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    • 1 Introduction
    • 2 Pros and Cons
    • 3 When to pick and when not to pick
    • 4 Skills
    • 5 Skill Order
    • 6 Skills Combination
    • 7 Tablets and Inscriptions
    • 8 Profile Skills
    • 9 Items
    • 10 Items
    • 11 Talents
    • 12 Friends and Foes
    • 13 Conclusion


    1 Introduction:

    Molten Lord is an underrated character and is usually considered to be the weakest Mage in the game. However, if you play him right, he is a powerful Carry with a good store of utility who can dish a lot of AOE damage into enemies in a blink of an eye. I will mainly focus on my “Tanky Mage” Build and some other stuff.

    First, please take a small note that your play should adept to the situation, not just mindlessly follow the cookie-cutter builds.

    Your style of playing him must always focus on the laning phase and team fights where he excels powerfully with the help of other heroes. This is a theme that runs through your skills, play-style and items. Your job is to get the best out of your team through intelligent play.

    2 Pros and Cons:

    + Strong pushing and anti-push power
    + Good farmer
    + Great utility spells
    + Excel in team fights with AOE damage
    + You neither have to sacrifice Damage for Health nor Health for Damage

    - Squishy and lack of damage in Early Game
    - Heavily rely on his Lava Snake and Ultimate
    - High CD
    - Bad at dueling
    - Time and position dependent
    - Relies on co-operation with allies
    - Zero CC

    3 When to pick and when not to pick::

    You may pick him when:
    +Your team needs a Magical Carry
    +Your team needs AOE Damage
    +Your team has spells that you can take advantage of in a team fight

    You should not pick him when:
    -You team has no CC
    -You have a lot of Lag
    -Your team has enough Carries

    4 Stats and Skills:


    HP: 568 *[+84 EVERY LEVEL]

    MP: 373 *[+42 EVERY LEVEL]


    ATTACK SPEED: 0.71 *[+0.01 EVERY LEVEL]

    ATTACK RANGE: 7.00






    -Skills set:

    [​IMG]Lava Snake
    Guervus summons a scorching serpent, which advances forward, burning everything in its path.
    Damage: 50/80/110/140 + [65% Magical Attack]
    Additional Effect: Bounces 2/3/4/5 times
    Range:10 meters
    CD: 14
    MP: 80/100/120/140

    This is your main source of damage, a spell with a huge AOE and considerable pushing power. As a Chain AOE, it will bounce from single target to single target (leading effect like Fername’s Blade and Arrogance Cloak to proc fully) and deals massive damage. The biggest issue with it is that it depends too heavily on positioning and timing. Throw it at the wrong time and wrong place, it is useless. This means you want to have a good spot to throw it (EX: From higher for instance elevations, behind creeps, ETC) and good time to do so (EX: Enemies heroes get near to creeps and try to farm, Enemies get very close to each other, ETC). It has a good range, so you can also just stand well back from them.
    In terms of usage, it's most useful for pushing lanes and farming - with a few levels you can blast down waves of creeps (including siege creeps) easily, either to defend your towers or pressure the opposition's.
    I tend to max this first as it allows you to do more damage with more bounces.

    [​IMG]Lava Burst
    Guervus combusts, splashing nearby enemies with burning lava.
    Damage: 60+ [25% Magical Attack] Magical Damage every second for 4 seconds to all enemies within 4 meters.
    Additional Effect: Increases Guervus' movement speed by 20%.
    CD: 30/26/22/18
    MP: 110

    This is purely a pure utility spell, in my opinion.
    The skill offer you a very weak amount of AOE damage as its DPS is very low and almost non-existent. The only thing you will mostly use this skill for is the plus 20% Speed Boost which can be uses for moving around quickly or escaping risky situations.
    I tend to max this last as it does not benefit you as much as other skills do and the fact that the speed boost and damage won’t get better even if you upgrade it.

    [​IMG]Fire Lord

    Guervus's inner fury burns with more intensity.
    Effect: Increases Magical Attack by Max HP x 0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04.

    This skill is a good passive. You can maintain your Damage and HP as the same time as I mentioned above. This can allow Molten Lord to hold on the field better, compare to other Mages. This skill will get better over time as your HP increases more and more by the time the game go on.
    I tend to max this out after Lava Snake to have more damage.

    [​IMG]Space Wrap
    Damage: 90/170/250 + [80% Magical Attack] Damage to all enemies within 5 meters.
    Range: 6/8/10 meters
    CD: 75/60/45
    MP: 100/175/250

    It is a free Blink that has zero delay- Hell Yeah! Compare to other Mages’ Blinks (Harpy’s and Mystic’s), this skill have the advantage of time, which is a very good thing as it can allow you to do shit faster.
    This skill can be used both offensively (as a Nuke) and defensively (as a utility skill). Due to its generous scaling, it can allow you to dish tons of AOE damage while due to the distance it travels; you can get away from dangers. Take a note that it also depends on user’s positioning and timing. You don’t waste you precious ultimate into a single enemy as the opposite team decide to split out right at the time you blink in or stuck between the barrack and bunches of creeps so yeah, learn how to jump in at the nice place and time.
    Max it whenever you can as it gives more damage, longer distance and lower CD so you can nuke more effectively.

    5 Skill Order:


    6 Skills Combination:


    Option 1:

    [​IMG]+Auto Attack

    This is the simplest way to do your farming: Throw a flaming Lava Snake out to burn the creeps up and throw fiery orbs later to end their misery. You also do can the opposite: Throw Auto Attacks first and then later the Lava Snake.

    Option 2:

    Even if Lava Burst has little damage, it is still enough to finish little creeps who are almost killed by a burning Lava Snake. I usually do this when I want to secure some CS while need to have something done in a haste, for instance, roaming down to another lane and help my team mates. This can also be used to push enemies back as you rush into them like a tornado after finish the creep wave as everyone will always try to avoid damage even if it is only a little.


    [​IMG]+[​IMG]+[​IMG]+Auto Attack

    This combo will mostly be used for team fights and situations with multiple enemies around. Aim the Lava Snake at the right place and right time and then Space Wrap into immediately. After that, turn on Lava Burst for some (whiny) AOE damage and for tracking down guys who survive. Kill those guys with Auto Attacks.



    Do I have to say anything? Good!

    7 Tablets and Inscriptions:


    -[​IMG]Whispering Tablet:
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Each time you use a skill, your Magical Attack and Physical Attack will be increased by 3% and MP cost of skills will be reduced by 3%. Effect can stack up to 5 times. If another skill is used when it reached its maximum capacity, then the effect resets to 0.

    This is a very good offensive tablet, especially for a caster like Molten lord. It rewards you with extra Magical Attack and CD for doing nothing but playing the game itself.

    -[​IMG]Rage Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 5 Order, 11 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Each time you slay an enemy, you regenerate 3% of your Max HP (reduced effect for AoE victims).

    This is one of the best Tablet for laning. You can continuously sustain yourself by last-hitting creeps in the lane with this Tablet. One a side note, since your Lava Snake is considered to be a single-targeted skill, you will get the full 3% HP with each kill from Lava Snake

    -[​IMG]Desecration Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Each time you slay an enemy by yourself, your Max HP will be permanently increased by 5 points, to a Max HP of 360.

    Ever since patch 1.9, many items for Mage like Molten Lord no longer give pure HP, meaning that you can no longer stack HP just by going for ordinary Mage items. That is when this Tablet kicks in. The 360 bonus HP is very valuable, especially in Mid Game, where you start to find your power spike. And stacking this Tablet is not really that hard due to your amazing wave clear with Lava Snake. It will take about 15 "average" waves (not counting the siege creep) to get this Tablet fully-stacked (72/5=14.4). Besides, I am not counting hero kills, jungle creeps, etc...

    -Battle Lust Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 7 Order, 9 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: When you slay an enemy by yourself, all other enemies within 5 meters of it will receive 8 times your level in Damage. Enemies killed by Damage from this tablet do not trigger its effects.

    Basically a free Demon Hunter's passive. It allows you to CS better in the lane. In a team-fight, it is decent as it allows you to dish out some extra AoE damage.

    -[​IMG]Blood Lust Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Your hero's Physical and Magical Attack are increased by 3% for every hero (both ally and enemy) within 15 meters.

    As I mentioned, team-fight is where you shines and for 99% of the time, you will go all-in with your ultimate right at the middle of the enemies team. Besides, it is also very beneficial when you go split pushing with your allies.

    -[​IMG]Desire Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 11 Order, 5 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increases your your Physical and Magical Attack by 12.5% of the damage you receive. Can't be higher than 50. Lasts 5 seconds.

    The extra damage is very great. Considering the fact that you are rather squishy, you can gain some decent pumped up damage from this Tablet. Despite the fact that it will fall off Late Game when you are just simply much more resilient, it is still worth taking up.

    -[​IMG]Retribution Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Upon your death, you cast an explosion of hellfire, dealing (40 + your level x 20) Magical Damage to all enemies within 5 meters, and slowing them down by 30% for 5 seconds.

    Do you know the "Kamikaze" strategy?
    "If I am going down, I'm taking you with me"-Molten Lord 2015
    RIP May your sacrifice might not be in vain!

    -[​IMG]Elder Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 12 Order, 4 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increases your Physical Defense by 12% of Magical Attack.

    This is one of the best tank tablets for range mage carry like Guervus, Vigelos, Phase, and even Goroshia. Since they pack a lot of magical attack, they get a lot of physical defense from this. Standing in the back, tends to have less stuns/silence, so this is a great replacement for courage.

    -[​IMG]Protective Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: When receiving damage that causes your HP to drop below 20%, grants a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20 x Hero Level + 5% of Max HP, lasts for 7 seconds. Cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes.

    A very decent Tablet. When you are dying and have no choice other than back up, this can draw a great line between life and death. Also, the shield value increases at the game goes on, allow you to take more blows in dire situations. However, it have such long CD (3 minutes) making it, in a sense, rather unreliable.

    -Soul Eating Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 12 Order, 4 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Each time you slay an enemy by yourself, in the following 3 seconds, all direct Damage you receive will be reduced by 30% and your Movement Speed will be increased by 20% for 3 seconds.

    This buff is simply fantastic. By AoE bursting while in fight can keep this tablet almost always on. It procs on ANYTHING you kill, from neutral, creep, heroes, wards, tower, dragon, etc. Makes it easy for engaging and disengaging combat, plus having this nice damage reduction is outstanding. Even better when paired up with Desecration.



    [​IMG]Sorcery Inscription
    Reduces Cooldown Time by (B) 0.55% / (S) 0.82% / (G) 1.09%

    Sometimes, using a skill can draw such a line between Life and Death...Good at all time.

    [​IMG]Barbarism Inscription
    Increases Max HP by (B) 7 / (S) 10 / (G) 13

    Fire Lord needs HP and...this is the only inscription that gives HP...Allowing you to survive better while give you a little boost in damage.


    [​IMG]Spellbreaking Inscription
    Increases Pierce through Magical Defense by (B) 0.71 / (S) 1.06 / (G) 1.42

    A nice piece for every Mage. Help a lot when people start to go for defensive gear in Mid to Late Game.

    [​IMG] Knowledge Inscription
    Increases Magical Attack by (B) 0.69 / (S) 1.04 / (G) 1.38

    The increase in damage allows you to hit harder. This can allow you to have a little bit easier Early Game, as you can deal more damage to people and harass them better.

    8 Profile Skills (AKA Summoner's Spells):

    [​IMG][​IMG]: A good way to sustain yourself in dire situations but have little value in Mid to Late Game. 6/10

    There is no reason why you should pick this. 99% of the time, you will not find yourself running out of Mana. 1/10

    A decent spell for chasing and escaping but it is not as good as Blink. Blink does what it does but instantly. 3/10

    A very strong offensive spell that has been secretly viable in the game but nobody picked it up just because of the "Level 40-Teleport-or-Get-Out" Meta. It allows you to finish off enemies easier and counter healing heroes (Fox, Witch, etc...). 8/10

    [​IMG][​IMG]: Not really worth it since it only allows you to catch up with one enemy. 4/10

    [​IMG]: Just no, you are not Equilia...1/10

    [​IMG]: Very good one! Allow you to escape, initiate in combat and much more. Double Blinks are just merely OP! 9.5/10

    [​IMG][​IMG]: No point in picking this unless you are going for CO-OP rush. 1/10

    [​IMG]: Not a good skill unless you have the Tablet. 4.5/10

    [​IMG]: A decent spell but it is not important as it used to be. You have no use for this rather than getting in a team-fight or an objective quickly. 8/10

    9 Game-play and Game flow

    Early Game-Laning Phase

    Laning is all about out-farming your opponent, picking up kills, and avoiding enemy ganks. You obviously need to be last-hitting the creeps - hitting them only when their health is so low that you kill them with one hit. This is so your lane does not push out. Last hitting isn't difficult, but it is one of the most important game mechanics, so you need to practice it. Because none of Guervus’s skill has a hefty cost, you can use them to farm creeps. For instance, if two minions were next to each other, and both are within last-hit health range, and both are being attacked by your minions, you could quickly activate Lava Snake to pick up both minions.

    You will prioritize farming minions, but obviously, you need to poke the other laner to get any kills…or at least, tell them to back the crap off. Another important part of laning is trading. This is when you and your opponent hit each other with a skill or two and back off. Guervus's innate damage at this state is very weak, so you must always rely on Lava Snake’s bounces to pull trades off. If an enemy comes close to you (Ex: if they come close to take a minion), immediately Lava Snake and auto attack (if you can), then back off. If they stay to fight you, then activate Lava Burst to back off and try to do the same thing as above.

    You should continue to trade and farm until you get your ultimate. This is the point where your damage becomes quite...stronger. Try to coordinate with your teammates in order to get a kill. Do this whenever the opportunity arrives as early kills are simply priceless to you, as it allows you to get always with the hardships in this state of them game faster.

    If enemies do ambush you, it is better to flight rather than fight. Considering how squishy you’re right now and how meager your damage is, backing off seems to be the best choice. Just Lava Burst away or maybe uses Space Wrap to ditch them off.


    By now, you should have a kill or few, and you should be farming well. By 10 minutes you should probably have 50-or-something CS (correct me if I am wrong). Do not worry if you can't farm that - practice is the only way to become more efficient. Anyways, now that you have a Rectitude-of-Staff-or-something-something and maybe a few other items, it is time to push. You can push your lane now, use Lave Snake (and maybe Lava Burst, too) to clear waves very quickly. Pushing your lane means that your enemy laner will be stuck at their tower, trying to farm. You should make use of your freedom by roaming to other places (for instance, other lanes to help your teammates push them up).

    You should also group up with your team to take objectives like Dragon, but only group up if your lane is pushed out, so you don't miss too much farm. Again, continue focusing on farming, killing (or at least, trying to do so) your enemy laner with your combo, shoving your lane out, and ganking your allies lanes. Also, if you get more fed, try to prioritize finishing a Searing Orb or Arrogance Cloak to significantly amplify your damage.

    Team Fight Phase - Late Game

    By now, your team should start to group and take towers, and team fights should be common. You need to be at the back line of your team, dealing damage by constantly throwing your snakes out. You should look for opportunities to toss out your fiery combo. An example of a good time to go in: You're grouped with your team; the enemy team is also grouped. Their Carry moves to the front of their team in order to throw a poke, and slightly over-extends. Your Tank capitalizes on that huge mistake by starting the engage on that Carry. The whole team then goes forward trying to protect the Carry who is in big danger. Then your whole team moves in and manage to get them “peeled” stocked up by a beautiful cage or black (not really, it is rather blue) hole. Toss the Snake then Space Wrap in for MASSIVE DAMAGE. What to do next is mentioned in the 6th section.

    Make sure not to over-commit to the fight. If your team is not following up, you should back off. If you are sure that you can kill someone (namely, the Carry) and that your team will back you up, engage all-out with your combo.

    If you arrive at a team fight while it is already happening, always prioritize killing the most fed carry. If you are able to shut down the enemy team's highest damage source, your team will almost surely win the team fight.

    After a successful team fight, help take towers and objectives. There is not much to say about Molten Lord’s godlike (potential) AOE damage from Lava Snake so use it to mole down waves and go for the tower. Then, you should probably go for a Mogul or Ghuja (or whatever the blue Cthulhu-like thing is called). After successfully winning a few team fights, the odds will completely be on your favor and you should easily be able to win the game.

    10 Items:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The 200 HP and 28 Magical Attack is a good start for you. The HP synergies well with your Passive while the extra damage allows you to last-hit easier. Feel free to swap a [​IMG] for an [​IMG] if you want.

    [​IMG]Boots of Haste

    +0.40 Movement Speed

    Your good old brown boots! Stick with it until you have reached Mid Game.

    [​IMG]Boots of the Fire Walker
    +0.65 Movement Speed
    +24 Magical Attack
    +100 MP

    You can rush this for some extra early damage but its stats' later on is just meh. I only pick this up when I am in need for some AP desperately.

    [​IMG]Chain Boots

    +0.65 Movement Speed
    +150 HP
    - 30% to all snare effects

    A must have if the enemy has like tons of CC

    [​IMG]Boots of the Tempest
    +0.95 Movement Speed

    Arguably the best boots for almost every situation.

    [​IMG]Staff of Rectitude

    +210 MP
    +110 Magical Attack
    +10% Leech HP

    +High Leech value

    +Quite Expensive

    A very good choice for sustaining in during game and damage.

    [​IMG]Arrogance Cloak
    +60 Magical Attack
    + 4 HP Regeneration
    + 4 MP Regeneration
    Passive(Unique): Skills Cast will reduce target's Magical Defense by 20 + (Target's level X 2).
    Duration: 5 seconds
    Note: AOE skills only take 50% of the effect


    +Decent Magical Damage
    +Incredibly strong Passive

    -Not really that strong in Early Game

    This is item is arguably the most have on almost every Mage, since the pierce is just way too good. However, as the Passive scales with Level, it is better to purchase post Mid Game.

    [​IMG]Searing Orb
    +110 Magical Attack
    +450 MP
    Passive (Unique): Burn through 30% of enemy's Magic Defense.

    + Strong Passive

    -No longer give HP
    -Quite Expensive

    Everybody's favorite Orb. Back in the day, people used to rush it as his first item. Now, it is more of a late game item due to the HP stat being removed. Picking up it post Mid Game will be a good choice due to its TREMENDOUS amount of damage.

    [​IMG]Boneflame Wand
    +110 Magical Attack
    +250 MP
    +3 MP Regeneration
    Passive(Unique): Increase the hero's Magical Attack by 3% of maximum MP.
    Adds 8 Max MP every time you use a skill and can be stacked up to 50 times (400 MP). Cannot be triggered twice in 5 seconds, and skills that cost no MP will not trigger the effect. The stack from Sapphire Amulet remains if upgraded to Boneflame Wand.

    +MOAR DAMAGE from stacks


    -50 stacks take a lot of time to complete

    The last piece in "The 110 Trinity". It is all about pure damage. Even though you do not need the extra Mana at all, the increased damage is really good.

    Situational Offensive items:
    Fername's Blade

    +600 MP
    +6 MP Regeneration
    -15% skill CD
    Passive (Unique): Spells cast will slow down target's movement speed by 15% for 2 seconds. DOT skills do not trigger this effect.

    +Allow you to stack Slow with your skills
    +CDR Bonus

    -Great loss in damage

    This item allows you to counter act Molten Lord's biggest problem: The utter lack of CC! After its recent change (The Slow is fixed at 15%) it is still a decent item and worth picking up, especially when your team have no CC.

    [​IMG]Watcher's Whisper
    +80% Attack Speed
    Passive (Unique): 40% (25% for ranged) chance to reduce enemy's movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds upon attacking.

    +Increase your Damage Per Second
    +Extra Pushing power
    +Can kite enemies out more easily

    -Great loss in Damage

    Watcher's Whisper is the only Fighter item that is viable on a Mage. It allows you to deal more consistent damage with your Auto Attacks. The Slow can help a lot as you can kite out your enemies in 1 vs 1 situations. Besides, as it is counted as skill when proc, it will trigger effects like Arrogance's Cloak and Fername's Blade. I usually pick it up to rush down towers and end the game quickly.

    [​IMG]Saithion Lollipop
    +80 Magical Attack
    +250 HP
    +6 HP Regeneration
    Passive (Unique): +10% Movement Speed


    +Decent Stats
    +Bonus Move Speed
    +Cheap compared to most Magical Attack items (The 110 Trinity)

    -Not dealing as much damage as Magical Attack items mentioned above (The 110 Trinity)

    I usually pick up this item when:
    -I want to be more mobile and be able to help my team more
    -I want to replace my useless boots with an item that has much better stats
    -I am sucking really bad at farming but need a Searing Orb

    [​IMG]Storm Cloak
    +80 Magical Attack
    +230 MP
    +2.5 MP Regeneration
    Active(Unique): Inflict 100 + (20% of target's current HP) magic damage to a single enemy. Increases by 4% for every 100 Magical Attack points.

    +Decent Stats
    +Bursting Passive

    -Not Effective on Heroes who have full HP

    This is a decent gear if you want to burst somebody who is causing you a lot of troubles out quickly, especially Tanks and Bruisers.

    [​IMG]Essence Stealer
    +30 Physical Attack
    +600 HP
    Passive (Unique): Increases your Movement Speed for 2 seconds when you hit an enemy.

    +Huge HP Increase
    +Can chase or kite out enemies
    +Rather Cheap


    -Cannot make use of the Physical Attack Stat

    This item is very very underrated in the game right now but it is very useful on Molten Lord, in reality. The Passive allows you to chase and kite out enemy with Auto Attacks which is simply great. Besides, since your Passive converts your HP into AP, you will not suffer any great loss in damage by getting this item.


    [​IMG]Stirring Soul Of The Dragons
    +900 HP
    +16 HP Regeneration
    -10% Skill CD
    Passive(Unique): Increases Physical Attack and Magical Attack by 2% of maximum HP.

    +Huge HP Bonus
    +More CDR


    The buff has turned this item into a very good item on Bruiser...maybe a little bit too good. The 900 HP will give you not only resilience but also tons of damage, thanks to your Passive and the item's Passive. Now, your Magical Attack will be increased by 6% of your Max HP.

    [​IMG]Hades Armor
    +400 HP
    +70 Physical Defense
    +5 HP Regeneration
    Passive(Unique): Reflect 40% of all Physical Damage back to your assailants.

    +Increase HP
    +Counter Fighters with Passive

    -Do not have much use if the enemy team's Fighter(s) is not a threat

    Hades Armor is one of the most popular item in HOC and maybe another item which is just...too good. You gain some decent Offense (from your Passive) and Defense (from the item's stats). This is the item I get almost every game as there is Fighter, Fighter everywhere.

    Situational Defensive items:
    [​IMG]Spider Queen's Embrace
    +55 Magical Attack
    +70 Physical Defense
    Passive(Unique): Reduce the Attack Speed of the unit that attacks you by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

    +Some Bonus Damage
    +Huge Physical Defense
    +Nice Passive
    +Cheap compared to many other Defensive items

    -No HP

    Ever since patch 1.9, this item has fallen greatly out of my favor as it no longer gives HP. However, it can still be picked up to counter heroes like Javelin Warrior or Bone Stalker.

    [​IMG]Darkwind Cloak
    +180 HP
    +50 Magical Defense
    +6 HP Regeneration
    Passive (Unique): For every unit killed, 5 Max HP is stacked, with a max total of 300 HP (stacked 60 times). When your hero is defeated, the amount stacked is reduced by 50% (rounded up to the nearest integer unless, before being defeated, the value is 1, in which case it is reduced to 0).

    +Decent Base Stats
    +HP Stacking Passive

    -Lose stacks when you die

    An underrated item but can be actually very good on this hero. When fully stacked, it provides you 480 HP in total, a rather decent value for such a cheap price. However, the fact that you will lose stacks every time you die is quite cumbersome, as you have to stack it up again and again after each death. In the end, it is an interesting item that totally worth checking and trying out.

    Farseer's Cloth
    +200 HP
    +50 Physical Defense
    +50 Magic Defense
    Passive: +3 Physical Defense and +3 Magic Defense for every hero killed. Maximum of +30 Physical Defense and +30 Magic Defense. Reduced by 50% upon death. (rounded up to the nearest integer unless, before being defeated, the value is 1, in which case it is reduced to 0).

    +High Magical and Physical Defense
    +Defense Stacking Passive

    -Hard to stack out completely

    If you are having trouble with both Fighters and Mages at the time and don't want to buy two armor at the same time, this is the perfect time. When it has 10 stacks, you will have 80 Magical and Physical Defense. Sure you will hardly have that 10 stacks in most game but the stats and the Passive's snowballing potential alone make this item really worth getting in many cases.

    [​IMG]Valkyrian Robes
    +200 HP
    +400 MP
    +75 Magic Defense
    Active: Shield all allies within 8 meters. Absorbs 300 Magic Damage, lasts 10 seconds.
    Cooldown time: 1.5 minutes.

    +Decent HP and MP Stats
    +Huge Magical Defense
    +Powerful Active

    -Extremely Situational

    -Active has a long CD

    This item has no use rather than countering Mages. If a Equilia or Melina is messing you and your team up badly, this is the item you should get.

    [​IMG]Helm Of Divine Favor
    +60 Magical Attack
    +350 HP
    +300 MP
    Active (Unique): You became invulnerable for 3 seconds. During the effect, your character cannot move, attack or use skills.
    CD Time: 80 Seconds

    +Decent Stats
    +An Active that can be very powerful if the player knows how to make use of it

    -Active has a very long CD
    -3 seconds out of combat

    If Zhonya's Hourglass is our noble Ned Stark, this item will be the bastard Jon Snow. If a good player knows what they are doing with this helm, they can be almost invincible and untouchable...most of the times. The active allows you to evade huge burst like Goroshia's Tornado while also gives you some good Magical Attack. Worth buying and using.

    11 Talents:

    Set-up 1: Standard Laning Mage
    Mage Tree:


    Support Tree:


    Set-up 2: Mage Tank Hybrid

    Mage Tree:

    Tank Tree:

    12 Friends and Foes:


    Anyone with a hard AOE CC:
    Yep! Donovac, Sia, Gambler, all of them are your friend. They allow you to land the combo easier with much more precision. Remember, as long as a person gives you that CC and helps you land that combo, he is your friend.


    If you go for build that relies on burst to deal the majority of damage while utterly lacks in DPS like this, you will easily find problems with one vs one scenarios. Heroes like Javelin or Bone can easily prey on you. To deal with this, you should group up and stay with your teammates, rather than split out and roam around alone.


    The title obviously establish what this build is about: A hybrid of Damage and Tankiness-having high AP and a high health bar. However, heroes like Horse and Dog can take advantage of the HP you have and use it to melt you down.
    13 Conclusion:
    Thanks you for reading through my guide. I'm open for discussions about Guervus and also if you don't agree with my guide and want to talk about. Any constructive idea and opinion is welcomed.

    Also, here is a few other helpful links:

    -Heroes of Order and Chaos Original Wiki: HOC's wiki in making-I use a lot of information from this website for the guide and I think you definitely give it a go if you want to learn more about the game.

    -(Guervus) eeevlira's " Real Tanky Build" Guide for (Molten Lord) updated for v1.9: This a very nice alternative for Molten lord build which is actually very practical.

    <Tablets and Inscriptions List 1.9>
    -<Talents List 1.9>
    -<Items List 1.9>
    A series of helpful thread of the little Dragon of the forums.

    Well that is it for the guide, and next time, if you feel uncertain about something, kill it with fire


    Change logs:
    -Aug 2 2014: Guide Posted

    -July 1 2015: Guide finally got updated for 1.9
    +Massive changes in the overall lay-out
    +Add new items to "Offensive/Defensive Items" and "Situational Offensive/Defensive Items"

    Last edited: Jun 30, 2015
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  2. UnFaZed

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    Mar 27, 2014
    RE: (Guervus)yololtroll's "Tanky Mage Build" Remade Guide for {Molten Lord}

    Very nice and colorful. I would ask if replacing boots with boneflame wand is good. Appreciate the guide!
  3. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    RE: (Guervus)yololtroll's "Tanky Mage Build" Remade Guide for {Molten Lord}

    Shut up. You're stupid. Quite honestly, I don't care what you think. This guide was for my guild. Not for you noob.
    Just kidding. It could be a good option but I would stick with boots as Molten Lord's speed is low. Besides, death embrace and fername make it up for the replacement.
  4. Catsu208

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    Mar 9, 2014
    RE: (Guervus)yololtroll's "Tanky Mage Build" Remade Guide for {Molten Lord}

    If it were me I wouldnt get boots. His Lava swirl has a speed boost so I don't think Mobility is of a concern. I'm guessing get something like another Recticude or the BF wand in replacement, since Lava snake is single-target AoE, Leech would be at full effect. Maybe a Saintly Silver Wand would be good as well. Like the "Unkillable Mystic" Get a lot of leech, and get the SSW. Throw snake into creeps, activate wand, gg.
  5. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    RE: (Guervus)yololtroll's "Tanky Mage Build" Remade Guide for {Molten Lord}

    Tank for the Advice! I will edit it!
  6. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    The guide is finally updated and is ready for use! Discussion is open!
  7. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Anyone? Guys? (Wind blows)
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  8. Saint7502

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    Feb 23, 2015
    Daaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn!!!!! Why you put so much work in it? I recommend this guide to anyone who is just getting started at the game especially since the hero is so cheap he should be one of your first heroes bought, and honestly I still enjoy playing him.
    13/5.19- SaintGN
  9. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Thank you...(Tears flowing)...Thank you (Tears still flowing)!
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