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    CarlieQ's guide by Actinomyces

    “I dont have to hurt you, i just really waaaaant to!”

    Hi all, welcome to my CarlieQ's guide. I want to make it shorter than my previous guides, i'll focus on whats realy important to know to play CarlieQ effectively.

    CarlieQ is a fun support, she is weird at first but very original.

    Its not really a trend in HOC, but in Lol its cummon to talk a bit about the creator of the guide to evaluate its value:)

    I'm SlaughtererZ leader (a « top » android guild) since 2012, i play this game since its been released and give advices/form players here and there to those who wanna improve. I learnt to play effectively all roles and nearly all heroes, but my favorite class are tank/supports in guild matches.

    I'm diamond seasons 1 2 and 3 aswell.

    I) Skill set

    - one AOE shield (yoyo field) : it last only 2 seconds, but in late game the CD is so low that you will be able to spam it every 2 secs
    - one aoe to regroup opponents (Come out to play)
    - another aoe to slow, potentially immobilize and reduce a lot opponents defense (Time out)
    - an ulti to stun or scout map objectives (Terrible toy)

    Aoe shield, aoe slow, aoe defense reduction, stun... thats all a support need...BUT its used at its full potential in certain conditions

    First of all both aoe to deal damages to opponents have a small range (8 meters) and a low damage bonus from magical attack.
    Your shield is used at its max potential when you have teamates near you (to reduce CD of it and deal more damages Fn(Hpmax of target), it can be problematic in rift and border
    The ulti is sooooo slow, dont even think about initiating well with it, unless you use it at close range

    So you will have to be close to both opponents and allys to be very effective, it means you'll have to think about talents tablets and items:)
    You should upgrade skills according to your tank support role

    level1 : levelup her second skill, it does decent damage, and you need it to jungle
    Then upgrade her shield if you roam to help your ally to win trades, or level up her second aoe if you keep jungling.
    After that you can max shield or time out, depending if your team needs more resilience or damage from aoe +defense reduction of opponents.

    I think shield first is a better option, because in general effects with% like defense reduction are more efficient in late game : theres no point to rush 55% defense reduction with time out when your level7, if your opponents didnt even have time to buy armor :)

    II) Talents

    For the reasons mentionned earlier (bad scalings, mid range spells) you want to be tanky.
    I recommend mixing points between support, guardian and mage pages.

    Unlock CDR in mage page, unlock surprise and teamworkpays in support page, rest goes to tankiness

    III) Tablets

    Frostbolt is very effective with her, so choice of tablet is kinda easy :
    • assistance to teleport
    • frostbite for frostbolt
    • courage to resist
    If you dont want to use frostbolt, i guess a supportive tablet like mercyfull words or tanky tablet like protective tab should be fine

    Inscriptions : classic mage/support way : Hpmax+Magicdef piercing.

    IV) Items build

    You have different choices depending of maps and allys. Here are the items to consider

    • iron boots
    • tempest boots
    • Hermetist cloack
    • levianthans cloack (dont upgrade it to arrogance)
    • searing orb
    • boneflame wand
    • stirring soul of dragons
    • blind aegis
    • purify pendant
    • valkyrian robes
    • hades armor
    • cloack of choking words
    • essence of labaudan
    • knight-errants cloack
    Buid order

    You have basically 2 choices :
    • rush hermetist cloack
    • or rush cooldown reduction items paired with armor against carrys you fear the most
    Remember that in teamfights too many hermetist cloack isnt good, effects dont stack (fortunately xD)

    Exemple of buildpath : reach CDR 45% asap

    • squiresx2
    • blood pouch
    • chain mail/cloack of the resistant/black alchemist cape suit
    • boot of haste
    • ring of awakening first if your ahead, cloack of the dragons blood if you need HP fast
    With all these items, and for a relatively low price, you can start tanking in early/mid game and have CDR
    • then see what you need => blind aegis fast (VS monkeys who like watchers whisperers after a long jump for exemple) purify pendant (never bad ! Debuff and heal are great, CDR is nice too) cloack of choking words, or simply more armor if opponents are ahead/snowballing/playing well
    You should only need 1150 gold armor if their physical carry is a problem. Finish CDR items before investing to upgrade physical armor to hades or zhelots horn.

    NEVER FINISH HADES IF YOU STILL HAVE ZERO MAGICAL ARMOR vs a decent mage, thats a cummon error i see, people are just completly ignoring magical defense..

    Another buildpath : hermetist at its best
    • squires
    • hermetist rush
    • levianthans cloack
    • then get defensive/cdr items as i explained in CDR path
    it works well if your ahead. If not :
    • squires
    • cavalery hat
    • blackalchemist
    • 1150 gold invested in +50 magical or physical armor, or 1100 gold for 400hpmax
    The first 1500 gold you invest in hermetist gives combat stats. But sometimes if your support(not a lot of money) and you see an opponent carry started snowballing, you dont want to use 1500 gold to finish hermetist too early, 1500 gold for Mp bonus (carlieQ doesnt need it with surprise) and an aoe damage (which is better vs high level targets btw), you will be MEAT vs a carry who laned and snowballed well

    Rule 1 survive, buy defense stats items, and youll finish hermetist later... or pass hermetist and buy something else with those items

    V) Gameplay depending of maps

    Border :

    CarlieQ could be played only at the bottom, but honnestly i dont think she can handle witch equila or melina there.

    Rift :

    CarlieQ should be supporting, roaming near portals and babysitting the laner near red golem is her way, meanwhile you can go jungling gnolls and red golem. If nobodys going there you can try to lane (blue golem side)

    Train map :

    Thats definitly where she shines, because this map is about teamfights.

    Conclusion and tips

    CarlieQ has a good support skillset : CC, shield, a bit damage from spells
    But her scalings with offensive spells are too low to build her with a lot of damages.

    She is very good at disengaging and supporting, but she relys on good teamates... who can root opponents for her to use Time out at its best. You need a good timing with your allys, particulary in front lane during teamfights.

    She really can bother opponents tanks, her damage reduction spells works well VS them so thats whats she is meant to be, counter tanks offensive + lower their defense well.
    In general use Come out and play to troll around, and try to keep Time out when your allys are here to help you to root opponents and use defense reduction at its best

    In teamfights, with good CDR and upgraded shield, you can... spam the shield everysecond, if you manage to autoattack between castings

    Note that even if 2 of her skills have a short range, ALL of them can reveal fogs
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    Thats a lot of text without picture, but i'm lazy to make it look like beautiful :)
    I tryed to make it simple and with interesting content so that you guys actually can read it xD
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    Nice guide !
    Too many guides r out for carlie lol
    But Can u explain to me why u preferring hermist so much ?
    Thank u :)
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    Got nothing on the amount of writing I would've put. =)

    Maybe I should come back to hoc
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    I dont, but if your ahead its an interesting item^^
    But somehow hermet suits her well, your close to opponents, it provides tanky stats its fine.

    I prefer trying to max CDR fast if i can to be honnest, and let another teammate(horse nomad...) get hermet

    Edit : and when i play her i usually dont take farm, so i have hermet too late:/ (3k gold for me supporting= a lot more for opponents carry who will kill you easely if you have only +15armor vs him and 250hp bonus "only"
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