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Discussion in 'Account Trading' started by Serquet70, Dec 13, 2014.

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    Hey guys, figured I should make a few guidelines made up for here as we are dealing with real money and things can get very ugly very fast.

    Please keep this in mind, anything that happens here that goes down poorly (as in your account gets stolen) is not our fault. We cannot do anything about it, because this is a fan created forum and we do not have the means to regulate everything. If you lose your account, it's your own damn fault and we can't do anything about it except for beg for the other person to give you your account back. That being said, we will punish the person who stole your account to the fullest extent that we can, because those people are assholes, even if you were being stupid and asked for it.

    Include screenshots. I cannot stress this enough. Include screenshots of anything and everything that you advertise your account has. This improves your credibility and also provides documentation. If you thread has no screenshots, we will send a message (or not, it just depends on what kind of mood we're in) and give you roughly 48 hours to fix it. Then we either take down your thread or we don't, that also depends on our mood. If we take it down, don't complain. If we don't take it down...well, I just hope that nothing bad happens because if it does....we won't be there to do anything.

    Don't be an ass. This just makes everyone angry and also means that us mods sometimes have to interfere. Try to be mature instead of acting like the 13 year olds that most of you are. The last thing we need is for someone to get angry about money and then have their crazy parents get involved.

    Ask for help. I will be willing to help. If you're worried that someone is going to scam you when you are trading accounts, let one of the trusted mods know (I think that's all of us). We won't steal your account. I don't think any of us play the game much anymore anyway. Anyway, I can do many things in this situation to make you feel secure, so yeah.

    Don't steal accounts. Doing this means that I have to do more work. Don't make me do more work than I have to. I am not paid enough for doing this to be your babysitter and yell at you. Yep, my annual $0 from modding this forum is amazing. That's right...all of us mods are volunteers. Believe it or not, we have real lives. And we're putting those lives on hold to make sure that the forum doesn't go to shit (which has sort of already happened). Don't make us do more work than we have to. Please.

    Format correctly. If anything is inconsistent I will kill all of you. Preface the titles with [Request],[Selling], or [Trade] as well as <iOS> or <Android>. Please. If you don't I will delete your thread and you will have to redo all of your hard work, and you will also be cursed by the Wrath of Serquet70

    Anyway. Be sensible. Ask for help. Comment with suggestions. Yes, I know I put this whole thing together in a kind of 'F-U' way. Deal with it.

    Selling accounts is permitted, but please remember that it is a privilege, not a right. If you wish to sell or give away your account, it must be posted in the proper forum, which in this case, this forum.
    Additionally, the thread title must be posted in this format:
    [Platform](Username) Selling Account
    So if I were to sell my account, it would look like this:
    [iOS](Mabarry3) Selling Account

    Your post must include the following:
    IGN (in-game name)
    Current Level
    Heroes Owned
    Skins Owned
    Tablets Owned
    Rank in Border Skirmish, Rift at Sinskaald, and Under Realm Ruins.
    Minimum price you are willing to sell for (if applicable).

    Another thing that you might consider including or looking for if buying an account... Whether the e-mail associated with the account is included with the selling of the account. This is important because access to the e-mail is all that is needed to get access to the account, or to change the password out from under someone. Buying without an e-mail requires trust of the seller that they will not scam you

    If your post does not include the information, we will try to inform you, and if you do not correct it with the desired information, the post will be removed.

    Be aware that forum Moderators and Administrators are NOT responsible for any scamming when selling accounts. We cannot do anything if you are scammed by someone selling a fake account, scammed by someone who changed the password out from under you, or scammed by someone trying to buy your account, and so we advise you to make sure you know that you are safe.
    In the event that you are scammed, we will do all that we can to help guide you in ways that you can get your account back and the proper people to contact and help in answering any questions they may have, but we can make no sure promises that it will actually get you your account/money back.
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    Aug 23, 2014
    RE: Guidelines

    ok chief :p
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    Jul 15, 2015
    Hi there mods,
    Is there a way of "the mods" becoming middle man for acc transactions?
    I feel its safer :)
    Jus my 2cents. Ty

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