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  1. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

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    Aug 5, 2016
    Goldfur's Gold Comedies:
    Aria- So here we are live on the Aria Eagleheart show! Today, we'll be interviewing Goldfur!
    Goldfur- For a lady as pretty as you, I wonder if you blow good?
    Aria- :/
    Goldfur- Well anyways, my name is Goldfur, the scoundrel. I lived really poor until I learned to trick people into giving me money
    Aria- Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it, you're a thief. You are really poor and you---
    Goldfur- I have tons of gold at my place, wanna see it?
    Aria- Sure? Why not? This is for the fans of course
    Goldfur- (Points down pants) There's the gold babe ;)
    Aria- :( Well anyways, let's move onto our next interview!

    Aria And Her Show:
    Aria- Well I'm glad he's gone, he was such a parasite! Now we move onto our next talk for today
    Akartu- Hello, my name is----
    Aria- Honey, no one likes people who want others to love them, now go play with your perverted friend Goldfur. You're both animals!
    Akartu- I'm not an animal!
    Aria- Explain that tail behind you, now go back to where you belong! I bet the other female dogs wants to play!
    Akartu- Grrrrrrrrr!!!
    Aria- And now we move on to our world wide famous, Draeznor!
    Draeznor- Thank you! Thank you!
    Aria- Now let's stop for a moment and think, why are you so overused?
    Draeznor- Well, thanks to my attack speed, I can finally rape everyone, especially girls like you ;)
    Aria- Get out PERVERT!!!! Security!!
    Draeznor- No! No! No! I'm innocent!
    Aria- Ahahhahahaha, rapists like you don't deserve to be here! That's why you're banned one every game! Well anyways, that ends our show for now, stay tuned for more!

    Lunasa and NASA:
    NASA Agent- Soooooo, you control the moon, right?
    Lunasa- Duh? Can't you see I shoot out moons?
    NASA Agent- I don't really know about you, but I play League. Soraka does the same thing
    Lunasa- She shoots out bananas!
    NASA Agent- Well, that explains the porno
    Lunasa- :(
    NASA Commander- Help! We're under attacked by aliens!
    Soraka- All hail the bananas!

    Little Girl Squad:
    Carlie Q- Come on girls! Let's show these boys what we're made of!
    Nuutt- Ummm, we're the only young girls in the game, besides that teenagers. There's no other boys our age
    Carlie Q- Then let's fight each other to the death!
    Both- (Plays furiously on the computer)
    Nuutt- Ha! I beat you at everything!
    Carlie Q- How about this? (Pulls out yoyo and hits Nuutt with it) Die!!
    Killing Spree!

    More coming soon!
  2. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

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    Aug 5, 2016
    Fox Here and There:
    Meng- Hi! What's your name? I'm Meng (Hot) and I love your (Hot) outfit!
    Goldfur- Yeah, I was just kicked out of Aria's talk show :(
    Meng- Don't worry, I have one of my own!
    Goldfur- Whaatttt??
    Meng- Come along! I'll show you!
    Both- (Walks into the woods)
    Meng- I have something to show you ;)
    Goldfur- What?
    Meng- (Jumps on Goldfur and pulls out a knife) Hahahaha, lover boy, I'm afraid you won't have much use for your lips once I'm done with you ;)
    Goldfur- What?! Why am I saying what so much?
    Meng- Let's get started!

    Anioh's High School
    Anioh- What did you do for this summer?
    Melina- (Blank look)
    Anioh- Ahem, what did you do this summer?
    Melina- :)
    Anioh- Whatever
    Melina- (Freezes Anioh) Hold it right there! I know what you did! I'm a cop!
    Anioh- (Looks around with eyes)
    Melina- Aha!
    Aria- Let her go, or I'll have to kick you also from my show
    Anioh- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Lunasa x Goldfur, The Date:
    Goldfur- ------Yeah, then that crazy girl attacked me
    Lunasa- So what happened next?
    Goldfur- It was a crazy night, but then Anioh finally caught her and arrested her
    Lunasa- :( So you're saying that you're not a virgin?! You lied to me!
    Goldfur- Hehe, there's a lot of girls before that, like that cat girl
    Lunasa- Katniss Everdeen?? OMG!!
    Goldfur- No! What I meant was I dated some people back then, and Meng only scratched me with that knife, that's all!
    Lunasa- No more talk about girls for the rest of this date!
    Goldfur- How about you?
    Lunasa- Ummmm, uhhhh, yeah! Talk about me!
    Goldfur- You mean you're not a girl?! :O
    Lunasa- No, that's not what I meant!
    Goldfur- GAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
    Lunasa- :/
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  3. KatnissNeverclean

    KatnissNeverclean District Plastic Surgery

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    Mar 5, 2016
    I laughed at the Soraka part hahahahahahahahaga
  4. pandagamer19876

    pandagamer19876 Member

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    Aug 2, 2016
  5. KatnissNeverclean

    KatnissNeverclean District Plastic Surgery

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    Mar 5, 2016
  6. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

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    Aug 5, 2016
    Heroes of Forums and Players:
    Aria- And now, we present... HOC Forums!
    Audience- Wooohhh! Yeah! It's the best!!
    Aria- Thank you! Thank you! Stay tuned for more!
    Akartu- Ohhhh, what is this?
    Sign up!
    Akartu- Okay... Need the name and all that, yeah yeah
    10 Minutes Later...
    KatnissNeverClean- finally, after those painful minutes
    Evanescent- sup?
    KatnissNeverClean- oh hey, im new, and yeah
    Evanescent- yeah, welcome to the forum! who r u?
    KatnissNeverClean- oh, im akartu, hey
    Evanescent- wanna play?
    KatnissNeverClean- sure!

    Beauty Show:
    Gaia- Welcome to Haradon's first beauty show, Episode 1, Season 1! I'll be your host today!
    Audience- Wooooohhhh!! (Applause)
    Gaia- Thank you! Thank you! Our contestants for today is.......... Akartu! Aria! Melina! Anioh and Me!!!
    Audience- Wooooohhhhhhhhhh!!! (Applause)
    Gaia- As always, now the voting may begin! Who votes for me??
    Audience- (No one raises hand and silence)
    Gaia- WHATTTTT??!!
    Audience 1- Well, first of all, you're a plant!
    Gaia- -.- Now who votes for Akartu?
    Audience- (Everyone raises hand)
    Gaia- WHAT???!!!!!???! People actually vote for this hooker!? No pun intended but anyways you are all sick people! Anyways, I present tonight's winner, Akartu!
    Aria- What?! No one votes for me? All of you are kicked from the show!!
    Everyone- (Gasps)
    Gaia- I mean tonight's winner is Aria!
    Aria- That's more like it :)

    Lunasa x Goldfur, The Breakup:
    Lunasa- --------Then we are over!
    Goldfur- What?! You can't dump me! I'm suppose to dump you!
    Lunasa- Well, too late then, fox!
    Goldfur- You dare call me a fox?! Panda?!
    Lunasa- (Gasps) You dare call me a panda?!
    Goldfur- Because you are one!
    Lunasa- We are so over!!
    Goldfur- I thought you dumped me already!
    Lunasa- Uhhhhh, then I dump you again!
    Goldfur- :/
  7. DragonFire92x

    DragonFire92x One True God

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    Dec 17, 2012
  8. Someone Out There

    Someone Out There Member

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    Aug 5, 2016
    +Fan fic from another fan fic!

    Daliana With A Chance Of Love Part 1:
    Dear Diary,
    Today was the most romantic day ever! I got to meet the assassins, there were so much of them. Ihaelryna, Bone Stalker, Chameleon. There were so much! But what lured me most to was Debronee. He was so hot! I can't believe I'm saying this! The people I usually like end up with slices in their throats, and that doesn't look really nice. So I decided to ask him out, he acted really awkward and suspicious at first, but then he said yes! OMG!!!! I just love him, and I hope he doesn't end up with a slit throat. I told everyone, but they acted scared, probably because he was so strong and muscular! We talked all day, and the teacher had to tell us to be quiet 10 times! This must mean love! Anyways, time for me to go on my date!

    Harry Potter and the Kidnappers:
    Harry Potter- Help!! There's kidnappers! They took my wand awa-------
    ???- Shut it! Or we'll kill you!! Time for the fun stuff!
    Harry Potter- Nooooooo!! I'm only a kid! I'm too young to die!
    ???- Stop moving, or it'll hurt more!
    Harry Potter- NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    Dumbledore- Stop this nonsense!
    (Lights Turn On)
    Kortav- Hisssssss!!! The light! It burns!!!
    Ron- I knew it! You were trying to rape Harry!
    Kortav- Hissssssss!!
    Ron- Hey! I thought only snakes hissed!
    Dumbledore- Letgoropesspellbergermiger! (Ropes fall down) Both of you, go back to your rooms, now I'll deal with him
    Ron and Harry- (Walks back to rooms)
    Dumbledore- Now, let's start off with some romance!
    Kortav- Hisssssss!!

    Chatrooms, Part 1:
    Ak_tu<3 (From HoC Oneshots: By Akatsuki)= Akartu
    ArShowia (From Aria's Talkshow: By Someone Out There) = Aria
    GnomesInBed (From HoC Oneshots: By Akatsuki)= Savaer
    GoreTags192= Kortav
    PervertedChameleon (From Kuirras' Diary: By DragonFire92x)= Kuirras

    Ak_tu<3- hey bae!! wanna go do it?
    ArShowia- What are you talking about? Don't you know this is a chatroom?
    Ak_tu<3- oh, sry, lol
    GnomesInBed- oh hey akartu, sure!
    Ak_tu<3- kk! lets get in bed rn ;) on the cam
    ArShowia- You know you're still in the chatroom?
    GoreTags192= did i hear sexxxx?!
    ArShowia- Wow Kortav, you and Kuirras are the most perverted things in Haradon
    Ak_tu<- oh yeah, get it in right there
    ArShowia- Eww
    GoreTags192 and PervertedChameleon- oh yeah! :)

    English (Fan fic of a fan fic of Akartu Goes to School):
    Anioh- I'm so bored!
    Aria- Stop it! I just learned out what happened last night and I have a headache!
    Akartu- Lol, everyone is watching your vid right now, it's gone viral! It's on HaradonPornHub!
    Kuirras- We should do more videos next time! It's making tons of money right now and over 1,000,000 views and shared more than 1,000 times!
    Aria- I said enough!
    Class- (Goes silent and all stares at Aria)
    Akartu- Uh oh
    Ms. Ima Fraud- Excuse me Miss Eagleheart, we are in the middle of a lesson right now!
    Aria- Shut up! I just learned that a video of me with Kuirras doing sex has gone viral on HaradonPornHub!
    Ms. Ima Fraud- Oh, class dismissed! I'm gonna watch porn right now! WOOHHHH!!!
    Anioh- Thanks Aria, for getting us out of class
    Kuirras- You can thank me! If you want more short classes, come to me!!!
    Aria- (Slaps Kuirras) Go away! I'm having a headache!
    Kuirras- Ohhhh, I love how you touch me!!
    Killing Spree!
    Akartu- Okayyyyy (Moves away from Aria)
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  9. DragonFire92x

    DragonFire92x One True God

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    Dec 17, 2012
    Oh wow! AGTS season 3 was referenced. I'm surprised there are people that read it.
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