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    Experience General Guide for HoC

    Experience is the term used to describe amount of exp gained in order to level up, with more experience a person or player should ideally improve perform or ability to participate; with the acronym defined as XP / EXP.

    There is no cap for the amount of Exp a player’s hero can gain in the game but once they reach level 15, their character will not gain anymore exp (to fill the bar) to increase stat values but gold gained from c/s and neutrals will remain fixed to their range of values.

    The maximum level in Heroes of Order and Chaos is lv 15 in game but the maximum player level is level 40. This guide shall cover the amount of exp each in game (unit) has as a direct reference for players to use rather than amount of exp gained from playing certain game modes to level up efficiently.


    Tablet of Merciful Words – Increase amount of EXP and GOLD obtained for each Kill or Assist gained and restored by 8%

    Kill Exp = approximate 130-140 exp

    Assist Exp = 130-140 exp

    [There is no need for HoC to implement EXP inscriptions they are not needed]

    Meaning exp gained additional 10-12 ish exp for assists and kills so players equipped with said tablet have distinct levelling advantage if actively participating in obtaining kills yet may not be proxed at all, if enemies play safe or if little skirmishes happen to gain kill benefits.

    Fast Learner (Support Talents) Requiring 750 + 3600 + 6300 gold to unlock talent page 4th tier provides extra 5% exp gained from all sources (kills/assists/c/s, neutrals/bosses)

    10,650 Total gold needed to unlock support talent pages

    Requires 15 talents points allocated into support to unlock FAST LEARNER SKILL

    Approximate benefits falls of late game between level 11-15 where alternative talent points would have provided better combat attributes ensuring experienced gained reaches maximum of approximately an extra lane creep of 45exp / one small jungle creep every [2.25exp = 0.05 of 45] 20c/s

    Note: This will differ because of various exp certain Buffs / neutrals have so will not always provide example figure of 45exp, as some of the larger neutral creatures.

    1. Basic Levelling:

    Level 1 – 200exp – Level 2 – 300 exp – Level 3 – 400 exp - Level 4 – 500 exp - Level 5 – 600 exp - Level 6 – 700 exp - Level 7 – 800 exp - Level 8 – 900 exp - Level 9 – 1000 exp - Level 10– 1100 exp - Level 11 – 1200 exp - Level 12 – 1300 exp - Level 13 – 1400 exp - Level 14 – 1500exp – Level 15

    Exponential increase of 100EXP each level

    The Jungle - Total exp per camp

    Border Skirmish and Rift specific neutrals

    Spiders Camp (Top Left)

    130exp + [35x2] = 200exp

    Bear Camp (Top)

    95exp + [35x2] = 165exp

    If route is taken from spiders, bears and then goblins bottom jungle if not taken or left for bot support/mage – top lane in 3vs3 will hit lv 3 (no additional exp unless fast learner talent is applied)

    To reach level 6 it will take [2000exp] 200 + 165 + 135 = 500exp so 4 rotations 2000/500 = 4

    Goblins camp (bottom farm left)

    65exp + [35x2] = 135exp

    With 5% Fast Learner = [4.75 + 3.5] + original 165exp + [6.5 + 3.5] + original 200exp + [3.25 + 3.5] + 135 = 500 + 25 additional exp (for top jungle)

    So roughly values 1 – 2 small neutral (35-45exp) monsters that will benefits levelling for tank/ support talent orientations

    Gnoll Camp (mid to bot)

    65exp + [35x2] = 135exp

    If Able to clear both Bottom jungle near lane Player Heroes should hit level 2 with 135+ 135 [depends if exp split with mid laner] for lv 1 – 200 – lv 2 – 70 additional exp to level 3

    2. Lane Creeps [Levesqmi copied and unedited]
    +1 / Like Levesqmi stuff and posts to death, he is a huge contributor to the HoC community and a nice guy all round. =.=


    Here are few insights I discover and tested:

    Killing a tower gives (only) 50XP but 200g for the team, and a bonus 300g for the killer
    - Creeps spawn each 30 seconds starting at zero timer.
    - It takes 30 seconds for a wave to go from base to river and engaging, just enough to kill spiders quick and get to mid when there is 2-3 creeps left for gold and XP
    - Ballista waves start at 1min30 then each following 2 minutes: 3min30, 5min30, and so on. As a simple reminder, each "Odd time and a half", there is a balista in the wave

    At beginning, there are 3 melee and 1 range creep. Then creeps are added at specific waves:
    - At 8min30, there is one more range
    - At 15 min, there is more more melee

    Base creep HP, XP and gold:
    - Range: 280 HP, 41-47XP, 30-40g
    - Melee: 405 HP, 46-52XP, 40-50g
    - Balista: 500 HP, 88-92XP, 50-70g

    Exp Amount is less than jungle meaning approximately 4c/s per wave will not be enough for perfect clear to hit level 2 so hits about 180-190exp ish (unless talent fast learner or if cleared nearby camp with ally)

    Each time you kill an enemy tower, creeps from that lane get a boost, a sort of Creep Lvl up on the next creep spawn.
    - Range +30 HP,
    - melee: +45 HP,
    - Balista: +75 HP,

    Also, each 5 minutes, every new creep spawn gets a slight boost:
    - Range: +10 HP
    - Melee: +15 HP
    - Balista: +25 HP

    Rift Jungle

    Bears (Rift) [Near blue buff]

    130exp + 70exp = 200exp

    Spiders and Goblins = Same as above

    Blue/Red Buff

    190exp + [45x2] = 280exp

    Since on Rift Neutral monsters spawn at the 50s mark; with buffs a bit later at 60s, the intended route is either for junglers / laners to maybe solo Spiders / Bears to reach an early level 2 before they enter lane (mid / top). You could have another team member help delay your own creep wave by creep blocking to avoid being pushed up in lane and the possibility to miss valuable c/s.

    Invading the opponents’ jungle for exp will always benefit you with levelling by disallowing the enemies to gain EXP and GOLD but can cost time spent that may be better helping pressuring a lane or protecting allies from ganks which requires good map awareness to know when you can and shouldn’t perform invades.

    Most effective jungle routes (without visiting lane for exp) consist of in my opinion [if desired quickest way to level 6 power spike] –

    Spiders/ Bears = 200exp – Blue/Red buff = 280 - Goblins / Gnolls (by Mid lane river either side) = 135exp = 615exp so would equates to reaching level 3 after clearing Spiders/Bears + Buff and one gnoll/goblin.

    1230exp if doubling exp figure to include both sides means 2 rotations of the jungle twice should complete necessary amount of exp needed to reach level 6 (2000exp) with each jungle camp taking approximately 40-50s time to respawn before being able to clear again.

    Under Realm Ruins Specific

    Cavern Marshal and thanes / Gnoll Shaman and Gold diggers = 65 + [35x2] = 135exp each camp
    (Same practically as BS bot - mid lane neutrals)

    Mogul / Guijha / Baask [Thanks to gameloft and Spacial for his 3vs3 Border Skirmish map guide]

    Experienced is gained at 3exp per second on Under Realm Ruins with gold income at 2 gold per second.

    Big Buffs

    Mogul'sh, The Slicer

    Level: 15
    HP: 9000 / 9000/ 8000
    MP: 3050
    EXP Reward: 1935 for M and G (Baask Not tested]
    Gold Reward: 300 for the team which slain it.
    Loot: Boss Buff MaxHP+300, MaxMp+200, Physical/Magic Attack +30 Lasts 2 min

    Baask (Shield for Ballista / Train when nearby if player has dealt killing blow to Baask the Soulless)

    Experience will be shared if members of team are within range of neutral monster being kill [split by no. of team mates of variable 1 – 5]

    1 = 1935

    2 = 967.5

    3 = 645

    4 = 483.75

    5 = 387

    exp each to members within 10 m range either side...

    Lv 1 solo is not worth doing since exp value and gold missed from c/s in lane will be less than the time required to team solo mogul from simple clearing of camps for top jungler, while rest of team should focus on obtaining gold to purchase more luxurious items.

    Advised learning damage of skills for particular heroes or Frostbolt specifically to learn how to effectively perform steals for objectives

    Level: 12
    HP: 2500
    MP: N/A
    EXP Reward: 955
    Gold Reward: 200 for the team which slain it.
    Loot: Dragon Buff Increase Attack by 50% and Magical Attack by 20. lasts 45 secs.

    It is better to gift dragon buffs to fighter/bruiser heroes since buff scales better than on a magical attacking hero.


    Stumpy / Ribs / Hulk (in this order below – same as stats above)

    Level: 10 / 11 / 13
    HP: 1500 / 2000 / 2500
    MP: 300 / 1000 / 500
    EXP Reward: 300 / 400 / 500 exp
    Gold Reward: 150/150 /150 Hulk for individual which slain it.
    Loot: Reduce Movement Speed by 30% and 40 Magical Damage per second as well as increases maximum HP by 15% for 45s

    Note: Killing Just Hulk without killing Ribs or Stumpy first will grant the buff but players will not receive total exp of 1200exp (only 500exp and 150 gold) available to player hero.

    Better on Melee heroes for the AoE aura damage that do not mind the movement speed negative effects (such as having gap closing skills) or team mates that can pull enemies near and the HP benefits is more significant for survivability than on a ranged AD / AP in most cases as they will be in closer range to deal and receive damage during fights.

    Wrath Golem

    Level: 13
    HP: 4000
    MP: 2000
    EXP Reward: 1000exp
    Gold Reward: 400 for the individual who slain it.
    Loot: Increase Physical Attack and Magical Attack by 15% + Mana Regen by 10 points each hit for 45s

    Thanks for reading I hope this information is useful to someone at least.
    Will update with more information and pictures soon XP
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    Great post. Great work

    Couple of quick things I noticed:
    1- Experience for a hero kill increase every lvl. It stats to 200xp for a solo kill and increase every lvl by a fixed number (something like 40xp)
    2- There is a formula for the XP a bit more complex. You get a fraction of the hero xp on kill, the person that did the last hit gets a bonus xp, and all that value is also multiplied by 15%*NbHeroKillStream of the enemy
    3- Fast learner gives 5% bonus xp, but that value is rounded down. works good on hero, but gives about 3-4% actually on creep (bears gives 208XP instead of 200XP with it). So the overall benefit for Fast Learner is quite minimal, giving probalby 300-600xp throughout the whole game (less than 1/3 of lvl 15 xp)
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