[Goldfur] Schumilex5's Guide To The <Scoundrel>

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    This hero is generally can be played in two ways, support and mage. Theres just a small difference, as a mage you mostly dont use your ulti on allies, keeping the assault song on, and leaving the support items.

    Enchanted Lyrics
    Range: 9m, Single target
    MP cost: 125 at all levels
    CD: 16/15/14/12s
    On Allay: If he hero receives any damage, the skill will heal him for 75/125/175/225 HP + [65% of Magical Attack] HP, then jump to the allied hero with the lowest HP within 15 meters. Limited to 5 jumps and one hero at a time. Lasts 30 seconds.
    On enemy:1.50/1.75/2.00/2.25s stun

    This skill (is the most complex, and ofc it) can grant you a nice anount of heal, at full build it can exceed 5-600HP if the target has points on the fast healer talent.

    And what does it actually do?
    Lets start with the effect on an allied hero (including yourself).
    After casting on somebody, this skill need around 0.5s until it is fully equeppid on the hero. After this, if the hero recive any damage from an enemy's skill or autoattack the lyrics will refill some HP for the hero, than move to the next hero who has the lowest HP in 15m, and it can do that a total of 5 times. If the hero walks away of range before it could reach him, the skill will vanish.

    Okhey, and What about the 30s? How should I monopoly with that?
    Well, if you cast this on an ally, the skill will stick to him maximum of 30 seconds, But, if he get damaged and the skill do its jump, the 30s will be refreshed every time it hit a new allied hero. Take an example: You are missing some HP, you have the skill on you but it will long last only for 7s, you walk in front of some of the enemy minions to get a hit, very nice you get healed. The skill will jump to the next ally and starts to count from 30s again =》gaind free HP and saved the valuable MP.

    Hey hey and the stun? Whats with that?
    It is simple as a wooden edge. It is also have ~0.5 sec of delay before it can be activated, which can be done by your skills or aoutoattacks. Also, this skill sadly can not keep jumping, choose your target wisely.

    And when and how should I use it?
    You should keep one or two on your team of this skill. It will give your team and carry some help during the fights.
    Also, dont forget if an allied hero is healed by this skill, he will get One stack of your passive skill.
    About the stun, if the enemy's tank is in range for example, you can try to cast it on him, so when hes trying to land his combo you can cancel it out. Of course you can cast it even in the fight for the enemy carry, or on a running enemy from , or after you ^^

    MP cost: 60/80/100/120 on first cast
    Continously Spam Cost: +100MP
    Range: 11 meters
    CD: 17 seconds
    On ally: 45/75/105/135 + HP [45% Magical Attack]
    On enemy: 63/105/147/189 damage + [45% Magical Attack]

    This one is a lot easier type of ability. You deal some effect for all kind and every unit within 10m of your reach.
    Every cast will heal all of your allies and deal magic damage to the enemies, besides it gives One tick to Simphony of Serenity whenever it is casted.
    Because of its long range try to avoid being in the middle of the fight, and use a tank as a shield ^^

    Battle Tuning​
    Symphony of Serenity
    Damage Reduc.: 3/4/5/6%
    Heal increase: 5%
    Length: 5s

    It is a stackable buff, which's maximum cap is 15. Whenever you heal on ally by your skills, and this type of passive you run, it will grant this buff to him for 5 seconds, which is going to be refreshed by every new heal effect within 5 seconds. If your are not fed, or not a magical carry (or have some wave/boss killing plans), I recommand you to always use this, or at least during the fight.

    And how does this stack atcually works?
    If you use your ultimate on somebody, it will do 4 bounch right? That is 4 heal =》4 tick of passive. That means he will recive 24% less damage and will have 20% increase on any healing skill and life steal/leech (f.e. he does 100 life steal, after your ulti it will be 120) for 5 seconds.

    Aria of the Assault
    Effect: 1/2/3/4% damage by their maximum HP

    It is a simple skill, whener you keep it on, your skills will deal bonus damage by the enemy's maximum HP. If you want to farm a bit before going back to the base, deal more damage in fights, or take out a boss you can turn it on to finsh the job easier.

    Living Notes​

    MP cost: 150/200/250
    Range: 10m
    Cooldown: 80s at all levels
    Bouches number: 4 (4 hit to you and 4 hit to target).
    On ally: 30/50/70 HP + [70% Magical Attack], and +20% movementspeed
    On enemy: 36/60/84 damage + [70% Magical Attack], amd 10% reduction in movementspeed. Each bounce to Goldfur heals him by 30/50/70 HP + [70% Magical Attack]

    It does 4 bounch, so it will hit both of You and Your target 4 times. If you use it on an ally, you will gain heal and movementspeed bonus. Used on an enemy, you will again get the heal bonus, but your target will have decreased moventspeed while taking some damage.

    Rememer, the closer you sit to your tagerget, the faster the balls can travelling. So if you are not so far, you can give f.e. the carry 4 instant stacks of your passive (also yoursels too).
    And some last words, if you loose the enemy target because he went invisible and you dont have ward or farseeing, or any kind of target has walked out of range, the channeling of the skill will be canceld.

    Map tacticks
    The time has come when will talk a bit about using the hero in different maps. Lets get started with the Border Skirmish.

    Your main role here is mostly being a support on the down jungle place under the mid lane and helping out your carry.
    You can try to farm your (and if you are brave the enemy's) goblin camp, and if you sure your carry can miss you, try to steal some of their gnolls.
    Because there is only 3 enemy, you can try more situational tablets because they will have more time to be activated during the fights.
    Farm the camps with discordance, charge MP on base and than come back and try to gank, or outzone the enemy support (you will rely on your stun if you are going to try that).


    On this map I think there is one importany thing, try to get the redbuff if you are going to lane (I recommand the red buffed side lane, not the mid lane because you dont have any skill for spam with low cd to trade some dmg with the other laner), of course if you are familiar with mid, go and do that if you want, but watch out for MP and last hits ^^
    If you go on sidelanes, try to get a tank near you with slow or stun, it can increase the efficenty of your discordanec (cant move during the cast).
    There you should try to farm more, to get the gear you need to be efficent. One-two cast of discordance for the minion wave, and than last hit with autoattack.


    This map is all about teamfights and positioning. Farm when your carry is not on the lane, since there is so much AOE all the time, courage is a great choice as a tablet slot.
    When the train come, go up and help your carry destroying it, and save him if its needed. Your role here is a nonfarming robot who only gain gold from assits.
    Ofc just a little bit :p
    When pushing/on the way or when it seems they will not reach it in time you can take the minions, it will not hurt their heart.

    Skill Combos

    We will take the most simple example where you have time to cast all of your skills (like you stand on baask high ground while the enemies are fighting with your mates in and around the fogs).
    Basicly you start with discorsance, than use your ultimate, discordance, first skill cast on the carry and discordance till you can, and using your active items/player skills (aka heal, teleport).

    Well, in the reality its motsly looks different.
    They jump in for you sometimes, so during this you run back, if you can you stun him, if not you either cast your first skill on yourself to gain more HP, or ulti a nearby allie for HP (if you can, ulti the carry), or if theres no other pssibility usse your ultimate on the attacking enemy.
    When the fight begins, your carry rushes in, you have to follow him sometimes to help him out. You start with uli, discordance, enchanted lyrics on him and discordance.
    And if you have teleport skill with tablet, you tp on him after 2-3 spam of discordance and than keep it up until it goes on CD.
    Should I be more afraid of some heroes?
    The thing you most hate as fox, is silence and gap closer heroes. So you will not like balondis, palladin, archimitros, and equellia with high base skill damage. But worry not, your lyrics and teammtes are here to help you out.

    Laning Tips

    If you place an enchanted lirycs on the first minion, when it gets hit the lyrics will set on you, so you incresed a bit the lenght of the skill, and earned some more pushing time.
    Also if you are pushing before going back to lane, spam discordance with Symphony of the Serenity on, it will give you more time to hit a tower (minions get the damage redction and heal too).

    What should I do with gankers? (Yes, I am still here).
    Well random human being, if you sadly got in a gank, there is some ways of dealing with it. If you are on low hp cast your first skill on yourself and run (occasionally you have to use your ulti on them to get saved), if not stun the closest damage dealing enemy and either run if there are many of them or start spamming discorsdance, and when they run away use your ulti for slow and autoattack, later use a 2nd stun by the lyrics If they still running (ofc its 10 sec so you may went back too).
    Gankers like palladin, horse with nice gapclosers and slow/silence, you mostly have to use first skill on yourself to be able to run away, and if need the ultimate.
    Againt draeznor, or malee heroes, maybe the best is to stun them. The biggest counter for you is fireball lvl2->50% heal reduction hit hard.

    As a magical carry, start with discordance, following up with enchanted lyrics and depending on your hp you cast 1 discordance than use your ultimate (dont cast it on max HP except if you know you wont die or he will run away anyway).
    If you want to catch runners, you start with your ultimate, and than enchanted lyrics for the stun.

    Skill Order

    My skill order is focusing on discordance as priority skill, and from lvl4 leaving enchanted lyrics as it is until the end because other skills give a bit more after lvl4, but at lvl1 it doesnt heal too much. We will take points on passive on lvl8, since its effect will be more important in mid-late game.
    So it is: 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 4, 2, 3, 4, 3, 3, 4, 3, 1, 1


    There are various of tablet choices. Some of them are focusing on survivability, some of them on supporting and of course some are on damage. Lets take a look at all of the valiable options (damage, support, tank orientated):


    For incriotions, I use HP for all of them in order, and magic pen in the chaos side.


    Thers a various choises too. Curious? ♡


    First is a normal playing with talents, getting the damage reduction and the heal increse from the talents pages.
    Second is nearly the sams, except we made space for the bonus movementspeed, and the third one is a support/mage tree where you can get the suprise talent, but had to leave the fast healer for it.
    In usefulness the 1st can be good on urr, the 2nd on rift and the 3rd on border. But ofc you can use them as your style whises (I mostly go with the first or 2nd one sometimes with some edit it them).
    And finally, The


    Start with a basic mage start, than some mp which is going to be your further support item. Than you just have to fucus on the equallent of damage and def items.
    And this is one is just a sample for building the hero:
    I usually start with MP, you often run out of it so it help you out. Than I mainly go for the damage, and if thats really needed I start to buy some defense, the reason I forcing damage is my skills will heal more if you have high magical attack, but we need HP and defense since Goldfur is a paper hero.

    There are several endgame builds depending on your and the opponent's team setup, your mood, and so on:
    The list is endless, and your personality and knowledge will make it that.

    But why these items?
    Wishdom Wand gives very high magical attack (~200 at 3k HP), as a mage you seek for dmg to do more heal and damage.
    Lollipop is an acceptable replacement of boots, leaving the snear decrease effect for damage and a bit more HP.
    Searing Orb is good for all mages, pierce and damage is always good.
    Other items are situationals, but I often buy the Pendant for its high heal (on a lvl15 target with fast healer talent its 772 heal).

    If a new itemrework comes out I will just edit that part (except he gets a hero rework). Used materials:
    Ps.: Sorry only one video is allowed in one post.
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    Great guide, great explaining, you sound like you know your shit bro. You might wanna tell us what tablets you're using; I can't tell most of them from another with the picture.
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    Great guide, the images are so suggestive hahahaha. But it has all, images, explainings, item list, etc.

    I would only suggest for talents the following:

    You are using 3 talents on +Magical Attack (0.9 per level). IMO they are wasted cause it only adds 13.5 of Magical Attack at level 15; you could use those talents on "Accident" to unlock "Spell Outbreak", then you can remove 1 talent from "Apprentice" to fill "Spell Outbreak".

    Again, great guide btw. Bye.
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    When you targeted a enemy, how you cast lyrics on yourself? Drag and drop?
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    So much information I see you really care about ur fox good job lol
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    Gj! Do you guys think that after blood freeze coming I should give up favor and choose it (tele Tab, blood freeze and healer tab?)

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