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    Debronee, Inquisitor

    Identified easily by his signature helmet and heavy judgement armor, Debronee is a spellcaster’s worst nightmare. Intolerant of errant magic use, he’s notorious for hunting down rogue mages and necromancers with his punishing judgement spells. Even the most experienced and hardened wizards shudder in fear at the utterance of Debronee’s name.

    “A wizard’s magic is no match for my swift judgement”

    • Versatile
    • Great jungler
    • Easy to use
    • Strong mid game
    • Gank initiator
    • Ability to kill enemy heroes in a single skill use
    • He has an awesome Mercurial Decree skin
    • Has his own blink skill

    With the use of Debronee’s ultimate and judgement skills, he is able to initiate team fights and kill confirm enemy heroes. Judgement allows him to harass while in lane and kill neutral creeps with ease. He shines brightest mid game, leading into late game. A fed inquisitor is any enemy hero’s worst nightmare as his intensify skill has the ability to kill in a single use.

    • Easy to counter
    • Blinking while being intensified causing the skill to end
    • If he is stunned before he’s able to intensify, it may be a problem
    • Cool down on intensify is 30seconds if the skill does not kill the enemy
    • Squishy early game and auto attacking is his strongest hit early game

    Inquisitor can be countered easily so it is key to build according to the enemy team’s items. For example, if they build raven mail, it is mandatory to invest in a longbow of shadows and/or Jade axe (I will cover itemization soon). He is dependant early game and often cannot take in as much damage as other heroes.



    Debronee casts judgement on a group of enemies in a target area.
    This skill is underrated but also misused in many situations. I would recommend to get this skill to at least level 1 as it helps kill confirm and harass while laning.


    Debronee descends upon his enemy and attacks 4 times in rapid succession.
    Intensify is the skill debronee is famous for. This is your major kill lander skill and it is recommended it is maxed first. As you level up the skill, the damage it dishes out is immensely higher so this must be level 4 by mid game.


    Passive: Reduce cooldown on skills
    Active: Blink 6 meters forward
    Warpath is inquisitor’s second most important skill. The active allows you to blink in order to catch enemies or escape from being ganked. It ultimately allows you to use teleport in 5v5 situations and removes the need for boots early game. The passive is what is so extraordinary about debronee; as you level it up, the cool down for your skills get significantly reduced if you land the kill. This allows you to take on 2 enemy heroes at once and be for more use in team fight situations. This skill should be maxed with intensify.

    Fate Altered

    Debronee leaps into the air and slices forward, damaging all in his pat.
    Distance: 25 meters
    Enemy movement speed reduced
    Fate Altered used to be a skill that I did not get until all my other skills were maxed out. With the recent update, the skill has a lower casting time which has made it usable and convenient to initiate ganks and team fights. The damage it dishes out has often helped me to finish off escaping targets. I recommend getting this skill at level 6, then getting it when intensify and warpath are maxed out.

    Skill order: 1-2-3-2-2-4-3-2-3-3-4-1-4-1-1
    Or 2-3-2-3-2-3-2-3-4-1-4-1-4-1-1

    Note: I’ve been experimenting with the first one with the new update and it so far successful. Use the second skill order if you are looking to play safer.

    • 2 Squire’s Patience
    • Facebreaker/claymore (depending on if you are fed or not. Do not wait too long to get a claymore.)
    • 2 Facebreakers
    • Savage Boots

    After these items, you will basically have to build according to the other teams items.

    Here’s my final six items (most of the time):
    • Blessed Bracers
    • Longbow of Shadows
    • Jade Axe
    • Hades Armor
    • Divinity Sword
    • Ahkuns Cutlas

    Note: Do not get more than one claymore unless you are 100% sure you will end the game before it gets late game. The claymores are easily counter-able with the use of hades armor. Recommend getting jade axe and longbow instead.


    After using inquisitor for several months, I've been switching from a fighter/guardian talent tree to a fighter/support. I do not recommend going all fighter or all support. Like all my talent trees, I make sure 5 points are on quickening in the support tree section.
    Fighter/support: 27 fighter/13 support (for surprise)
    Fighter/guardian: 21 fighter/19 guardian (fast healer and the extra defence helps)


    I use 3 main tablets for debronee but I switch around sometimes.
    Protective, desire and whispering are my safe picks but I also try out ruthless tablet as with the update, it has a significant higher impact on critical hits.

    Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!
    Invest your money in some gold inscriptions.
    Make sure you use physical attack and critical rate only.
    It will cost a fortune but it makes a significant difference early to mid game.

    Final words: Inquisitor is my favourite hero to use when looking to have fun and dominate in games. I’ve been using him after the initial nerf so I do not know the overpoweredness he held previously. He is the only character I paid runes for and bought all skins as he’s wicked and I’m sure many of you will enjoy playing him.
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    RE: Debronee, Inquisitor

    Good heroe, but can easily be counter and cant do much if hes intensify its in cooldown.

    Nice guide, well done :3
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    RE: Debronee, Inquisitor

    Is this on-dated version guide of Debronee?
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    No it's copied and pasted from my old one
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    So are u still chosing for ruthless tablet? it only gives u 10% chance.
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    I don't play so I couldn't really tell you which tablets to use as of the latest updates
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    Cirtical rate gives moredamwge
    Cirtical rate gives more damage
    than critical damage for Debronee? Which should i add critical rate or damage? than critical damage for Debronee? Which should i add critical rate or damage?
    Cirtical rate gives moredamwge
    Cirtical rate gives more damage
    than critical damage for Debronee? Which inscription should i add?

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