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    Donovac's guide by actinomyces 03march2015 updated

    “For the weak, for the weary, for the helpless, FOR THE LIGHT!”

    Hi all welcome to my Donovac's guide! I have a lot of fun with this hero I wanted to share my toughts about this original hero.

    I) Statistics

    1. Donovac's stats level 1 (bonus per level)

    Hit Points : 587 (+96)
    Mana Pool : 360 (+40)
    Damages : 51 (+3.6)
    Attack Speed : 0.71 (+0.03)
    Attak Range : Melee
    Movement speed : 4.34
    Physical defense : 23 (+3.3)
    Magic Defense : 19 (+3.03)
    HP Regeneration : 1.19/S (+0.27)
    MP regeneration : 1.10/S (+0.17)

    2. Donovac's stats level 15

    Hit Points : 1931
    Mana Pool : 920
    Damages : 101.4
    Attack Speed : 1.13
    Attak Range : Melee
    Movement speed : 4.34
    Physical defense : 69.20
    Magic Defense : 61.42
    HP Regeneration : 4.97/S
    MP regeneration : 3.48/S

    3. Donovac VS Lut Hiran, Patriarch of Primates, Sand walker, Dark Elf Exile

    Paladin / Monkey
    Damage : 93.80 / 93.80
    Attack speed : 0.85 /0.81

    Sandwalker / Elf
    Damage : 107.40 / 90
    Attack speed : 1.12 / 1.10

    4. Discussion

    When you compare Donovac stats with other “offensive” tanks like paladin and monkey, they all have good armor, hp max and hp regen. The big difference between those 3 is : Donovac has more damages and attack speed.

    Now comparing him to fighters, of course donovac has more HP,Hp regen and armor because he is a tank. But he also have fighters statistics concerning damages and attack speed!

    II) Skill set

    1. Skills presentation

    a) Holy Burst “I am salvation!”

    A divine projection bursts from Donovac toward the target location, dealing damage. If cast again within 3 seconds, Donovac will rush to the projection's location, stunning nearby ennemis for X seconds

    Range: 17 meters
    Cooldown: 9 seconds

    Level 1
    Cost: 80 MP Damage: 60 + [ 35% of Physical Attack]
    Stun effect : 0.75 second

    Level 2
    Cost: 95 MP Damage: 120 + [35% of Physical Attack]
    Stun effect : 1.00 second

    Level 3
    Cost: 110 MP Damage: 180 + [35% of Physical Attack]
    Stun effect : 1.25 second

    Level 4
    Cost: 125 MP Damage: 240 + [35% of Physical Attack]
    Stun effect : 1.5 second

    b) Blessed Bulwark

    Donovac assumes a defensive posture, raising his shield.
    Passive : reduce damage received from Normal Attacks by X%
    Active : Blocks all damage (both Normal attacks and skills) coming from in front of Donovac X times for 3 seconds

    Cooldown: 14 seconds

    Level 1
    Cost: 40 MP
    Passive : reduce damage received from Normal Attacks by 5%
    Active : Blocks all damage coming from in front of Donovac 1 time for 3 seconds

    Level 2
    Cost: 50 MP
    Passive : reduce damage received from Normal Attacks by 10%
    Active : Blocks all damage coming from in front of Donovac 2 times for 3 seconds

    Level 3
    Cost: 60 MP
    Passive : reduce damage received from Normal Attacks by 15%
    Active : Blocks all damage coming from in front of Donovac 3 times for 3 seconds

    Level 4
    Cost: 70 MP
    Passive : reduce damage received from Normal Attacks by 20%
    Active : Blocks all damage coming from in front of Donovac 4 times for 3 seconds

    c) Shield Slam

    Donovac smashes his target with his shield. This crushing blow is unaffected by armor, ignoring all Physical defense.

    Range: 4 meters
    Movement Speed Reduction: X% for 3 seconds.

    Level 1
    Cost: 80 MP Damage: 75
    Cooldown: 8 seconds
    Movement Speed Reduction: 10% for 3 seconds

    Level 2
    Cost: 80 MP Damage: 150
    Cooldown: 7 seconds
    Movement Speed Reduction: 20% for 3 seconds

    Level 3
    Cost: 80 MP Damage: 225
    Cooldown: 6 seconds
    Movement Speed Reduction: 30% for 3 seconds

    Level 4
    Cost: 80 MP Damage: 300
    Cooldown: 5 seconds
    Movement Speed Reduction: 40% for 3 seconds

    d) Light of the Heavens

    Donovac unleashes rays of holy light, damaging all nearby ennemies and blinding those facing him. Those blinded are affected for 3 seconds, decreasing their normal attacks by X%

    Range: 6 meters

    Level 1
    Cost: 100 MP Damage: 200 + [50% of Physical Attack]
    Cooldown : 70 seconds
    Decrease normal attacks by 50% for 3 seconds

    Level 2
    Cost: 130 MP Damage: 325 + [50% of Physical Attack]
    Cooldown : 60 seconds
    Decrease normal attacks by 70% for 3 seconds

    Level 3
    Cost: 160 MP Damage: 450 + [50% of Physical Attack]
    Cooldown : 50 seconds
    Decrease normal attacks by 95% for 3 seconds

    2. Discussion

    Holy burst has an awesome range, but its hard to use because you have to anticipate ennemys movement, there is a delay between landing aoe where you want and the time it takes to rush in and stun opponents.
    This skill has a low level1 damages and short 0.75sec stun, but it reaches 240 damages and 1.5 secs stun level 4. 35% scaling seems decent considering donovac is a tank. Blessed bulkwark is a cool skill, like Baask's one (boss in the middle of train map), so you have to face the damager to make it effective. Note that even if active is nice to counter a spell (lebmont's bullet, gambler's dice and so on), the passive only reduces damages from autoattack, its better against fighters (autoattack) than mages (spell's burst)

    Shield Slam is good, but only if you put many skill points in it. Like holy burst, the skill becomes decent when you put enough points in it

    His ultimate spell has good damages, with good scaling for a tank. Just dont be lured by spell description : IT DOESNT BLIND! The effect is decreasing opponents damage at range (6 meters) who are FACING him (not that easy, but you will make damage at least)

    III) Skill build

    You have few possiblities, if you priorize his defensive ablities, the 40% slow with low CD or the damages from holyburst.

    I use to max damages anyway, because donovac isnt mean to be very defensive (see statistics)

    Here is my main


    Why do I upgrade holy burst first? It because this spell allows you to make damage from safe range (17m :) ) and it will stun longer if you chose to rush.
    I count on my ally's Crowd Control (CC, slow stun and so on) to catch opponents, because i'll have only 10% slow before I upgrade the skill (level 8/10/11)

    If you think upgrading holy burst isnt worth it because its 17m range even level 1, upgrade the slow, spaming 40% slow for 3 seconds every 5 seconds isnt that bad :p

    1-3-3-2-3-4-3 + shield or holy burst first

    I like putting one point in shield level 4 anyway i'll explain why in gameplay section

    IV) Talents

    I'm generally open-minded about testing strange talents for heros, but Donovac is definitly meant to deal damages with his autoattack. Considering Mp cost of his spells arent high, surprise isnt pertinent anyway. Then I recommend only this ^^

    Guardian/Fighter talents

    1. Guardian Tree : 19 points

    Strong : 5 points (40 hpmax)
    Defense : 2 points (0.5 Mdef/level)
    Toughness : 3 points (0.7 Pdef/level)
    Fast healer : 3 points (Heal effects +35%)
    Resilient : 2 points (+6hp/level)
    Last stand : 1 point (10% Dmg reduction under 30%Hp)
    Bastion of Defense : 3 points (towers damage -30%)

    2. Fighter tree : 21 points

    Sharp : 5 points (5 Dmg)
    Sharpen : 5 points (0.75 Dmg/level)
    Amor Busting : 3 points (7.5 Pdef piercing)
    Find weakness : 3 points (0.7 Crit rate/level)
    Fatal damage : 1 point (10% Crit Dmg)
    Biting : 1 point (bonus damage : 1% Hpmax of target)

    You can have variations in first talents of each trees, but in my opinion its necessary to unlock Biting and Last stand. If you dislike Bastion of defense, put 2 points in find weakness instead, last point defense or resilient why not.

    V) Tablets

    1. Offensive

    Bloodlust (expecially for train map )

    2. Defensive


    3. Support

    Assistance (teleport)
    Scrying (eagle eye)
    Infectious Fury (demolish)

    If you want to be very hard to kill in ending game, get purity and courage tablet.
    Purity : 10% of damage reduction (you receive 90%)
    Courage : 30% if your level 15 (70% on you)
    Last stand : 10% if your Hp are <30% (90% damages)
    Passive : 20% from normal attack (80%damages)
    Theoric maximum damage reduction % from normal attack : 70% x 80% x 90% x 90% = 45%, so its a 55% damage reduction

    Tablets to support are reserved for guild games with very good teamplay, otherwise its to hard to make them effective and you lose a tablet's slot.

    VI) Inscriptions

    Considering he has the best of tank and fighter stats, I like using fighters inscriptions for him
    Here is a link about fighters inscriptions pros and coins, it talks about tablets too


    You will have to chose between those :

    Critical rate (early game) / Critical damage (late game)
    Damage (early game) / Piercing (late game)

    If you want more resilience you can get Hp max inscriptions I guess, I dont use it with donovac.

    VII) Item build

    1) Boots

    There aren't many choices for a tank : get these iron boots they are awesome! You don't need tempest you will catch an opponent running aways with holy burst and shield slam anyway. You can buy savage boots if you want, since attackspeed has been nerfed in 1.8 update

    2) Offensive items

    Jaden axe
    Watchers whisperers
    Arkhan Cutlass
    Divinity sword
    Dull Vine Shield

    3) Defensive items

    Dull Vine Shield (heal 15%HP MAX)
    Stirring Soul Of The Dragons (Cd reduction, more damage)
    Plate Mail of Damned (reduce both your and opponents armor)
    Blinding Aegis (active reduce attack speed of target)
    Lost Hermetist's Cape (Damage over time = DoT)
    Zhealot's armor (if nobody's going to buy it)

    4) Discussion

    My final build is Iron boots, Dull vine shield, Stirring soul of dragons, watchers whisperers, jaden axe and kingkiller.

    Gameloft recommands playing Donovac with only one offensive item : Arkhan Cutlass. Level 15 he will have 1.58 attack speed. Then you are supposed to buy Hermetist's cape and a lot of armors.
    When i look at his stats level15, i think he is meant to be more offensive with his autoattacks

    You will have to priorize your itemization considering your teammates. Here are my thoughts :

    - NEVER start with watchers whisperers, you need damages first and attack speed later

    - Prefer jaden axe : you will decrease ennemy's defense effectively, plus it makes the target vulnerable to allys attacks too. Longbow is more selfish, ideally you should take jaden axe axe, engage and your fighter should aim same target with a longbow

    3 offensive items for the win

    jaden axe watchers whisperers(WW) kingkiller(KK)
    You pierce, you crit, you have good attackspeed bonus for 2900 gold and proc slow. With these items AS=1,70

    Their fighters are fed, magic damage isnt a problem

    Zealot's horn (if support heroes doesn't buy it)
    Stirring Soul of the dragon (you will have a lot of Hpmax and more damages)
    Blinding Aegis : with this, your shield and your ultimate's effect, fighters shouldn't be that hard to counter.
    Evistix and draeznor are very popular now, VS them your team need that item (support idealy, you if no one thinks about buying it)

    Their mages are painfull, fighters arent a problem

    Dull Vine shield : 200 hp, 60 magic armor, 40%attackspeed and it restores 15% of Hp, it gives a lot of armor and the healing effect helps against mages burst (if other heroes in your team buy this armor and/or Valkyrian's robes it's going to help a lot)
    Plate Mail of Damned : it gives many magic armor, and you can use it to decrease their armor when you feel its the good moment

    Dammit both fighters and mages are painfull i'm in trouble

    I often chose Hades + Dull Vine Shield + stirring soul of the dragon, leaving one slot for boots and 2 slots for jaden axe and watchers whisperers

    Your physical carry is a dumb (shit happens), your team has a lot of CC, or your team simply needs more physical damage and is tanky enough

    Buy stirring soul + dull vine shield + jaden + WW + KK + boots
    sacrificing your physical defense is fine if your good at using shield, using ulti in time, and land holy burst

    5) When buy what

    I often start with 2 squires, boot for 300 gold and see : if opponent's are strong i use to buy first an armor (1150gold) against the carrys I fear the most (Phy or mag) OR a cloack of the dragon's blood (400Hp for 1100gold), then I buy offensive stuff (never start with attackspeed items, get a sword or 2 axes for exemple, then you can start buying attackspeed), feel free to upgrade armors before finishing your offensive stuff if you think it's necessary : your a bruiser you must resist first and make damage after, you can't be too shy your not a coward fighter!

    For exemple in gvg when we were in trouble, i finished hades and bought a magic armor (1150gold) before buying any offensive item o_O

    But your final build must have at least 3 offensive items (or 2 if you have stirring soul for damage and dull vine shield for attackspeed) to be effective against their squishy fighters and mages[/color]

    VIII) Gameplay

    Holy Burst

    - use it to clean jungle spots faster, jumping from one camp to another
    - 17meters : your a good ganker, don't forget to ping the map to indicate your intentions to your laner and rush in
    - If laning phase becomes complicated, use the spell only to farm at a safe range
    - if you want to catch someone who is running away, put the area at max range where he wants to retreat : if he keeps going rush and stun him, if he doesnt gogo smash him with the shield and don't use the rush 100% of times
    - great escape skill with low cooldown. If your armored it will be hard to finish you before you have the opportunity to get away :->
    - Since 1.8 update the skill is easier to land, its easier to stun

    Slam shield

    - let's be honnest, level 1 it's a bad spell. But level 4 it becomes interesting
    - Keep in mind damages from that skill ignores armor (effective vs armored opponents thanxs captain obvious!)
    - It doesn't slow enough to allow you to catch someone for a long time at low level, until this skill is level 3 or 4 you need your allies to snare your target

    Blessed bulwark

    - I often put one point in it level 4 to counter one attack, it can be a lebmont's shot, a gambler's dice, a missile from tower (particulary those in train map)
    - Don't forget to face the damager when the projectile is about to hit you, after a towerdive youll counter the last tower's hit on you using shield+turning back to face the tower for exemple
    - Funny thing : if Debronee uses intensify and you shield/auto attack him, you will parry all hits if your skill is level 4 ^^

    Ultimate spell

    - If you reduce their damages its cool, if not it still does have good damage :)
    - If your sure your ultimate effect worked, wait a bit before shielding

    Remember Donovac is bruiser. His spells aren't good at low level and even if level 15 he has awesome stats he isn't that good level1. Take your time, go jungle fast with Holy burst, and when your skills/stats are better attack heroes.

    You will have good damages and nice autoattacks, but your spells haven't a lot of CC, stun is delayed (even if its better with 1.8 update) and he can slow only one target : teamplay is essential.

    NEW UPDATE : VINE SHIELD HAS CHANGED AND ITS GOOD FOR DONOVAC! buy it and reach high attackspeed you need in late game easier mouhahahahahahahhahaa

    Thanks for reading, see you later in game or forums!
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    Jan 9, 2014
    I like it

    But, isn't surprise needed?
  3. actinomycetemcomitans

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    Apr 21, 2013
    In 33 map and train map nope, in rift why not:) i should update it for that. I think jungler rift he is fine without surprise, laner he is not, but i'm not a rift expert(border train +++) whats your opinion?
  4. Acey

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    Apr 21, 2014
    good guide. I also ended up with same 2 def 3 off build. Seems its what suits him best. And in most cases second armor is dull vine shield. U get pretty much everything from that armor.
  5. aladdin23

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    Aug 17, 2013
    Great guide!!!

    For extreme long charges drop a holy burst. Use a map teleport (not the skill), activate charge. Enjoy the ride. !!

    If u have guild skill u can retreat back and then charge. I saw this on YouTube video. I don't have the guild skills to verify if its do able.

    Ok I had to mention this extra bit. While doing these long charges if Horse or Monkey charges donnavac they too will fly. It's amusing or I'm easily entertained lol.
  6. actinomycetemcomitans

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    Apr 21, 2013
    yep was fun, but last update they corrected it you cant use it after taking portal anymore

    i dont like arkhan anymore since new update ill change guide soon ^^

    Edit = updated
  7. actinomycetemcomitans

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    Here is a link of a good game i played with donovac


    I also have another video with donovac full tank (a bugg made me play with tank/support talents instead of fighter/tank), i could KS and annoy unarmored people but not protect my mates^^
  8. Lovelydood

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    Mar 11, 2015
    What about divinity sword. it gives u 50 damage, 50 phys defense and atk speed. also harvest and the stun
  9. witchhunter21

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    Mar 11, 2015
    But Donovac usually doesn't deal that much damage to the enemies. Leech wont help that much.
  10. Nexus

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    Nov 17, 2014
    I don't think divinity sword gives 50 physical defence. Anyways I have played donovac as a full tank, bruiser and physical carry. For me being a bruiser is so much fun just because he can deal decent damage and being a decent tank at same time.
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    Here's how I build Donovac:

    I take the role as a tank, (3 tank tabs), but what makes him a fantastic hero is that his base damage and attack speed can make him an absolute monster.

    This is assumed that mage threats are not the primary worry.

    Chain boots
    Jade axe
    Stirring Soul

    Last item is situational. It's ideal you have at least one item with at least 20% attack speed. Zealots Horn for physical threat heroes, Dull Vine for mages (or if you want a fantastic heal boost for you and your team), Divinity sword for the damage and stun.

    Or throw out hermetist, replace it with KK, and use the last slot as either zealots or dull vine for speed.

    Supplement the rest with consumables. You're already doing over 400 to creeps.

    You only need 2-3 offensive items to do the ridiculous amount of damage. Tablets are best invested with 3 tank. In a stun happy team, you can take a serious beat down before they can actually kill you.
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    Apr 27, 2015
    No, if I'm right it's ~55% damage reduction
  13. actinomycetemcomitans

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    Apr 21, 2013
    Thanxs, Edited!

    Yes you are, this guide is kinda old and i didnt know how multple %damage reduc worked:)
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2015

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