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    This guide was created by me but the ideas where not discovered by me it was used by opponents who defeated me using this(not that I'm experienced or anything) and also how to solo boss at very low lv with horse.

    Makes you invisible for 2 seconds.

    This skills is almost useless without the malignity tablet.So try to always have this tablet if your gonna use this profile skill.

    Malignity Tablet
    Increase the duration of “Sneak” to 6 seconds. Plus, when you’re out of an invisible state, all damage done to you will be decreased by 20%; lasts 5 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once per minute.

    With the help of the damage reduction you can make use sneak as a defensive item if your enemy buys a farseeker.

    This skill normally used by players by every player in two ways

    1. Players when almost dead use this tablet to make a run for it.
    2. Some player use damage reduction at start before fighting the enemy so they can have the extra defence.

    So here is the way some may know and mabye some won't.

    Reasons why some consider this skill as noob?
    People say why choose this skill pros will buy farseeker but if you can make use of this skill in other ways it's a loss for the enmies(500g) and wands aren't cheap either and they aren't mobile(if you react fast enough you run out of ward range at the 4th or 5 th sec.

    The heal come back
    This trick will require health potion, heal pots and of course sneak ability.

    When your loosing health and almost dead and your getting chased quickly use your health potion(40healrh for 1 second) and heal spice(10hp for 1sec) that means 300 photos healed(without any talents skills or anything).after 6 seconds you'll have the defence buff and still heal with heal spice you might win a 1vs2 with this combo.

    Note : you have to be careful not get hit by aoe skills(your heal potion gets interrupted)so run in a direction your enemy won't expect you would this skill can be used.(not easy to use at someone like planewalker a 50-50 chance of success)

    How I discovered this?
    When I was playing in rift a good saevar with this combo was able to 2vs4 he healed a really good amount and he used his heal 2 and ultimate only after defeating 2 people so I thought for a min it was a hack or something I found out about this sitting and watching the replay and Both team knew what they where doing so none of them where newbies.

    This combo can used with other heroes
    1.Arcane(less effective)
    2.King Reega(fairly effective)
    3.Doom prophet(the most effective and really surprising!)

    Arcane Warrior

    This trick is not very useful in real gameplay but just saying it.Its effective against bruisers.

    I'll explain with the example from the direct thing when it was arcane vs a fed shadow.
    The arcane even thought wasn't fed killed a enemy and got chased by a shadow he quickly blinked into grass used mirror(he dint lv ultimate more than 1 and was something around lv10) then invis.shadow exhausted all skills on the mirror and arcane somehow managed to win.

    King Reega


    Reega was able to reflect all damage and bring down two fighters the last one he would've died but still had ulti on he went invis(he had hermit) and moved around the enemy and at last used water orbs fin all.

    Doom prophet

    A combo that people use without the healing that is when they finished killing and the final enemy comes outta nowhere pop your flame silence enemy(bonus your enemy won't get to use their aoe skills so no worries for first 3 seconds) use pots and sneak and keep going around the enemy you also get to leech bonus healing the enemy is good as dead after you come out of sneak.

    The way to solo boss mogul with sneak at very low level(level 4 or maybe less)
    Note :
    The combo is only possible for horse and only against mogul not dragon and I'm not exagurating.
    The things you need are 1 squires ,1 Levithian cloak , 2-4 health potions and 2-3 heal spice(you

    There are Five key things that's needed for you to remember
    1.You must level up your passive it deals a ton of damage to the boss.
    2.Heal increase and damage reduction from talents and tablets is extremely important.
    3.Tablets and talents have to be perfect and you have to dedicate a lot for it
    4.Stand directly towards the heal crystal for healing don't move around.
    4.And for everyone out there who keeps using the silence skill stop doing it already.When the boss stands still and throws poison or something it's considered as a skill it's the right timing to use heal potion silence will make the boss auto attack your good as dead.

    First activate heal spice and burning armour stand towards heal crystal start auto attacks.
    When your hp drops too low use health potions go invisible but stand very close to the boss so you can keep damaging using your passive.
    Whenever the boss uses skills(again remember never use silence) but dodge everything and always use your health potion in that time don't take it granted.
    And finally you did it.
    It might take some time but it's rewarding at the end

    How this happened to me?
    I was using kagax with horse in border and my other teammate quit.The enemy was good(Or I was bad wasn't really pro that much)so it was practically my fault and we where loosing The horse dint even complain and just went hitting boss(thought he was mad for minute) and he just solo took down all three after that and we won!

    It takes great dedication for this build to be perfect I have been trying to replicate this but dint succeed I'll post a vid if I ever could replicate.
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    I learn it some days ago. It's cool but when you are slowed (Ex:Aria's Ultimate) Blink will be more helpful.
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    I never use this skill simply because a good player can just buy a potion or even less i go inv and he places a ward gg they can also slow you and the thing will be above your head telling them where u are
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    He was talking about utilizing the 20% dmg reduction as well. The tablet also works on hero skills that make them invisible. Take for example elf you run soul eater/courage/mali cast your ulti engage say an elf + gambler attack then stun kill gambler which elf will stun you and at that point when gambler dies you hit at lvl 15 80% damage reduction for about 2-3 seconds if gamblers squishy enough to kill that fast.(at 15 unlikely) Either way with mali you can have 10 seconds of 20% reduced damage(if your hero has an invis skill). I run it only if the hero has a built in invisible skill. And playin random solo ques. Usually soul eater/desc/mali when i feel ima be 1v3ing. That way i can ambush 2 solo with that combo. Ulti attack slay the squishy having 50% dmg reduction for that 2-3 seconds then Having sneak ready incase i need another 5 seconds of 20% and a wave of minions maybe comes by and drop a flurry to make it 50% again

    Anyway in most cases id take courage over mali as a carry. Doesnt require me to give up blink/fball/teleport. And as a carry you're sure to get stun/silenced

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