Basic Knowledge to Akartu the Savage Princess

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    Hello, I am new to this forum, even though I've been on it as a guest for awhile. I've been using Akartu since I can remember. I am not the "proest" player, but I can just give basic knowledge to those who just randomly decide to walk in to this thread.

    Skill 1 (Blue) Throw Weapon : Akartu can launch her right (blue claw) to grapple enemies to you. Sadly, it's not guaranteed grab and enemies might run around to avoid the claw. It also will grapple the first enemy it will make contact with, meaning it could grapple a useless creep. Another downside about it is that it has long cool down. I recommend using the claw when you are sure it's going to grab an enemy. It can also be used for ambush. (If there is no Nuutt around)
    Another strategy is if you feel like you are just going to feed the enemy when you are near the tower, grapple the enemy when they are near your tower and get help from your tower.

    Skill 1 (Red) Throw Weapon : Akartu can launch her left (red claw) to hook an enemy then go straight at them like a zipline launcher. It has a slight AoE so enemy allies near the main target might be attack too. I am a person that prefers blue grapple to start with in battle, so I use the red grapple when I am finishing the enemy or chasing after them.
    The red claw can also be used on your ally so you can catch up to them.

    Skill 2 (Blue) Akartu's Fury : Akartu hits her enemy with her claw, slowing them and ignoring defense. It is also a really nice combo skill since it slows the enemy down and you ignore their armor.

    Skill 2 (Red) Akartu's Fury : Akartu scratches her enemies around her dealing AoE damage. It also ignores their armor and does nicely when you are killing creeps or jungling. It gives you slow effect on enemies, but not as much slow on the blue fury.

    Skill 3 Weapon Switch : Akartu switches her claw. (The default claw you start with is blue, can change claws without putting a point in it) Putting a point in the skill will apply DoT damage which allows her to achieve pretty high DPS. It is important skill since it allows her to combo properly with her new skill set.

    Skill 4 Cat-style Charge : Akartu charges at her enemy, pushing the target back. The damage is mediocre, you would do more damage doing normal attacks, but it instant kills creeps and it can be used for multiple purposes. I would use the skill to push enemy to your tower if a tower is right near you. Or just when enemy is about to run, charging at them can prevent them from running since they will be pushed back.

    Red Grapple and her ultimate move can be used as temporary "Gap Closer"
    The Grapples will grapple any enemies behind the wall so it is a nice supportive move if there are allies around.
    Blue skill set was probably meant for single target purpose and red skill set would be AoE purposes.
    You should be able to get early kill just by using Throw Weapon and Fury

    Combo I would use:
    (When Blue is starting combo) 1-2-3-2-1-4
    (When Red is starting combo) 1-2-3-2-1-4 (Her basic combo idea should be simillar)

    Skill upgrade order I would use: 2-1-3-2-2-4-2-3-4-3-3-4-1-1-1 (A skill order I would choose if I'm farming or just trying to get good amount of damage)
    Or, if you want to lane and surprise the opposite laner : 1-2-3-2-2-4-2-3-4-3-3-3-4-1-1-1 (You can surprise the enemy by using blue throw weapon while you are beside tower as most players would expect Akartu to have Fury at lvl 1)
    Or : 1-1-2-3-1-4-1-3-4-3-3-4-2-2-2 (If you want to troll and just grapple players:shy:)

    Items I would use: Jade Axe (Must for most of Fighters), Longbow of the Shadows, Reaper's glove, (As it applies extra DoT, making it go along with her skill 3's passive), Chain Boots, Armor of some kind, and HP item if needed.

    Tablet I would use:
    Desire (Must for most characters)
    Soul Eating
    Descreation (Free Dragon Blood Cloack)

    Talents: I just like to put points on useful skills in Fighter, put some points in Guardian, and put some points in Support for speed. Or you can put some points in mage for lower cooldown.

    Sorry if this wasn't helpful enough, but this is my first guide.
    I would be happy to accept any constructive feedbacks!
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    More specific than just some here some there: maybe do this etc… I was once like you… long ago
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    Thank you :happy:

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