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    Advanced Laning tutorial by DexterVist

    Heroes suited to the role of laning all seem to focus on having certain particular traits that benefits them mainly those wishing to earn more gold for higher end items focusing on farm rather than experience as such is the junglers role.

    Most suggestions that occupy a solo lane include heroes that particularly desire to build offensively, here are a few suggestions;

    AD Carries Physical Ranged / Melee Fighters or Bruisers
    AP Carries Magical Ranged / Melee Mages

    When people state they desire a solo lane, it means they wish to lane ALONE, without any other player in the lane since auto attacking creeps makes last hitting more difficult for either member as well as shares exp between the two players rather than getting the carry established with more gold.

    The Lanes - Not all the map is visible but you should be able to make out which is the lane and what is the jungle

    3vs3 Border Skirmish Map
    1 Lane – Mid


    5vs5 Rift at Sinskald
    3 Lanes – Top / Mid / Bot


    5vs5 Under Realm Ruins
    2 Lanes – Left / Right


    Stats of Minions [Thanks to Spacial for some information]


    Castle Guard(Order)/Reborn Warrior(Chaos):
    Experience: half or them give 50, the other half 46;
    Gold : 45-55.
    HP: 405
    Mana: 300
    Damage: N/A

    Experience: half of them give 45, the other half 41;
    Gold : 60-75.
    HP: 280
    Mana: 300
    Damage: N/A

    Experience: 88exp
    Gold : 80-95.
    HP: 500
    Mana: 0
    Damage: N/A

    I have marked the damage as Not applicable since most players tend not to tank creep aggro and the damage tends to be below >100 most of the game.

    Number per wave:
    4 Creeps per wave [2 Castle Guard(Order)/Reborn Warrior(Chaos and
    2 Wizard(Order)/Necromancer(Chaos)]

    2 minutes into game – catapults / ballista are summoned 1 per wave alongside 4 creeps

    2 extra soldiers will be summoned and advance with minions if the first tower is taken on 3vs3, 5vs5 Rift and
    Leach, Harvest, Critical Hits, damage over time and bleed all will affect normal soldiers except leach and harvest will not be triggered when attacking the Ballista and Catapult minions.

    Arkartu’s Cat Style Charge and Polythemus Consume skill will instantaneously kill enemy soldiers in lane when used against them.

    General rule of thumb

    Early Game (lv 1- lv 6)
    Ranged mage > Ranged Fighter > Melee Mage > Melee fighter

    Late game (lv 10-15)
    Ranged Fighter / Melee fighter > Ranged mage > Melee mage

    Why they are listed as so?

    Ranged heroes / characters have an 8m [usually unless skills are activated] grant larger attack radius, which benefits to kite against melee opponents and stay at a safer distance unless collapsed upon

    Mages generally have higher burst damage from skills that scale better with items with higher percentage values making them early on lane bullies.

    Fighters in HOC scale better of auto attack in late game achieving higher dps through attack speed items whereas mages tend to still rely upon their skills to do burst damage.

    Hyper Carries are heroes that excel as carries in very late game when fully equipped with late game itemization and can often 1vs1 extremely competently.

    Last Hitting

    What is Last Hitting?

    Last hitting is a technique to secure the gold bonus on lane, neutral monsters or heroes to obtain the gold reward but is mainly referencing c/s when a player in lane attempts to last hit soldiers in order to get the full amount of experience and gold earned. Notable it is wise to attack enemy heroes rather than last hit, since contributing to your team benefits a lot more than kill stealing.

    Minion waves arrive in organised lines parallel to each other starting with 4 soldiers up to the 2 minute mark before Order side a Ballista or Chaos side a Catapult joins the wave which when destroyed grants additional gold.

    Takes about approximately 30s for the mid lane creep wave to arrive in the actual visible laning phase on 5vs5 Rift, while around 40-50seconds for the creep wave bottom or top lane to reach the portal’s entrance in their respective lanes.

    3vs3 Border Skirmish map rewards slightly higher amount of gold since the game style is designed to be faster than the larger team centred games where the creep wave arrives at 30seconds to arrive in the middle of the lane

    5vs5 Under Realm Ruins have globalised gained experience and gold, yet the two lanes share the same structure of summoning 4 soldiers initially but the waves can stack up more frequently due to the length of the lane and how close the waves are reset from their bases.

    How to last hit?

    1. Select enemy unit and do not necessarily auto attack, leaving your in lane soldiers to deal damage to the opposing creeps.

    2. When the line is below or on the soldiers Health bar is below the last hit icon, auto attack or use a skill (with high enough base damage) and be aware of auto attack or skill timings since various heroes can have slower atk speed.

    3. Hit creep and obtain gold, rinse and repeat in lane.

    3.1 Using a skill can sometimes be more effective to last hit under tower since the auto attack animation has less delay or can deal higher base damage to finalize last hit.

    The importance of last hitting comes down to gaining the most amount of gold for the least damage trade off as well as not wasting time auto attacking creeps / take additional unnecessary damage – gold contributes to buying more expensive items in order to get more luxury items in order to deal more damage to earn kills.

    Lane Tactics:

    Tower diving is a risky manoeuvre that requires precise timing to execute well without casualties or deaths which is attacking under the oppositions tower in order to try and kill an enemy player. This can vary in success rates due to tower damage now stacking like other MOBA games making tower diving a more co-ordinated assault instead of easy tower charge.

    This tactic differs upon the time within the game as late game when heroes have higher base stats for health making them more able to endure tower shots before dieing.

    Note: Players often tend to await their minion wave before attempting such an action since tower aggro will be directed onto the closest enemy units thus avoiding taking unnecessary tower damage in the process. Another yet less popularised method is to carry additional scapegoat wards which can survive two tower hits, 150HP, so that the wards act as enemy units and take the damage instead in order to secure a kill under opponent’s tower.

    Sometimes sheer numbers of allies can tank, or juggle the tower’s aggro through positioning so each of 5 or the 3 members take hits for one and other when tower diving.

    Ganking is the term in MOBA’s for a flanking movement made around the lanes of a map in order to try and secure a kill, mainly junglers or supports who are not occupying the lane will come into the lane through various routes and attempt to lock down the opposing enemy laner. They often have some form of crowd control or gap closer in order to disrupt the enemies escape options and secure kills for their team. This is why good map awareness is required when laning to be fully conscious of your enemies movements.

    Kill Denial is the tactic of dying purposefully to towers or a neutral creature without triggering aggro or receiving damage when corners or in a difficult non escapable situation in the motion that accepting death is better than giving a kill to the enemy team. This suiciding tactic will appear rather inconvenient the later the game progresses as respawn timers increase but may be a considered option if shutdown gold would not be received in order to prevent a sizable amount of gold going into the killers team / opponent however some local gold can still be obtained even if enemy damage hasn’t been received or has timed out on your hero.


    Holding lane – when the designated carry or laner wishes to leave lane or is pressured out they may want to back in case so supports or jungler may occupy and hold lane via freezing it in place or pushing the lane out so the lane c/s is not lost so gold is not wasted in turn. Push up lane so that the mid laner can recall or back so no c/s is lost in the process.

    In depth Freezing the Lane:

    Freezing the lane is a tactic implied when you control the minions in your lane so that the creeps remain in one place, hence freeze, their position from advancing, either achieved by tanking creep damage or minimalistic last hitting when you attack the in lane soldiers as little as possible so that the minions clump together. One component of this can be to tank minions in front of tower so that the tower doesn't reset the creep line, however it may depend on what the opposing creeps prioritize to attack.

    1. Allied minions will prioritize enemy champions that are dealing damage through auto attacks or abilities that have on-hit affects to allied champions.
    2. Allied minions will prioritize enemy minions that are hitting allied champions.
    3. Allied minions will prioritize enemy minions that are hitting allied minions.
    4. Allied minions will prioritize enemy turrets that are hitting allied minions.
    5. Allied minions will prioritize enemy champions that are hitting allied minions.
    6. Allied minions will prioritize the closest enemy minion.
    7. Allied minions will prioritize the closest enemy champion.

    NOTE* Though priority #5 states that an enemy champion will take aggro when hitting allied minions, this only applies when you are in their “vision” range. Melee minions have a “vision” range of pretty much right in front of them and caster minions have a “vision” range of about 5m.

    Here is the webpage this article was taken from - give credit where it is due:


    There are various reasons and advantages to freeze a lane in a MOBA, here are some examples why;

    • The tower doesn’t take or receive unnecessary damage nor do you have the potential to lose c/s under tower.

    • The advantage that you do not have to overextend to farm, thus it´s less likely/more difficult for the enemy to catch you out of position and prevents fast pushing if you want the enemy’s tower to remain upright.

    • This works best if the creep waves are about even in strength, or even better if the enemy´s creep wave at the time when you start "freezing" it is bigger than the one approaching from your side, thus slowly pushing into the direction of your own tower which means even more safety the closer you get to it.

    • Freezing a lane nearby a turret or tower ensures that the enemy jungler has less pressure and more pressure on your jungler because the lane is being pressured against your favour as well as during early-game, an enemy jungler cannot really gank your lane efficiently if the wave is pushed up. Therefore, the enemy jungler will seek out other lanes to gank or assist perhaps.

    • Last hit minions in your own comfort zone because you are near your tower, which means you not only have tower protection, but the enemy is on your side of the lane (overextended!). This makes them more susceptible to ganks. Another advantage is that by doing this, you can “zone” your opponent a lot harder. Because you are safe and the opponent isn’t, you can begin moving past the enemy minion lines to prevent the opponent from last-hitting and gaining experience while you are still in position to last hit. Being able to “zone” your opponent is probably the strongest way of winning a lane because it sets the opponent behind while you’re still ahead. This only works in top and bottom lane in most cases because mid lane is too short and vulnerable to this sort of play.

    Unfreezing a Lane

    If you want to unfreeze a lane, all you simply have to do is push out the wave by auto-attacking and clearing waves as fast as possible. This works for both the lane freezer and the person who this tactic is being used against. How does pushing unfreeze a lane? Well, for the freezer, it’s quite obvious. You just kill all of the enemy creeps and reduce the enemy’s number of minions to a number that you want it to be at and then can refreeze it at any location by setting up the lane again or playing with strength in numbers of minions.

    If you are the person who has lane frozen up on you, what you want to do is push as well! By pushing harder on an already frozen lane, you inch closer and closer to the enemy tower. If you can get your minions to take tower damage, the number of minions will eventually begin to equalize and the lane resets. However, if the opponent absolutely intent on keeping the lane frozen, they will have to tank your minions and keep them out of tower range. By doing that, they may take quite a bit of damage from both the minions and you, which greatly discourages them from continuing to hold that wave outside of tower range.

    When to Freeze a Lane?

    If there are just as many disadvantages to freezing your lane as there are advantages, why do it? Well, there are specific times when it’s smart to freeze a lane. For instance, in mid-lane, you typically never want to have your lane frozen near your tower unless you are having a really hard time laning against your opponent. This is because mid-lane champions have a tendency as stated above. Therefore, mid-lane should try not to freeze the lane near towers but rather strive to freeze it in the middle of the lane so they have just enough control of both the minions and the opponent’s movements.

    The best times to freeze a lane are in two fundamentally opposite situations. The first is when you are ahead of an opponent and want to prevent them from catching up whatsoever. When you are in this situation, what you want to do is freeze your lane and then zone the opponent as hard as you possibly can. You would mainly do this if your champion is incapable of crushing the opponent in a straight trade in top lane. The second advantage is when you are behind in lane and you need to farm safely; you want to freeze your lane just outside of tower range. However, in this scenario, you need to make sure that your other lanes are either even or winning, otherwise your lane opponent(s) may push their advantage in other lanes and make your game of catch-up a futile effort.

    Another time where freezing lane is good is when the opponents have pushed all the way to your tower to go back to base. You can instantly freeze your lane by tanking a minion wave and releasing it on your own minion wave when the strength in numbers favours the enemy minions. This keeps the enemy over-extended and gives you two waves of free farm. If opponents base while the minion wave is anywhere but near your tower, the optimal strategy is to push into their tower as hard and fast as you want to deny them the experience from those waves. Then you can go back to base and let the tower itself push the waves back to a “reset” position in the middle of the lane.

    Creep blocking is the method by which a player positions their champion in front of your own creeps so that the enemy is unable to last hit as easily without taking punishment or in lane harass thus denying them gold for the creep score that can be accentuated by poke damage, trading with opponents in your given lane in order to pressurize them to miss c/s. C/s Denying is a good way to punish / gain an advantage in lane by making your opponent lose gold through missing their last hits.


    Creep stacking – not really viable but can be done on a smaller scale to delay creep wave in lane
    Your own so that the opponents minion wave push further up to your tower by actively blocking them from progressing requires actively sitting in lane accumulating a huge creep wave behind the enemy tower so is not advised since most players will act upon someone in vision range taking unnecessary damage for a free kill.
    Creep stacking is generally aggroing the creeps into attacking you that can work alongside freezing the lane or to purposefully deny farm so your wave pushes onto their tower.

    C/sing under tower advice

    Due to the Health base stat values are around 300HP – 550HP and the basic tower damage is around 100 – 200 damage so soldiers can approximately take 2 tower shots with full HP and one auto attack although this depends upon base heroes stats and attack speed to when you should last hit minions under your tower. You would be pressurized under tower if the enemy wishes to inflict damage to your tower and make it more difficult for you to last hit and gain c/s.


    Same method as last hitting above, just prioritise minions with lowest HP near tower range in order to last hit.

    Tower base details

    3vs3 / 5vs5 Rift Tower
    Hit Points: 3000




    Damage reduction by 50% of normal attack damage when soldiers are within certain radius of tower

    Damage increases by 20% up to 5 stacks on single target

    Physical defence pierce applied to heroes

    Approximate range: 12m
    Damage: 170 (approximate)

    5vs5 Under Realm Ruins Tower
    1st Tower
    Hit Points: 4000HP
    2nd Tower
    Hit Points: 5000HP
    3rd Tower
    Hit Points: 9000HP

    Damage increases by 20% up to 5 stacks on single target

    Range: 12m
    Damage varies with towers

    Creep Score is often referred or abbreviated as c/s and relates to the amount of in game lane soldiers, creeps or minions killed over the duration of the whole or throughout a MOBA game.

    A kill did approximately equate to 10 c/s but may now vary due to the reward for killing the same opponent consecutively reduces gold sum earned on slaying enemies or shutdown gold now varies since it can exceed or be less than optimal c/s score.

    Hidden viewpoints on 3vs3 Map around the lane:
    Waiting to input
    Hidden viewpoints on 5vs5 Rift Map around the lanes:
    Waiting to input

    Hidden Viewpoints on 5vs5 URR Map around the lanes
    Waiting to input

    Fast pushing a lane pros and cons


    Easier to push further into enemies base and actually allows other towers to be targetable allowing wider possibility of actions to be partaken in.

    Opponents cannot tower hug front line of defence so may have to base camp meaning losing out on experience from global objectives or their own jungle

    200 global gold to the team who destroyed tower

    300 gold to the person or player who last hit the tower that fell


    Summons 2 extra soldiers so in theory can provide higher income, more gold to someone in lane farming if the tower has already fallen for the enemy team that can permit opposing team to make a comeback or out scale your team and thus achieve victory in the long run.

    Map vision is lost in that given area and only becomes visible when creeps move over that location or if it becomes warded by a unit.

    Optimal creeps score by time markers

    4c/s initial wave, then ballista, without gold obtained from kills, assists yet has the greed support talent points of +3 additional gold per soldier killed in the form of perfect creep score.

    Taking around 30s for each creep wave to arrive in lane, using the gold averages for the amount of soldiers per wave, with catapult minion.

    Please be aware that this is just rough guesswork since various averages may differ in game and could change from kill/ death/assist ratios as well as the likelihood you will not be able to comfortably free farm for this length of time without your opponent harassing you.

    4 per wave
    (48 x 2) = 92 + (43 x 2) = 86 + 87 [at 2mins)
    92 + 86 = 178
    178 at 30s approx. therefore 178 x 2 = 356 for 1 min
    Every minute past 2mins = 87 x 2 = 174
    (356 x 5) + 174 x 5 for others add onto original n = (1780 + 870) = 2650 gold

    Time marker: 5mins
    Number of c/s: 40-50
    Approximate gold value: 2302 gold

    Time marker: 10mins
    Number of c/s: 90-100
    Approximate gold value: 4952 gold

    Time marker: 15mins
    Number of c/s: 140-150
    Approximate gold value: 7602 gold

    Time marker: 20mins
    Number of c/s: 190-200
    Approximate gold value: 10,252 gold

    Orb walking In depth article

    Here is the source from where Orb walking is described aptly.
    Source: http://team-dignitas.net/articles/blogs/League-of-Legends/1816/League-of-Legends-Orb-Walking the below article has been slightly adapted (hardly) for HOC.

    It's always infuriating to play an AD carry, chasing the enemy with your autoattacks only to find out that you're a few paces short from landing the last attack to slay the enemy. This is probably a problem that has plagued us all, and while most of us might be compelled to burn a summoner spell in order to secure the kill, there is one relatively unknown playstyle method that can help prevent that unforunate necessity: Orb Walking.

    I. What is Orb Walking?

    Orb walking is a term that originally comes from DoTA. It is a form of attacking that mainly uses the concept of "animation cancelling". More specifically, it is a method of attacking primarily for AD carries that allows them to chase more efficiently through lane and kiting in brushes by minimizing the time between movement and attack commands, which allows for your champion to attack and move without being forced to choose between the two.
    While Orb Walking's existence in Heroes of Order and Chaos it may not be to the extent that it was in DoTA, there is little dispute that you can manipulate your auto-attack delays. Additionally, while usually intended for auto attacks, animation-cancelling can also be used with a variety of champions to help you chain abilities with an auto attack to deal a bit of extra poke. Orb walking is an essential skill that needs to be utilized by all players seeking to better themselves for a few reasons:

    1) Proper orb walking allows you to fire a shot and waste minimum frames out of movement so you can stay hot on an enemy's tail.

    2) Proper orb walking allows you to farm minion waves more efficiently if you are seeking to push, and if you are being pushed it will increase your chances of getting the most of your CS.

    3) Taking advantage of your animations properly (a form of orb walking) will allow you to chain abilities with an auto attack. Examples include chaining Elf’s Arrow flurry and auto attack such that you will be able to fire an autoattack at an enemy almost immediately after volley is fired. Allowing volley to go to completion will deny you this auto attack unless the enemy is within your immediate location.

    II. Learning to use the Attack Button

    Currently in Heroes of Order and Chaos, auto attacks can be executed in 2 ways. A popular way, unfortunately a way that clashes slightly with orb walking, is using screen tapping on the tablet device. The second way is to manually press the A button on your keyboard and to click with your left button down on targets. However, there are a few reasons why I would recommend the latter method over the former.

    Firstly, movement is also executed with the joystick left side of screen or through on screen directions. Using the former button has personally made me miss auto attacks or CS at times because I mistakenly click and my character goes to move instead of attacking. Additionally, this can be a life or death problem in chasing or if you accidentally mean to turn around and attack the enemy but instead move into them.

    Using the A button and clicking, instead, has many unknown perks. First, sometimes you will find that minions will stack such that it may be hard to click on that. Pressing A and clicking on the ground will have your champion fire auto attacks at the closest aggressive minion or champion that it can attack. When minions are lumped together, sometimes I will instead approach them and use the A + click method to ensure the last hit rather than attempting to tap on an allied unit or enemy.

    Additionally, using the A + clicking method makes it harder for your opponents to juke you in a bush. This is because A + clicking prioritizes auto attacks on whatever location you click on. If you right click to move into a brush, you will then manually need to locate the enemy and click again. Pressing A and clicking into the brush where an enemy is will tell your champion to automatically locate them and begin firing once you enter the brush. This will save your skin and perhaps dignity many times over (it has for me).

    Lastly, pressing A and clicking provides the greatest control for auto attack animation because it doesn't mix up the left and right mouse buttons. You can press A + click and immediately switch targets with that option when in a fight scenario.

    III. Chaining skills with auto attacks

    While not under the direct jurisdiction of what is generally considered "Orb Walking", I consider chaining skills with auto attacks a valuable skill that still requires a complete understanding of cancelling auto attacks. An example of chaining a skill with an auto attack would be to use a skill and fire an auto attack immediately after. While this may not provide the most damage, during early game a single auto attack can force your opponents hand or determine the dominant player in the lane.

    Chaining skills with your auto attack isn't extremely difficult, but may require some practice. Generally, I smart cast almost all my skills (except for selective, important ones such as Guervus’s Spacial “blink” skill). This is actually an important decision as it reduces the necessity of the click to fire the skill shot. To chain, you must understand and analyze the earliest time possible in which you can fire the skill and interrupt your animation by right clicking/A+ clicking to fire a shot instantly.

    Heroes of Order and Chaos Example:

    We will examine this with Elf:
    Press 2nd skill Arrow flurry (with smart cast enabled) --> As you see the arrows firing, immediately move forward, or, if in range, and auto attack.

    Now, you may be wondering, why should be chain these auto attacks if the effects are so miniscule? Well, they might not always be. While Orb Walking itself is generally associated with AD carries, skill chaining can be done with multiple champions in every position to enhance damage and force in auto attacks during skill casts. An example of this is Chameleon, in which you can effectively execute an AD in midair as you Impale your opponent.

    Should you be playing a champion that capitalizes on Leech or Harvest (Marthius), this extra auto attack can actually make a difference, and like I previously mentioned, can be used on AD carries to harass more in lane.

    IV. How to Orb Walk

    Now let's get to the important part - learning how to Orb Walk. It's not a difficult concept, but it may be difficult or strenuous to remember to apply it. Remember, Orb Walking is used because it allows you to manoeuvre and kite while dealing out damage instead of forcing you to choose one or the other. Additionally, it improves positioning and damage output in team fights, and if you were to be chasing down an enemy while you had Blue buff or some sort of slow, it can continuously put you in range to slow them.

    To Orb Walk, I recommend you play without locked screen (set camera option to free not fixed), with smart casting, and auto-attacking with A + clicking. You must learn when your auto attack animation can be cancelled while the shot is still preserved in the air. After you do so, simply remember to move forward towards your target and auto attack, breaking the auto attack with another forward motion, and continuously pressing A + clicking on your target.
    Should your enemy be juking into bushes or should you be caught out of position in a team fight and only seek to do damage, remember that pressing A + Clicking on a location will bring your character to attack the nearest enemy. Use this to your advantage in team fights when you cannot be selective with your firing, or when you are attempting to kite or back up and wish to do damage.


    Special thanks to Spacial for the Information about the creeps for 3v3 map.

    Special thanks to Team Dignitas article page and the Tumblr user for the Freezing lane guide

    DexterVist for collaborating the guide with Pikachu001 advice and constant encouraging advice he issued
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    Very good info.

    Just to complete what you have, here is how creeps work in Rift (cut and paste from my logbook):


    Here are few insights I discover and tested:

    - Killing a tower gives (only) 50XP but 200g for the team, and a bonus 300g for the killer
    - Creeps spawn each 30 seconds starting at zero timer.
    - It takes 30 seconds for a wave to go from base to river and engaging, just enough to kill spiders quick and get to mid when there is 2-3 creeps left for gold and XP
    - Ballista waves start at 1min30 then each following 2 minutes: 3min30, 5min30, and so on. As a simple reminder, each "Odd time and a half", there is a balista in the wave

    At beginning, there are 3 melee and 1 range creep. Then creeps are added at specific waves:
    - At 8min30, there is one more range
    - At 15 min, there is more more melee

    Base creep HP, XP and gold:
    - Range: 280 HP, 41-47XP, 30-40g
    - Melee: 405 HP, 46-52XP, 40-50g
    - Balista: 500 HP, 88-92XP, 50-70g

    Each time you kill an enemy tower, creeps from that lane get a boost, a sort of Creep Lvl up on the next creep spawn.
    - Range +30 HP,
    - melee: +45 HP,
    - Balista: +75 HP,

    Also, each 5 minutes, every new creep spawn gets a slight boost:
    - Range: +10 HP
    - Melee: +15 HP
    - Balista: +25 HP
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    <^=.=^> I am guilty of doing that inadvertently although it seems to happen more in inexperienced ranked matches.

    When my guild mates begin to ping lane insistently I know I should back off
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