DexterVist Guide to Machry the Gambler

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    DexterVist’s Guide to Machry the Gambler

    SideNote: Reserved: Different players have different playstyles so this guide should not dictate how one plays gamber but to rather give an insight to how others may play this hero.

    If you can farm effectively and last hit – you should be able to play most heroes with relative success oh and land skills and know timings when to engage and such but that’s for another time…


    1. Hero Story and Available Skins
      2. Hero Stats
      3. Role within a team
      4. Pros and Cons
      5. Skills
      5.1 Dice Attack
      5.2 Glittering Surprise
      5.3 Greed
      5.4 Gambler
      7. Combo Heroes and Counters
      8. Itemization
      9. Skill Build
      10. Tablets
      11. Talents
      12. Skill Combos
      13. Profile Skills suggestions
      14. Credits


    Quote: “I’m one of the best fighters in Haradon. You can bet your life on it”

    No you can’t trust him, I checked up his credentials he is classified as a mage – so he has magical damage.

    Hero Story:

    Greedy, cunning, and comical, Machry is a mischievous and gutsy goblin with a gambling problem. He sees life on Haradon as one big game of chance, and he's willing to take ridiculous risks to get what he wants. He's got more enemies than most mercenaries thanks to his bothersome pranks, but he always bets that luck is on his side.

    Gambler Default skin [Originally 28,000 emblems] Update 13 now means Machry costs either 15,000 Emblems / 400 Runes

    Deck Hand [Lottery Exclusive skin] Delux lottery for 100 / 900 Runes

    Sick Bunny [Elite 520 Runes skin] Animations changed(/spoiler)

    2. Hero Base Stats:

    Thanks to Kr3ml for his HOC wiki for providing the information

    Base stats of Gambler [without talent points or inscriptions atm]

    Base stats lv 1
    HP: 530 + 80 per level
    Mana: 386 +44 per level
    Attack Damage: 50 + 3.2 per level
    Attack Speed: 0.70 + 0.01 per level
    Attack Range: 8m
    Movement Speed: 4.25
    Physical defence: 13 + 2.1 per level
    Magical defence: 11 + 2.3 per level
    HP regen: 0.89 +0.16 per level
    Mana regen: 1.18 +0.26 per level

    Base stats lv 15
    HP: 1659
    Mana: 1002
    Attack Damage: 95
    Attack Speed: 0.84
    Attack Range: 8m
    Movement Speed: 4.25
    Physical defence: 42
    Magical defence: 43
    HP regen: 3.13
    Mana regen: 4.82

    3. Role within a team

    All Kills cashed to Carries n some left – Kill Deaths and assists ratios may look nice on paper or as a screenshot after to gloat at your enemies but as teamworks goes it can be good to funnel the gold income from kills onto a potent carry member of your team whether it is yourself as the AP mage or an adc to deal out damage when battles kick off. However sometimes team compositions can fall hard when only a single member has kills that can be easily removed, say as an immobile [no flash] lebmont carry, if blown up within a teamfight – practically the damage threat is removed so make sure to share kills between members if your allies are kind. Don’t let eliminating priority targets cause you not to secure kills if no one else is around or if the carry is incompitant and cant last hit.

    Stand where? - Positioning is crucial especially in coordinated group fights that relies upon the carry or support keeping the ability to buff, peal or provide cc when appropriate can be seen as a more threatening target in some cases than a carries pure damage threat, e.g fox or witch since if you don’t kill the healers the carry will just survive most likely. Staying alive longer is always a plus, but if you find yourself caught, hope your team comes to the aid but if death is unavoidable at least try and kill denial them by dieing to a neutral monster or tower.

    Holding the Lane- Whenever the carry or yourself have low HP or mana, its often best to recall back to base to heal up, unless sustain is at hand, e.g healing leaves on train map, it is often wise to have a teammate soak up the c/s if pushed in or freeze lane despite the factor of the opponents now knowing your position it can be safer to be within a lane than roaming without side support. Coordinated teamwork often prevails despite the level of player skill. Solo lanes perform better since experienced isn’t distributed between players within range of soldiers allowing the carry to out level other team members.

    Bullet Taking – Live another day is great but if you can draw attention away from a more important, e.g damage dealer, or distract enemies while your team focus an objective is the mantle a support takes when they make the sacrificial play to die first but gain crucial information about enemy position or take the brute of all the cc that was meant for the carry. Still play careful and don’t over extend the lane or jungle without proper knowledge or support or else you will just be feeding the other team.

    Initiation or Tag teams- Allow the tank or someone with more reliable engage to initiate more commonly in group situations rather than trying to land the perfect Gambler stun unless confident to make a flashy play. Taking preceding residual damage before going into a fight, staying at full HP, risky plays can be made when you are more certain you can take on another member of their team alone or outnumbers according to circumstances but its often good to find a partner to roam around with if playing as support since you are likely to lack combat attributes being the lowest gold income player often.

    Two ideal ways I believe gambler should be played

    Support with Hard CC and Zone control

    Because Gambler 2nd skill is a combined slow and 2nd cast stun, it grants team with Gambler extremely good early game pressure as he can provide kill pressure and multi man stuns straight off if skirmishes break out.

    Ability Powered Burst Mage

    Focus damage and fearlessly output it as a magical damage threat to force foes to invest gold into magical defence allowing fellow team mates to adjust around each other’s item builds.

    4. Pros and Cons


    Reasonably high Base stats and good scalings for skills

    Can work as Flex pic to lane or go as support role on either 5 or 3 maps

    Excels at high Burst Damage through ¾ skills

    Good Zoning Control via 2nd and 4th skill

    Poke Damage through 1st Dice skill

    Hard CC and early game pressure [unless you level up passive first]

    Works well with many other heroes in team compositions and combos


    Passive is probably weakest in game and doesn’t provide any useful combat attribute

    Unpredictable Damage from 2nd Skill and stun time

    Timing when to stun or when to cast ultimate can be difficult for inexperienced gambler users [e.g delaying stun on purpose under ally so that when debronee intensifies you get multi stun rather than stunning initiation from tank]

    Gambler’s ultimate is easily avoidable unless assisted by complimentary Crowd control

    Once stun is placed on the field – melee users can dash and remove gambler’s damage from opposing team

    Damage Reliant on landing skills successfully

    5. Skills

    Skill 1

    Dice Attack – Single Target “Sticky” (follows)

    Quote: A skilled gamer, Machry tosses dice towards a target and detonates them. Damage is based on the distance the dice roll.

    Damage: 70/110/150/190 + [40% Magical Attack] for a roll less than 5 meters and 30/40/50/60 additional damage for every extra 5 meters.

    Mana Cost: 120/140/160/180 MP

    Range: 12 meters

    Cooldown: 12 seconds


    Advised taking this skill if Gambler is destined to lane straight of the bat and wishes to last hit safely or more reliable damage if “drag and drop” 2nd skill is difficult to predict enemies’ movements.

    Smarter enemies with lower health will move towards you and beat gambler via auto attacks trade as secondary effect of additional damage per extra range will not occur if under 5m range of hero.

    Good to secure kills if enemy is about to escape, in effect to snipe down low target HP foes, but never be afraid to use it for poke damage or to follow up team engagements to help assist allies in a teamfight.

    Benefits from single target Arrogance Cloak and is classified as a “sticky” following skill that will seek target no matter distance on Haradon Map.

    Skill 2

    Glittering Surprise – Drag and Drop AoE 2nd Cast skill or else the Gambling machine will automatically detonate after …s and stun any enemies within blast range

    Glittering Surprise

    Quote: Ever a lover of chance, Machry tosses a gambling machine that hits all enemies in range, then let's the chips fall where they may.

    Damage: Randomly deals 1-1.5/1-2/1-2.5/1-3 seconds of stun time and 1-200/50-225/100-250/150-275 + [70% of Magical Attack] Damage to all enemies within range. Slows units by

    Mana Cost: 100/120/140/160 MP

    Range: 10 meters cast zone

    Skill Area: Approximately 6-7m across when Gambling machine skill has been placed

    Cooldown: 20 seconds


    As an AoE drag and drop it makes it easier to predict where to position the skill in comparison to a true skill shot, e.g arkartu’s right claw that requires on point accuracy to actually work unlike this skill. It often helps if aiming to initiate with this skill and 2nd cast stun to predict enemies’ movements and place the Drag and Drop AoE skill slightly ahead of your target to ensure they land in the “stun zone”.

    It functions as an effective zoning skill that means it is a skill that is able to control various sections of the map by forcing enemies not to walk within that “zone” or region as it can be placed down – choke points or in front of towers forcing enemies to position more carefully. More impactful against melee heroes as they will have to navigate their movements around “Glittering Surprise stun zone” rather than able to use skills from afar unless they have a distinctive gap closer or skill that can punish a misplaced “zoning Glittering surprise” that has no enemies under or within skill raids to stun making Gambler’s usefulness once this skill is on CD almost useless.

    Pretty Much early game skill that allows gambler to auto attack neutral monsters or creeps in lane and cause aggro to follow him so he can use skill to “jungle” or clear multiple monsters if played as a supportive role on 3vs3 map or train or even just leaving lane on rift to gain extra exp.

    Provides vision similar to Nuutt’s grenade 2nd skill if placed in fog of war or a push so can be used as a scouting tool before tank face checks a bush. As with most AoE skills – the secondary stun effect will occur as long as enemy units are within range meaning max range of “Glittering Surprise” can catch enemies making positioning the drag and drop skill as a player use it to its maximum efficiency by aiming to multi stun targets with on point placement.

    Not necessary to instantly detonate skill e.g – deb and valox example – valox taunts allied adc rather than stunning valox before since deb is far out, make reactionary play by placing stun below valox and adc waiting for deb to intensify target or blink within kill range – 2nd time cast Glittering surprise to catch deb when he moves in – quick fingers. Or leave the slow zone of Glittering surprise up when being chased in order to help slow enemies and stunning if they are foolish enough to walk over the zone.

    Skill 3

    Greedy [Passive] Inactive Global Team buff


    Passive: Friendly heroes gain an extra 1/2/3/4 gold for every time they kill a neutral creature.

    No Active


    Practically useless, but provides slightly increased income if taking jungle camps on 3vs3 as support bot or roaming on either of the 5vs5 maps but gold value is extremely minimal – the only benefit is the aura animation it creates around Machry which increases SWAG factor.

    Same buff icon as Miners Pickaxe or Titans Ring but gives less gold for value rather than gold 5 for every 10s passed.

    Never Upgrade this skill first – not even if you are jungling, the benefits of this passive are probably worse than the damage of either the other possibilities you could have at level 1.

    Skill 4

    Gambler – Drag and Drop AoE skill that has short animation delay


    Quote: Machry tosses a machine into battle that pelts all enemies in range with a barrage of dice, tossing one every 0.5 seconds!

    Damage: Each die deals 100/180/260 + [25% Magical/Physical Attack] Magical Damage and slows enemies' movement speed by 35%

    Duration: 4/5/6

    Mana Cost: 100/200/300 MP

    Range: 10 meters

    Cooldown: 85/75/65 seconds


    The delay before the gambling machine starts to explode is approximately 1-2s making aiming to maximum the full damage output and slow from the exploding chips a little difficult since once enemies see you place this skill they can easily move away wasting skill which makes Gambler rather reliant upon other Combo heroes to help him land his ultimate by hard cc – namely stuns that hold enemies in place or hold skills e.g Harpy’s Drain / Marithus’s decimation day ultimate.

    If you wish to play gambler to maximum success I firstly recommend getting used to playing migroove as his skill set is easier to use effectively as his ultimate has no delay, his 1st skill tidal wave requires somewhat aiming but gets players use to angling cc and importance of warding unless confident in ability to land CC consistently and not throw Glittering surprise wide in team fights before attempting gambler if you are a complete novice to drag and drop skills.

    Melee Heroes particularly detest this skill since it effectively can act similar to 2nd gambler skill Glittering surprise by its ability to “Zone” enemies from accessing an area of the map – unless they are stupid and just walk straight into your ultimate. Whenever or if a 1vs1 / duel ever occurs between a melee hero and gambler standing still or walking around in your own Ultimate while the “exploding chips” go off is probably the simplest way to get your opponent to take damage since for them to trade with you (being melee) they will have to auto attack or use skills within their range of your ultimate.

    Effective disengage from a chase if Glittering surprise skill isn’t available that can be better to slow multiple enemies especially in a narrow corridor due to the constant 35% slow that can get applied if enemies continue to try and chase through Gambler’s ultimate.

    3rd Secondary damage skill besides 2nd and 1st skill that should be used often before Glittering surprise before quickly following up with 2nd Skill into 2nd cast for stun to avoid the delay animation while the Gambling machines begins to explode so optimal damage output is achieved.

    6. Combo Heroes and Counters:

    Jombraa – this guy can suck everyone together making landing Glittering surprise and Gambler [skill] easy to maximise Gambler’s ultimate damage output onto multiple stunned or pulled in units by the Burly Space gorilla. Often favoured to combine magical damage burst and pairs well with many heroes.

    12B – Never underestimate a multi man taunt – often made famous for 12B / Laurelia Combos for taunt – lazor ultimate layering able to melt through clustered team units with Gaia’s strong AoE burst; works likewise with Gambler’s skill set although made easier to land skills as being drag and drop skills and not skill shots via the shield slow, ability to taunt multiple members and body block other heroes from getting to you.

    Valox – 50% bonus and taunt pull allows gambler a much needed ally that combos great with the small goblin, to assist Valox’s engage if you can get a stun on a key member. Debuff is strong with aoe skill as its bugged and gets applied to all enemies apparently allowing quick AP burst onto many members to secure kills.

    Cyclops – Even with Polythemus’s ultimate reworked he/she/it still functions as a primary setup for follow up chain CC by allies, stun into stun into exploding gambling machine always is a classic meta mindset. This also allows like other tanks easier setup to land AoE drag and drop skills, anything for an easier life.

    Ant – Constant Slows and CC with magical pierce via auto attacks and trident skill allows Gambler a much more relaxed setup to position the AoE drag and drop skills before blowing them up either with casino chips or volatile ants. The magical defence pierce also provides bonus damage but only has the issue of consistent damage being both AP mages.

    More could be added but in general these heroes listed here are the more successful combo heroes that like Gambler.

    Counter Heroes:

    Paladin – Ultimate ignores skills and dash can make landing 2nd skill slightly more tricky despite him being melee and able to zone more effectively with 2nd and 4th skill once Paladin comes online with all his skill set and can get to the back line if needed.

    Retrophi Queen – With the highest natural base defences partly due to her ultimate and bulk, she can devastate backlines with a simple dash knockback that can sometimes askew where you place your gambling machines. Besides great escape and nasty damaging skills she can deal moderately significant damage that may force you out of the fight early.

    Gambler – Facing your doppleganger it sometimes comes down to who gets the stun off first or who has prepared with a courage tablet to avoid taking full brute of damage – hard cc he can also control areas and apply instant stun pressure on allies so you have to outwit your counter-part. With the same skill set and threat, it sometimes comes down to individual player choices.

    Horse – Anti Carry, Anti Mage, once horse hits level 6, be wary of the charge into silence combo that can disrupt you in teamfights – faster farming in jungle and has good mobility to avoid 2nd or 4th skill since charge ignores magical based damage upon charge can prevent gambler from casting skills for at least 3s that could be the time needed to blow up a key target of your team if you cannot have an impact within a teamfight.

    Witch – The middleman, underestimate her and it could cost you since she can outsustain and practically full heal a single target ally or herself with 3rd and 2nd skill besides becoming more devastating with huge AoE slowing field that when combined with her passive make her difficult to stun if enemy properly manoeuvres around Gambler. Possibly the best support at the moment who can multi task roles within a team and more threatening once level 2 since she will either have stun or heal combo from 1st and 2nd skills or 2nd and 3rd skills.

    Aria – The range of 11m won’t save you from a root combo besides any fighter will likely win an auto attack trade benefiting more from harvest talents than leech especially if she gets fed early. Besides that her ultimate providing the equivalent to rumble’s equaliser makes moving toward her extremely risky despite her poor mobility. Hope Aria rolls into Glittering surprise.

    WoRk with it =.=

    7. Itemization:

    Items are important someone said once

    Early Game:

    Squires Wisdom x 2

    Gold: 500 x 2

    Stats: 100 HP + 14 Magical Atk x 2

    Generic starting build, only reason to change this would be because of enemy team composition that could favour health / mana or boots for extra mobility in the early game.


    Gold: 300

    Stats: 0.75 movement speed (ish)

    Mobility and greater map pressure, especially on 3vs3 map if playing bot support to roam around applying pressure over the tiny map.

    Levianth Cloak

    Gold: 1300

    Upgrade Path: Acoylt Staff [500] + [450]


    +32 Magical Attack
    +4 HP Regeneration
    Passive(Unique): Pierce through enemy's Magical Defense (20).

    Fighters would kill for an item that gave 20 pierce damage, but then again they have the wonderful Ripper item with its DoT, either start building into Lolipop for zippy build to dance around or leave it at that and focus on farming up to 1700 enchanters ring / 860 ring upgrade paths.

    Mid Game:

    Enchanters Ring

    Gold: 1700

    Stats: + 84 Mag Atk

    DAMAGE- yeah – don’t stack too many of these though – health is also important for survivability

    Rogan's Conviction
    Gold: 2,040
    +66 Magical Attack
    +5% Leech HP

    Build into leech stick and benefits from general high magical damage and leech is meh

    Boneflame Wand or Seering Orb which to get first

    Gold: 3,800
    +110 Magical Attack
    +250 MP
    +3 MP Regeneration
    Passive(Unique): Increase the hero's Magical Attack by 3% of maximum MP.
    Adds 8 Max MP every time you use a skill and can be stacked up to 50 times (400 MP). Cannot be triggered twice in 5 seconds, and skills that cost no MP will not trigger the effect. The stack from Sapphire Amulet remains if upgraded to Boneflame Wand.

    Gold: 3,900
    +110 Magical Attack
    +450 MP
    Passive (Unique): Burn through 30% of enemy's Magic Defense.

    Approximate time if bought boneflame and hit level 7-8 mid game stage with full stacks lets say and mana for gambler without any other items = 386 + (44mana x 7/8 factor) = 386 + 308 / 352 = 738 + 400 mana bonus from fully stacked sapphire amulet = 1138 Mana therefore 3% of this = 34.14 extra magical atk granting not including 250 additional

    144.14 magical atk with boneflame wand divided by 2 (since mages 50% scaling) = 72.7 on auto attack …

    However depending upon team draft / composition searing orb would be more applicable in scenarios when magical defence is built

    Natural Magical def = approximately 40 mg def therefore 30% = 110 mg atk + 12 pierce lower value for magical damage but provides pierce damage yet boneflame requires spamming skills to stack amulet which can take some time so is better built late game in relation on some heroes rather than searing orb immediately.

    If mana isn’t an issue I would recommend just straight up building another enchanters ring for extra 84 mg damage

    Late Game:

    Searing Orb – Magical Pierce 30% allows good general damage especially if enemies build more magical defence

    Boneflame Wand – Highest Magical damage item due to passive granting extra Mge damage based on max mana pool – insures about an additional 80 + extra mg damage.

    Stirring Souls of Dragon – Cooldown for skills and Great Passive buffs magical and physical atk of unit

    Chain Boots - reduce cc / Tempest Boots – initiation / Other item (recommended utility depending upon opposing team)

    Armour item [if needed] – Hades / Zealots Horns [more team orientated] Valkaryain Robes / Active item

    Staff of Rectitude / Staphions Lolipop – Leech is always appreciated and the high magical damage is a bonus / To combine with Tempest or Chain Boots for quick engages and kiting prowess

    I don’ get arrogance or I replace it for just extra damage if I need it later on.

    Support Item Recommendations:

    Purifying Pendant

    Gold: 3,300
    +160 HP
    +180 MP
    +4 HP Regeneration
    +6 MP Regeneration
    -15% Skill CD
    Active (Unique): Removes any debuffs from an allied hero and heals HP by 200 + ally level X 30
    Cooldown Time: 90 seconds

    Practically an active cleanse often used or built on support type heroes if facing valox to remove debuff from ally or harpy drain that can provide a huge heal to help save a priority team member in a skirmish. The only other great thing about this item I would say is the 15% skill CD and the confusion it causes allies and opponents into what the hell you might be building.

    Dull Vine Shield

    Gold: 3,650
    +40% Attack Speed
    +200 HP
    +60 Magic Defense
    Active: Restore 15% of ally's Max HP to all allies within 8 meters.
    CD: 1.5 minutes.

    Scaling Heal that is great used in teamfights to sustain aoe burst. That can be substituted if someone already has a valkyrain robes on your team to help the team.

    Cloak of Choking

    Gold: 2800
    +20 Physical Defense
    +20 Magical Defense
    +50 Magical Attack
    -10% Skill CD
    Active (Unique): Silence one enemy hero for 3 seconds.
    Cooldown Time: 60 seconds

    Situational build that allows extra single target CC onto an enemy unit if having trouble with a particular hero’s skills. Namely another mage like goldfur or khlint that can disrupt eliminating a single target quickly before they get restored to full health.

    8. Skill Build

    Stun early n poke skill build = 2 – 1 – 1 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 1 [maxed] – 2 – 4 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 3 – 3 - 3

    If mid / laning may be optimal to take 1st skill dice throw to pressure out opponent and last hit from a safe distance – max 1st skill if laning maybe or else run

    General Gambler Build – Stun time % increase and AP burst

    2 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 1 – 4 – 1 – 3 – 3 – 3

    1 Glittering Surprise

    2 Dice Throw

    3 Glittering Surprise

    4 Glittering Surprise

    5 Dice Throw

    6 Gambler

    7 Glittering Surprise [Maxed]

    8 Greedy

    9 Gambler

    10 Dice Throw

    11 Gambler [Maxed]

    12 Dice Throw [Maxed]

    13 Greedy

    14 Greedy

    15 Greedy [Maxed]

    5vs5 Map maybe rank up skill 3 in this = 2 -1 – 3 ect if you prefer having his passive once level 3 – but should not be levelled up first

    Because benefits gained from +1/2/3/4 gold for each neutral monster killed will provide slight ally advantages in comparison to enemy jungler but have little advantageous gain in the 3vs3 map since the number of jungle camps are more limited.

    9. Tablets and why I recommend these ones in particular:


    Ascension Requirement: 11 Order, 5 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increases your your Physical and Magical Attack by 12.5% of the damage you receive. Can't be higher than 50. Lasts 5 seconds.

    Early game winning trades and general damage tablet that is very effective – can be swapped out depending upon playstyle – more for aggressive or offensive supports that engage.


    Ascension Requirement: 7 Order, 9 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: "Frost Bolt" now causes a target to be immobilized for 2 seconds. Whenthis effect ends, if the target's HP is below or at 50%, the target's Movement Speed (and Attack Speed if you are using Frost Bolt Lv. 2) will be reduced for 2 seconds.

    2s root is useful to assist landing drag and drop skills as well as control melee heroes, cockblock horse just before he charges ect


    Ascension Requirement: 12 Order, 4 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increases your Physical Defense by 12% of Magical Attack.

    Defence is for Noobs fits this tablet description quite well, spam and stack magical damage and get nifty little physical defence gain to help combat adc or melee physical fighters.


    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Upon being stunned or silenced, all damage received would be reduced by (15 + Your level) % for 5 seconds.

    Reduce damage from stuns and silences = perfect for most mages – love is life


    Ascension Requirement: 5 Order, 11 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Reduce Damage by 90% for 3s when HP is under 10%, cooldown resets upon death, and should activate or prox every 3 minutes CD.

    Its broken and op – why not select Bloodfreeze tab – you’ll be at a disadvantage otherwise


    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Decrease the Cooldown Time of "Teleport" by 36 seconds. The target you teleport to will receive a shield, absorbing damage equal to (100 + 10%% target's Max HP) at most. The target will be healed according to the remaining HP of the shield when you successfully Teleport. This effect cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes or on buildings.

    Save allies – save time – reduce cooldown on other profile skill Boom – take teleport skill and tab

    10. Talents:

    1. Fortune Rush

      22 Mage / 13 Guardian / 5 Support

      MAGE = 22

      5 Fast Casting = 5% CD reduction [I would rather have 1-2s cd on all skills that 5 extra mage atk especially when mages have 50% less scaling on aa

      4 = Apprentice = CD per level

      1 = Mana Adept = 10% less mana per skill

      3 = Skill Penetration = pierce mage def

      3 = Knowledge = matk per level

      1 = Strike Back = increased mgtk when hp under 40%

      3 = Magic Feedback = Leech 9%

      1 = Deaths Embrace = 10% damage to stun or slow target

      GUARDIAN = 13

      5 = Strong = extra Hp early game

      2 = Mage def = per level

      3 = physical def = per level

      3 = Fast Healer= 35% extra heal

      SUPPORT = 5

      5 Quickening = 5% increased base movement speed

    2. Hybrid Gambling

      28 Mage / 12 Support

      “Defence is for Noob”

      MAGE = 28

      5 Fast Casting = 5% CD reduction [I would rather have 1-2s cd on all skills that 5 extra mage atk especially when mages have 50% less scaling on aa

      4 = Apprentice = CD per level

      1 = Mana Adept = 10% less mana per skill

      4 = Skill Penetration = pierce mage def

      3 = Accident = Crit on creep

      1 = Skill Outbreak – Crit on hero chance

      3 = Knowledge = matk per level

      2 = Strike Back = increased mgtk when hp under 40%

      3 = Magic Feedback = Leech 9%

      1 = Deaths Embrace = 10% damage to stun or slow target

      SUPPORT = 12

      5= Quickening =

      Any other tier = 2 skill points (recommened HP regen or Mg regen depending upon preference)

      3 = Greed = extra gold per creep killed

      1 = Surprise – extra hp and mg upon level

      1 = Teamwork pays = assists earn 50 extra gold

    11. Skill Combos:


    1. Glittering Surprise – 2nd Cast to Stun – Dice Throw

    2. Frostbite (with tablet) 2s Root – Glittering Surprise – Glittering Surprise 2nd Cast to stun

    3. Blink – Glittering Surprise (slightly ahead of enemy so they walk into slow zone) – 2nd Cast when ready

    4. Gambler [Ultimate] - Glittering Surprise – wait then 2nd Cast so slow zone stuns when ultimate begins to explode – Dice throw [finish low health targets]


    1. Glittering Surprise [underneath you] – 2nd Cast Glittering Surprise when enemies either skirt border or walk over it

    2. Gambler [place beneath you] – walk around while ultimate goes off (more effective if enemy hero is melee – Glittering Surprise [place in choke point and run] – Leave to denote by itself due to slow


    Walk into Minions or jungle and cause aggro – herd them together – Glittering Surprise [place under all] – auto attack within killing damage – 2nd cast Glittering Surprise [farm away]

    12. Profile Skill suggestions:

    Blink – General Escape option and engage tool that is one of the higher priority profile skills that players have the option to choose that combines well to play offensive or defensive knowing you have some insurance to escape ganks or kill attempts.

    Frost lv 33 – 2s Immobilization and effect like exhaust from league of legends to reduce atk speed by 50% if hp below half makes this skill work well with helping land 2nd and 4th skill as its easier to place directly under enemies if rooted to a spot.

    Heal 2 – Generic Support skill to help prevent allies or yourself from dying that heals for 250 Hit points or 35% more to = 335-337.5 with fast healer talents that helps maintain team HP in clustered team fights however its often advised for only 1 or 2 members of a team to select heal 2 because of the reduction in effectiveness aka scaling to late game and debuff when multiple heals are cast due on units. However heal 2 can be applied to all members if teamwork and timing when to use heal 2 skill is monitored in relation to allies so no overlap of Heal produces negative effects.

    Sneak – [Equipped with malignity tablet as 6s compared to 2 is much more effective] – the combo profile skills of Sneak + Ice as offensive summoners to assist in Ganks on 3vs3 map have arisen with the reign of Sneak + Fire and can force enemies to invest gold into setting up wards or farseeing tonic to counteract invisibility. Yet varying success comes depending upon the confidence of the players own ability.


    I got lazy writing the last bits of this guide but the content should still kinda be there. Thanks to Tactician, Faffiwhite and Actino for teaching me gambler to a better effect. I didn’t write a mage guide since Arkartu, Valox, Ant and Elf took time and I prefer fighters cos Im a big nubcake.

    Leave Comments, Improvements, Fan mail (hatemail) and girl’s panties at the door.

    Credit to Akise for introducing me to this forum alongside ORdertheChaos and Yolotroll.

    Screw pictures I’ll input them later (lies)

    Thanks DexterVist
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  2. DexterVist

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    Sep 15, 2014
  3. vahnzizka

    vahnzizka Active Member

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Good guide. Might also want to elaborate on the harass of the dice skill: does more damage the further you are away from your target. So you can deal more damage by running away once u throw it. ;)
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  4. mikesmight1234

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    Dec 21, 2014
    Great guide for gambler and the way you described him is pretty much how I try to play him.

    Keep up the good work
  5. Epilol

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    Oct 6, 2014
    Good guide, thanks :)
  6. DexterVist

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    Sep 15, 2014
    For fun to trigger extra damage on dice skill sometimes I throw the dice and blink backwards for SWAG factor XD... It confuses my allies to what the heck im doing
  7. supaflypro

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    Jun 9, 2015
    I usually start with 2 squires patience. Then i get 2 acoltye staff, I build into Leviathan cloak and staff of vigor, then i get sathion lollipop. Its really easily to get kills early game, but if u feed the other team, it get difficult to get kills. After lollipop, i get boneflame, then hades, then arrogance, and ssotd
  8. mad3434

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    Apr 27, 2015
    Build saithion lollipop first is noob -_- early game, levithan cloak and staff of vigor are much better
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  9. DexterVist

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    Sep 15, 2014
    thank you for clarifying this to the other player since they will only gain + 10 movement speed practically when they could've completed boots for better effect or focus on magical pierce damage / defence....

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