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    Besides Dailiana, mages are my favorite thing to play, from Ant all the way to Guervas, and I made this guide to help some people better understand how the magic damage works in HOC.


    Most mages do damage in bursts, and you should never try to stand beside an ADC (like Lebmont) or a tank (like 12B) when your spells are on CD. One of the reasons for this is because of the way magic damage works in this game, when you buy an item, for example bone flame wand, the 125 damage you get, only 62.5 goes to your normal attack damage which is why u can’t go hit to hit with physical damage heroes without your spells (unless you’re fed or you’re Persephone. Perse can because of her inherit attack speed bonuses)


    When playing mages, you need SOME defense, it can be in the form of inscriptions and tablets or items, but don’t ever go straight glass cannon. Pay attention to who is targeting you and buy defense accordingly. For example, a lot of mage players struggle with Savaer, so if he ids targeting you, and you’re dying REALLY fast, don’t keep buying a bunch of offense, get either Hades, Or spider queen ( which is an attack/defense item) Or if you keep getting jumped by Archimitiros, buy smoke diadem so he can’t target you.


    This REALLY depends on which heroes you’re playing, so I’ll list the ones I found EXTREMELY useful

    Adds 5 HP every time you kill something, up to a max of 360 HP,

    I almost always pick up this tab with my mages, and almost every hero, this is a top tier tablet in general

    Elder Tablet
    Your physical defense is raised by 12.5% of your magic attack

    This is a good tablet for mages that get a lot of damage like Goroshia or Ant (technically a support but he is a mage IMO)

    Tablet of Soul Eating
    When you kill something it decreases the damage you take by 30% and increases movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds

    This is primarily used for laning as you can kill a creep and poke the enemy for 1 or 2 hits, and is also good as just a general buff during team fights if u can keep killing things, especially good for heroes that lack mobility, like Kurzdor ( even if he’s jungling)

    Whispering Tablet
    Every time you cast a spell it increases the damage and reduces mana cost both by 3% and stacks up to 5 times but on the 6th cast it is brought back down to 0

    This is the primary damage tablet for mages, with an average bonus of 7.5% damage increase this also works better for more damagey heroes like Equilla.

    Tablet of serenity
    Increases Mana regeneration by 30% when your mana is below 20%

    This can be really useful for mages that have mana problems like Scoundrel or Meng, I hardly use it though

    Tablet of Frostbite
    Frostbolt spell now immobilizes an enemy for 2 seconds

    Useful for heroes who have hard to land skillshots, or skills that require your enemy to be standing still, like Talma or Migrove

    In general it is best to put in HP inscriptions, if you can get gold (purple colored for some reason) inscriptions than full both order and chaos sides with HP, if using silver, fill the order side with HP and the silver side with Pierce magic defense

    There are some exceptions where straight pierce/dmg is better, but for most mages HP is better

    The reason pierce magic is better is because 100% of it goes to all of your damage, VS the attack which only a percent goes to your skills and your attack


    5 pts in the bonus movement speed from the supp page

    Always add some to the guardian page get ALL the bonus HP tablets
    5 pts toughness
    5-6 pts in the armor per level bonuses
    3 pts HP per level
    The rest put into the mage page
    (I’m a poet and I didn’t even realize!)

    A good general skill in general general generally good

    Stutter-stepping is where you cancel your attack animation early, allowing you to move where you’d normally be standing still, to do this start moving as soon as the projectile leaves your person, or as soon as the damage registered if your playing a melee, you’ll notice a BIG difference in your game if you can master this

    Stay out of the way of damage, and nuke enemies
    That’s all I’ve got right now, remember though, this is a generalized guide
    Thanks for reading my guide!

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