Akartu Goes to School (Season 1)

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    Akartu Goes to School

    Awarded “Funniest HOC fanfic of all time” and nominated for “Best HOC fanfic of 2015”

    The story of a catgirl and her classmates as they overcome the many challenges that they encounter at the HOC school.

    “Cute and funny story that keeps making you want to read more” - Jacke0

    “Hilarious! The comedy in each and every chapter is gold!” - SuchDogeVeryWow

    “Brilliant! Fun and clever story that represents the game and its players.” - Haharanger

    Chapter 1 – First Day of School

    Author’s notes: Well this is my first fanfiction. I’m not a good writer but I had this wonderful idea to make a bit of a funny story based on HOC (the game, the characters, the forum and its users) so here it is. This chapter is meant to provide a setting and give some personality to the characters. I also have decided to make a little game for the readers to spot the reference either to a video game or anime for fun. Be sure to quote the specific phrase in the chapter along with your answer.

    Spot the reference: Spot the video game reference (Difficulty: Moderate Hint: Valve)

    Just as the morning bell rings, the door to the classroom opens, and in comes the teacher. Within all the loud conversations going on in the classroom between the students, a joyful blond girl dressed in blue yells out “Good morning Ms. Sophie!”

    The teacher responds, “Good morning class” while the class begins to quiet down. “Today I have some wonderful news! We have a new transfer student that will be joining us. Come in and introduce yourself.”

    In comes a short girl with bright red hair, white cat ears and tail, and what appears to be a blue claw for a right arm and a red claw for a left arm. A flirtatious whistle is heard from a blue chameleon in the classroom. Ms. Sophie scolds the chameleon “Keep it down!”

    The girl, a little embarrassed, manages to ignore what just happened and says “My name is Akartu.” As she bows she says, “Pleased to meet you”.

    Ms. Sophie then looks out to the classroom and spots a seat that she points out to. “Akartu please sit at the seat over there next to Anioah.

    As Akartu walks over to the desk, Ms. Sophie begins her lesson. Akartu takes her seat. Immediately after, the blond girl next to her whispers to Akartu introducing herself “Hi I’m Anioah! Let’s be friends!” Akartu responds with a smile and a nod.

    Hours later, the lunch bell rings.

    Ms. Sophie stops her lecture and says “well I guess it’s time for a break. Anioah, be sure to show Akartu around the school.

    Anioah yanks Akartu out of the classroom while she is trying to get her lunch from her bag. “You heard Ms. Sophie, let’s begin the great Anioah tour of the school.” They walk down the hall. “To the left is the nurse’s office. As they walk past the door they here yelling “Medic! Medic!”

    Anioah begins to giggle “just some advice, don’t be whiny in the nurse’s office.”

    Akartu questions “why’s that?”

    Anioah responds “Nurse Lathier can be quite a bi…witch sometimes.” A cackle is heard and the person who was previously yelling begins screaming as if they are going to die.

    The two girls continue on with their tour. “Anyways, over here is the principal’s office. I heard Principal DragonFire can be very scary since he has banned over 100 students from this school. But, as long as you don’t break any of the HOC school rules, you should be fine. And over there is the cafeteria. I recommend the potion of wisdom before a test."

    The girls return to the classroom. Aniaoh asks “do you have any questions?”

    Before the Akartu is able to say anything, the girl with brown hair and carrying a fan, sitting in front of her interrupts and introduces herself “Hi, I’m Aria! I bet you are wondering about the students in this class.” Akartu nods. Well up front, the guy with the grey hood is Lebmont. He has some kind of weird obsession with guns and hunting demons.” To his right is Kirasath, who claims to be the demon lord, which is weird.”

    Akartu interrupts, “wait that guy is obsessed with demons and that guy is some demon lord?”

    Aria responds “Yup!”

    Akartu begins taking down notes “Hmm that’s a good way to remember them. “

    Aria continues “Anyways, over there, that pinkish dude is Kagax. He’s weird. He’s an idiot and he might be an emo or something because he enjoys stabbing himself. And behind him, the girl there, Equillia, is weird too because she is obsessed with herself and how beautiful she looks. Oh and the chameleon who whistled earlier, sitting next to the window, is Kuirras. He’s pretty weird since he is such a pervert. And the lava looking guy beside him is Geurvus. He’s weird too because he always seems to mix up things like terms, numbers, and other stuff.”

    Just as Aria finished describing the students in the classroom the lunch bell rings and Ms. Sophie’s lecture resumes. Time went by quick during the afternoon. Before they knew it, it was the end of the first day of school for Akartu. As the students were packing up to leave, Ms. Sophie announces “don’t forget class, tomorrow is the HOC school soccer tournament . Akartu be ready for it because I’m putting you in the main line up.”

    Akartu surprised by the announcement says “But I don’t know how to play soccer…”
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    Chapter 2 – The Soccer Tournament – Round 1

    Author’s note: So with this chapter, I focused on the “gameplay” of things such as hero skills. I had a lot planned out for the soccer game but didn’t want to make a super long game so I’m going to use another chapter for the tournament as some characters didn’t get to see much action in this one.

    Spot the reference: Spot the video game reference (So easy, you don’t need a hint)

    Anioah startled by Akartu’s strange remark comforts Anioah “Don’t worry, all you need to know is to kick the ball into the other net and prevent the other team from doing it to ours”

    Akartu relieved says “Oh okay, sounds easy!”

    The next day. The teams for the first game get ready on the field.

    Round 1 – Team Sophie vs. Team Andreea
    Sophie’s starting line-up: Akartu, Geurvus, Kuirras, Aria, Kagax
    Andreea’s starting line-up: Draeznor, Kurzdor, Ihaelryna, Savaer, Gaia​

    The game begins! Draeznor starts with possession of the ball. He immediately passes the ball to Ihaelryna who instantly passes it forward to Gaia. However, Akartu comes up right in front of her to defend. Gaia not intimidated by the cat, throws a seed blinding Akartu and sneaks past her. A second later, Akartu regains vision and looks behind her, aggravated by the leafy girl making her way to the net. Before Gaia is able to shoot the ball, Akartu quickly extends her blue arm grabbing the soccer ball away and towards herself. The rest of Akartu’s team facepalm themselves as the whistle is blown.

    The referee announces “Handball, penalty shot for Gaia”. Gaia then takes her penalty shot on Kagax with ease. 1-0 for Team Andreea. Ms. Sophie at the bench calls for a timeout. Sophie’s team runs in and huddles at the bench.

    Kuirras enraged says “Akartu you can’t use your hands in soccer. It’s a good thing you have a nice butt otherwise I would kill you.”

    Akartu is all apologetic “Sorry I didn’t know”.

    Anioah trying to comfort Akartu “That’s okay. Akartu can use her claws since she would be the perfect goalie. Akartu, all you have to do is stay at our net and make sure the ball does not go in.”

    Akartu excitedly says “Alright! I’ll do my best!”

    As Akartu is walking back to the net, Aria advises Akartu “Be careful of Ihaelryna, she’s weird. I mean look at her skin, it’s blue, and her name is so damn hard to spell!”

    The game resumes. Kagax yells out “Pass it to me!” Before Akartu can kick the ball, Savaer jumps out of nowhere and fazes Akartu. He manages to steal the ball and quickly scores it in. 2-0 for Team Andreaa.

    Akartu, frustrated by what just happened, becomes more wary of her surroundings. This time she manages to kick the ball aiming it towards Kagax but the ball ends up going to Geurvus.

    Geurvus takes the ball and begins spinning with lava bursting all over the place singing “You spin me right round, baby right round…” This allows him to easily get by the defenders. As he approaches the goalie, Kurzdor, he disappears and reappears within the net with the ball. Geurvus exclaims “touchdown!”

    Aria from midfield yells out “It’s a goal, you weirdo!” 2-1 for Team Andreea.

    Possession of the ball begins with Kurzdor. He kicks it over to Draeznor who then begins to run faster all of a sudden and punts the ball hard toward the net. Akartu quickly lunges with her blue claw to grab the ball preventing it from going in the net. Immediately after, she throws it out towards Kuirras. Kuirras smacks it with his tail to pass the ball to Kagax.

    Kagax all excited to receive the ball exclaims “Tonight, I feed on the flesh of fools” and then stabs himself with the broken sword he is carrying.

    Aria disgusted by what she just witnessed says, “That’s just weird”.

    Blood comes gushing out from his wounds. He begins running with the ball at an insane speed that no one from the opposing team was able to keep up with and defend against, including the goalie. Kagax manages to get the ball in the net all on his own.

    Geurvus exclaims” Home run!”

    Aria yells out “It’s a goal you weirdo! I just told you that last time!” The score is 2-2.

    Team Andreaa has possession of the ball again. Kurzdor passes it to Gaia, who passes it to Draeznor, who passes it to Ihaelryna. Suddenly, Ihaelryna kicks the ball up into the air in front of her. She swiftly reaches for an arrow in her quiver and fires it from her bow at the ball. The ball seems to take form of a crystal arrow flying towards the net. Geurvus who happened to be spinning around manages to get in front of the projectile and stops it with his lower body. Geurvus falls down and the whistle is blown.

    The sight of Geurvus clenching his lower body in pain has his teammates running over towards him. Geurvus while breathing hard says “I was hoping to get a hat trick but I took an arrow to the knee”.

    Kuirras speaks out “But you don’t have a…” but is interrupted by Ms. Sophie. “Alright Geurvus, it looks like I will have to substitute someone in. Lebmont, you take his place and please, win it for us”

    Lebmont says in a confident tone “no problem”.

    With Geurvus at the bench, the game resumes with Lebmont in possession of the ball. Lebmont kicks the ball up into the air similar to how Ihaelryna just did. He extends his right arm, gun in hand, and fires at the ball. The ball goes flying towards the net at a terrifying speed, almost as if it was piercing through the air. Kurzdor was unable to respond quickly enough with the ball going into the net. 3-2 for Team Sophie.

    And with that play, the game ended as a win for Team Sophie. The team leaped for joy in celebration (except Geurvus due to his injury). It didn’t end there though, since Team Sophie won game after game allowing them to be in the finals…
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    Chapter 3 – The Soccer Tournament – Final

    Author’s Notes: The conclusion to the tournament is here. This chapter has much more narration in proportion to the dialogue compared to other chapters to focus more on the action on the field.

    Spot the references:
    Spot the anime reference (Difficulty: Moderate-Hard Hint: “miracle” player)
    Spot the video game reference (Difficulty: Easy Hint: Nintendo)

    The opposing teacher spoke, “Well, well, well. Surprised to see you in the finals Ms. Sophie. Didn’t know luck can bring you so far in this tournament.”

    Ms. Sophie responded, “I don’t appreciate you underestimating me and my team Mr. Ryan.”

    Mr. Ryan continued in an arrogant tone, “You believe in your false hope. But unfortunately for you, the only one that can beat me, is me.”

    Ms. Sophie angered by his arrogance “Well why don’t you put your money where your mouth is!”

    Mr. Ryan smirks “Oh?”

    Finals – Team Sophie vs. Team Ryan

    Sophie’s starting line-up: Akartu, Lebmont, Kuirras, Aria, Kagax
    Ryan’s starting line-up: Lu Yunfei, Erefern, Melina, Kotun, Sia​

    The final match begins with Lebmont with the ball. Lebmont takes the opportunity to start the match with a bang! He kicks the ball up in the air in front of him and performs his piercing shot like in the match against Team Andreaa. The ball heads straight towards the net at an insane speed. Though, to everyone’s surprise the ball meets contact with Erefern’s, the goalie’s, right hand held out in front of him. The ball continues to spin in place until it slows down to a stop. Before the ball has a chance to drop to the ground. Erefern grabs the ball with his right hand and makes a magnificent throw across the field towards the opposing net.

    Unlike her teammates who are amazed by the throw, Akartu remains focused and gets ready to block the ball from entering the net. The ball hits the ground, a few metres in front of Akartu. Upon contact with the ground, the ball creates a crater sending rocks and dirt all around, which forces Akartu to use her arms to block it. Unfortunately for her, while trying to block the flying rocks, the ball bounces into the net. 1-0 Team Ryan

    Akartu was disappointed in herself but quickly retains composure. She passes the ball to Kagax. Kagax yells out “I’m coming right back at ya!” He stabs himself and begins running with the ball like a mad man. He dekes out Kotun and makes a run for it towards the goal when all of a sudden a purple magic seal appears on the ground. Kagax immediately slows down significantly that it looks as though he is barely moving.

    Melina yells out “suffer fool!” and steals the ball. However, Kuirras who anticipated the steal is ready to defend against Melina but gets distracted by her large chest. Melina again says “suffer fool”. Within a second, Kuirras is suddenly encased in ice allowing Melina to bypass Chameleon with little effort.

    The flying books around her begin to set on fire. She shoots the ball, which becomes engulfed in fire toward the net. Akartu throws out her red claw and blocks the fire. But there was no ball. At that moment another fireball projectile flies past her and into the net. It was the flaming soccer ball. 2-0 Team Ryan.

    Kagax was humiliated. He gets angry that he ends up stabbing himself again to pump himself up and be able to run at a greater speed but collapses saying “Kagax lost too much blood”, which was no surprise given how many times he stabbed himself the past games.

    Ms. Sophie at the bench tells Equillia who was just looking at herself in a small mirror “You’re up!”

    Equillia responds “No way! I can’t afford to mess up my beautiful hair.”

    Before Ms. Sophie is able to scold Equillia, Anioah interrupts “I can take her place, Ms. Sophie”

    Ms. Sophie then nods and says “Very well”.

    After Kagax is carried away by Nurse Lathier, the game resumes. Akartu frustrated by her mistake punts the ball deep into the field randomly. Luckily for her Aria is able to receive it and is not far from the opposing net. She throws a fan at Erefen when all of a sudden a weapon of lightning stabbed into the ground appears in front of her.

    Kuirras shouts from midfield “Do a barrel roll!” Aria does a quick roll, which manages to deke out Lu Yunfei who appears around the weapon. Immediately after rolling, Aria throws something at Erefern . To his surprise, he finds himself unable to move. Aria aware of the opportunity motions her kick but Kotun from out of nowhere swoops in and steals the ball. He passes it to Sia but Kuirras, Anioah, and Lebmont surround her. In a flash, everyone within a few metres around Sia turns to stone.

    Sia then passes the ball to Lu who kicks the ball straight towards the net. Akartu throws out her red claw to block the ball but Lu Yunfei suddenly appears around the ball and redirects the ball towards the top left corner of the net. Akartu anticipated such a trick and throws out her blue claw to block the redirected ball but Kotun suddenly flies in and redirects the ball into the bottom right corner of the net. 3-0 for Team Ryan.

    Ms. Sophie calls for a timeout. The players huddle in. Sophie notices that everyone is feeling down. She takes a deep breath and tries to motivate them by saying “We can still come back guys. I’ll tell you what, if you guys win this, I will not give out any homework for a week.” Ms. Sophie thinking her head “I can’t afford to lose my $100 bet with Mr. Ryan” The players of Team Sophie become pumped up by her words and go back into the field.

    The game eventually ends 11-0 for Team Ryan. Ms. Sophie shouts out “Noooooo!” and begins to cry.

    Ryan laughs “Like I said, you had no chance but thanks for the $100 though.”

    Ms. Sophie’s class see her crying and run over to her. Anioah says “Cheer up Ms. Sophie, we had fun!” Ms. Sophie cries out…
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    Chapter 4 – The Substitute Teacher

    Author’s note: I decided to take a different approach with this chapter in changing the focus away from the HOC characters and more on the people of the HOC forum. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. For those who have been on this forum a long time should be able to understand all the references. I have also decided to split off a sub-plot from the chapter to avoid interrupting the flow of the chapter and being too long as a whole. Enjoy!

    Describe the references: Describe what the forum users (substitute teachers) were known for that made this chapter funny. E.g. Levesqmi is known for his intense calculations in answering questions and providing guides on this forum.


    The morning bell rings but the class remains rowdy as usual. The door opens, and to everyone’s surprise, in walks Mr. Ryan towards the front desk. He approaches the front desk, stands behind it, and begins talking to the class.

    “Good morning class, unfortunately Ms. Sophie has called in sick” As he ends his sentence he makes a fake cough “loser” then coughs again. Ryan thinking in his mind “She’s probably still crying over the $100 she lost to me.” Ryan continues, “So today, you will be having a substitute teacher. Let’s all welcome Mr. Philip.”

    A man approaches the desk while Mr. Ryan leaves the classroom.

    He says “Good morning class, please take out your books and we will continue off from problem 6d.”

    As the substitute teacher is taking up the question, Lebmont raises his hand and says, “Mr. Philip I have a question!”

    The substitute teacher corrects him “It’s Mr. Discord”

    Lebmont responds “I apologize Mr. Discord…” but the substitute teacher interrupts again “I just told you it is Mr. Blackjack.”

    Lebmont confused, says “Uh… okay Mr. Blackjack…” but the substitute teacher interrupts again” Seriously? You know what, that is enough questions and problems for today. Please use the remaining time to self-study.”


    Mr. Ryan is standing at the front desk again and says “Ms. Sophie is sick again and Mr. Philip or whatever his name is will no longer be with us as we cannot figure out his legal name for payroll. Anyways I’m here to introduce your new substitute Mr. Levesqmi.

    A handsome, tall, young man comes in saying “Merci, merci” as Mr. Ryan leaves the classroom. Mr. Levesqmi clears his throat and proceeds to say in an enthusiastic way “Do I have a problem for you guys to solve.”

    He begins writing on the board: If you are a ranged fighter, what would be the optimal build in terms of talents, tablets, inscriptions, and items. Please explain your answer including every single calculation as part of your process. The class just stare at the problem with a blank face.

    Mr. Levesqmi, being the understanding guy he is, points to Akartu and says “you look like you know the answer, please start us off”

    Akartu panicking by the sudden cold call utters “what is forty-two”. The whole class bursts into laughter.

    Kagax from the back of the room, all confused, yells out “Wait, it’s not forty-two!?” The class begins to laugh again.

    Mr. Levesqmi astonished by the silly response, pauses then says “quiet down class. I shall show you how to do this problem.” and walks back up to the board. He begins writing his response while explaining it to the class.

    3 hours later…

    Mr. Levesqmi sighs of relief “And there you have it, the solution to the problem” The class still has a blank face with the exception of Kagax who has his head down on his desk sleeping.

    Mr. Levesqmi, being the truly understanding guy that he is says “alright class, you clearly need a break so please use the rest of the time as self-study.”


    Mr. Ryan is standing at the front desk again and says “Ms. Sophie is sick again and Mr. Levesqmi is apparently busy with some personal website of his. Unfortunately, I ran to a few problems last night in finding a substitute teacher so please use today as a self-study day.” Ryan then leaves the classroom.


    Mr. Ryan is standing at the front desk again and says “Ms. Sophie is sick again but this time I have a found a new substitute teacher. I believe he is mature and very reliable. Everyone let’s all welcome Mr. Ambroas.”

    Mr. Ambroas walks up to the desk, takes off his backpack and begins talking to class “ I have a problem set for you guys to work on in my notes” He continues to search through his bag looking, ruffling through what seems like many objects stored in it. He begins to panic a bit “Oh no, it seems I have lost my notes, but don’t worry I have another copy on my laptop”.

    He ruffles through the bag again to pull out a laptop. He turns it on and begins to panic again “Oh my god! All my files are deleted.” He tries to calm himself down “It’s okay I have a back-up…” He has a short pause and says “ごめんなさい, please use this day as self-study.”


    Mr. Ryan is standing at the front desk again and says “Sophie is sick again and I cannot seem to rely on Mr. Ambroas so I found a new substitute teacher. Let’s welcome Mr. Ruski.”

    A young muscular man with what looks like he is sporting a means six pack walks up in front of the front desk and takes a seat on it. He begins to speak “I am happy to join with you today in what will go down as the greatest demonstration of lectures in the history of this school. 32 fort nights ago…

    3 hours later…

    Mr. Ruski concludes his speech “… Thank God Almighty, this will be history at last!” The class all wake up from what seemed like forever and clap. Mr. Ruski then says “Well, that’s all I had for today, please use the remaining time as self-study”

    Monday of the following week

    The morning bell rings but the class remains rowdy as usual. The door opens and in walks in Ms. Sophie “Sorry class, I have been away all of last week but I do understand that you guys had plenty of time to study, so we will be having a big test tomorrow!”

    Since no one actually studied during self-study time, the class all knew they were screwed…

    Chapter 4.5 – The Wednesday Substitute Teacher

    Author’s note: Wondering what happened to the Wednesday substitute teacher? Well here’s the answer in the form of a call log. Again, those who have been on the forum for a while will understand the references. Enjoy!

    No reference game this time.

    Tuesday Evening 7:00 PM - Mr. Ryan submits a post searching for a substitute teacher and requesting any applicants to call him at 1-800 GAMELOF Ext. T

    7:15 PM
    : Hi, my name is Mingman and I am interested in substituting for tomorrow.
    Ryan: Thanks for responding on such short notice. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Mingman: Thank you sir. *hangs up*

    7:30 PM
    Hi, my name is OTC and I am willing to be a substitute teacher for tomorrow.
    Ryan: Oh sorry sir, I have already found someone.
    OTC: Oh really? I believe I am the better man for the job. I am very “talented” with great knowledge of HOC and I carry my “tablet” filled with “golden” material for lessons, and…
    Ryan: You know what? You are right! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. *hangs up*

    7:32 PM
    Hi Mingman, this is Ryan from HOC school.
    Mingman: Hi Ryan! What would you like?
    Ryan: Well I’m just calling to let you know that you will no longer be needed.
    Mingman: Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are? You can’t just do that! I have a group of people who will hack you, hack your school, and hack your students…
    Ryan: *hangs up*

    8:10 PM
    Hi Ryan! This is OTC again. Just calling to let you know I won’t be coming tomorrow.
    Ryan: What? Why?
    OTC: I did some research and read that the HOC school board does not listen to their teachers, the computers at school crash all the time but the school board has not bothered to fix them for years, and the school is focused on selling newly designed uniforms every week instead of focusing on the education of its students. I cannot associate myself with such a school.
    Ryan: You can’t be serious?
    OTC: Oh but I am. In fact, I have accepted a position at another school, one that has not been in existence as long as HOC school but do care about their teachers and educating their students and… and… and…
    Ryan: *hangs up*

    8:44 PM
    Hi this is Scarlet! I am interested in being the substitute teacher.
    Ryan: That’s great! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.
    Scarlet: Thank you! *hangs up*

    8:47 PM
    Hi this is Crimson! I am interested in being the substitute teacher.
    Ryan: I am sorry but the position has been filled.
    Crimson: Wait was it by a woman by the name of Scarlet?
    Ryan: Yes it is, why do you ask?
    Crimson: Oh she is bad news.
    Ryan: Oh? Then I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. *hangs up*

    8:49 PM
    Hi Scarlet! I no longer need you tomorrow.
    Scarlet: What? Why? Wait, did a woman named Crimson talk to you and lie about me
    Ryan: Uhh… yes.
    Scarlet: Well she is a liar.
    Ryan: I apologize Scarlet, please come to the school tomorrow.

    8:52 PM
    Hi Crimson.
    Crimson: *laughing*
    Ryan: What’s so funny?
    Crimson/Scarlet: I am Crimson and Scarlet haha! I was conducting a psychological experiment on you. By the way do you have any phobias?
    Ryan: *hangs up*

    9:11 PM
    Hi my name is Lara and I am interested in the position for substitute teacher.
    Ryan: Before I agree, can you tell me more about yourself.
    Lara: I hope to replace Ms. Sophie.
    Ryan: I like your attitude! See you tomorrow

    Lara did not show up the next day.
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    Chapter 5 – The Big Test

    Author’s Notes: Well this is a dialogue heavy chapter, again making jokes out of the character’s personalities. Not much to say but enjoy!

    Spot the reference: Spot the video game reference (Difficulty: Moderate Hint: Not specific to a single game)


    It was lunchtime the same Monday that Ms. Sophie announced the test for the next day. The students were discussing how screwed they were for the upcoming test.

    Akartu starts off, “Oh my god guys. I’m going to fail especially since I didn’t bother to study the past week.

    Aria provides her input, “I think everyone is in that situation, Akartu. It seems we need to cram as much studying in today and hope for a good mark. “

    Hunter gets involved with the conversation. “I don’t have time to study all day; I got to focus on killing demons.”

    Kirasath joins in “Hey Lebmont! I can help you with studying for a few hours. Hopefully it will be enough.”

    Hunter pleased by Kirasath’s words says “Alright, I guess I’ll be holding off killing demons for a short period. Look forward to studying with you.”

    Akartu asks the others what they plan on doing.

    Geurvus responds, “I’m hoping to be carried by a good group for the project.”

    Aria faceplams herself, “It’s a test! There are no groups, you weirdo.”

    Kagax wakes up from his sleep at his desk and randomly responds “I don’t study for tests!”

    Aria makes a remark “That’s because you are an idiot!” but Kagax was already fast asleep again.

    Akartu then inquires “And you Equillia?”

    Equillia ignores Akartu completely as she is too busy look at herself in her make-up mirror.

    Kuirras intervenes in the conversation “By the way where is my sexy blonde girl?”

    Aria appalled by Kuirras' comment says “She went to visit Ms. Sophie last Friday. She apparently got sick too but should be fine by tomorrow to write the test. She’s weird anyways. She is able to get 100% on all tests so we don’t have to worry for her.

    The conversation ended there as the end of lunch bell rings.

    3 hours later...

    It was the end of school day. Akartu was walking down the hall, ready to make her way home when someone whispers “Hey you!”

    It was Lu Yunfei. “I heard you have a test tomorrow.”

    Akartu clarifies “Yeah I have a big one tomorrow. Why?”

    Lu Yunfei looks to the left and right before he whispers “I know a guy that can provide you with ‘cheat’ notes for a small price.”

    Akartu intrigued by the offer asks “Where can I find such a guy”

    Lu Yunfei whispers back “First you go up those stairs a floor then up another set of stairs, then down the stairs, then down again.

    Akartu interrupts “Why do I have to do that, I will be back where I started.”

    Lu Yunfei quickly responds and continues his instructions “You just have to! Then you make a left, then a right at the next hallway, then left, then right again. Enter room B and there will be a storage closet labelled A. Inside you will find a guy named Vanity who will give you a notebook with all the cheat notes for $10.”

    Akartu says “Thanks Lu” and immediately follows his instructions. She obtains the cheat notes and heads home to study.

    Back at home, she opens up the notebook, only to find out that it is all written in Chinese. Akartu rage quits and hopes for the best tomorrow.

    Wednesday (The day after the test)

    A few minutes before lunch, Ms. Sophie announces “Your tests have already been marked but I guess that shouldn’t surprise you as your answers to the multiple choice test were on a scantron.” She walks over to each of the students to let them know their mark.

    Ms. Sophie tells Lebmont “Lebmont, you got 64% on your test” which Lebmont responds by putting his head down on his desk. Ms. Sophie says “you will do better next time” thinking Lebmont was disappointed but in reality, he was really tired from hunting demons all night.

    Ms. Sophie then tells Kuirras “Kuirras, you got 69% on your test”

    Kuirras happy about the mark says “How about me and you make that mark happen together” but Sophie completely ignores him and moves on to Kagax.

    Ms. Sophie tells Kagax “Well Kagax, you got 9%. You shouldn’t have tried to make a picture out of your scantron, who knows, you may have gotten much higher.”

    Kagax is astounded by the news “Are you kidding me? 9% is the best mark I have ever gotten on a test. Thank you Ms. Sophie!” Ms. Sophie sighs and walks over to Akartu.

    Ms. Sophie tells Akartu “Akartu, you got 72%.” Akartu surprised by the mark jumps for joy.

    Ms. Sophie then tells Aniaoh “Congratulations Anioah, another 100% test.”

    Anioah responds “Thanks Ms. Sophie, it’s because I have such a great teacher.”

    Ms. Sophie blushes and moves on.

    Ms. Sophie tells the last student in the classroom, Equillia “I’m impressed Equillia. You got a 98%”

    Equillia who is holding a mirror to look at herself responds “Thanks Ms. Sophie but I’m trying to brush my beautiful hair”

    Ms. Sophie then walks back to the front of the classroom. Akartu who overheard Equillia’s mark whispers to her “How did you get such a high mark.”

    Equillia whispers back “When you are as beautiful as me, you get beautiful marks.”

    Akartu who was not convinced by that asks her “Do you know how to read Chinese?”

    Equillia hesitant in her answer with her eyes moving back and forth from left to right “Uhh... no...”

    Akartu whispers “Well good job then!”

    Back at the front of the classroom, Sophie mentions “Now that that test is out of the way, we can all enjoy Valentine’s Day, today. I’m sure you can’t wait for lunch time as love is in the air!”

    The lunch bell rings. Akartu confused by Sophie’s comment asks Aria “What is love?”...
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    Chapter 6 – Love

    Author’s Notes: Yay! More dialogue with some “serious” girl talk. Plus some silly and dirty jokes here and there. Enjoy!

    Spot the reference: Spot the anime/video game reference (Difficulty:Easy Hint: I believe there are multiple answers to this)

    Akartu asks Aria “What is love?”

    At the back of the classroom, there was a red and orange centaur up against Equillia, flirting with her. Equillia aroused exclaims “baby, don’t hurt me”.

    Aria points out to them “You see those two, that is love.”

    Akartu still confused says “I still don’t understand”

    Anioah joins in on the conversation “Love is when you find someone that makes you happy just from being around them. You may have butterflies in your stomach that it stops you from speaking properly in front of them. Well at least that is how I feel when I’m around Senpai.” She yells at the top of her lungs toward the air “notice me Senpai!”

    Aria says “I guess that sort of sums up the explanation to love. Is there anyone you love, Akartu?”

    Akartu responds “I don’t think so”

    Anioah excitedly says “You should search for your one true love!”

    Aria “That’s a good idea but you look like you need some advice. First “Avoid perverts who are only interested in your body and not your personality.”

    Kuirras walks over and comments “Hey my purrfect kitty, why don’t we get us a private room and you can shake that cute butt of yours while I hum…”

    However he is interrupted as Aria smacks him with a fan. “Go away you weirdo!”

    Kuirras smirks “Don’t worry Aria, there’s room for you too. I’m sure you would blow me away”

    Aria aggravated by the comments throws a double twister fan, which actually blows him away. Aria continues “As I was saying you also don’t want an idiot as a boyfriend”.

    Kagax walks in “Hey Akartu, you stole my heart”. He stabs himself and pulls out his heart to offer it to her but faints. The girls just have this facepalming look while Lebmont walks over and drags him to Nurse Lathier’s office.

    Anioah “Anyways, my advice is to find someone that will remember your birthday, your anniversary, your favorite food…”

    Geurvus cheerfully interrupts “Merry Christmas guys!”

    Aria throws a fan at Geurvus “It’s Valentine’s day, you weirdo!” Then Aria has a sudden recollection of something. “Oh! If you are searching for someone at this school, be careful of the ‘Legendary Player’”

    Anioah adds on “Oh yeah! I heard he is able to attract five girls at once within a second”

    Aria mentions “I guess it has something to with him being big and black.”

    Akartu still confused by everything asks “Who is he?”

    Anioah clarifies “His name is 12-B but as long as you keep your distance, you should be fine. Well that’s pretty much all the advice we have.”

    Akartu becomes really excited and yells out “I’m going to find my true love” and dashes out of the classroom. As she runs out of the classroom, she bumps into Melina.

    Melina shouts “Hey, what’s the big hurry?”

    Akartu apologizes and says “Sorry, I’m going to look for my true love”

    Melina looks at Akartu’s chest and snickers “Good luck with that” and pushes her down again as she walks away.

    As Akartu was trying to get back up, coming down the hall was a big, black figure. It was the legend himself, 12-B. Akartu was in trouble with 12-B walking towards her. But all of a sudden a jelly fish appears and slows 12-B down. Within that same second a figure grabs Akartu from behind and drags her back into the classroom.

    Back in the classroom, Akartu wipes the dust off herself and says “Thanks for saving me back there” and looks at the her savior. It was a light blue like floating thing.” Anioah butts in “Mi…mi… Migrove senpai!?”

    Akartu tries to explain how she was saved but Anioah gives her a scary face. At that moment, Aria drags Akartu away to the other side of the classroom.

    Aria sighs of relief “Phew that was close. That over there is Migrove, Anioah’s senpai who she loves.”

    Akartu trying to make sense of everything going on “Wait why did you drag me away?”

    Aria responds “Anioah may look like the nicest girl in the world but she is weird. She would kill any girl that gets near Migrove senpai. If I didn’t drag you away, things would have gotten scary! Speaking of scary things, that reminds me of a scary story that happened two years ago on this day. The story is called Bloody Ariana...
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    Chapter 7 – Bloody Ariana

    Author’s note: So I seemed to have written a story within a story (storyception?) and ended up having this chapter focused on another forum user than the HOC characters themselves. Oh well, enjoy!

    Spot the reference: Spot the video game reference (Difficulty: Easy Hint: Nintendo)

    Aria began telling the story “Two years ago, there was a guy in our year. His name was Azenhof. He was a weird guy that had an obsession over some girl. He would draw pictures of her, daydream of her, and just spent hours admiring her from afar in class. He believed that she was his true love but never really expressed it to her.

    Now the girl’s name was Ariana. She was a very pretty, smart, and kind girl. You would think the other girls would look up to her but instead they were all jealous. As a result, they would bully her by starting rumours, teasing her, and pushing her around that led her to become depressed at school.

    Anyways, going back to Azenhof who was completely oblivious of the situation due to his infatuation, he made his goal to confess his love someday to Ariana and chose Valentine’s Day during lunchtime to do it. Lunchtime came but before Azenhof could get a chance to talk to her, she had gone to the washroom. This wasn’t a problem since this gave Azenhof time to muster up his courage. He waited and waited but she did not return.

    Within the class, he overheard some girls talking about their next plan to bully Ariana. Azenhof began to realize the gloomy atmosphere that had been surrounding Ariana lately so he dashed out of the classroom and ran straight to the girl’s washroom to check on Ariana. There she lied in a puddle of blood. She had committed suicide!

    At that moment, Azenhof snapped. He went back to the classroom with a staff in hand, apparently they sell them at the cafeteria, and went on a massacre to kill the girls who bullied Ariana. He declared that he would come to haunt anyone who spoke ill of Ariana. He went back to the washroom and committed suicide so he could be with his precious girl.”

    Akartu interrupts and asks “So what is so scary about that”

    Aria says “I wasn’t finished. So it is said that if you go into the girl’s washroom, turn off the lights, and say bloody Ariana three times, you will see Azenhof’s ghost who will come to haunt you.”

    Equillia who was eavesdropping butts in “You can’t seriously believe a silly story like that, can you?”

    Akartu adds on “Yeah that sounds really fishy.”

    Aria smirks “Oh then why don’t you go into the girl’s washroom and do it to prove that I was making it up”

    Equillia responds “I’m not going to waste my time proving something so silly to you”. She goes back to Archimtiros, her centaur-like boyfriend, to continue flirting.

    Aria then looks at Akartu “Well then don’t tell me you are too scared to prove me wrong?”

    Akartu responds “I’m not scared. Let’s do it!”

    Aria happy to hear her say it tells her “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this”. She hands over her fan. “You might need this” and laughs maniacally.

    So Akartu enters the girl’s washroom trembling a little in fear as Aria waits outside of the washroom. She turns off the light, walks over to the mirror and begins chanting “Bloody Ariana! Bloody Ariana! Bloody Ariana!”

    From behind she hears a faint voice, “who dares speak ill of my precious girl”

    Akartu terrified by the sound of the faint voice runs out of the washroom and down the hall past Aria. Equillia who witnessed it says to herself “You can’t be serious” and walks into the dark washroom.

    Back to Akartu where Aria finally catches up begins laughing hysterically. “Oh my Lachie! You should have seen the look on your face when you ran out of that washroom.”

    Akartu trying to calm herself down says “It’s not funny, there was a ghost!”

    Aria laughs again and says “Akartu, I made up the entire story. There is no ghost, you weirdo. It must have been your imagination.”

    Akartu was embarrassed and yells “I hate you Aria!” and throws her fan at her face.

    They walk back to their classroom where Archimtiros comes up to them and asks “Have you seen Equillia. She went to the washroom but has not come back. Can you girls check up on her?”

    The girls agree and go to check the washroom but she was not there but do find little pieces of her clothing like they were ripped off.

    Akartu comes out of the washroom and tells Archimtiros who was waiting outside, “Looks like she disappeared leaving this” She hands over the ripped pieces.

    Archimtiros horrified by it shrieks out “She must have been kidnapped!”...
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    Chapter 8 – Kidnapped

    Author’s notes: Yay! I managed to incorporate a mystery theme into a chapter and finally I can put an end to the long Valentine’s Day. Some scenes contain inappropriate themes, reader discretion is advised. Enjoy!

    Spot the reference: Spot the video game reference (Difficulty: Easy Hint: Fourth level)

    Aria’s then says “This looks like a job for detective Aria!” She puts on a detective hat and asks “Does this hat look weird?”

    Akartu responds “It looks a little funny hehe”

    Archimtiros interrupts “Never mind the hat, please tell me where can we find Equiliia.”

    Aria gets all serious “Well first, we have to consider what had happened. It was around 12:34 PM when Akartu ran out of the washroom crying”

    Akartu shouts “Hey! I wasn’t crying!”

    Aria hits Akartu with her fan. “Quiet my kitty, I am trying to think.”

    Archimtiros tries to explain “I heard Akartu running by. Equillia had just left the classroom to go to the washroom.”

    Aria thinks out loud “Hmmm. So we arrived back at the classroom at around 12:40 PM giving whoever kidnapped Equillia six minutes. Now let’s consider the clues left behind.”

    Akartu counts the pieces and mentions “There were nine pieces of clothing at the scene”

    Archimtiros states “So within those six minutes there must have been a struggle between Equillia and the kidnapper.“

    Aria says “It could very well be. But what would the struggle be about.”

    Then, Archimtiros has a sudden thought and says “What if someone tried to rape her!?”

    Aria asks “Well who would go so far to do such a thing?”

    They all think for a few seconds before shouting out at the same time “Kuirras!!!”

    They look around the classroom but he was not there. So they leave the classroom in search of the chameleon. As they were walking down the hall, they spot Kuirras with a key locking up a janitor closet.

    Aria yells out “We know you are hiding her!”

    Kuirras was shocked from being seen. His claws begin to glow and he makes a run for it. Akartu and Aria begin to chase after him but all of a sudden Archimtiros rushes past them, 30 metres down the hall straight to Kuirras and stomps on his tail allowing the girls to catch up. Akartu throws her blue claw and grabs the key from Kuirras.

    Aria “We got you now! It’s time we reveal what you are hiding in that closet.”

    Kuirras cries out “Nooooo! That closet is my castle of dreams and delight!”

    Akartu unlocks the janitor’s closet and opens the door. Equillia was nowhere to be found inside the cramped closet. Instead there was a blowup doll.

    Kuirras cries “I’ve been rejected all day so I needed to find a way to cheer myself up”.

    Archimtiros asks “So you didn’t kidnap Equillia?”

    Kuirras realizing there was a misunderstanding says “Well thank you for finding out my secret. But your princess is in another castle. “

    Archimtiros yells out “Then where could she be.” A look of confusion runs across Akartu’s face.

    A sudden thought comes to Aria’s mind “Wait a sec! Akartu you said that you heard a faint voice in the washroom right?”

    Akartu replies, “Yeah but you said that your scary story was made up.”

    Aria clarifies “Yeah but that doesn’t mean someone was not in the washroom before you entered. What did they say?”

    Akartu answers, “They said something like who dares speak of my precious girl.”

    Aria exclaims, “Aha! I know who the kidnapper is and where they might be.”

    They walk over to the gym and over to the door to the storage room. Aria states, “There was only one other person I told that scary story to who would know how to respond to Akartu’s chant.” She opens the door. Inside was Equillia all tied up. Beside her was the kidnapper, Anioah who was dressed in a courtesan outfit.

    Aria blurts out, “I told you she was weird.”

    Akartu “What have you done to Equillia, Anioah” She throws her blue claw to grab Equillia away from Anioah.”

    Anioah screeches “What do you think you guys are doing. Do you have any idea what she has done? “

    Aria says “Calm down and explain to us.”

    Meanwhile, Archimtiros relieved to get back his girlfriend burns the ropes that tied her up and says “I was so worried, my dear.”

    Equillia was all furious “Look what you did to my beautiful hair” but before she can do anything physically, Archimtiros drags her away saying “You girls can deal with her, I’m just happy to have Equillia back.”

    Aniaoh explains “During my conversation with Migrove, he looked over at Equillia multiple times instead of at me! When he left the classroom, I was so sad that I went to the washroom to cry. I did end up cheering myself up when I scared Akartu out of the washroom.”

    Aria seeks clarification “And you remembering my story gave you the idea of revenge, didn’t it?”

    Anioah replies “That’s right. Lucky for me, Equillia walked into the washroom right after and that’s when I attacked.”

    At that moment, Chameleon walks into the storage room and sees Anioah dressed as she is. He comments “Whoa! I never knew you had this side to you Anioah. I guess you heard from the others, but I have been a bad chameleon today. I think I deserve a ‘punishment’ from you?”

    Aria hits him with her fan “Knock it off you weirdo!”

    Chameleon laughs and says “You two can join too, I’m sure I can handle it. I didn’t have that doll for nothing.”

    Aria angrily throws a twin fan twister at Chameleon sending him flying away. Her fans return to her hands and she says to Akartu “You should head back to the classroom; I will knock some sense into this other weirdo.” So Akartu heads back.

    A few minutes later, Aria and Anioah, back in her blue outfit with a few bruises here and there, return to the classroom. Anioah apologizes to Equllia with Archimtiros forgiving Anioah on her behalf. Aria then announces “Looks like the case of Equillia’s kidnapping comes to a close.”

    Akartu says “Phew, it’s been a long day. It’s a good thing there isn’t any school tomorrow due to a PD day...”
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    Chapter 9 – PD Day

    Author’s note: The principal and teachers deserve some attention too so that is what this chapter will be on in the form of a dialogue. Sorry for the chapter being shorter and having less comedy than the others. Note there are no references related to the attitudes and rivalry between Ms. Sophie and Mr. Ryan, they are purely made up by me. Enjoy!

    Spot the reference:

    Spot the video game reference (Difficulty: Moderate Hint: Attacking the weakness (there might be multiple answers))

    Spot the video game reference (Difficulty: Easy Hint: Your character has a special gun)

    Principal DragonFire has a meeting with the teachers to discuss some administrative stuff.

    Mr. DragonFire: Another PD day and as usual the school board does not have anything for you to enhance your knowledge and skills.

    Mr. AlexYs: Alright that sounds good. I will just keep doing what I do and that is to answer my students’ questions with generic answers. It seems to have worked well.

    Mr. DragonFire: Uhh... sure

    Ms. Sophie: So then about tomorrow...

    Mr. DragonFire: Wait before we get to that there is some other issues we need to implement according to the board.

    Mr. Ryan: Ha! Ms. Sophie, I didn’t know you were so excited to lose again.

    Ms. Sophie: You seem to be so sure of yourself but it won’t end up like the soccer tournament.

    Mr. Ryan: Oh really? Then don’t cry so much again that you have to miss a week of classes.

    Ms. Sophie: Hey! I was sick!

    Mr. DragonFire: Can we get down to business or do I have to temporarily ban you from the school with no pay.

    Ms. Sophie & Mr. Ryan: Sorry Mr.DragonFire!

    Mr. DragonFire: Firstly, the board has let me know that some of the uniform designs that we currently sell should go 50% off. It’s super effective! If you want to, you can advertise this to your students but I’m sure they will find out if they visit the cafeteria. Anyways for the next important news, would you like to tell them Ms. Andreaa.

    Ms. Andreea: I would love to. So the board has informed me that they were content with the work I have been doing at this school that they will be promoting and transferring me next week. I want to say that I will come visit from time to time but I don’t think I will be able to.

    Mr. DragonFire: Congratulations Ms. Andrea! Anyways, I was impressed by Mr. Levesqmi when he came into substitute. He seems to understand what the students need to learn and is willing to continue without pay so I will be hiring him as Ms. Andreaa’s replacement. Aside from that, do you guys have any other issues and questions?

    Mr. AlexYs: I do! So I’ve been receiving some feedback from some of the students. What should I do with it?

    Mr. DragonFire: Not sure. The board seems to have their agenda. If you have the time, you can try sending it to them. Any other issues before we talk about the games tomorrow? Alright then. I will take my leave. You guys can discuss the games. *Leaves*

    Mr. Ryan: So tomorrow will be run just as last year with me winning again.

    Ms. Sophie: There you go again thinking your class is the best. Are you guys going to take this?

    Ms. Andreea : Hey I just got promoted so I’m not too concerned about his gloating. Oh I heard there’s going to be a solar eclipse tomorrow. I can’t wait to see it.

    Mr. AlexYs: My class sucks...

    Mr. Ryan: Hahaha! Sorry, I don’t think my class is the best. I know it’s the best just like its teacher!

    Ms. Sophie: Then I will prove to you my class is better.

    Mr. Ryan: Hmm... I recall you saying something to me during the soccer tournament. Oh that’s right, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is! How about we bet again?

    Mr. AlexYs: Not again...

    Ms. Sophie: You’re on! This time loser pays the winner $200.

    Mr. Ryan: You seem so confident. I’ll tell you what, if you win, I’ll also buy you a cake to congratulate you for your first time winning ever.

    Ms. Sophie: You can’t fool me. I know that cake is a lie.

    Mr. Ryan: No, your class winning the HOC Olympics is a lie.

    Ms. Sophie: Ugh that attitude of yours. *Storms out of the room*
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    Chapter 10

    Author’s Note: Ms. Sophie and Mr. Ryan battle it out at the HOC Olympics. I decided to make each event brief so that the chapter doesn’t end up being too long and include as much characters as possible. I have also included an interesting explanation of the story. Enjoy!

    No Spot the Reference This Time.

    Sophie announces before they head on to the field “Alright class, we got to win this year’s HOC Olympics or else I will make you write a test everyday for the next week”. Sophie thinks to herself “since providing a reward did not work last time, maybe a punishment will”.

    Kagax yells “Oh man, Guys let’s not mess up. There’s no way I’ll pass a week’s worth of tests.

    Aria questions rhetorically “Since when have you passed a single test, weirdo?”

    Mr. Ryan interrupts as he walks over to Ms. Sophie “What a beautiful morning to ruin for Ms. Sophie haha!”

    Ms. Sophie responds “Just wait until you see my class beat yours.”

    Event 1 – Skeet​

    Lu Yunfei is up first from team Ryan. Unfortunately he did not know how the event works so he failed to hit most of the targets.

    Ms. Sophie tells Lebmont “Okay Lebmont show them your shooting skills”

    Lebmont responds “No problem”.

    Lebmont fires a wave of shots at the targets, hitting all of them as they fly.

    1-0 Team Sophie

    Event 2 – Archery​

    Ms. Sophie tells Aria “Aria, don’t worry about Ihaerhyna from Team Levesqmi, just focus on beating...”

    Aria interrupts “Don’t worry Ms. Sophie, I can’t afford to spend my time studying for all week.”

    Aria winds up her fans and throws them at the target hitting the bulls-eye 70% of the time, which tops the 50% that Goldfur from Team Ryan was able to pull off.

    2-0 Team Sophie

    Event 3 – Shot-put​

    Akartu is first for the event. She prepares for her throw. Before she lets go of the shot-put she extends her blue claw allowing her to get a 17 metre throw. Erefern follows up but is only able to get 10 metres.

    Ms. Sophie brags “You see that Mr. Ryan, looks like I will be getting $200.

    Mr. Ryan says “Pretty sure that cat of yours just cheated.”

    Ms. Sophie continues to talk down to him “Excuses! Haha I’m totally enjoying this.”

    Mr. Ryan snickers “It wouldn’t be fun if I won straight from the start. I’ll want you to have some hope so I can crush it down. Muahahaha.”

    3-0 Team Sophie

    Event 4 – 400 Metre Run​

    Aside from the students of the other classes, it was Kagax from Team Sophie and Sia from Team Ryan. Before the whistle is blown, Kagax stabs himself multiple times so he can run at a speed like no other. The whistle is finally blown and everyone except Sia is turned to stone giving her a major lead. A few seconds later, the effect wears off and the other runners begin. Kagax dashes ahead of the others and begins to catch up to Sia. However, Sia begins leaving a purple trail as she runs, slowing down Kagax. Kagax tries to maneuver around it but Sia is watching her back by swerving side to side. Kagax begins stabbing himself more in frustration until he passes out leaving Sia to eventually win the race.

    3-1 Team Sophie

    Event 5 – Long Jump​

    Anioah from team Sophie is first to jump. She runs as fast she can down the path and jumps stumbling forward as soon as she lands to prevent herself from falling back and losing ground. She manages to jump two metres.

    Kotun from team Ryan jumps next. He doesn’t take a running start. Instead he walks up to the jumping line, a slight golden glow flashes before he leaps a whopping 16 metres. The rest of Ms. Sophie’s class are just in awe of the stunt.

    3-2 Team Sophie

    Event 6 – Hammer Throw​

    Ms. Sophie encourages Equillia “Just do your best!”

    Equillia walks up to the hammer and tries to lift it “Eww, eww, eww this hammer is so dirty” and drops it giving her a score of 1 cm.

    Helmm from team Ryan is up next. He walks over to the hammer and with no effort tosses it five metres.

    3-3 Tie

    Final Event – 100 Metre Dash​

    Mr. Ryan says “Well looks like it comes down to the 100 metre dash.”

    Ms. Sophie is laughing to herself “Get ready to pay up that $200 and the cake! There’s no one in your class that can match Kuirass’ speed.”

    Mr. Ryan says “You seem so confident yourself. Why don’t we double our bet to $400 and two cakes then?”

    Ms. Sophie responds “You’re on!”

    The whistle is blown and the race begins. Kuirass’ claws begin to glow and he takes off leaving everyone in his dust. No one from the other classes was a match for him as he runs down the path. With 10 metres left, he looks back to see the others struggle to catch up to him. And then it happened. His eyes came into contact with team Ryan’s runner, Melina, and her chest. His jaw slowly drops in awe of her chest bouncing up and down as she runs down the lane. He becomes mesmerized by the sight that he forgets to finish the race allowing Melina to pass him and beat him!

    4-3 Team Ryan

    Everyone from Team Sophie begins yelling at Kuirras. Kuirras still in a daze from what he just witnessed says “That was so worth it”

    Aria gets out her fan “You weirdo! You are so dead!”

    Mr. Ryan with a big grin on his face “Well... well, well, well. It’s time you pay up Ms. Sophie”

    Ms. Sophie in tears “That’s not fair your student cheated!”

    Mr. Ryan laughs “I don’t want to hear your excuses Ms. Soooo.... wait for it... sore loser! Hahahaha!”

    Ms. Sophie cries out as she empties out her wallet.

    And at that moment the solar eclipse that Ms. Andreea had mentioned in the meeting began to occur. The shadows from the moon covering the sun cast upon the field. A figure lurking in the shadows from afar watching the HOC school events says, “Hehe, begin operation End of HOC School.”

    End of Season 1

    Want more from this series?

    Check out Kuirras' Diary which links season 1 to season 2: http://heroesoforderandchaosforum.com/threads/kuirras-diary.16572/#post-207547

    Season 2 can be found here:

    Author’s Explanation of the Story

    This marks the end of season 1 so I guess I should provide an interesting explanation of the story. I suspect that most of you believed this to be just a cute story with a school theme based on the HOC characters but there is more meaning behind it. It becomes more apparent in chapter 4.5 and chapter 9 that the setting and characters are actually a representation of HOC and community in the following ways.

    The HOC school – The school is meant to represent the game itself. This is evident by the cafeteria, which represents the in-game store for buying potions and heroes. The few times where uniforms being mentioned was to represent the new skins that come out every so often and sometimes go on sale.

    The HOC school board – Briefly mentioned in the story. The school board is to signify Gameloft who make the decisions for the school.

    The main teachers – The teachers are the people who communicate information from Gameloft to the players. This is why those that have been mentioned are [insert name]fromGameloft.

    The substitute teachers – These were mainly forum users who at some point have helped the community to become better players. Levesqmi for example has been known for his optimization guides while Ruski has streamed games on Twitch to show viewers how to play.

    The students - They represent the players/users of the game but it goes further than that. Most of the main characters represent the types of players you run into in the game.

    - Akartu – The new player of the game denoted by her lack of knowledge of almost everything that happened at school.

    - Aria – The player that when irritated by her teammates will get aggressive and call people names as seen by her hitting people with her fans and calling people weirdos.

    - Kagax – The “noob” and afk player. The player that has been playing the game for a while but still is terrible. This is indicated by his low grades and tendency to fall asleep in class.

    - Lebmont – The serious player who plays ranked but gets dragged down by others. This is seen by his more serious attitude and confidence in his self during the soccer game in chapter 2 but sometimes results are not as expected like his test score in chapter 5.

    - Equillia – The player that thinks so highly of themselves and is better than the rest. This is indicated by her comparing her beauty to others. However, in some cases, these types of players are just cheaters that abuse the system as portrayed in chapter 5.

    - Anioah – The rare player you see in the game who actually knows their stuff and are very nice to others. This is portrayed by her ability to obtain excellent marks and encouraging attitude.
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    Yes, it really is my first. Though my way of writing and vocabulary doesn't come close to the others on this forum.
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    Cute story overall :D
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