    This picture is a simple representation of the connection between mid and bot, and the danger levels involved with basic positioning.

    From here on in think of the line between mid and bot as a rubber band

    Now it's time to talk about angles.
    Basic angle theory is if they can cut across your rubber band with a quicker angle, someone's in trouble.



    Both of these images are examples of when the angles aren't ideal, and the danger is at its highest.

    When this happens, the rubber band needs to contract.

    This is why I've named it as a rubber band. It is legit the easiest way I could think to explain it, and the easiest way to implement it into your instinctive play.

    The further bot is from mid, the tighter the circumstance. The moment either end is in trouble, the band needs to contract. This is also an opportunity to turn your situation around, as you will notice when the band contracts, the enemy is caught in the middle. If you're always trying to just get away, and not make the best of your situation, you're doing it wrong.


    This is an example of the dreaded lane push nigs get all flustered about. This is a pressure position, and not every hero is suited to it. Good heroes for it are ones that can clear waves quick, and/or ones that have good early ranged kill pressure.

    It is not advised to stay here for extended periods of time. Maybe long enough for the enemy gnoll camp to be taken/a wave or two.

    The benefits of this position are:
    • Control of enemy bot (very important)
    • Potential for tower taking cs
    • Harass opportunity due to enemy having a cs/harass ultimatum
    • Bruise then boss manoeuvre
    To return to the middle of the lane and prevent them freezing, simply rek an enemy wave as soon as it is crossing under their tower, then go back to creep block.

    “But Skios, how do I translate all this shyt to instinctive play?”


    Tighter = danger
    Looserer = safer

    When either end is in trouble - CONTRACT

    Extra shyt to ponder:

    As I said earlier, I believe mid and bot is one role done by two players. The aim of that role is control.

    Their job is to pressure the enemy into having a weaker overall presence in the lane and in bot. Some examples of a weaker presence include:
    • Being bruised
    • Having poor angles
    • Being unable to approach lane for fear of gank
    • Being unable to approach bot for fear of gank
    • Being down a blink/tele/fire (this needs to be tracked more ruthlessly than it currently is)
    • Being down in cs
    • Being down in xp
    There are a few ways to exploit these, and not all of them involve a kill. With the introduction of two skills, and the meta of blink and fire, ganking on rigorous cycles is no longer ideal; it's become more of a 'pounce' for want of a better word. That is to say, mid and bot usually do most of the killing these days, and top is there for saving the day with a tele, and mid to late game rek.

    Only constant practice will teach you the limits to which you can pounce, and in exactly what positions/hp state the enemy should be before you engage.

    Post script: Don't use tele for offence. Just, don't. Ever getting back together.
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    This was written before teleport nerf & jungle buff, right?
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    Hopefully some of the points is still valid in today's meta (which i'm not so sure since I quitted hoc)
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    The thread's title is fokin awesome
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    the whole rubber band idea is a great way to describe basic border meta and tbh this will never stop being a great way to learn border team play @Chyox @Riley12301 @Sadowmancer sticky this post when u get a chance
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    Assistance tablet become so useless after the TP nerfy, they should make the assistance tablet TP immue to any kind of interruption.
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