Akartu Goes to School (Season 3)

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    Chapter 21 – The One

    Akartu yells out “Good morning Aria! Can’t believe it’s already school again.”

    Aria, in a grouchy mood, lazily smacks Akartu with her fan “Not so loud Akartu, I have a huge headache.”

    Anioah butts in “That’s because you drank so much last night.” The girls continue walking towards school together.

    With her own hand on her head Aria says “I can’t even remember what happened yesterday...”

    Anioah in joyful mood says “Well I do! I had a great time with Migrove-senpai. What about you Akartu?”

    Akartu who was daydreaming of something was astonished. She hesitates to say “Uhh, yeah it was great.”

    Aria moans “Ugh my head hurts... Can we stop talking about the party?”

    Anioah decides to change the topic “Anyways what class are you guys in? I’m in 3B”

    Akartu responds “Same here”

    Aria slowly replies “I think I am too”

    Akartu excitedly says “Awesome, we will be together again!”

    Anioah says “It’s going to be a great year. I heard that Migrove-senpai will be in the class too.”

    Aria questions “But I thought he was a year above us.”

    Anioah explains “Apparently he missed a lot of classes last year so he will be retaking the year. This might be my chance to confess to senpai.”

    The girls finally arrive at the front of the school, which had been repaired and looking like new. Chameleon shouts out “Well hello ladiessssss. That was some party huh? It’s too bad I didn’t get a chance to grind on that cute butt of yours my kitty but I guess I got to see something better from Aria.”

    Aria surprisingly asks “What are you talking about!?”

    Kuirras grins “Oh you don’t remember? It’s a good thing I got it on tape muahahaha.”

    Aria pulls out her second fan and threatens Kuirras “You better tell me what happened or else!”

    Just then the school bell rings. The small distraction from the bell allows Kuirras to make a run for it. The girls quickly head into their classroom to avoid getting punished by the teacher. They see Kuirras and Migrove in there along with a few familiar faces and some new ones. Lucky for them the teacher was not there so they take their seats.

    Anioah asks Akartu “I wonder who will be our teacher?”

    Akartu responds “I hope it is someone that was better than the last one we had.”

    Aria argues “How can you say that about Ms. Sophie?”

    Anioah tries to clarify “No, not Ms. Sophie, Akartu meant Mr. Jimmy”

    Aria tries to think “Ugh... I can’t remember who that is. He probably didn’t do anything worth remembering”.

    Just then the classroom door slides open and in walks in Mr. Ryan.

    Mr. Ryan walks over to the desk and clears his throat. “Good morning class, it seems that I will be your teacher for the year.

    Aria bangs her head on the desk “Out of all the teachers we could have got.”

    Mr. Ryan sarcastically says “Yeah, I am so glad to have you in my class too...” He thinks in his head “It’s a good thing I have two of the top students in the school so I won’t have to worry about her bringing down my class’ average.” “Anyways let’s start with attendance. Anioah, Akartu, Migrove, Kuirras, Aria, Melina, Acridix, Khlint”

    Everyone responds when their name is called with “Here!”

    Mr. Ryan calls out the last name “And finally Goldfur... Goldfur?”

    At that moment, in walks the fox boy from last night’s party, breathing heavily. “Sorry I am late sir, I had difficulty finding my way around this school.”

    Akartu sees Goldfur and looks down and places her hand on her stomach. Aria looks over at Akartu. Meanwhile, Kuirras yells out “Goldfur! Why didn’t you tell me you were enrolling in this school?”

    Goldfur responds “Hehe, surprise!”

    Kuirras is all excited now and announces “From today on, you shall be my wingman attracting all the girls of this school. We will most likely be the greatest playas in the history of this school. We shall become legendary.”

    Aria yells out “More like most likely to be virgins for the rest of their lives.”

    The class begins to laugh except for Acridix who was sitting at the back of the class. Mr Ryan tries to calm the class down. “That’s enough Kuirras. Please do not use the word legendary unless it follows the words ‘Mr. Ryan is’. Anyways Goldfur, please take the empty seat next to Melina.”

    Goldfur looks over at Melina who smiles as he takes his seat. Mr. Ryan then says “Let’s begin with a test!”

    Excruciating hours later, it was lunch time. Anioah, Akartu, and Aria were having their lunch at their usual place on the bleachers. Anioah notices that Akartu was not eating. “Hey Akartu! Are you feeling alright?”

    Akartu responds “I had this weird feeling in my stomach earlier that it’s been bothering me.”

    Aria smirks “This looks like a job for detective Aria! When exactly did you have this feeling?”

    Akartu tries to remember “I think it was towards the end of Mr. Ryan calling out everyone’s names on the attendance.”

    Aria recalls seeing Akartu placing her hand on her stomach. “Could it be...?”

    Anioah who has become increasingly interested “What? What?”

    Aria states “I think Akartu is in love”.

    Author’s Notes:

    And so begins season 3 with a bit of a slow start but it was all to set up the plots that are to unfold. A few of the old main characters will no longer be mentioned in this season. But with new characters, comes new personalities to make things a little more interesting.

    So what should you be expecting for season 3?

    1. As usual, my writing style shall remain the same. Keeping things simple.

    2. The genre of the story will be changing again. This time, it will be on romance/drama but will still have the usual comedy. There will be a focus on the interactions between characters like relationships and rivalries so expect quite a bit of dialogue.

    3. Like season 2, there will be an overall plot over the span of the chapters but with the way the characters will be interacting with each other, there will be multiple plots going on at the same time.

    4. Unlike season 2, I will not be ending with cliffhangers that will make you wonder what will happen next. The plot will be more predictable, maybe a little cliché.
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    Chapter 22 – This Means War!

    Anioah shouts “What! Oh my Lachie!”

    Akartu blushes “Is that what it is?”

    Anioah has a tear in her eyes and sniffles “My kitty is growing up.”

    Akartu hesitantly asks “But how do I get him to notice me? Do I just confess... no I can’t do that, it would be too soon, or is it? What do I do, what do I do?

    Aria pats Akartu’s head “Don’t worry Akartu. From today I will guide you until it happens. I will be like cupid hehe.”

    Kuirras overhears Aria as he comes walking in with Goldfur. “You are going to be a cupid for who? You don’t need a cupid to hook up with me. Why have someone stick an arrow in you when instead you could have my d...

    Aria irritated by Kuirras’ presence interrupts him by hitting him with her fan. “Go away you damn chameleon!” Akartu sees Goldfur and becomes all nervous.

    Kuirras grins “That’s not the way to treat someone who has the tape of what you did at my party. I guess I should share it with everyone.”

    Aria was now with wide eyes “What is on that tape!? Actually never mind I’m just going to kill you!” as she pulls out her second fan.

    Kuirras who was prepared this time makes a run for it but Aria was unwilling to let him go and chases after him leaving Goldfur with Anioah and Akartu. Anioah looks to the left at Akartu and then to the right at Goldfur then back at Akartu. Anioah has a sudden thought “Oh, I think I see Migrove there, I’ll see you in class. Later Akartu!”

    Before Akartu could say anything, Anioah dashes off leaving the two together. Goldfur looks at Akartu and says “Hey! You were at the party last night. I never got a chance to introduce myself properly. I’m Goldfur.”

    Akartu respond “I’m... I’m Akartu....nice to meet you.

    Goldfur smiles “So umm... Kuirras was supposed to show me around the school but it seems he ditched me. Would you be able to show me around?

    Akartu’s face was now red and her tail was moving around wildly. Goldfur notices it and asks “Are you alright?”

    Akartu shakes her head “Uh yeah I’m fine! Follow me” Akartu takes Goldfur back into the school to show him around.

    Meanwhile on the field

    Aria yells “Prepare to die!” She throws her fan resulting in Kuirras unable to move. Aria cracks her knuckles “It’s about time you tell me what is on that tape before I decide your fate.

    Kuirras was not sure whether to be scared or happy that he was going to live one of his fantasies of getting punished by Aria knowing the beating but all of a sudden Acridix leaps in between the two and spins around forcing Aria to jump back.

    Aria asks “What are you doing Acridix?”

    Acridix responds “I’m here to help my darling Kuirras from an unladylike, girl like you.”

    Aria had a confused look on her face and pointed “Umm your buddy seems to not care that you saved him.”

    Acridix looks back to see Kuirras had made a run for it again. “Hey wait Kuirras!”

    Aria still confused by the situation says “Well... I guess I will find that chameleon and kill him later.”

    In the Teacher’s Office

    Mr Ryan was grading the tests that his students just wrote. A man from behind him says “I see you already gave out a test. As expected, from one of the top teachers in this school.”

    Mr Ryan turns around and says “Oh, you must be Mr. Ludovic. Welcome to the school and to correct you, I am the top teacher of this school.”

    Mr. Ludovic chuckles “I think you mean you were the top teacher of this school until I showed up.”

    Mr. Ryan with an interested look says back “Mr. Ludovic, are you by chance challenging me?”

    Mr. Ludovic confidently replies “Why yes I am. I believe I will have better students than yours throughout this school year thanks to my teachings. My students will have higher grades on their exams and win all the school competitions.”

    Mr. Ryan laughs “Just so you know I’m not a fan of talk, how about we make a wager?”

    Mr. Ludovic responds “Ahh, I’ve heard you were that type of person. How’s $2,000 and the loser has to buy the winner a cake?”

    Mr. Ryan surprised says “$2,000!” and smiles “You’re on!”

    In the halls of the school

    Akartu says “And here is the principal, Mr. DragonFire’s office. He can be a very scary since he has banned over 100 students from this school. As long as you don’t break any of the HOC rules, you should be fine. Oh and don’t curse Mr. DragonFire even if you think he is not around. He will always find out. And over here...”

    Akartu turns the corner of the hall and bumps into Melina.

    Melina shouts “Hey watch it!” She then sees Goldfur and smiles. She then politely asks “What are you guys doing?

    Goldfur responds “Akartu is showing me around the school.”

    Melina then says “Oh Akartu is still kind of new to the school. I will show you around and takes Goldfur’s arm.

    Akartu grabs Goldfur’s other arm “Wait, I am the one showing him around”

    At that moment Kuirras runs into them. “Hey Goldfur! Sorry about earlier but right now I need you. There’s some girl in Mr. Levesqmi’s class, wooo she can easily control a crowd with that body. I need you to back me up” and takes Goldfur away from Akartu and Melina.

    Akartu who was a little flustered by what happened sighs then goes into the girl’s washroom. Melina follows her into the washroom. Melina says “Let me give you some advice...” she looks down at Akartu’s chest “...you B, back off from Goldfur or I will make this school year hell for you.”

    Akartu a little confused says “What do you mean?”

    Melina responds “Don’t play games with me. You were clearly flirting with Goldfur. Let me make this clear to you, that fox shall be mine!” She then walks out of the washroom.

    Akartu goes over to one of the sinks in the washroom with tears falling. She talks to herself “Who does she think she is *sniffles* I can’t just give up can I?” Akartu became really frustrated and cursed “Bloody Arianna!”

    In a faint voice, Akartu hears “Akartu... Akartu...”

    Akartu looks in the mirror and sees Equillia. She turns around “Equillia, you’re alive!?”

    Equillia who seemed to be floating says “Not exactly, I seem to be a spiritual being haunting this washroom. But I do roam around the school sometimes. I even found Kagax one day locked in a closet.”

    Akartu says “Oh... so you heard everything that just happened?”

    The ghost of Equillia says “Yes and I want to tell you, if he is the one you truly love, you should not give up. I went through a lot to get together with Archie but it was worth it.”

    Akartu cheered up from Equillia’s words. “Thank you Equillia.”

    The ghost of Equillia says “No, thank you Akartu, for saving me that day.”

    Just then the bell rings.

    Back in the classroom

    Anioah is telling Migrove “I... I... could help you study... you know...I’ve been getting the highest marks... marks in the class... each year.”

    Migrove tells her “Yeah that sounds good” causing Anioah to blush.

    Mr. Ryan enters the classroom. “I finished marking your tests” He hands them out while telling the marks to the students. He walks over to Anioah “Congratulations Anioah, you got 100%”.

    Anioah looks over at Migrove and smiles. She overhears Mr. Ryan saying “And congratulations Khlint, you got 100%. Anioah turns around to look at Khlint sitting at the backside of the classroom. Khlint looks back at Anioah and smiles with an arrogant look on his face.

    Mr. Ryan announces “Alright now that everyone has got their grades, let’s talk about a project I will now be assigning”.

    Author’s Notes:

    Whew! This is probably one of the longest chapters I have written to date for AGTS but it was needed to establish the rivalry and character relations that will be occurring in this season. This chapter also introduces Mr. Ludovic in which I decided will also have a competitive personality. Expect minimal appearances throughout the season (Yeah I went there).
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    Chapter 23 – Group Project

    Mr. Ryan continues “For the major project due in a couple months, in groups of three...”

    Aria interrupts “Do we get to choose our groups?”

    Mr. Ryan answers “No, I will choose the groups. As I was saying, in groups of three, you will need to create a hero.

    Aria interrupts again “Can it be anything we want?”

    Mr. Ryan was getting irritated “Stop interrupting and let me finish! You will need to come up with their base stats and four skills. The most important factor in creating your character is that they must be balanced and want people to use him or her.”

    He looks over at Aria “Any questions?” Aria stays silent.

    Kuirras asks “So what are the groups?”

    Ryan continues “Ah yes. Group A will be Anioah, Migrove, and Aria. Group B will be Akartu, Goldfur, and Melina. Finally group C will be Acridix, Kuirras, and Khlint.

    Kuirras complains “Ughhhh this sucks. I have no girls in my group. How am I supposed to try out my pick-up lines.”

    Acridix whispers to Kuirras “You can practice them on me if you want.”

    Kuirras was kind of disgusted and whispers back “Uhhh no thanks.”

    Meanwhile, Aria whispers to Akartu “Hey, this is your chance to be with Goldfur more.” Akartu begins to blush.

    For the next few weeks, the individuals in each group met with each other to discuss and work on the project.

    Group A at Anioah’s house

    Anioah says “So... um... what do you want... our hero to be like, Migrove?”

    Migrove says “Hmm, I was thinking a fighter kind of hero. I bet Mr.Ryan hardly gets any of those type of heroes. But I don’t know what kind of spells to give them considering we need to create a well-balanced character.

    Anioah gets excited “I actually did some work beforehand and came up with a few sets of spells. Umm... let me know... which one is best.”

    Migrove coughs “Sorry.” He looks at the he notes “Wow you did all this? It’s amazing. By the way, where is Aria?”

    Anioah responds “Oh... she is somewhere else so it will just be... the two of us.” Anioah blushes.

    Migrove sees her blush and begins to smile.

    Group B in the library

    The three of them were sitting at a table; Melina was sitting beside Goldfur while Akartu was sitting opposite him. Goldfur asks “So girls, how should we design our hero?”

    Akartu was looking down “What would you like Goldfur?”

    Melina tries to take over the conversation “Yeah Goldfur, I think you would have the best idea. You look like you know what it is like to be overpowered then nerfed to being something more balanced.” She slowly moves closer to Goldfur.

    Goldfur has a short laugh after hearing her compliment “Oh. I was thinking that you would know about what an overpowered hero is too”.

    There seemed to be a girl sitting at the table next to the group, hiding behind some stacks of books. A small piece of paper drops that catches Akartu’s eye. Akartu pretends to accidentally drop her pencil “Oops!” She goes to retrieve the pencil and picks up the piece of paper as well.

    Akartu sits back and looks down to read what was written and says “I have an idea. How about a hero that uses music spells and an instrument? I was thinking she will be named T Swift”

    Goldfur was very receptive of it “That’s an awesome idea Akartu! You are one clever girl!” Melina on the other hand had eyes of a killer as she glares at Akartu.

    Akartu looks over to the girl sitting at the next table and smiles. It was Aria who gives a wink back.

    Group C in the classroom

    Kuirras was excitedly saying “So I’ve got some awesome ideas for our hero. He will be a tank but with stats and skills like a fighter.”

    Acridix comments “Sounds great!”

    Kuirras continues “I was thinking he will be able to travel a long distance and go through walls.

    Acridix cheers “Yeah! Love your ideas Kuirras!”

    Khlint does a facepalm “Don’t bother wasting your time. I’m not going to bother with your ideas, I will just do all the work like I do with any other group and get us a high mark.”

    Kuirras got a little pissed off by Khlint’s arrogance “Oh yeah, well what is your bright idea to getting that high mark?”

    Khlint smirks “For our hero, it is going to be...”

    Each of the groups manages to finish their project and hand it in. That same day, Mr. Ryan marked them and returns it to the groups at the end of the day.

    Group B reads the Mr. Ryan’s comments on the marked project paper “Good attempt at making a balanced hero but some of the skill descriptions seem quite overpowered. Furthermore, I really like the creative look to your female hero though it lacks a little skin and curves, which would help in attracting people to use her. 80%.

    Goldfur “Well I am content with the mark. It was great working with you girls.”

    The girls simultaneously respond “I loved working with you too.” Upon the other saying the same thing they glare at each other.

    Group A reads Mr. Ryan’s comments on their project paper “Well designed hero. Though, one of the base stats was a point too high in my opinion. 99%.

    Aria tells Anioah “Thanks for your hard work buddy. This is the first time I get such a mark.”

    Migrove was happy too “Yeah, I really enjoyed our time together.”

    Anioah was full of joy upon hearing Migrove’s words until she hears Kuirras and Acridix yelling in excitement. Anioah looks over at Group C. Khlint sees her look over and walks over with his project paper and slams it on her desk as he says “This is how it’s done!”

    Anioah reads Mr. Ryan’s comments “Simply perfection. 100%.”

    Anioah was astonished and looks through their paper. “These stats and skills are absurd and overpowered!”

    Khlint chuckles “Nothing is overpowered for our hero, The Legendary God Ryan”.

    Mr Ryan then announces from the classroom “As you may know, tomorrow is the annual school competition. I expect you guys to win or else you will fail this school year! Anyways good luck!”

    Author’s Notes:

    Sorry for the bit of time skipping involved in this chapter. If you haven’t figured out, Acridix is supposed to be awkward for obvious reasons. His time will come but for now this was slightly focused on the romance side of things and intellectual competitiveness between Khlint and Anioah.
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    Chapter 24 – Annual Competition

    The students and teachers gathered around the gymnasium. At the center of the gymnasium stood Mr. DragonFire holding a microphone. He announced “Welcome everybody to the start of the annual school competition. Thanks to the school board who factored in the reasons for the incident that occurred a few months ago, they have decided to make this school more competitive. So this time, we will be hosting a fighting competition between select classes. We understand that there were a few issues with our registration but we will be sure to fix it next time. Anyways we have subjectively selected the ‘best’ classes to take part in this. And do not worry as we have Nurse Lathier and Doctor Helm on the sidelines to ensure everyone’s injuries will be taken care of. Your teachers have already chosen the teams to represent each class. Good luck!”

    The students in the gymnasium cheered.

    The first match between Mr. Levesqmi’s class and Mr. Jimmy’s class began. As the students watched the fight, Akartu was confused. She asked her friends “Wait did Mr. Ryan even choose the team members for this?”

    Aria also tried to make sense of it “Hmm... did anyone hear from him about it?”

    Anioah responded “Well he did choose the team for the trivia competition. It’s me, Khlint, and Goldfur with Migrove as a substitute.”

    Just then Mr Ryan butted in “Oh sorry about that I forgot to mention, the fighting team will be Akartu, Melina, Acridix, and Aria. Don’t forget what I said yesterday; you must win.”

    Loud laughter is heard from nearby. It was Mr. Ludovic. “Oh Mr. Ryan you do know how to tell jokes.”

    Mr. Ryan was displeased “Sorry the only joke here is you thinking you can beat me.”

    Mr. Ludovic says in an arrogant tone “I don’t think I can beat you. I know I can. My class will defeat yours in both the fighting competition and the trivia competition. But if you think otherwise how about we put that bet we mentioned earlier towards this then?

    Mr. Ryan responds “You’re on!”

    Mr. Ludovic chuckles “Good, because we are against each other next.”

    It only took a few more minutes before Mr. Levesqmi’s class triumphed over Mr. Jimmy’s class. Then it was Mr. Ryan’s and Mr. Ludovic’s classes who were called up. The four of Mr. Ryan’s class stood on one end of the gymnasium. On the other end were Mr. Ludovic’s students: Ihaelryna, Lilit, Daliana, and 12-B.

    Melina thinks to herself “I got to impress Goldfur through this competition and show that I am the better woman!” She says to Akartu “Don’t drag me down kitty.”

    Akartu says back “Hmph, just watch, I’ll do more work than you.”

    Aria tells them “That’s a great attitude but I’ll be the one to carry you guys. Just support me and we will be fine.

    Acridix whistles at Kuirras who looked hyped about the fight “Hey Kuirras! Don’t get too excited from watching me!”

    However, Kuirras ignored him as he had his eyes on other things. He comments from the sidelines “I wish I was in 12-B shoes, he gets to be with all the lovely ladies”

    Mr. DragonFire blows the whistle and the fight begins.

    Akartu immediately takes the initiative by running a few steps towards her opponents and extends her blue claw towards the elf. But just before the claw reaches her, she disappears. Akartu was in shock “Heh?”

    Melina giggles “What a fail!” She runs past Akartu and freezes the 12-B before is able to do anything.

    Acridix spits a ball of acid at the 12-B. It turns to look at Kuirras. He says to himself “I’ll show you how great I am at spitting.”

    Aria shouts from behind “You fools, go for their carry not the big guy!”

    Just then Daliana comes running at Melina, but Akartu sees it and extends her red claw. But Melina in fear of Daliana gets in the claw’s way causing Akartu to grab her instead. This results in Akartu pulling herself towards Melina, which coincidentally brings in Acridix too.

    Akartu was angry “Oh my gosh Melina, stop getting in my way”

    Melina was frustrated too “I’m not the idiot grabbing the wrong person.”

    With all the arguing they completely forgot about Daliana. Daliana manages to swiftly appear and disappear between Melina, Akartu, and Acridix as she unleashes a torrent of blows on both of them. They each try to attack back with Akartu’s claws, Melina’s fireballs, and Acridix’s spit but Daliana was too fast for them.

    Aria shouted at them “Guys pay attention!” But it was too late for them. Before they knew it, 12-B was right beside them. They tried to get away but all of a sudden a strange force caused them to lose control of themselves. They begin attacking 12-B unconsciously.

    Aria tries to help them out by throwing both her fans to form a twister towards Daliana knocking her out. After a few seconds Akartu, Melina, and Acridix regain control of themselves but then Lilit suddenly appears with a huge dark force taking all of them out.

    Aria was extremely frustrated “Looks like I have to do everything.” Just as she is about to throw her fan at Lilit, Ihaelryna appears behind Aria and shoots an arrow followed by a crystal arrow and finally a flurry of arrows causing Aria to collapse.

    The fight was over. It was an utter defeat for Mr. Ryan especially since Mr. Ludovic’s class went on to win the fighting competition.

    Mr. Ludovic has the biggest grin on his face “Well Mr. Ryan, this does not look good for you. Then again you should have expected it.”

    Mr. Ryan bangs his fist against the wall “How about this? Double or nothing on the trivia competition.”

    Mr. Ludovic responds “I accept!”

    Mr. Ryan’s class had no trouble in the first round against Mr. AlexYs’ class; it was a flawless victory. Then Mr. Ryan’s class went against Mr. Levesqmi’s class in the semi-finals who put up a good fight until Lu was caught cheating resulting in them being disqualified.

    So then Mr. Ryan’s class proceeds to the finals with their opponents being none other than Mr. Ludovic’s class.

    Mr. Ludovic spoke “I’m surprised you were able to make it this far. But it does not matter as this is the end of the line for your class.

    Mr. Ryan laughs out loud “Hehe, I am so glad you took the bet. You clearly do not understand that my class has two of the best students in this damn school. In addition, it seems your students are mentally exhausted from the previous rounds.” Mr Ryan points to the students who looked like they were suffering headaches and migraines.

    Mr. Ludovic smirks “Not to worry, I do have my substitute who will be more than enough to defeat your class. Good luck. Oh wait, not even luck can help you now.”

    The final showdown between Mr. Ryan’s class and Mr. Ludovic’s class was about to begin.

    Author’s Notes

    It’s been awhile since this story has seen some action so I decided to include some. Unfortunately Kuirras did not get to be part of it (sorry to the Kuirras fans). Anyways, it seems Mr. Ludovic has a secret weapon for the trivia competition. I wonder who it could be?
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    Chapter 25 – Noobs!

    Khlint was tallying up something and says to Anioah “Well at this moment, it seems we are tied, Anioah, at 25 questions answered each.”

    Anioah replies “You do put up a good fight but I will answer more questions than you this time.”

    Khlint tells her “We’ll just see about that!”

    They stand at their side of the stage. From the crowd, Akartu and Aria shout out “You guys can do it!”

    Mr. Ryan adds on “Or else! I mean it!”

    From the other side of the stage, Mr. Ludovic walks to the center where Mr. DragonFire was standing. He whispers something to him then leaves. The crowd was settling in for the final competition. Mr. DragonFire speaks into a microphone and announces “By request by Mr. Ludovic, he will be having one student representing his team.”

    Mr. Ryan yells out from his seat “What?!”

    Walking up to the stage was Kagax. Anioah and Khlint were in shock along with the rest of the class from their seats. Then a look of confusion appeared as Anioah looked at Kagax closer. Kagax’s sword he always held onto was like brand new, he seemed to be well-groomed, and was wearing a nice clean uniform with a tie. Anioah tried not to let it bother her as she needed to focus on beating Khlint in answering questions.

    Mr. DragonFire cleared his throat then spoke “Let us begin the finals of the trivia competition. First question “if the train moves 10m per second and a hero at level 1 with a base movement speed of 4.2 with savage boots and was at the base. How far would he have to travel before he reaches the train?”

    Anioah and Khlint try to buzzer in but were beaten by Kagax. Kagax with a clear and sophisticated tone answers “That would be 39m.”

    Mr. DragonFire looks down at the card with the answer. He points to Kagax and says “That is correct!”

    Anioah and Khlint look at each other with an expression on their face of “What the hell is going on?”

    The questions continue “If Gjuha was... How much magic attack... With physical defense of...” Each time that Kagax was able to out buzzer Mr. Ryan’s team, he answered them without any hesitation.

    Mr. DragonFire coughs before speaking “Well then. This is the final question before we crown our trivia champion class. How much do the boots of haste cost?”

    Everyone tries to buzzer in as fast as possible but only one person comes out at top. It was Goldfur. The pressure was on him as everyone was watching him especially Khlint and Anioah. He was sure they were thinking, “We’re depending on you to answer this question”. Goldfur was sweating.

    Mr. DragonFire was wondering what was going on and says “Goldfur, you’re answer?”

    With so much going on his head, he blurts out 300g.

    There was a long pause from Mr. DragonFire until he says “That is correct!”

    Anioah and Khlint jump up with excitement “Yes! We answered a question, finally.” The score was 49-1 for team Ludovic. They look back into the audience at Mr. Ryan who had a furious expression on his face before he storms out of the auditorium.

    After Mr. DragonFire presented the awards, Anioah stops Kagax before he leaves. “Kagax, how did you... I mean... uhh... like you’re smart now.”

    Kagax explains to Anioah and Khlint who was standing beside her with a sophisticated tone “Well, my dear lady. Despite your friend’s ensuring my safety during the terrorist attacks on this beloved school by locking me in the closet, they seemed to fail to recall that I was there. Unable to escape the confinement, I managed to find some textbooks lying around to keep me from insanity. After a month of intense reading, Equillia managed to find me and set me free from the closet.”

    Khlint and Anioah were speechless. As people were leaving the auditorium, Aria runs up to the stage “Anioah! Khlint!” but before she was going to tell them something, she takes a good look at Kagax. “Wow Kagax, you sure clean up good. You’re like a lady killer.”

    Kagax responds “If you are referring to me being able to interest ladies with my charming appearance, unfortunately that was not my intention. I did come out of the closet about a month ago.”

    Now Aria was thinking to herself “What a weirdo.” Kagax says “Well it has been a pleasure speaking to you. I must be off as Mr. Ludovic most likely is requesting for my presence.”

    As Kagax leaves, Aria remembers what she wanted to tell Khlint and Anioah, “Guys, Mr. Ryan needs you in the classroom immediately!” They make a run for it.

    They get back to the classroom and immediately take their seats. Everyone was there except Migrove who had to go to the nurse’s office. Mr. Ryan bangs on the table with his hands. “You noobs! You guys are in your graduating year. You’re supposed to be at the highest level of this school but after that display today, you’re no different than noobs.”

    Melina makes a snarky comment “Well it’s not like the HOC school board puts a focus on educating their students on the basics. They’re too busy trying to sell uniforms.

    At that moment the PA system comes on “Good afternoon students of HOC School. Great news! The first unique and epic uniform is on sale today for the price of 4200 runes. Get yours now!”

    Akartu excitedly whispers to Aria “Ooooo that sounds like something worth buying.” Aria just facepalms.

    “Shut up you pig!” says Mr. Ryan

    Melina was angered “What are you talking about? I am gorgeous. Isn’t that right Goldfur” she says as she bats her eyelashes.

    Goldfur pauses before he attempts to say something but is interrupted by Kuirras who says “I think you’re sexy and you like big spells. Well let me ‘spell’ out one for you. It’s my P E N...”

    Aria interrupts as she is unable to hold in her laughter and interrupts “It’s weird but Mr. Ryan sounds like a raging 13 year old hipster.”

    “Shut up Aria! It’s not like you did much during the competition. And don’t get me started on the trivia competition. How could you noobs lose to that loser who came out of the closet?”

    Acridix shouts “Hey! Don’t speak to my fellow colleague like that!”

    Mr. Ryan was confused by Acridix’s comment “What? Never mind that! Enjoy the rest of your school year because I’m failing you all!” The bell for the end of the day rings.

    Khlint stomps out of the classroom. Aria comments “Knowing him, he probably doesn’t like the sound of failing considering his past grades.”

    Anioah begins crying as she probably felt the same way. Akartu pats her back to comfort her as they walk out of the classroom and through the halls with Aria.

    Anioah snivels and has a sudden realization “Oh, I forgot something back at the classroom. I’ll catch up with you guys” she says as she heads back to the classroom. Akartu and Aria decided it was a good way to give her some space to calm down and head home.

    The Next Day

    Aria and Akartu were having a conversation as they walked towards the classroom. Akartu opens the door to the classroom and were surprised to see the classroom in a mess. The other students of the classroom were crowding around something in the middle of the classroom.

    Akartu asks “What’s everyone looking at?” as she try to see what’s going on. She sees on the floor blood and a body. It was Mr. Ryan’s!”

    Acridix states, Mr. Ryan was murdered!”

    Melina asks “But who would do such a thing?”

    Aria gets excited and puts on a detective hat and says “This looks like a job for detective Aria!”

    Author’s Notes

    I guess the competition ended between Anioah and Khlint in an unexpected way but what emerged was rage and a mystery again! Yay!
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    Chapter 26 – The Cat Awoke Curiosity

    “Step aside everyone” said Aria as she waved her arms to get them to take a step back. “The first thing to solving this mystery is to check out the scene of the crime to understand the cause of death and murder weapon.”

    Akartu was getting into it “Hey look! There’s a flag stabbed into him. He must have been killed by that.” She pointed at a banner with some sort of cat on it, stabbed into the body of Mr Ryan.

    Melina comments “The cat on the banner is kind of cute.” She then mutters to herself “Unlike that loser, Akartu.”

    Kuirras disagrees “Really, because that banner looks like my d...” but before Kuirras can finish his sentence, Aria throws a fan “Shut up you weirdo! I’m trying to focus.”

    Acridix mentions “Don’t be so aggressive. Besides what is there to focus on, the murder weapon is clearly that banner erected atop his body.”

    Kuirras chuckles to himself “Erected...”

    Khlint butts in “You guys are so simple minded. Just look at his body with cuts, burns, and wounds all over his body and damage to the room around us. There was a definitely a fight in here and the banner was just a troll.

    Anioah agrees “Yeah, this is Mr. Ryan we are talking about. I’m sure he would have put up a fight before going down.”

    Aria tries to recall what happened during Mr. Nightshade’s invasion of the school. “Ha! Anyways, Khlint may be right. It looks like to have been killed through the fight, which likely occurred yesterday afternoon. Considering the circumstances of our class meeting yesterday, it is likely that one of us is the culprit.”

    Everyone in the classroom looks around at each other trying to figure out who it is while showing no signs of being suspect of the crime. Aria then asks “Where were you yesterday Khlint?”

    Khlint was surprised “What?! How can you think it was me? I stormed out of the room, which you all would have witnessed and went straight home.

    Aria doesn’t try to argue with his alibi “I guess you’re right. Alright who’s next?”

    Khlint stop Aria “Whoa there Aria! Stop acting like a detective, asking all of us what we did without explaining what you did yesterday. You could very well be the culprit!”

    Aria snickers “Well shortly after you leaving the classroom abruptly. I left with Akartu and we walked home together.” Everyone turns to Akartu, staring at her to see if she can testify to Aria’s alibi.

    Akartu smiles “Yeah! We went home together like usual. We were talking about that new awesome epic uniform and how long it will take me to save for it.”

    “Well... is that an alibi for you or do you think, Akartu and I are in it together?” questions Aria.

    Everyone, again, looks towards Akartu. She looks back at her classmates with her big eyes glistening from the sunlight shining into the classroom. Everyone simultaneously sighs and says “never mind”.

    “Alright then! Back to interrogating the rest of you weirdos, starting with you Goldfur!” says Aria

    Goldfur quickly responds “I went home after you guys left as I have music lessons everyday that I need to rush to since they start 30 minutes after school ends.”

    Akartu comments “Oh that’s true, he ran past us at the school courtyard when we were heading home.”

    Aria responds “Fair enough. And what about you Melina?”

    Melina questions “Why are you suspecting me?”

    Aria responds “I’m just asking you like everyone else. And you do seem to have a motive. You could have killed Mr. Ryan for calling you a pig yesterday.”

    Melina snaps at Aria “What!? You think I would go to such measures over one little comment. What do you take me for?” She then looks at Goldfur and puts a big smile on. “I’m just a sweet young lady” she says as she bats her eyelashes.”

    Aria was getting sick of her annoying personality “Will you tell us what you did yesterday or not?”

    Melina hesitates and then sighs “Fine. So before I decided to leave the school, I went to the washroom to do my business. Suddenly I hear a creepy voice but there was no one there as if it was a ghost or something. So I quickly ran out in fear and headed towards the library to read up on some spells on getting rid of ghosts. As I was running to the library, I saw Acridix hiding behind a corner of the hall peeking at something but whatever. Anyways, it took me a while to find a viable spell in the library because of some guy who kept playing videos of stuff like clash of the clans and game of war every minute. It was so annoying but I eventually found a spell that may do the trick. On my way back to the washroom, I ran into Anioah who was drenched. I avoided her since I did not want my spell book to get soaked as well. I then tested the spell out in the washroom but it backfired and blew up the magic book right in front of me. With my clothes all ruined, I just decided to go home. I saw Kuirras exiting the boy’s washroom. As soon as he saw me, he slowly creeped back into the washroom. Knowing him, he was probably thinking of something dirty so I didn’t bother with it and continued on my way to exit the school.

    Aria thinks for a while before saying “Hmm... just what exactly were you doing Acridix?”

    Acridix mutters “Ummm... well... you see...”

    Khlint shouts at Acridix “Out with it! What did you do yesterday?”

    Acridix explains what happened. “So shortly after Aria and Akartu left the classroom, I decided to get packed up. As I was packing, I saw Kuirras leave the classroom in a hurry. I quickly shoved everything into my bag and tried to follow him but somehow lost him. I began to search each of the halls until I spotted him talking to Lu. I hid behind a corner of the hall to try and overhear what they were saying. They were exchanging something but I got distracted when I heard Melina walk by behind me. After that, I secretly followed Kuirras who then went into a janitor closet. He stayed in there for quite some time. I then saw Anioah with what looked like ketchup all over the front of her sweater. I suddenly got hungry from the sight and decided to go to the cafeteria to gorge on a giant gluttony tablet cake. What a messy meal it was but it was so delicious. After my meal, I ran into Kuirras and we left the school together.

    “Ketchup? Sounds more like blood to me! Considering you care so much about grades, you must be the culprit, Anioah!” pointed Melina.

    Aria ponders “Now that I think about it, you headed back to the classroom shortly after you were getting ready to leave with Akartu and I.”

    Khlint shouts at Anioah “It’s time you explain yourself Anioah!”

    Anioah was shocked at the accusations. “Wait, hold on! I can explain. So I told Akartu and Aria that I needed to head back because I wanted to go check the nurse’s office to see if Migrove was still there. On my way there, I saw Kuirras who was running in the opposite direction as me back towards the classroom. When I got to the nurse’s office, I got excited that I might see Migrove and ran right into nurse Lathier who was holding a blood pouch. She was planning to transfer it to the freezer in the staff lounge. Anyways, the blood pouch burst and splattered all over my uniform. Unfortunately, Lathier had already sent Migrove home since she needed to attend a meeting with the other staff of the school other than the teachers. Disappointed that I didn’t get to see Migrove, I decided to run to the washroom to wash the blood off. It’s amazing that the fountain in the girl’s washroom was able to clean off the blood in addition to healing wounds at a rapid rate but it left me soaked. When I left the washroom, I soon ran into Melina with a floating book with blades around it and flame lit above it. As I am not into dark magic like she is, I just continued down the hall where I then saw Kuirras who seemed exhausted since he was breathing heavily as he stared at me. But I did not want to waste time with Kuirras and headed home to study.

    Kuirras comments “Seems to be a big coincidence that you ran into Lathier who happened to be carrying a blood pouch that burst.”

    Anioah tries to convince the others “My story is true. Besides, we haven’t heard what you did yesterday, Kuirras!”

    Kuirras smirks “I rather not.”

    Acridix was shocked “It can’t be Kuirras, can it?”

    Kuirras sighs “Fine I’ll tell you what I did but you were warned. So I got a text from Lu with the goods I ordered. Excited that they arrived early, I quickly left the classroom to meet up with him but that bastard was messing with me by having me go all over the school. He eventually decided enough was enough and we met up. He sold me a nice new webcam, which I just had to test out. So I went into my lovely sanctuary to put on a show. I started by stroking my...

    Aria hits Kuirras with a fan. “Hey! We don’t need those kind of details!”

    “Objection!” shouts Acridix.

    Khlint looks over at Acridix “This is a classroom not a courtroom. And what exactly are you objecting to?”

    Acridix shyly responds “Maybe those details might be important.”

    Aria responds “How about...no. Anyways continue with your story Kuirras after your little ‘session’.”

    Kuirras continues “Well after my big... and long... session. I was on my way home when I saw Anioah. Her clothes were soaked. Despite having a wonderful session, the sight of Anioah all wet like that had my heart pumping rapidly that I just had to go to the washroom for a solo session if you know what I mean. I was in the middle of it when something exploded and I was not talking about my thing. I took a look outside of the washroom where I saw Melina with her clothes in a mess. Seeing her with the rips and tears in her clothing further excited me to do my thing so I went back into the washroom to finish the job. I then left the washroom where I ran into Acridix. He looked like such a slob. We decided to walk home together.

    Akartu was first to say something after hearing all the stories “Hmmm... it sounds like everyone is telling the truth.”

    Aria adjusts her detective hat and mentions “Unfortunately one of them is not telling the truth. That person is the murderer and I know exactly who it is!”

    Everyone shockingly exclaimed “What! Who is it?”

    Aria remains silent for a bit to build up the suspense. “That person is...”

    Author’s Notes

    This chapter has a little more serious vibe to the characters to focus on the mystery aspect. But damn, writing a mystery is difficult. It took me so long to write this chapter and I still feel like the mystery is lacking a lot. Anyways, try to figure out who did it!
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    To celebrate the new update, the full first chapter of the season is now up.
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    At above post, yes it references to that.

    Yay! A new chapter after so long.
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